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  1. 3 judges out of 7 believe that Nathan's skating skills are the same or better than Jason's.....welcome to U.S. Nationals
  2. The site admins must not update each person's bio live as they receive new information, because that would be time-consuming. I wonder if they did a mass upload of new details for certain sections, but he didn't give them any new information, so those sections on his bio accidentally wound up blank. *Javi voice* Yuzuru is a mystery
  3. Ahhhh I got it! I'm happy I switched things around, I had A and B the other way until the last second
  4. Philip in November 2017 when Yuzu was injured, implying it was his own hubris that led to his accident, likely comfortably assuming Yuzu had almost no chance of OGM now: "The question now is whether pride literally came before the fall that has cast some doubt on Hanyu’s ability to win a second straight Olympic title – an achievement that, added to the rest of his career record, I feel would make him inarguably the greatest men’s skater in history." "Since World War II, only Dick Button of the U.S. has won more than one men’s Olympic singles title (1948-52). For Hanyu
  5. Happy New Year to everyone who is already in the future, or about to be! Here in Canada we still have some time to go. I was playing around with the colours of Yuzu's H+E costume and gloves for fun. I'll call these ones the Hana Ni Nare tribute.
  6. Now Rika will be expected to do a cartwheel all the time, in every ice show and gala, until the end of her career and beyond
  7. His face was pink all over in a way I don't remember ever seeing, usually just his cheeks turn pink Must have been really hot.
  8. This is silly but I just noticed the part of the Taylor Swift song that was playing just as he left the ice after his skate, hahaha Some, some boys are tryin' too hard He don't try at all, though Younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so I see nothing better, I keep him forever Like a vendetta-ta
  9. Masterpiece. Western commentators will compare it superficially to Seimei and to his other past programs because of his costume and the Japanese theme, but it's actually like H&L in its flow and serenity and moments of passion. Hope and Legacy is the young prince, and Heaven and Earth is the emperor he grew up to become. I don't think I've been this happy all year
  10. So Mura isn't sure, Oda isn't sure, Kozuka isn't sure, I heard Takeshi Honda wasn't sure, that retired judge isn't sure, Meagan Duhamel isn't sure, Jeroen Prins thinks he knows but Jackie Wong disagrees, and the JSF refuses to clarify anything because God forbid the people in charge of this sport extend the athletes the courtesy of an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.....
  11. I still can't believe Yuzu gave us a clean (gtfo judges, I consider that clean) brand new pop rock program in the trash bag pants for Christmas. It feels unreal. And that was actually the second-highest season debut SP score Yuzu has ever had, and the highest for a brand new program
  12. Knowing that Yuzu is dealing with multiple factors that make this an especially mentally tough situation to be in right now, I am not going to expect miracles from him. I want him to try his best, finish his SP with a smile knowing that the audience had fun (which I'm sure they will), then look ahead to the FS and do what he can do. I hope he has a few minutes on the ice where he can forget about everything that's happening and simply do what he enjoys doing best. Then, go home in the same healthy state he arrived in, and continue to practice safely and work towards his goals. That will be the
  13. I was reading more about the historical hero of the movie soundtrack Yuzu is skating to, Uesugi Kenshin. He once had a big battle with Nobunaga Oda's forces (and defeated them). That's our Nobu's famous warlord ancestor. I can't wait to hear what he thinks of this program This also made me laugh. Kenshin had a legendary rivalry with another lord named Takeda Shingen. It was by all accounts a respectful and enjoyable if bloody feud. When he retired from competition -- I mean, when he died, eheheh -- Kenshin cried and said, "I have lost my good rival. We won't have a hero like that
  14. Shoma Yuzuru Stephane casually trying to collect another Japanese skater for his school by supporting him in the K&C when his coach isn't there, because it worked last time (original gif source no longer there)
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