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  1. A very personal opinion, this version of Heaven and Earth is my favourite of all 3. The step sequence and choreo sequence is so powerful and driven but elegant at the same time, and I like how he extended his arms during the sit spin this time- it looks like a soaring bird. for LMEY, I can't stop replaying that save. I almost forgot this is a comp- he can turn his competition performances ice show-like. What a star!
  2. Oh my 11 attempts That really shocked me... Hope his wish comes trueee >< stay safe aa
  3. Yeah. I still have hope for fair scoring, like a tiny little bit of hope... The short program score is actually quite fair surprisingly, but the free... Well, at least everyone knows who's the king despite the scores. That's all it matters.
  4. Today when I slept I dreamt of Yuzu's fs element sheet and he was gonna include a 4A and no 3A was found... and on the sheet it wrote that he was gonna skate to Origin...... I hurriedly woke up in the middle of nowhere and checked twitter late midnight to see if it was true......
  5. Hiii I'm back after a tiring week!! Watched sp and fs and I'm so proud of Yuzu no matter what the outcome is. He truly is a fighter. And so this concludes his season. Love him till the next. And thank you for that new banner. It's so pretty
  6. i want to be a cat. Eat, sleep, meow meow and to be referred to THE Yuzuru Hanyu
  7. Nah, it depends for us sometimes our teachers used to hit our palms with canes that time too.
  8. HAHAHAHAH @Kizuna primary sch for us in Msia I was around 9?? that time when I watched my teacher might be a fanyu too i shouldve asked her before I graduated this might be my biggest regret edit: ah I forgot about my figure skater senior. I asked her who Yuzu is and iirc,, she's a fan too after rnj1. She then introduced other skaters. Thats my first fall into fs pit
  9. I'm so so sorry for your loss. I hope all the best for your family and your uncle.
  10. Woahhh the posts here gain so much these days!!! I can barely catch up. I'll come with my top 10 Yuzu programs. 1) Seimei (super majestic aa the stsq and chsq give me chills everytime I watch!) 2) Hope and Legacy. This program is so tear inducing... and the grace in his Biellmann!!!) 3) Heaven and Earth (Yuzu telling a life story of himself through his blades.) 4) Romeo and Juliet 1 (My mid sch teacher let us watch that program in class, basically telling us that we can still nail it even when we fall. The time I became a fanyu haha.) 5) Notte Stellata (I
  11. Nah I just left it there :( if anyone has any idea how to fix this please tell us
  12. I think I’m extremely tired and done with everything that is happening right now. The media and stuff that is happening to me irl almost sucked every bit of soul out of my body. Feeling empty haha. This year is extremely crucial for me, may God bless us I avoided Twitter, watched Hope and Legacy and Rika’s Baby God Bless You to refill my empty shell. We can do it stay strong
  13. That kinda happened on my windows 10 laptop😭 idk if others face this too.
  14. Thank you for those insightful posts! Tbh when I saw the table you made about Yuzu's average 3A GOEs over the years, i was like... WHAT? HOW CAN IT BE LOWER THAN 3.. He is literally the king of 3As who's almost ready for the first 4A in history.
  15. A tad bit late but, better than never I guess.
  16. True that ppl said he’s assless helpppppppp
  17. Wait,,, that ass shaking controversy is actually a thing?😭 I thought that it was a joke and those ass shakes are actually pretty cute.. wait, I need an explanation...
  18. it's not even off season yet and there is so much drama going on already? Ahhhhhh. Thanks for all the cute photos and vids. The media is driving me crazy these days. I really, really, really can't imagine what will happen to fs media around January 2022. The journalists are getting more and more vicious...
  19. This is so beautiful. ; v ; ) thanks for sharing.
  20. PLEASE😭😭😂😂😂 best chairs ever
  21. Happy Hope and Legacy day too, thanks Yuzu for making me cry. With this program alone.
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