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57 minutes ago, Paskud said:

Not first time nor last. Don't give stalkers any attention and leave them alone.:meditationf:

Does Japan have anti-stalking laws?  A repeat offender in the states would definitely be arrested.

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1 hour ago, barbara said:

Does Japan have anti-stalking laws?  A repeat offender in the states would definitely be arrested.


Yes and no. They have an anti-stalking Act but not very enforced from what I heard. Their definition of stalking is very lax, and just looking from afar is not considered as invading someone's privacy. By Japan's definition of stalking, this "magazine" (although they don't deserve to be called anything else but trash) doesn't fall into their criteria I think. However, I know that in the past they did cross the line, and their invading advances stopped. Maybe someone from Japan can confirm this.


I dislike speaking about them as well, but they also need to be called out. If someone saw them near Yuzu, it has to be made known so matters can be taken into hands by whomever is responsible for these cases.

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7 minutes ago, hananistellata said:

Is that the same stalker from last year? The one that stalked him in public, took pictures of him and posted them on an article?


It's a women's magazine, no?


My feminist side is squirming... a lot.

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28 minutes ago, hananistellata said:

I'm not exactly sure but I did hear that it was one of those trashy gossip magazines.

Then the stalking method has to be widely denounced, so that everybody refuse to buy that trash, that would dissuade them.

He deserves to be let free from intrusions, and to focus on Worlds, not to be stalked.

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On 21/2/2021 at 19:03, hananistellata said:

So many potential auntie Fanyus everywhere this week! This time it is my actual aunt too!


She came by for a visit today to see my mother and I was just rewatching Yuzuru's programs from JNats. She got a glimpse of my screen while she was walking behind me and stood next to me to see Tenchi with me. I had shown her Yuzu before and she even looked him up on Google on her own a couple of months back but today was the first time she saw him skate. At a point where the camera focused on his face she said "He's so beautiful and tall!"


Aaaahhh, if only it was this easy to make my mom a Fanyu too. :'3

I'm so proud of you!!! :biggrin: And don't give up trying to convert your mom! Ganba!!! :hachimaki: 


Hace 10 horas, YuzuNekozuu said:

My mom first watched him during PC Olympics fs on live. She also said the same thing when she saw Yuzuru.

'Woah, is figure skating a beauty contest as well?" when Yuzu did the Seimei starting pose.

My dad was like "Its just him. National heartthrob of Japan yeah" I didn't expect him to say that lmao:softYuzu:

Yeah..the first time I went to print a banner, the young man in the printshop asked me if Yuzu was a model...lol...when I left the  store he and his two other male coworkers were watching Seimei...:hairflip:


Hace 4 horas, Melodie said:




:mad:  Why can't  they let the boi alone?!!!:curse:


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9 hours ago, Yuzu_legend said:

I'm so proud of you!!! :biggrin: And don't give up trying to convert your mom! Ganba!!! :hachimaki: 


I keep trying but I just can't convince her. I've shown her so many programs of his but she only gets excited when I show her his baby pictures. :dontdothistome:

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4 hours ago, Melodie said:

Stephane about Yuzu :) 



Yuzu has come a very, very long way since he sought Stephane Lambiel's advice regarding the quad toe when they were performing in the same ice show. He revealed this to Shuzo Matsuoka in his November 7, 2011 interview on Hodo Station at about 10:50 of this video.


Shuzo is surprised when he hears that Yuzu had asked Stephane about the quad toe and said: "Eh? You asked him? Pretend that I'm Lambiel-san and show me how you asked him." Yuzu laughingly said, "I'm too embarrassed!" Shuzo said, "Approximately (how you asked him) is OK." Yuzu said, "Show me please! That is basically how I asked."



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Yuzuru in Tanka (Japanese traditional short poetry)



Tanka section of Yomiuri Shimbun Online (25 Jan. 2021)

One of the selected Tanka sent from the readers.



良く切れる鋏をさらに拭き清め羽生結弦の記事を切り抜く (村上市 橘陽子)

Yoku kireru hasami wo sarani fukikiyome Hanyu Yuzuru no kiji wo kirinuku (by Yoko Tachibana - Murakami City)

(Wiping the sharp scissors to make them clean more, I cut out the article on Yuzuru Hanyu - translated by me)

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