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  1. Google Translate: Last piece of request...from the 2018 Autumn Classic
  2. Look at these fanyus' experiences of seeing Yuzu in person:
  3. New fanart. (From Google translate): I like red things. Papri...
  4. This isn't new but it's the first time that I've seen the English text. This artist's work is so adorable.
  5. The news about Yuzu’s withdrawal from GP on Weibo has been viewed 110 million times with 11,000 comments.
  6. Someone on Twitter is saying that JSF is angry at Yuzu pulling out of GP series? This man seems somehow related to JSF?
  7. I think it’s him alright, because the description in another weibo post (agile like a bird) is definitely him.
  8. From Google translate: "Fanyu of China will start plank activities ahead of Tanabata. "My step, your step", worth every second and every try for you. Hanyu senshu, please do your best in the future. I love you forever!" It seems they are all planking for 1:27. Maybe that's because his birthday is 1207? Even the clip is 1:27 long.
  9. Has this been shared? It’s from Kikuchi San’s.book.
  10. He said he has been exercising at home through doing planks to enhance abdominal and back muscles.
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