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  1. robin


    Thank you guysssss We've gotten both of your donations
  2. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    I got a super painful blister on my finger yesterday and it burst... I think I am finally going to cave and spend 6 euro on a glorified hook.
  3. robin

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Aside from lack of TES material that was just lovely
  4. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    Yaaaay have fun with them!! It helps wearing them at home with blade guards when breaking in. Also watch this video if you haven’t already, there’s a very specific way to lace Edeas:
  5. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    @Murieleirum Hope you find the right skates for you! I recently purchased Edeas and just a warning that they feel like they’re too roomy around the ankles but with time it gives in to the shape of your foot and you can tie them tighter. But still, Edeas are supposed to be slightly loose around the ankle, like they’ve already been broken in! Also I skated again yesterday!!! Between the breaking in pains, the pains from the hardware in my left ankle, having to get used to the new rocker profile and being on the ice for the first time in 6 months I was a big mess on the ice. But also super grateful and happy.
  6. robin


    Let me try to answer your questions: 1. If you pay from CC there's extra fees. (2.9% of the transferred sum.) 2. In general it's more cost effective to send larger sums less freuqently. 3. Yes, unfortunately. Eg. from the US to Europe that makes 2.99 USD per transaction. - I don't think that's something we've considered up to now! Thank you for considering contributing to us!
  7. robin

    Random Thought Theater

    LMAO you already know who the catalien reminded me of
  8. robin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Guys just a reminder that we have a banner competition thing going on... and we’ve extended the deadline. So there’s another chance to participate. You might end up getting your own theme on the planet!
  9. robin

    Planet Hanyu Banner Competition 2.0

    Hey guys, Sooo change of plans! We've only had one submission which is a bit less than what we have expected. We thougt maybe some of you need that extra inspiration and time. Maybe the new costumes and photos from ACI might give you some ideas? That's why we're extending the deadline for an extra month. So the new deadline is October 10th. At the end of it we are going to put all the submissions along with the winners from last year's competition up on a vote to have a few more options in the pool. Really really hope to have a few more of you participate this time!
  10. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    Sounds great!! The day I am well-off enough for a pair of 99s I won’t mind investing in a trip to Beijing either I’ll ask you for the address when the day comes LOL (maybe in 2022? one can dream)
  11. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    I want your skate tech.
  12. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    Oh I must have remembered the rocker thing the other way around then. I actually have a problem of catching my toe picks all the time when I spin so the Professionals are probably a better fit for me anyway! And that’s interesting that lighter blades makes a difference like that. So skaters don’t feel their edges as well? Would lighter boots have a similiar effect then?
  13. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    I kinda wanted the Coro aces bc I imagined it would make spinning easier? And bc they are most popularly combined with Choruses. Also bc I want to eventually move up to 99s bc... Yuzu I am glad to hear you’re happy with your blades!! I think what my skate tech really means to say is that he directs his customers towards Professionals and away from C Aces so that’s what people in his world use. He was also trying to lead me towards getting the RF3s saying Choruses don’t live up to their stiffness rating and that even if the RF3s are lower level they are stiffer. Overall he didn’t believe in overbooting, probably to keep his business going tho. The local fs scene here is a small world. Everyone from the surrounding 10 cities or so comes to him for lack of alternatives. I tried really hard not to be a know-it-all customer contradicting the expert who’s owned a skate shop all his life today (and everytime I go there) but I’ve done my research and it made it hard to trust his word... Next time I’m gonna travel further for skates. Thank you i will! You know I used to think they’re kinda ugly but now I agree. They’re super pretty
  14. robin


    Thank you lots and lots and welcome to the community and you’re very welcome to end your lurkdom