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  1. Hm we don’t usually organize threads by members. (It’s enough work keeping up with the threads on the “official” side of things on the forum.) It’s 3 threads so far? What you could do is open a master thread where you quote the previous questions into the first post and declare it the main thread for this or that questions from now on
  2. This was fun!! LOL I had to make a few difficult decisions and actually refused to make one of them (Also I feel like a bad fan for not preferring Seimei in any of the questions LOL)
  3. I can’t believe the day has come where Yuzu has decided to skate to LGC again I’m cryingggggggggg
  4. LOL but it’s not Darcy without the social awkwardness (Colin Firth is my fave Darcy by far I must say) I tried yoga but could barely focus. A tougher work out might have been better hmm Misery often leads to creativity! I am glad you got something out of it. Well you can’t say you haven’t been warned. The highs are high and the lows are low with Yuzu I don’t think this situation is as bad as Boston. And I must say I have already managed to get to the “acceptance” stage of the 5 stages. We’ll be fine... I
  5. I know I am not the only one here feeling deflated and sad about Worlds. I don’t want to rationalize it, that’s just how it is. How are you guys feeling and what are you doing to distract yourself/ make yourself feel better? I’ve been crying on and off and watching 1995 Pride and Prejudice. It helps minimally.
  6. For those who have missed it here is the fluff thread for Worlds:
  7. Guys, I get the frustration and share it with you. Some of you are correctly distinguishing between Nathan as a person and your disagreement with the advantages in scoring he enjoys thanks to his position. I just want to emphasize this difference one more time. Keep your criticism constructive and respectful and try not to project any of your feelings on Nathan as a person. Keep in mind that this is a public forum and can be read by anyone. Thank you!
  8. robin


    Thank you lots, we’ve received it! Happy new year!!!
  9. Happy new year everyone! I usually am not one to put much importance on new years and usually say that this day is just like any other day but 2020 has been exceptionally rough. I sincerely hope 2021 brings less misery and more happiness to everyone! Stay safe and healthy and don’t forget to take care of your mental health, as well. (Especially you, Yuzu!)
  10. The part about Yuzu feeling defeated after GPF and JNats last season makes me so angry I can’t even express how mad it makes me (at ISU/JSF). On another note I am once again amazed at the amount of thought Yuzu puts into the music. And I am happy for whoever has been editing his music in the past- now that Yuzu has finally taken it into his own hands they must have found peace lmao Also YESSSS Federer!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuzu seeing him as an example is all I could wish for
  11. Yeah. I honestly don’t have the capacity to understand their POV. I look at this program and my first reaction is being in awe and I didn’t need any backstory and interpretation or any deeper understanding of the program to reach this state. I immediately knew how brilliant it was. I don’t get why people wouldn’t have my reaction and don’t want to waste any more time or breath discounting or understanding why they wouldn’t.
  12. Hmmm honestly after the FS I have wondered about why he would even need to return to TCC, too. But in other interviews he has also talked a lot about missing an objective view of his skating and second-guessing his own perception at times so while he seems pretty self-sufficient he does seem to miss his coaches? He sounded close to tears while talking about training alone during the press con (tho that might have been due to other difficulties as well- He hasn’t really opened up about the source of his difficulties and why he’s been in a rut up until late October.) I do lean towards thin
  13. Im caught in a cycle of Yuzu withdrawal -> watch H&E for the umpteenth time (and cry) -> check PH -> try to distract myself with other stuff -> Yuzu withdrawal... I need help
  14. Hmmm I can see why people would say something like this about H&L (tho I personally wouldn’t agree) but H&E has plenty of movement to me which makes it a great piece to skate to. The play between orchestral and more Japanese parts makes it a quite dynamic piece- tho ofc also complex but not difficult to understand? The piece has moments of quiet but also builds up in places which I love. eg. I love the dramatic pause in the middle of the StSq. I do agree that the Choreo Seq might need some rearrangement since some moves are lost in the music (like the IB) but else I feel like the music
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