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    On gofundme you can donate via credit card
  2. Oh Yuzu. It’s been a journey. It’s the end of an era but the state of the sport had already ended it after PC. I’m sad considering I have been watching him and feeling with him for almost 6 years now. Waiting for comp season to watch Yuzu has been a yearly routine. But I am also really happy Yuzu has finally let go! I would have loved to see the 4A but I was always worried about the cost to his body and his mind. He has achieved so much, he does not need to prove himself to anyone, also not to his younger self. His retirement is to the sport’s detriment not his. Anyway, mixed feelings. We love you Yuzu and will support you no matter what. Aaaand his retirement also marks my release. I won’t have a need to engage with a single competition or anything related to this shit show of a sport anymore yay
  3. robin


    Thank you, we received it. It wouldn’t be a home without the people living in it
  4. robin


    Sorry for the late response, it did arrive ok!! Thank you lots
  5. Now we got a FaOI thread! Sorry for being so late with it
  6. Well you're right. I added a "Member bio" section that will show up under the profile photo. Unfortunately it won't work on mobile, but if someone clicked on a profile, they'd have all the info on mobile as well. @napofagalaxy Feel free to use this option as well! edit: Added a pronoun option, as well.
  7. robin


    Thank you!! And to everyone who has donated the last few days (and years).
  8. As it is you could use your signature to add any info you want! It's an old-school forum feature not many people use anymore, but you can. It would show up under all your posts You can edit your signature here: https://planethanyu.com/settings/signature/
  9. robin


    Thank you so much!!! Can’t believe it’s been 5 years
  10. Lovely reading through everyone’s posts 🥲 Can’t believe we’ve been at it for 5 years now.
  11. robin


    Thank you 💕✨
  12. Hi guys, we are not equipped to moderate discussions about global politics which is why we have a rule to not discuss politics on the Planet. That is not to diminish the suffering caused by world politicians and governments. We just are not knowledgeable enough to give such discussions a platform. I hope you guys understand. For transparency: I have just hidden two posts in this thread for that reason. You can read about our posting rules and guidelines over here:
  13. Aw I think to an extend all of us have been though this. Yuzu touches us in ways that are hard to fathom sometimes. I think we all need to take care not fall too hard into the pits of worrying about Yuzu but it’s not easy sometimes. I hope you have ways of getting professional help if you feel your mental health plunging and take it seriously 💕 I also think that sometimes we (and by that I mean our forum) turn into a echo-chamber of worry where we end up spiraling a little out of control. (Anyone remember post-PC after it was revealed just how injured Yuzu had been? oof and I was definitely part of the downward-spiral then) While I know this site is a comfort to many of us and a place where we can share our feelings and worries it’s also important to step back and take some time off from the Yuzu-talk. Hope you feel better soon and take care eta: I find the media and news thread really helpful when I just want to have a summary of what has happened that day without having to go back and read 20+ new pages in multiple threads. https://planethanyu.com/topic/320-yuzuru-news-and-updates/
  14. I don’t know about “depressed” (this is merely a translation, we don’t understand Nobu’s original wording) but it’s only natural that Yuzu is sad right now and that’s ok I also don’t think there’s going to be any real announcement at the press conference. Although my first reaction to this was “leave Yuzu alone” maybe it’s good that he gets another opportunity to answer some questions without emotions running high right after the FS. Maybe he’ll find it in himself to disclose more detail of all the things that went wrong after the SP and his injury. Also, I seem to be one of the few that wouldn’t mind if Yuzu stopped gracing this shitshow of a sport with his continued presence…
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