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  1. I'm looking at Ekaterina's score and I'm wondering if she is actually underrotating that much, or if her reputation for URs is getting her those URs, because her jumping doesn't look that bad to me. I think she's actually improved on that front since the summer.
  2. Linnea's hot pink undies are very distracting but I think that's what Juliet would wear if she were a competitive figure skater in 2020.
  3. Please go back to the not saying anything about Yuzu under pain of death strategy from the Olympics, Brian. Every time I read an interview from him lately I find myself thinking "this is so unhelpful."
  4. CONFIRMED: If Yuzu ever went to a house party, he would be the person who spends the whole time in the other room playing with the host's pets and only sneaking out to get food.
  5. Given how things are going and the high historical probability of many or all of those top men screwing up their free skate, it's not too late to unretire, Javi.....
  6. OK, guess it's time to speak WORLDS 2020: GRAB THAT WAIST into the universe.
  7. Roman, Nam, Keegan, Joseph! Keegan and Nam both messed up and Roman was great.
  8. Nam could still pull it off if they really push his PCS as defending champion... (ETA: LOL overestimated that.) Anyway I knew Nam would mess up going after Keegan. Nam feeds off of the energy and he and Keegan are too good friends. If Keegan had done well, Nam would have done better.
  9. He isn't skating anything like himself at all. Get it back, Keegs!! I hope this didn't rattle Nam too much.
  10. Every time I watch Conrad skate I think, BOY, WHERE IS THE CONFIDENCE? Looking lost like he isn't sure he's supposed to be there, no smiles (actually not necessarily no smiles just.....no expressions), doesn't know what to do with his limbs. He's such a big tall handsome guy that I forget he's still a teenager. I recommend he go watch LGC on a loop, or study what Roman does, who is another tall one but knows how to occupy the space.
  11. I was watching on the Dailymotion Skate Canada page earlier but they don't seem to have the livestream up anymore.
  12. Emma Bulawka. Tea rose nightgown. 100.39/148.88. Nice 3T-2A seq. She is happy. Viviane Fontaine-Maltais. Black drama rosettes with gloves. Missed some of hers. 79.36/124.19. Michelle Long. 27! Floaty dark magenta with silver belt. Nice expression in her body and face, ramped it up towards the end. Had some costly pops, though. 105.91/155.02.
  13. Women's 6 min. Order: Bulawka, Fontaine-Maltais, Long, Tamura, Farrow, Giroux.
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