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  1. Wow, it seems that the ISU award ceremony was broadcast on a bus in China's Hangzhou City.
  2. A post on the official Weibo account of the Chinese TV network CGTN about Yuzu winning the ISU MVP award has been viewed 290 million times.
  3. Former world champion Chen Lu from China commenting on Yuzu's skating. She is one of the six-member jury for the ISU MVP award.
  4. From what I found, the official Weibo account of a provincial prison of Sichuan (a huge province in southwestern China) posted news about Yuzu winning the MVP award. That shows this guy's impact in China.
  5. I have no idea about the Japanese but that's fine.
  6. Sorry that the image just won’t show. From: https://mobile.twitter.com/Kirin6893/status/1280729346311778306
  7. From Google Translate: Let's be healed.
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