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  1. Damn, I wonder if the reason she took those drugs was really for medical reasons. I made a quick search and it’s said diuretics are banned because they can be abused to achieve rapid weight loss or masking the usage of other banned substances... I mean she avoided getting tested that many times.
  2. Yuzu only stated facts. I mean, if we needed to we could gather data and make statistics about how well attended GP events are that Yuzu graced with his presence and ones that he didn’t attend... but we don’t need to.
  3. The only right decision. Idk if he meant to throw shade but... I love his acknowledgement that he’d cause a substantial increase of audience.
  4. Let Yuzu take over ISU and single-handedly save the sport!!! In any case this makes me so proud of Yuzu
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    Thank you!! Stay healthy, as well
  6. The core problem here is that their concern isn’t to make judging more fair but the sport more popular (in NA, by giving the American skaters a helping hand).
  7. ISU remains a mess. wow. I hope this raise is not for financial reasons/ attempting to shorten broadcasting times or something. It‘s incredibly suspicious that they‘ve raised the minimum at this timing.
  8. robin

    [2020] Canadian Nationals

    Canadian National Championships 19/20 Mississauga, ON / CAN 13.01. 2020 - 19.01. 2020 The discussion thread can be found here.
  9. robin

    [2020] US Nationals

    USA National Championships 19/20 20.01.2020 - 26.01.2020 Greensboro / USA
  10. Does anyone have issues clicking through to the General Yuzuru Chat (or any other thread)? As in, does it say “We could not locate the item you are trying to view” when you try to access a thread?
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    Thank you @Umebachi and @IceWings I can confirm that we‘ve received your donations.
  12. He might also just bring back swan since that’s what he did at PC eta: but actually I think there’s a very good chance he will skate Chopin.
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