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  1. Han Yan seemed a bit tense, especially in his arms, until he landed the last jump but really went off after. Boyang's lil leap was cute and he really threw his whole body into the skate. If we could combine Han Yan's edges and 3A with Boyang's 4Lz it would make a pretty decent skater. I felt the 103 pts was a bit much but anyway I'm happy for both of them, it's been a while since I've seen either of them happy about their skates.
  2. Hey guys, I just want to bring to your attention that we're slowly bringing the old themes back and that some of them are ready to use again. Sorry it took so long!
  3. With a global pandemic looming over our heads in the recent months we have relaxed our rule stating that politics may not be discussed on the forum. Political discussions related to COVID-19 are allowed as long as they are kept within the specified thread. Non-political talk related to COVID needs to be kept in that thread, as well, unless it's also about skating or skaters. Going beyond that, we ask you to cite credible sources when making claims about the virus and the pandemic. We want to do our best to prevent spreading of misinformation so we reserve the right to hide posts t
  4. “different vibe from Chopin“ made me think of LGC
  5. Damn, I wonder if the reason she took those drugs was really for medical reasons. I made a quick search and it’s said diuretics are banned because they can be abused to achieve rapid weight loss or masking the usage of other banned substances... I mean she avoided getting tested that many times.
  6. Yuzu only stated facts. I mean, if we needed to we could gather data and make statistics about how well attended GP events are that Yuzu graced with his presence and ones that he didn’t attend... but we don’t need to.
  7. The only right decision. Idk if he meant to throw shade but... I love his acknowledgement that he’d cause a substantial increase of audience.
  8. Let Yuzu take over ISU and single-handedly save the sport!!! In any case this makes me so proud of Yuzu
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    Thank you!! Stay healthy, as well
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