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  1. Yes, I was on Twitter. I still remember I was refreshing Twitter madly but it was a total silence for a while, then the messages appeared but all of them were about how everybody died.
  2. I almost thought that you meant he knew he looked too hot in that costume, so he had to switch it to prevent a massive heart attack incident....
  3. Regarding the watch, I like the design of the 1st one more and feel like there isn't enough Yuzu related design in this one, probably because they don't want to decorate men's watches too much? However, I have a larger bone structure and longer limbs, even though I don't have much fat/muscles around my wrist, narrow watches usually look ridiculous on me . (I haven't worn a watch for years though...) I hope they will release a wider female version next time .
  4. I don't think it is our place to speculate on Yuzu's relationship with his coaches. Despite his cute appearance, he is an adult man who can skate by himself at this point. If he found no value in the relationship with TCC, he wouldn't waste money on that. Like every other relationship in the world, they may have their ups and downs, some misunderstandings and miscommunications occasionally, and Brian isn't always the best at PR. However, even during this pandemic, Yuzu still keeps his ties with Brian and co, so I believe in them. Regarding the question if Yuzu could suc
  5. This is so hard and it certainly depends on my mood, but I will try: 1. Seimei 2. Chopin 3. Ten to Chi to 4. Notte Stellata 5. Masquerade 6. Let's Go Crazy 7. Let Me Entertain You 8. Requiem of Heaven and Earth 9. Hana Wa Saku 10. Haru Yo Koi Honorable mentions (so many lol): Hana Ni Nare, Parisienne Walkways, Hope & Legacy, Romeo & Juliet I, Origin, Hello I Love You, Vertigo, The Final Time Traveler I considered Hana Wa Saku and Hana Ni Nare similar level before but the recent performance forces me to pro
  6. I know this is a super unpopular opinion... I never understand the appeal of of anyone, not even Yuzu's.
  7. I block all the antis on twitter, don't post anything and only follow very few people. I didn't even know about those toxic comments until I read posts here. When I first discovered Yuzu and joined the figure skating fandom, I got very upset whenever I read antis' comments and I was shocked to know that some people hate Yuzu, who basically has never done anything controversial. Then I realize that every successful person has haters, who don't have anything better to do with their time. Now, if I come across a toxic comment, I consider them a joke and enjoy a good laugh.
  8. How is he not relevant? Following their logic, if the new Worlds Bronze medalist and JNats Champion with 2 clean skates 3 months ago, who is never off podium since 2014, is irrelevant, I wonder how many guys are relevant in men's skating. Those people don't understand why he is still competing as they think that winning should be the only motivation. They don't understand that there can be more in skating than scores and medals. 4A is what he wants right now. Will he land it cleanly in competitions? Who knows? I certainly hope so, but even if he won't, why can't he talk about it wh
  9. It is because Yuzu is the only guy who regularly gets over 300 and even 320 sometimes in recent years except Nathan. Unless Yuma or others like Shoma get these scores, they have no other choices. And Yuzu brings ratings and clicks.
  10. That's true, IdF is always a mess
  11. If Yuzu goes to SkAm and IdF, he may complete his GP gold medal set. I consider CoC cleared by Helsinki.
  12. Agree. It is clear from his practices and in his skating, he has inproved so much since 2017/2018. I am happy that he is pleased with this too. There is no end in chasing medals. He has achieved more than enough in terms of them. Even if he gets a 3rd OGM, there will be more young skaters coming up. 4A is a personal goal that is irrelevant to these. I am glad to see 4A training seems to be compatible with his other jumps now based on his practices. When the media hypes a "future star" up, they always talk about how old he/she will be in the next Olympics, how good their
  13. I think there are some great shots but I would like it to be a supplement instead of the main camera work.
  14. Is there another camera angle? On Ice Perspective is great but I also want to have an ordinary version as well, especially for some spins.
  15. I like the original white costume much more so I am a bit disappointed to see the orange one. However, I can totally see why he can't fit into the white shirt. He looks huge this week compared to a few years before.
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