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  1. I don't think either of Anna's programs are well-suited this year The free has potential, but not for an Olympic season.....neither choice of music seems like it will connect well emotionally with audiences or judges. Maiia, I am more impressed by. She seems to be genuinely enjoying herself at times and her programs are better than the Gleikh fare. But the Rippon arms on every jump are concerning.
  2. Let's give Marin Honda 6.75s in skating skills, that seems fine.....
  3. What on Earth happened with Kevin free skate? Is he injured?
  4. I watched this and it was fun! The question was: "who will dominate in the upcoming season, Yuzuru or Nathan?" Then for Yuzu she proceeded to pull: A man on a throne (The Emperor).....a man on a throne (The King of Swords).....and a man on a throne (The King of Wands). The Emperor: authority, wisdom, expertise, organization, orderly and systematic approach to solving problems The King of Swords: authority, insight, mental clarity and intellectual power unaffected by emotion, impartiality The King of Wands: authority, vision, energy, clear long-term goals, decisiveness,
  5. It's OK, your English is good! I'll try to practice my French by responding en francais, sorry my keyboard doesn't make accents. It's perfect music for an Olympics, imo.....it's Japanese, but the Swan Lake theme is super recognizable to North American and European judges and audiences. There's no excuse for them to be lazy and go "I can't understand or appreciate this because it's too Japanese for me," like with Tenchi. Also, it's dramatic, and as we all know adult Yuzu loves being dramatic (on the ice) as much as teenager Yuzu did. xD
  6. Thinking.....I would not hate it, at all, if Yuzu brought White Legend back as a SP with the revised choreography. Of all the music he's ever performed to in his career, it's one of the pieces I think suits him the best and never gets old.
  7. I was impressed by the guy from India! No falls, a rotated double, centred spins with nice fast entries, can get into pleasing camel and sit positions. This is probably a skater who trains outdoors on rollerskates, and comes to a competition knowing he'll be in last place by 40 points and some people will laugh at him, but.....that was the state of China's pairs program just a generation ago, and look at them.
  8. She uses a kitty heart eyes emoji for him. That means she is a true fan.
  9. Crying, I love Little Sparrow and that dress.....now do a full Yuzu, get rid of Tosca and go back to Invierno Porteno I will also accept The Planets/Star Wars!
  10. His agent has come a long way, from the days of making her client pretend that he got hacked to say foolish things, to now actually making her client acknowledge that he said foolish things.....
  11. Sekkisei's Ten to Chi to or Sekkisei's Origin 1.0? LMEY beginning pose or hand up beginning of Blinding lights? Waving with Pooh or social distancing with Pooh? On ice perspectives from PW practice or from Hana Wa Saku exhibition? (His pure skating was sublime.....better than in 2019.) Costume reveal or press conference? (More screaming) Pooh rain or ... Well, yes. On floor 3A or on ice 3F? In front of the white wall or in front of the painting backstage at JNats 2020? (The images are less grainy lol) LMEY final pose or Origin final pose? (Ori
  12. Maybe he did it on the 1A this time so it didn't accidentally become a 2A.....
  13. I thought the open arm variation looked like a crown! I'm obsessed with it!
  14. Yuzuuu.....your is showing
  15. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was not that
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