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  1. You'll be in my heart and prayers. Looking forward to many more of your insightful posts.
  2. Your point is extremely well taken. I must confess, though, that it left me with an image of Yuzu as an actual old man, yelling at a wall -- and it was oddly satisfying ... This bodes extremely ill for my sanity during the extended drought to come.
  3. I find Otonal absolutely stunning every time I watch it, especially the CoR version. The emotional arc is so profound and rendered in such detail, it gives me chills. Ballade has the same intensity and jaw-dropping fidelity to the music, but for me it isn't quite as emotionally nuanced. LGC is brilliant, but I don't think it reflects Yuzu's essence the way Otonal does. I'm not as taken with Origin, and I don't think that's only because injuries have prevented Yuzu from perfecting it. My favorite performance is actually CoR, because of the intensity he brought to it. Worlds was an excellent skate, but I felt he was very calculating and conserving his energy, presumably because his physical conditioning wasn't where it needed to be. CoR had a YOLO quality that elevated it despite the injury-related missteps. But to get back to the program itself, I don't think Origin has the emotional range and dynamism of Seimei, which is my favorite by a pretty wide margin. Of course, those additional 30 seconds in Seimei gave Shae-Lynn and Yuzu more time to build character and modulate emotions. But I suspect that even a 4-minute Seimei would still strike me as the quintessential Yuzuru Hanyu program. As for HYK, I don't find it as profound or moving as Swanyu. Gorgeous, yes, and the super-low hydroblade is to-die-for. But Notte Stellata touches me to my core, and HYK doesn't. Bottom line: I'm not a DW fan, at least when it comes to choreographing for Yuzu -- with the huge exception of Swanyu.
  4. We need both Yagudin and Pluchenko as flower boys. Then they could compete for Yuzu's attention. There would be blood all over the ice, and the coach of whoever skated next could really bitch about psychological warfare!!!! .
  5. As someone who plans to go to both Torino and Montreal, I'd be relieved if he took the year off. Sad not to see him, but thrilled not to have to worry about him. Such is the life of a fanyu.
  6. That's me -- all day I walked around with a dazed grin on my face, just so grateful that I'd been graced to see him skate again. I wish he had won. I wish his ankles and any other damaged body parts could be magically brought to absolute health. I wish his answer to every setback (especially injuries) wasn't "I have to work harder." But none of that can dim the joy of watching him do what he alone can do with such power, grace and beauty. There are some things no scoring system can measure. Beauty is one of them. Today, Yuzu gave us beauty, and that's more than enough.
  7. With regard to endless 4Lo pop concerts and cryptic comments about "secret weapons," I offer the following job posting: WANTED: FANYUS If you love sparkles and ruffles on men, think dorks can be sexy, see nothing abnormal about owning 50 pairs of earphones, have a penchant for obsessing over FS protocols, reserve your deepest disdain for ISU judges, and will argue to the death over whether other skaters' jumps are under-rotated, this is the job for you. Basic requirements: Must be willing to sacrifice sleep, sanity, financial security and the society of normal humans. Top-notch skills in fingernail-chewing and lip-biting a must. Desired language skills: Japanese is plus, but you may substitute a willingness to watch endless hours of video in that language without the tiniest shred of comprehension. Must exhibit familiarity with specialized trade terms, including Dory, Sparkle Salad, Swanyu, UA, Antenna, YOLO, Space Kitty, LGC Hair, etc. Hours: 24/7 Compensation: Indescribable bouts of joy, delivered at random. PS -- Only masochists need apply.
  8. Just to lighten things up, I think we need a scoring system to rate Jason's curls vs. Nathan's. I'd say: Naturalness -- Jason, 8.25; Nathan, 9.0 Product placement -- Jason, 9.75; Nathan, 9.0 Volume -- Jason: 8.75; Nathan, 9.5 Symmetry -- Jason, 9.0; Nathan, 8.25 TOTAL -- Jason, 35.75; Nathan, 35.75 (But then, I'm American, so I'm probably over-scoring both of them!)
  9. Watching the press conference on youtube -- those are three classy, classy guys. Makes me happy to see how much they respect themselves, each other and the sport.
  10. I've been re-watching every video I can find of H&L in Helsinki (his last skate at Worlds!), in every language available. In the beginning, I turned on the English subs, but lately I've enjoyed listening without the subtitles, just hearing the mounting awe and excitement in the commentators' voices as the program unfolds. Most start out with very sparse comments after the initial introduction, then around the third quad, the uncles and aunties start reacting more and more, and the pitch of their voices rises, punctuated by gasps and exclamations as he reels off one gorgeous element after another. By the end, they're all alternately stammering and gushing, and you know exactly what they're saying, even if you don't understand a word. He is, indeed, "the incomparable Yuzuru Hanyu," and we are the luckiest fanyus on this or any other planet.
  11. I'd love to see Yuzu's face if he learned about this particular (mis)translation!!!!! Would he be: or: or:
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