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  1. I very much enjoy how Pez-zuru Ghanyu just CHUCKS those chocolates. He's not just offering you a chocolate, he is going to shoot it out at you with bullet force, going TAKE THIS CHOCOLATE!! IT'S MY JOB!! Even Pez-zuru is designed to give 150%.
  2. I ain't even bovvered because that's so extreme that everyone *knows* it's bullshit. Everyone in Russia probably knows, everyone everywhere else knows. It'll be on record, but Sasha isn't going to get any true respect from inflation like that. His fed thinks they're slick, and that may be how you win medals, but it's not how you create legends or earn love. Scoring like today's, and like we've seen lately and even not so lately, is unfair to every skater in the competition, including the winners.
  3. Rusfed and USFSA are in a true war now. Wonder if they've heard of mutually assured destruction.
  4. Just proves how hard it is thinking on the fly and coming up with new strategies to maximize your score...in the middle of the program. Shoma is a seasoned veteran skater at this point but even he couldn't keep things straight in his head and avoid a REP. Yuzu's YOLO combos and additions must be fine-tuned and practiced over and over, every scenario.
  5. I'm not watching but just the live updates are giving me anxiety.
  6. I went down the rabbit hole of GPF qualification possibilities and came up with this - it started out as a Yuzu Worst-Case Scenario Floppage Chart to drive all curses away, but I ended up going all the way to first. Now, my math may be COMPLETELY off (I'm tired ) and if so........gomen, I'll come back and strikethrough all of it. TL;DR: I think 4th place at NHK is the point at which Yuzu will be guaranteed to qualify for the GPF regardless of where all other remaining men place in their events. It was very good for him that he won SCI with such a huge score, because that win with those numbers will make placement and total score tiebreakers go his way if necessary.
  7. Jordan has filmed practices at TCC a bunch of times over the past few years, so now that he's worked directly with Yuzu, maybe Yuzu will be amenable next time he's there.
  8. Lady pair skaters are some of the bravest individuals on Earth
  9. This is actually Boyang's first GP gold at all, not just in CoC! Wow!
  10. To think in the year 2019 two Chinese men are going to podium at a Grand Prix event...
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