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  1. Billetler baya pahali olacağa benziyor... O zaman daha sonra sorun olursa sorablirisin^^
  2. Merhaba! Bu konuyla daha derinden ilgilenmedim ama bende gitmeyi düşünüyorum, belki yardımcı olabilirim. Sorun nedir?
  3. URGH i need to see the whole thing rn
  4. I‘m only getting glimpses at work but urgh his skating is so beautiful and I feel full
  5. Oh I‘ve been doing that for a while, also doing lots of prep with my waltz jumps Well this is how they‘ve been looking lol. Not tight enough and landed forward but could be worse
  6. I just want to add that the first session on sharpened blades (after 5 months of no sharpening) I realized I wasn't actually regressing and that I am not such a terrible skater after all. my jumps got better, my turns got better, everything was good in the world. (Now I would love to get them sharpened once a week but good thing I am lazy.) Also have I mentioned I am working on axels because I have no fear and don't love my body enough?
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    @Old Cat Lady, @Whee1000 We‘ll make sure to post something up when it’s time for us to renew/change our server plans and keep you guys updated Forever thankful to you guys for supporting us in keeping the planet afloat
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    Hi! We didn’t actually have bandwidth issues but it turned out to be a small mistake that led to our database to be currupted which put the whole site down. We haven’t actually had any bandwidth issues ever since we switched to our current server plan and we have more than a year left on it. :) Really, don’t worry about it! There is no obligation to donate. What we’re collecting now is for the future when it’s time to renew our server plan. Thank you a lot for your contributions so far!
  9. Yes, skates are quite a commitment and as an adult skater my recommendation is not to loose any time with lower level skates and be ready to invest 300 eur/usd (?) and upwards (probably more.) My first skates were half that price but also only really served me for 2-3 months, the rest of the time was pain and torture and then injury and more pain. Rentals are usually ok to measure if you’re ready to commit? But they are nothing like a good pair of figure skating skates and can be a waste of time So if you know you want to go for it, go all in. That‘ll save you money and time in the long run!
  10. https://www.isu.org/isu-news/news/145-news/12562-isu-statement-mariah-bell-usa-and-eun-soo-lim-kor?templateParam=15
  11. robin


    Yes! Thank you loads for your contribution
  12. ooooh be careful with off ice spinning. I used to do it in my cramped room all the time which resulted in many painful encounters with my furniture... Well. I figured there’s a lot of factors playing into it. Sore muscles, how long the session is, ice condition, degree of sharpness of blades, what socks I am wearing, my overall mood and also my attitude and expectations of myself. When I start learning something I am more forgiving of myself and accept that not every attempt is going to be successful... but that changes very quickly for me and my patience gets thinner. I think it’s a matter of perception. As in, maybe your success rate of 3turns wasn’t better a few sessions back but because it was still a new element you felt that any success was a lot more significant and now you expect more of yourself so just getting a 3turn done doesn’t feel all that special anymore? It may influence the way you define “successful” 3turn but also may make you feel like you used to be able to do more of them. Also re. patience: sometimes I just have to warm up to an element first. So when I am first learning something i give myself that time. But say I ended last session with a bunch of landed Lzs. During the next session I feel like that’s where I need to pick up and don’t give myself enough time to warm and start despairing too early on. I judge the success of a session too early on which ruins my mood and really turns the session into a bad one. I’ve been trying to remind myself of this but it’s not always easy. Maybe I should start journaling. With numbers and success rates... and how many attempts it took me to get a first successful element. But who has the time lol...
  13. I finally managed to get some height on my flips and clean up my technique a bit and I managed to get a clear outside edge on my lutzes soooo now I am scared to skate again because I feel like I can’t recreate that next time. Lol skating is giving me trust issues bc 1-2 good skates are usually followed by weeks of bad skates? I am nervous as I have been having too many good skates lately. I had a bad skate this tuesday and thought, well, I had a good run, the long due slump is here. But then yesterday’s skate was good again and it’s making me nervous to skate bc I am expecting the slump to creep back any time.... I don’t trust this peace....
  14. His kick through is amazing! It gives him such a delay. It looks like he doesn't really start rotating until after one third of the way? Soo much height
  15. Late but I am glad Brian eventually came around. (Where was Brian's unfollow button during the various occasions T*L trash talked Yuzu tho.)
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