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  1. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    And this is what I have to say to that:
  2. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I will never get over that footage of him immediately after the injury, skating around the rink and figuring out how to change his layout so he can skate a program that will win but be less damaging to his already-damaged ankle. We often throw around words like "superhuman" to describe him, but in this case they seem warranted. How can a mere mortal, and a 23-year-old at that, have the focus and the emotional strength to do that rather than simply dissolve in despair? Yuzu's body can do things no other skater has ever done, but it's his mind and heart that make him absolutely untouchable and worthy of all the world's love and admiration. As I've said before, he makes me want to live like he skates. Thank you, and be well, Yuzu, from the bottom of my soul.
  3. ZuCritter

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    122. For his poor, twisted pinkie. I think of it as an example of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi (侘寂), which holds that a flaw or the nicks and scuff marks created by use only make an object more precious.
  4. ZuCritter

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    27. The Purple Pants of Sin. 28. Having the *cough* gumption to actually wear the Purple Pants of Sin. (Sorry, somebody had to say it. At least I didn't say the Trashbag Pants.) *slinks off to watch LGC*
  5. ZuCritter

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    21. For crying, often and openly. 22. For "Why am I crying?" and "I'm not crying."
  6. ZuCritter

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    I'm sad for Nathan and Boyang and, of course, thrilled for Jason (Go, Team Orser!). But mostly, looking back at the Otonal we saw at CoR, I just gotta say: Yuzu isn't from a different planet, he's from a different universe!
  7. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    One tradition in many strains of Buddhism is to dedicate the merit of one's practice to something larger than oneself -- typically, to the enlightenment of all beings. So, for instance, a practitioner will often say a few words of dedication at the end of a meditation session. But it can apply to any situation in which the practitioner might accrue merit by making a a conscious attempt to live skillfully, with wisdom and compassion. I've decided that for the foreseeable future, I will dedicate the merit of my practice, in part, to Yuzu's healing and happiness. I hope that will not only bring him some small measure of goodness, but it will inspire me to live in a way that generates merit, making me a little more conscious of my actions and spurring me to live my life a little more skillfully. For me this feels like a fitting way to repay the immense gift Yuzu gives me by skating, living and existing so beautifully. He makes the world a better place in so many ways; I hope I can make my tiny piece of the world a better place in tribute to him. Any other satellites who find this concept appealing are more than welcome to borrow it. Love and solace to each and every one.
  8. Seriously, Yuzu, forget the gala. Fanyus would much rather that you take care of that ankle. We've always got replays of past galas. Take in the love that surrounds you and remember, you won BIG, even injured. It's enough.
  9. YES. Yuzu wins on PCS -- the world is still on its axis. I may be able to breathe again some time in the next 24 hours. Maybe.
  10. The "Sorry" just breaks my heart. You did great, Yuzu! But he looks happy with the score, which is so wonderful. Obvious problems with the jumps aside, this was the best performance of Origin we've seen thus far, at least until he started to run out of steam. Just hope and pray he can heal completely before the GPF.
  11. Borser: "You are a real fighter. I am so proud of you." Our boy does what it takes to win. Now go rest and recover for the GPF!
  12. He is peerless. We are blessed beyond belief to live to see this.
  13. So true. But I can't stop seeing that eagle's extended talons as Zu's fingers, and he's saying: "Gold, give me the gold, ALL the gold ... "