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  1. I'm all for Sing Sing Sing! (Though I do love Otonal.) Jazzy Zu is killer Zu!
  2. Are you able to really take in and savor that fact that you have inspired countless people to overcome tragedies or things that held them back and to pursue their own highest aspirations and dreams? ETA: Next question: Can we discuss it over dinner?
  3. Yes, I'm sure she's immensely proud and gratified that her labor of love has allowed him to reach such heights. Nevertheless, if I were his mom, my response to the glove incident would have been: "Fine. If one wrong glove is the end of the world, you can pack your own damn bags from now on!" Just sayin' ...
  4. Noooooooooooo! I didn't think of that . I withdraw my earlier comment. Although you must admit it looks better on Pengui-San than on Nate...
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