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  1. @Perelandra I want to join that tour too!
  2. @Yuzuwinnie Yes, there are a lot of amazingly talented fanyus, with different styles but all awesome. The fanart thread is one of my favorite threads So the correct translacion is Lola. I don't know the musical, but for me Lola is a Spanish name, so I assumed that the translation as Laura was the correct one since it came from English (Laura also exists in Spanish but it is pronounced differently) I like more Lola as Nobu's character name Thanks for the clarification!
  3. If I'm not wrong, I think Laura is the name of his character in his program.
  4. Yes, it's better to wait for a complete translation, or better yet, several to be able to compare. But at the outset I would say that it's normal for me that Yuzu say that, the possibility of interacting with the public and feeling it closer only occurs in ice shows. In competitions he have to be focused on the program and the pressure is different. He loves to feel the public and to be looked at, so I don't see anything strange... Yes, full optimism working
  5. Totally agree, the more diverse our reach, the more impact it will have. We will work on it for sure.
  6. Oh thanks! But we already have two proofreaders with the necessary skills and technical knowledge, as far as writing is concerned. Although, I can put you on reserve, so in case any of those people can't do it, we can turn to you. It's ok for you?
  7. Yeah, that's it Every costume has his own chibi with his own personality and the artist draw little stories with them. If you visit the fanart thread you'll find some more and other incredible draws
  8. Exactly. To me, the most difficult of this action is to write the letter itself and how to get it to the media. And yes, how to manage if they contact us. I think that if our ideas are clear there will be no problem with this, but we have to get that point. I think that we have enough ideas of what or how we want to express our concerns, but I put July 2 as the deadline and we will respect it. Next step is find a writter.
  9. I couldn't agree more, I think you've hit the nail on the head. You are very insightful
  10. Haru-chan is Haru yo, koi chibi version. Here you will find more illustrations where Haru-chan appears, along with other chibis more https://twitter.com/OVlIriU8AwCZkM4 from the same twitter user. They are all adorable and each with their own personality
  11. Wow, thank you very much, Martina!
  12. I have tried to write a few times how I feel or how I have lived this my first FaOI, but I never manage to express anything coherent... FaOI has been much, much more than I expected... Thank you Yuzu! And to all the artists and other skaters, you've really been huge (Gogo parade, Plunder and Raison are already in my music playlist ) And thanks satellites for feeding this thread with each and every one of the news, videos and crumbs that have come out. Living it with you has been priceless!
  13. Booo, local TV... Thanks Anni!
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