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  1. In the spirit of Henni147's brilliant 6 quadruple demon gates ... (for those who missed it in the FaOI Kobe thread , they were: 4T - Quad MephisToe 4S - Quad Satan 4Lo - Quad Diaboloop 4F - Quad Firedevil 4Lz - Quad Lutzifer 4A - Quadster of Loch Ness) ... I hereby offer Yuzuru Hanyu's YOLO, Damn-the-Torpedoes, I'm-Looking-at-You-ISU quad arsenal for the 2019-20 season: 4T - Quad You're Toast 4S - Quad Pray for Salvation 4Lo - Quad Don't Loop Now 4F - Quad Think I Give a Flip? 4Lz - Quad Kiss My Lutzcious Ass 4A - Quad Axel Murderer
  2. Talk about fanservice: You have served us all so well. Rest and prepare yourself for the last show of this season. *sob* I'm sure it will be amazing. A million thanks.
  3. I'm probably a bigger Plushy fan than some people here, but I did love how he hung back from the group hug after the 4Lz and then hugged Yuzu individually once the scrum broke. I get the impression that he does care for Yuzu in a special way. Just one opinion.
  4. Let it never be said that FS doesn't cling to outdated gender stereotypes. *sigh* Although I must say I find some of the commercials even more distressing: promoting white bread and fried chicken -- the kind of diet that has made tens of millions of Americans obese!!!! OK, I'll stop ranting now.
  5. Somehow, I think this argues for 4F. If he'd fallen on the lutz after landing it on the previous attempt, I think he would have been Mr. Kuyashii. Then again, what do any of us know anymore? The boy has turned the planet upside down (again)!!! Edit: Ooops. Posted this before I saw KatjaThera's latest post.
  6. Fanyus: He really should skip ice shows this year to rest his poor ankle. Yuzu: ^%##*@^&*# -- I can't practice 4Lz cuz I injured myself training 4A!
  7. Seimei Otonal H&L Masquerade Otonal Origin Notte Stellata LGC (if Masquerade were a fully developed competitive program, I might waver) Chopin Change Seimei (with the caveat that Helsinki H&L is obviously his most sublime skate) PW Confession time: although Yuzu is GORGEOUS in HYK and CM, the choreography doesn't do much for me. Just a matter of taste, I'm sure. No shade on DW. I'm also one of the few people in the world, apparently, who dislikes the score to Phantom, so I sort of enjoy it through gritted teeth. *runs for cover*
  8. Spot on and too, too wonderful. I totally lost it at "55 minutes of mutual bowing."
  9. With apologies for the slow response, I've had flash of inspiration: If we present Dobby with toe socks, he'll be loyal to Yuzu forever. Then we can sic him on the ISU judges! (Some of us, obviously, are having trouble accepting Dobby's fate.)
  10. How about Maskmurder?
  11. I keep remembering what Raf (foolishly) said about the Pooh Rain being psychological warfare. No, Raf. Challenging the jump that might have ended your career, that you haven't attempted publicly for 18 months, under ice-show conditions, with TV cameras rolling, and continuing to challenge it despite numerous fails until you finally tame that snake -- THAT is psychological warfare. Now, deal with it. (Sorry, I guess competitiveness is one trait I share with our Overlord.)
  12. Thank you, thank you, for being so observant and taking time to share so much of your experience. It's a real gift. Enjoy the rest of your stay!!!
  13. If anyone's ready to think about where they'll stay, I've booked a 2-bedroom AirBnB just a few metro stops from the arena. Total price for 8 nights (3/15-3/22) is $1108 USD, so $554 split two ways. Anybody interested in sharing? If so, send me a private message. (FYI, I'm 67, female, an artist, and fairly introverted, although I like people.)
  14. I just flashed back to the World's gala, where everyone but Yuzu was in black and red, and most of the numbers were on the angsty side, and it was ... well, a bit boring. I think we've seen Yuzu's response: "You want black and red and angsty? Excuse me while I show you how it's done. Oh, and you might want to have fire extinguishers on hand."
  15. That was my first thought when we got the rehearsal video, but I thought I might be imagining it. We've seen enough now that it's clear the first impression was correct. Ripped Yuzu -- with the emotional heft to match. Lord help us all!
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