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  1. The height was spectacular, at least on the last one. He was still way up in the air at the point where he would have landed a 3A.
  2. ... with our hearts in our throats. Please, skating gods, let Lady Lutzifer behave!
  3. Woo-hoo! Uncle Ted. So glad he'll be there. ETA: Now if only Max and Angelo are there, life will be perfect. May all the planets align with PH!!!
  4. Almost as excited about seeing Sui/Han in Torino as about seeing Yuzu. Almost.
  5. YAWN. Fighting to stay awake. Only for you, Yuzu. Only for you.
  6. Not sure, but I think he was trolling us -- trying to keep secret which EX he's skating.
  7. At least the Sakura Fairy will totally stand out in a sea of black.
  8. Mesmerizing, Roman. Now just go work with Ghislain and stabilize those jumps. Please.
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