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  1. Same here as a beginner skater, though in my case, when I first learnt to spin, I was too bad at it and my "spin" didn't even last 2 revolutions to make me dizzy . It gradually got better after practice and at the same time the dizziness disappeared. Yuzu said that he loved spinning as a child and he even "competed" with Lambiel in spins when he was still a little mushroom. Maybe spinning is not as fun as an adult? Generally I think top skaters don't put much time in spins. I think Roman Sadovsky (one of the best spinners) has said that he trained them when he was young, but not so much now.
  2. I speak Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese and a little bit Japanese. The literal meaning of his name in Chinese is similar to Japanese, except that "Ha/羽” only means feathers but not wings, and "Yu/結” only means knots but not "tight". The pronuciation is beautiful in all three languages. When I first discovered him, the first impression was "Wow, his name is so poetic! " There is also something special about those characters that I don't know how to explain. They are kind of on the "beautiful" side of characters. The ones that you would expect to find in poems.
  3. It's Ok, fans are not buying for the product itself anyway.
  4. I am so grateful that we don't have to discuss whether he is withdrawing from competition due to injury this season. (even though we are constantly worrying if he will get injured, especially during that practice ) Please stay healthy in the future too
  5. My first videos were all the olympics skates. Then I wanted to know more about Yuzu and tried to watch whatever videos on Youtube with his name. However, when the CoC 2014 video appeared, I thought the headband was so weird (Sorry Yuzu I didn't know what happened then), so I didn't click on that immediately. It took me a long time, after having watched many other videos, for me to click on CoC 2014 out of curiosity . Then I was like Right after the video, I decided to support this boy forever.
  6. I was chatting with a new colleague today. I said that I go skating regularly, then she said: "I watch figure skating sometimes. There is a Japanese boy who skates very well. I have watched other skaters but no one can compare to him. He is very special." Then I showed her my phone lock screen picture and said "This boy? " Then we talked happily about Yuzu , even though she is more like a casual fan.
  7. Am I the only one here to be surprised that even prisons have sns? For what? To show the list of wanted fugitives? It would be funny if this Yuzu post is among them as a "heart arsonist"
  8. I have only flipped through the book and there are not enough furigana for me . I am still reading novels with many furigana so that I can learn more kanji first .
  9. I have been interested in Abe no Seimei's story since I was a child though I didn't exactly read Yumemakura Baku's book. The news report of a figure skater winning Olympics with Seimei's story made me click the video immediately. I was blown away and shocked to discover a real life (i.e. not anime) person who can embody the image so well, and this is how I became a fan. Seimei will always be my favorite program, like first love is always special. I have recently bought Yumemakura Baku's novel but my Japanese level is still not enough. It is a huge motivation for my Japanese learning.
  10. Whatever happens with the award, ice show producers know who is drawing the most audience, publishers know who sells books and magazines the best, sponsors know whose fans are moving the economy. They will pay the skaters according to their TRUE popularity.
  11. I was ignoring the whole award thing until I read the bio today. Then this misspelling happened. ISU really exceeds my expectation and I am speechless. How much lower can they get next week?
  12. Of couse it makes a difference when the other two candidates don't have Junior Worlds gold. lol (disclaimer: no disrespect to them)
  13. I can't choose which one is the most beautiful, but if I am to choose the most ethereal one, it must be hydroblade in HYK. https://images.app.goo.gl/MFGnkaRYBDncpkJc8 https://images.app.goo.gl/MFGnkaRYBDncpkJc8
  14. It feels like they actually don't really care or don't have a particular favorite skater. In men's, even though I do respect all the skaters and hope they would not have a disaster skate, but I am too emotionally invested in Yuzu to root for anyone else. In ladies', I have several favorites but don't care as much, so I support them quite equally. In pairs' and ice dance, I still watch but I care even less, so I support all skaters equally.
  15. My boyfriend was taking Japanese lessons and discovered that the teacher is a fanyu . When the teacher introduced a word meaning to perform gracefully, she said "Just like Yuzuru Hanyu. Oh but you probably don't know about him." My boyfriend immediately replied that of course he knew about Yuzu. (To be fair, he had watched Yuzu's skating even before I became a fanyu and keep updating him with Yuzu news.) The teacher then went on to complain how her husband and daughter were not watching skating with her.
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