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  1. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    A terrific analysis, beautifully stated. I think a lot about what sets him apart, beyond his obvious technical prowess or even his "artistic" mastery. It comes down to something almost existential -- the way he owns every instant and every detail of his programs. I think that's a phenomenon that unites him and Pluchenko and even Johnny Weir, although their styles and personae are so different in other ways. During competitions, I often find myself thinking about how other skaters' programs would look if Yuzu skated them. (Usually, better, IMHO.) But it's ludicrous to think of anyone else skating one of Yuzu's programs, even if they had the technical ability to do it. Imagine anyone else trying the scream in RJ1or the death stare at the end of Ballade, the ice kiss in Haru Yo Koi or the head jerk in Origin. Almost every program is full of iconic moments that only he can pull off because they are HIM, he believes them. The man cries at the end of Swanyu -- during practice. Of course, I would love for him to skate competitively forever. But I'm also excited to see what he will bring to the FS world -- and the world at large -- once he's free of the restraints of competition. As more than one commentator has said recently, he's truly transcended the sport.
  2. ZuCritter

    Planet Streaming Parties

    That was soooooooo much fun. Thank you, Sally, and everyone. Somehow it means more today than it did at the time -- I guess because we know so much more about what he had to overcome to win. I know it's too much to ask, but I can't help hoping against all logic and caution that we'll see him in Beijing ...
  3. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Am I bad to already be fantasizing about a jump battle between Rika and Yuzu at the WC gala?
  4. ZuCritter

    "Must Sees" for new Yuzu fans

    I'm for just about any practice video, partly because of the UA (UnderArmor) effect. No matter how beautiful his costumes are, nothing shows off his figure/skating to better effect than clingy, solid black. Among the practice vids I particularly adore Swanyu (Notte Stellata) GPF 2016. Two items of note: 1) Zhenya (Evgenia Medvedeva) standing stock still at the end of the rink, simply watching him; 2) the gesture he makes during his bow. Sorry to be cryptic on that last bit, but I don't want to insert a spoiler.
  5. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    TBH, I rather dread coming to the Planet when I know I'm going to have to wade through a lot of back-and-forth about something someone said or did that is perceived as an affront to Yuzu. I'm just not that interested in it, and it sometimes makes it hard to find the posts I do enjoy. Perhaps we should have a "Drama and Debate" thread or a "Can you believe this s***?" thread to let people air their grievances (within the rules of the Planet, of course), and let the rest of us not engage with that aspect of the conversation. I'm kidding, but only halfway.
  6. All I want is both skaters at the peak of their games. I absolutely believe Yuzu can and will win, but it will be beyond brilliant either way.
  7. Well, Nathan just laid down a very serious challenge to Yuzu. An epic skate, even if the scores were inflated. I can only imagine what Yuzu will bring in response. Worlds will be insane. Just get healthy and stay healthy, Yuzu.
  8. A perfect farewell. I'm sure Cave Boy is a puddle right now. Me, too.
  9. You are a beautiful soul, Javier Fernandez. Live long and prosper.
  10. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Posting this here rather than in European Championships thread because it's really about Yuzu and his future. I would love to see Kolyada emerge as his chief rival rather than either Nathan or Shoma. For my taste, Kolyada comes closest (now that Javi is retiring) to capturing the insane combination of finesse and explosiveness that makes Yuzu so special. I just feel like, when he's "on," Misha has the most potential to push Yuzu to even greater heights. (Like the High Priest of Kuyashii needs any pushing, right?)
  11. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm struck by him saying "I'll respect you forever," rather than "I'll love you forever." I feel pretty confident that both are true, but I suspect that, for Yuzu, respect (at least unqualified respect) is a rarer feeling than love and therefore the bigger accolade. Actually, what he said is probably less telling than the fact that the cave boy showed himself voluntarily. That's R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!!!
  12. ZuCritter

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, there are only 31 minutes of Christmas left here, so, to prolong the celebrations, I give you: