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  1. Well you're right. I added a "Member bio" section that will show up under the profile photo. Unfortunately it won't work on mobile, but if someone clicked on a profile, they'd have all the info on mobile as well. @napofagalaxy Feel free to use this option as well! edit: Added a pronoun option, as well.
  2. robin


    Thank you!! And to everyone who has donated the last few days (and years).
  3. As it is you could use your signature to add any info you want! It's an old-school forum feature not many people use anymore, but you can. It would show up under all your posts You can edit your signature here: https://planethanyu.com/settings/signature/
  4. robin


    Thank you so much!!! Can’t believe it’s been 5 years
  5. Lovely reading through everyone’s posts 🥲 Can’t believe we’ve been at it for 5 years now.
  6. robin


    Thank you 💕✨
  7. Hi guys, we are not equipped to moderate discussions about global politics which is why we have a rule to not discuss politics on the Planet. That is not to diminish the suffering caused by world politicians and governments. We just are not knowledgeable enough to give such discussions a platform. I hope you guys understand. For transparency: I have just hidden two posts in this thread for that reason. You can read about our posting rules and guidelines over here:
  8. A lot of accounts across platforms are being taken down currently bc of olympics copyright so I think it will take some time before people upload videos
  9. Does anyone have footage of the medal ceremony? I missed all the drama and I want to see happy Kaori
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