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  1. I need the artist to tell me that the bee was just stunned and it eventually made a full recovery
  2. Hello Blue, Hello Future and Gum for the Game are both great and are like two sides of the same coin. I like HBHF the best because it's so optimistic and it's a real look at Yuzu's training life, while GftG is more dramatic and cinematic. Also the P&G Thank You Mom commercial (at the end) is nice too, especially the part where the present-day Yuzu jumps with mushroom Yuzu reflected in the mirror doing the same jump. That was cool.
  3. If they're still insistent on this in-person competition idea..... Move CoC from Chongqing to Beijing and make it the Olympic test event since Lakernik is so concerned about that (not that there's much to test without an audience allowed). The Olympic venue already exists and the Chinese national team trains in Beijing and could keep their travel to a minimum. Now that there's a test event, GPF can be cancelled. Too many problems with it. The GPs become essentially Challengers. And when one or another of them gets cancelled, as they will, especially SkAm, everyone is not left scrambling to assign those skaters to a different GP that they might or might not be able to get to, because there's no GPF they have to qualify for. (ETA that I think this is all moot anyway and the GP series will not go ahead in person. JSF has already said it's unwilling to send skaters to Challengers, so.....)
  4. Oh, thank goodness. I was envisioning a Sophie's Choice scenario for Yuzu where he would have to either do the traumatic CoC without coaches, or have Nathan at both GPs and have to go into the plague zone for SkAm. Either NHK or SCI is much better.
  5. Lol, it may not be so much a romantic soap opera these days.....you know with a TV show you're waiting for so many seasons for the couple to finally get together, and then when they do it gets tiring and boring and everyone wishes it hadn't happened? Quarantine would be like that for poor Floor-chan.
  6. I expect to see Yuzu's spin positions looking when we see him skating next, since spins are luckily one thing that can be practiced off the ice, and boredom is a powerful motivator.....He just needs his little bee spinner and Floor-chan
  7. Hmm..... Aromas of violets grape popsicles and wild strawberries a touch of black pepper spice Flavors of orange peel and nectarines skate on brisk acidity And profoundly elegant to boot! This truly must be the Yuzuru Hanyu of wines.....
  8. I was looking for it but I haven't found it yet! I will post it if I do. Eventually they ended up next to each other (no video of this moment) and even had to hold hands, so maybe Yuna took pity on this smol fanboy and talked to him first I don't think they'll ever be invited to ice shows in each other's countries but I hope they both go to Javi's show one day.
  9. I've seen a longer video.....Yuzu admired Yuna but was shy/intimidated to talk to her, and Javi knew, and pushed him to approach her because Yuzu wouldn't go by himself.....but she didn't notice and someone else got there first. Instead of waiting for her, Yuzu's attitude was OH WELL GUESS IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE, RUN AWAY! Javi: And Yuzu didn't try again
  10. Everything I want out of a commercial Though I'm still not sure how exactly gum is supposed to improve your athletic ability, but that's OK
  11. No, Itsuki is 3-4 years younger. I think he just finished high school? He is the taller one, though.
  12. Make Itsuki do it, he's the one who wanted the dog. This is why younger siblings exist! To make them do physical labour for you!
  13. They're probably both sleeping because they have to get up in the middle of the night for Zoom training. Well, Shoma is definitely sleeping regardless of the circumstances. And Yuzu is being Yuzu.
  14. Scrolling the timeline after Team Japan training camp
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