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  1. I think this is an old photobook? Kozuka, Mura, Shoma and Sota are also included at the bottom. Just that it is also in black and white.
  2. Maybe also considering the success rate of each element, stamina requirement, etc. I am sure the program is not just adding up the base value and maximum GOE .
  3. I hope the new sp will have the Masquerade vibe Off topic
  4. Will they make a new wax figure? It may be hard to get Yuzu's measurements in the current situation, but the hair styles should be changed with the costumes 💇‍♂️. (also hoping that the new wax figure will look more like Yuzu🤭)
  5. It looks even more beautiful when being worn
  6. Wow the watch looks awesome , I especially like the signature at the back, but I haven't worn a watch for years, so I am still hesitating if I should buy it (if I can lol)
  7. Olympic Seimei and Olympic Chopin are my absolute favourites, both program-wise and costume-wise. At first, I was a bit shocked when I saw 4CC version, but it has grown on me after I looked at more photos. I now love them almost as much as the Olympic version. In Olympics, the blue in Chopin and purple in Seimei blended very well with the purple boards. He was like a royalty to me. While in 4CC, the green made both costumes look lighter. He looked more ethreal with the white boards and like a fairy or an Onmyoji from the spiritual world. Ok, maybe I am looking through r
  8. I always love yuzu honey drinks, but I only ordered it occasionally before I became a Yuzu fan. After discovering Yuzu, everytime when I want to drink anything else, I feel like I am not a good Fanyu (no pressure to you guys lol ), so I always choose yuzu drinks now.
  9. Actuaclly, I am curious about the situation of Rika, Satoko and Shoma. It seems that they are not in Japan and will go to non-NHK GP. They have foreign coaches as well, unless Rika goes back to Hamada. If Japan keeps the quarantine until nationals, they and the coaches will go into quarantine too. Coaches may have an even bigger problem as they have students from various countries. I really don't understand how the logistics of the whole thing will work.
  10. I enjoy practices too as I usually get too nervous to fully enjoy his skating during competition.
  11. Even though I am very sad about not seeing his skating soon, I am relieved to know that he will be safe. As always, his statement is so comprehensive that it includes all the main concerns. It really shows how mature and wise he is. Nothing but respect for him.
  12. This is another level of cuteness I imagine this is what happened: Intern editing the video: Let me remove this camera setting part and include Hanyu-san's interview only, like what we normally do for interviews. Boss: What are you doing?! Put it back! It is as important as the interview! I wonder if Yuzu expected this lol.
  13. I am not familiar with theses writing as my degree doesn't require one. I am curious how he should describe the photo (Seimei i think) in the thesis ? Can he say that the photo is capturing the author's skating? Or the photo description should be "two-time Olympics champion Yuzuru Hanyu" to make it more objective?
  14. Research paper on 3A with data of the best 3A in the world. I would love to read it , even though I don't have any danger of landing one in my life lol. I am sure many coaches or skaters would want to read that as well.
  15. I clicked the link as soon as I saw Yuzu's name and photo, before realizing that it was from NBC . Though I am pleasantly surprised that they managed to focus on TCC skaters only instead of dragging the name of unrelated skaters here . About the not in contact part, he said that it is normal so I believe that they will be fine
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