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  1. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    You mean shipped to the store? That's what I mean. I can get them shipped to their store and buy them form the store where they can mount the blades for me... But I think I need to commit to buying them if I get them shipped without trying them on. I will talk with the skate tech on monday and see what can be done.
  2. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    Ohh I see, that’s interesting.... I have rather thick ankles so that won’t be a problem for me. Good to know Edea’s don’t last as long. Well, actually I want to go for Risport Royals, anyway. (@yuzuangel‘s persuaded me there.) The Chorus’ were just another option I had in mind... I might just try on the RF3s and hope that they have a similiar fit and order the Royal’s based on that. Has anyone heard of Graf Kingston Silver Star blades? I found them on sale and I’m thinking of getting them
  3. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    I feel you... There’s only one single skate shop in our whole federal state lol Why aren’t they for your feet? I am also thinking about Edeas eta: And I just called and they don't even have Edeas or Risport Royals there They only have Jackson Freestyles and RF3s. Both not stiff enough for me... They said they can order whatever I need but I can't try them on.... If I order them there it will be more expensive than online but they are the only people who could mount blades for me so i'll have to take that offer I wanna move countries
  4. robin

    Skating on the Planet

    Yayy which skates are you thinking of getting? I get your anxiety tho
  5. robin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Statistically Yuzu seems to do best when the odds are stacked against him! That’s why I am oddly calm and optimistic
  6. robin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Soo sooonnnnnnnnnnnnn but also not soon enough
  7. robin


    Yes, we decided to change the theme to black and white in memory of Denis Ten who passed away today. You may change it back to your preferred theme. There is an option for it on the bottom of the site
  8. robin

    Remembering Denis Ten

    This is unbelievably horrible.... When we’re always so occupied with worrying about skaters getting injured... My thoughts go out to his family and loved ones
  9. robin

    Team China

    Hope he can comeback stronger What are the chances of him making it back to the national team and competing internationally? He’d have to do really well at nats? It doesn’t seem like quitting the national team was a voluntary decision
  10. robin

    Team Russia

    They were the only pair who exclusively did individual practice...
  11. robin

    K-drama & co

    Two handsome grown men bickering like kindergarten kids but in reality care deeply about each other is all I really want from a drama /wipes single tear away
  12. robin

    K-drama & co

    Has anyone watched Something in the Rain? guys.... the chemistry LOL tha bothered me so much (I know goblin is like 1000 years old but at least choose an adult) but honestly I also wasn’t so much into the girl and her acting. I just watched it for the priceless bromance it was greatttttt
  13. robin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    please please please please I don't even care if he's wearing a hot dog costume as long as he has LGC hair
  14. robin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The common theory is that Yuzu avoids red since POTO1.0... just as he avoids CoC...
  15. robin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    (I do like Caro's frog overall but) remember when we freaked out about the red-black-blue skate guards last season during the media day and thought he'd have a (potentially dark) matching costume? Yeah, didn't happen, not even close. We shouldn't put it past Yuzu to have spare skate guards. That stuff does wear off, especially if you use them daily like Yuzu does. I am pretty sure the purple-green ones are his lucky skate guards he saves for competitions. Our boy loves competition rituals