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  1. Hi Anyone taking JLPT exams? I'm taking N2 on July 4th and it's my 1st Japanese exam.
  2. Pre Yuzu: A super casual figure skating fan who didn't know any competitions except the Olympics and only liked Yuna Kim's skating. Couldn't tell any elements apart and didn't watch after (or even?) 2014. Around 2018: Decided to learn figure skating, which was my childhood dream. Wanted to learn more about it and noticed that the Olympics had just happened. Stumbled into Seimei and fell right into the rabbit hole. Post Yuzu: Became super motivated in following competitions as well as in my own figure skating progress. L
  3. Just curious. Has anyone compiled a list of photobooks/books of Yuzu and him being on magazine covers? It'll be a great picture if someone puts all the covers together. I only buy 100%Yuzu books and they have already occupied a significant part of my bookshelf.
  4. I finally landed a (really ugly) single Axel today and shocked my coach. Sending good vibes to Yuzu's 4A.
  5. JNats!!! The whole thing was a roller coaster ride. 1. Breaking News: He is on the entry list! 2. Will he go or will he withdraw? 3. He gave a new photo with Ultraman pose! 4. He is having 2 new programs! But what is the music? 5. After 1st official practice: What is the music??? 6. Hyperventilating during SP 7. Ugly crying during FP 8. Still hyper during gala
  6. Considering he casually showed the bruise in front of camera, I guess it is not too serious . Yuzu please rest well after this exhausting month.
  7. In my dream, Keiji and Satoko will go to Olympics as the 2nd pair if they don't make it in singles.
  8. Every revolution that could potentially harm the ones in power is hard to implement, but if we start the first step and keep working on it, we may succeed in the future. Even if it doesn't apply to judging, it may still be a great tool for training and the data from Yuzu's skating/jumps are invaluable.
  9. I don't have enough information to judge and I certainly think that SOI could/should be held with stricter measures. However, I don't think we should compare it with Yuzu's GP withdrawal. Just my personal opinion: The world was different back then. We had little experience of how to hold competition/events. We thought it would be over after staying home for a while. I lived through SARS in Hong Kong as a kid and it was over after a few months. We thought it would be the same this time. We wanted the strictest measures so we could have our normal lives back soon. Unfortunately
  10. I have a friend who doesn't care about figure skating but he is a huge Michael Jackson fan. I sent him Yuzu's opening and he absolutely loves it.
  11. Am I the only one who finds the SOI rink so small (maybe even smaller than normal ice show rinks like FaOI?) that Yuzu has to slow down in LGC, such that he can still keep the choreo without running out of ice? I am a bit sad to see LGC without his usual speed , though he is still gorgeous .
  12. Yuzu landed the 1st quad loop ever in competition with white LGC. I guess skating in it is great for you know what .
  13. LGC I had SOI Yokohama ticket but can't go to Japan now. F U Covid
  14. My minimum requirements for a commentator: Don't mention other skaters while the skater is performing Just shut up instead of making up shxt if you don't know what happened I guess my bar is not too high?
  15. This is so true! My personal highlights in Seimei are the cross-rolls, hydroblade and Ina Bauer. None of these are super difficult per se, but it is how he did them that makes a difference. I think the best artists are those who can make technically diffcult things look easy like Yuzu's jumps, and make technically easy things look enthralling like Yuzu's hydroblade.
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