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    Thank you lots, we’ve received it! Happy new year!!!
  2. Happy new year everyone! I usually am not one to put much importance on new years and usually say that this day is just like any other day but 2020 has been exceptionally rough. I sincerely hope 2021 brings less misery and more happiness to everyone! Stay safe and healthy and don’t forget to take care of your mental health, as well. (Especially you, Yuzu!)
  3. The part about Yuzu feeling defeated after GPF and JNats last season makes me so angry I can’t even express how mad it makes me (at ISU/JSF). On another note I am once again amazed at the amount of thought Yuzu puts into the music. And I am happy for whoever has been editing his music in the past- now that Yuzu has finally taken it into his own hands they must have found peace lmao Also YESSSS Federer!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuzu seeing him as an example is all I could wish for
  4. Sorry to disappoint but I have no idea I don’t know about re-broadcasts but I‘m pretty sure there’s no gala type event planned for the 30th @Tae Grane
  5. I was thinking about that, too. All that hairspray wasted just for the opening? I call that dedication. He must have had to wash his hair in between
  6. Seems like FujiTV is airing the same content just with commercials? Are the angles the same too I wonder.
  7. I missed the opening 😭 I was confused with timing. But sounds like I haven’t missed much with the camera angles...
  8. I‘m pretty sure pandaguy uses this service... I wonder if he will stream?
  9. Yeah. I honestly don’t have the capacity to understand their POV. I look at this program and my first reaction is being in awe and I didn’t need any backstory and interpretation or any deeper understanding of the program to reach this state. I immediately knew how brilliant it was. I don’t get why people wouldn’t have my reaction and don’t want to waste any more time or breath discounting or understanding why they wouldn’t.
  10. Hmmm honestly after the FS I have wondered about why he would even need to return to TCC, too. But in other interviews he has also talked a lot about missing an objective view of his skating and second-guessing his own perception at times so while he seems pretty self-sufficient he does seem to miss his coaches? He sounded close to tears while talking about training alone during the press con (tho that might have been due to other difficulties as well- He hasn’t really opened up about the source of his difficulties and why he’s been in a rut up until late October.) I do lean towards thin
  11. Im caught in a cycle of Yuzu withdrawal -> watch H&E for the umpteenth time (and cry) -> check PH -> try to distract myself with other stuff -> Yuzu withdrawal... I need help
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