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  1. The only wish I dare speak out loud regarding nats (bc at least it's somewhat realistic) is Wakaba being sent to Olys as a result. (I am trying to dispel any thoughts regarding the mens events for the time being)
  2. Planet Hanyu Secret Santa!

    I am not very creative but I‘d be glad to join anyway! I would just suggest to maybe ask everyone who signs up if they want to send a physical gift and/or are comfortable with disclosing their address so you can match everyone up accordingly. (But that would ofc complicate the draw a little bit.) I also wonder if there needs to be more time for the physical gifts to be delivered on time but I guess a late delivery won’t be that much of a problem?
  3. Yuzuru News and Updates

  4. General Yuzuru chat

    It's just a rumor and not information that comes from Yuzu himself or his team. And going on the ice could mean anything, there's no point in speculating. All we can and should do is trust that Yuzu's team is doing their best to get Yuzu to the Olympics in a good condition.
  5. Yuzuru News and Updates

    Update on Yuzu’s condition
  6. Skating on the Planet

    Hm I got one of those ballet spin boards and I wonder if they’d help with spins? Since they’re different from skate spinners
  7. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Caro is really lovely but I can't appreciate her skating over this music