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  1. I love that his first comment is on how beautiful his (side) face is. I have watched quite a lot of these videos on Youtube. They usually fall in love with Yuzu right away. Here is one of them: https://youtu.be/jUoIZRSgmyQ
  2. I am planning to buy the new photobook from Yaguchi-san but I cannot find it on Amazon. And the link they provide does not allow overseas shipping. Do you know where could I buy it as an overseas fan?
  3. PC Semei and PC ballade for me, though I watch other programs regularly as well . The choreo sequence in PC Seimei is the best ever and you can feel how much emotion he is pouring into it. I also like reading the comment section to see new fans discovering him as PC Seimei is usually the first skate that new fans watch .
  4. I have just watched this video, where a former ice dancer talked about several step sequences in men's skating. It is quite interesting and PW is included as the last one.
  5. A random question: I am watching some videos of Yuzu drawing the skating order and notice that Japanese skaters always sit in the front row. It doesn't seem to follow the alphabetical order in English. Do you if there is some sort of order they are following?
  6. I love his layback spin. It is not as flexible as some ladies like Satoko, but it feels like he puts so much emotion into it and it matches with the music very well. My favorite spin in swan is the part when he slowly bent his leg in camel position during the last spin. It always gives me goosebumps.
  7. He ripped off a glove and people went crazy. If he ripped off his shirt.... it would probably make the front page of newpapers (not only the sports ones) the next day lol.
  8. I think they are just different names in different countries. Yuzu refered them as inside and outside hydroblade in CiONTU, so i think it is how they call it in Japan?
  9. I remember that Miki is quite good at the outside hydroblade, so I am a bit surprised to see her struggling with the inside one.
  10. Yesterday, I finally had the courage of drawing Yuzu after looking at many pieces of fanart. I was really bad at drawing when I was at school so I was nervous. I tried my best but the result was . The proportion is not that bad (i think) but it just looks like a totally different person.... And I felt sorry for drawing Yuzu so badly I always appreciate the amazing fanart but I respect the artists even more now.
  11. In my opinion, Yuzu's charm is much more than just medals, or even his skating per se. His passion for skating, his personality, his stories of overcoming adversity, his image as a hope after disaster, and so on. And in a shallower perspective, his cuteness off ice and coolness on ice, his beautiful name, etc. Not only is his skating a complete package, but also he as a person is a complete package too.
  12. NDP was probably my least favorite among Yuzu's programs, even though I love the musical. However, when I watched the clip today, I thought: "Wait, is it really NDP? Why is it suddenly so beautiful?" After comparing it with the original version, I realized that he had added more details to it to make it better. Maybe he will skate an improved version of NDP in some future shows.
  13. I am so emotional that I totally couldn't concentrate on work and became a useless employee for like 10 minutes... And I need to keep a straight face as I am in office now. (we are returning to normal life after several weeks of 0 local transmission case)
  14. A random thought: After watching the home rinks of different skaters, I really think that TCC is by far the most beautiful rink. Wonder if there are other rinks in this wooden style.
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