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  1. https://skateontario.org/results/19S2/19S2SeniorMenSPDRO.pdf https://skateontario.org/results/19S2/19S2SeniorMenFPDRO.pdf I'm reading the protocols and laughing at myself. At least I can identify an Axel and a loop.
  2. Nam Nguyen (Richmond) Beatles medley - Come Together/Let It Be/Get Back. No costume yet, just a black sweatshirt. Popped opening quad into a single Popped 4S? into a double 3A fall 3something 3something This program definitely doesn't look ready. Empty spots and he isn't comfortable with it. 3A? (2A?) Popped Lo An abrupt ending cut, needs to really sell it with a POW for it to work. 116.72/209.06 Final: 1. Keegan Messing 2. Nam Nguyen 3. Conrad Orzel
  3. Keegan Messing (Sherwood Park) November Rain. The same non-costume black outfit from yesterday. Big quad, maybe 4T? (Does he do a 4Lz?) 4T? foot down 3A-2something 3Lo shaky saved landing (his landings so far have been really low/saved) 3something 3something-3something 3something lol (it's hard to ID his jumps because he's so fast) Lovely back spread eagle and that low two-handed hydroblade he's done before Rock paper scissors with Nam as he comes out xD Good job, landed all his jumps! (I mean not cleanly but he didn't fall haha) 168.18/253.6? (hard to hear the decimals)
  4. Alistair Lam (Hamilton) Light blue Chinese-style tunic top with darker blue dragon embellishment. This might be Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it sounds familiar. 3something-3something 3A fall 3something (S?) 3something (him jumping clockwise is messing up my already questionable observation skills) 2A? step out-3something 3Lz?-2something 3Lo foot down on the end 119.54/180.92
  5. Jack Dushenski (Granite) His outfit looks sort of 6.0ish. Black with white kimono-style foldover collar, checkerboard pattern on one shoulder, red embellishment. Missed the whole skate, sorry Jack! 114.xx (I hit the mute button whoops)/178.99
  6. Conrad Orzel (TCC) A black top. Can't tell if it's a costume or not. Called away, ran back to catch the tail end of a jump - was it a 4S? 4T step out Something big, maybe another 4T-2something Big wobbly 3A-3something 3A fall 3S-3T? turn End...did I miss a jump? 135.99/203.33 Called away again, hopefully back for Nam.
  7. Matthew Markell (Prescott) His top is like if Patrick Chan were Elsa from Frozen. 4T? fall 3something (or 4something attempt?) fall 3Lz or F popped into a 2, I think 2A, maybe Euler but it was a long gap in between, 2something Rippon 3S or 3Lo? Nice 3S(?) Rippon 2A-3something Rippon fall (so many Rippons, but they look pretty good) 102.53/159.23 Second group is warming up - Orzel, Jack something, Lam, Messing, Nguyen.
  8. Max Denk (Granite) Nice dark red button-down with sparkly stripes. 3something 2A? Looked like a 2A. Popped S (maybe) 3something-2something He has nice expression in his StSq. 3Lz fall 3A (or 2A)-3something Popped Lz These extra leggy growing boys terrify me when they spin... 109.03/164.48
  9. Meng-Ju Lee (Mariposa) Long black/dark green button-down belted tunic Hand down/fall on opening jump (4T attempt?) 3T?-3 something turn 2Lo (I think) 3Lz fall Little Y-spiral! 2A fall 3 something turn 2A fall (he doesn't look comfortable with Axels at all, legs are way far apart) 77.73 (ouch)/121.5
  10. Senior Men! Bennet Toman (Skate Oakville) Purple ombre button-down, a lot nicer than his dentist SP costume. Fall on opening quad (toe?) Fall on 3 something 3A-2 something 3 something-Euler-3 something (I'm so bad at this) 3A-3something? a little wobbly 3 something 2 something Looked like he hurried it up at the end so he wouldn't end after his music. 125.39/186.12
  11. Jumping into the Junior Men Free Program almost at the end. I can't really ID jumps but I can provide useless costume commentary and scores! Rio Morita - Grey dress shirt with red stripe down the front and a bit of black striping. Rather wobbly skating. Is this his first junior season? 90-something for the free, 130-something total. Alec Guinzbourg - Excellent top that looks like a crossword puzzle, with a sparkly belt, thanks for the flair! Missed a lot of the skate with connection issues..... FS 110.35, total 172.11. Mark Gorodnitsky - Nice skate overall, popped something though. Black dress shirt with some sparkly blue embellishments on the top half. FS 126.98, total 193.22. Final: 1. Mark Gorodnitsky 2. Alec Guinzbourg 3. Juheon Lim
  12. I really like novice ice dance! It's soothing. It's nice to see them just waltzing around paying careful attention to their basic skating skills, with no crazy lifts, no overwrought emotion.
  13. Dushenkshi - Light of the Seven from Game of Thrones OST (I missed the first part though)
  14. I didn't notice before that at the end of "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," Yuzu's sit spin actually goes up and down along with the beat...WHO DOES THAT?? (Also very cute when he's singing when he comes out for his solo pistol pose part -- I think he accidentally sang "I love you bayyy-bay" again instead of "oh pretty bayyy-bay" which is completely understandable. )
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