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  1. 🤣 Well I watched 90 minutes of Brazil vs Croatia and I was hoping they'd finish in time because I had to go out for a birthday I couldn't miss...so I missed the extra time and I watched the penalty shoot out under the table. 🤭 Croatia played well in the game, their playing is well organised and they are such a physically fit team. It seemed to me it broke Brazil's confidence by the end of the second half (and probably in the end of extra time when Croatia scored the goal). I am happy for Croatia, they are again in the semifinal! And I am sad for Brazil because I thought they could reach the final and even win this World Cup. Perhaps next time.
  2. Yes, it is by the number of posts. The next rank will be Tissue Box from 50 posts, then First Pancake from 100, Baby Swan from 200...and it goes on until the last one which is 10k posts
  3. I'm moving this thread to the Community Talk: Tickets, Meetups etc. subforum because that's where it belongs to.
  4. This was a big KO. Santos made very important changes when he decided to leave Ronaldo out and let Goncalo Ramos play - Ramos made the hat trick and Portugal played brilliantly today. People can't stop trolling and making fun of CR, I wish they left him alone. So, we'll have 2 days off tomorrow and on Thursday. Then on Friday it'll be Brazil vs Croatia, and Netherlands vs Argentina, and on Saturday Morocco vs Portugal, and England vs France.
  5. A very happy 28th birthday to Yuzu! I hope he will have a great birthday with his family and he will have a bit of time to celebrate and rest these days. The video is beautifully put together, thank you! I hope the birthday wishes will reach Yuzu
  6. I couldn't watch the game only the penalty shoot-out, but wow congrats Morocco! Spain couldn't even score one goal in the shoot-out
  7. As expected Brazil won easily over South Korea. The difference between these two teams were just too big, Brazil basically was relaxing in the second half after they were leading 4-0 in just 36 minutes. Richarlison tricking the defense and then scoring the goal was my favorite moment in this game. It was very nice to see Tite sending in Weverton, the third goalkeeper for the last 15 minutes of the match so that every player gets an opportunity to play at this World Cup. So Brazil vs Croatia will be in the quarterfinals.
  8. I'm sad to see Japan being out of the tournament, they were one of the positive surprises of this World Cup. They played well in this game, too, they were quick and had some great attempts, and the goal was also nice. I hope next time they can write history and reach the quarterfinals. Croatia also played well, and Perisic's goal was great. In the penalty shoot-out they were the better team. It's all so psychological after a team make a mistake in the beginning and now Japan missed two penalties. This put more pressure on them and made Croatia more relaxed possibly. Congrats to them.
  9. I was invited by our 8-year-old neighbour to watch the France vs Poland match together yesterday afternoon. It was fun but the kid lost concentration a bit and we ended up playing button football in the second half.I'm sorry that Poland sort of lose confidence after the first goal. They showed more courage before that. Overall I think there was more in that Polish team at this World Cup but they couldn't really show it, still it was good that they were in this round. France was obviously the stronger team here. After that I developed a bad headache so I watched the evening match with only a half an eye open. Senegal had their chances in the first half, and I was hoping they could score a goal because they could have shaken things up a bit. But they couldn't. England played without much creativity before they scored the first goal tbh, but in the end there were no surprises and they won. So it'll be France vs England in the quarterfinal. My money is bet on France based on how the teams played so far. Today I'm too excited about Japan vs Croatia and Brazil vs South Korea
  10. What a big announcement wow! 😱The audience was also so surprised to see the news! Tokyo Dome is a huge arena 😍
  11. I am so happy Yuzu is so loved and his first tour of show as a pro was a huge success. He deserves the best.
  12. The video brings back so many memories from the past. 😊
  13. Etude 😍 Yuzu's spins are incredible!
  14. Otonal step sequence is always so beautiful 💕 Sing Sing Sing is like Change in the sense that it is always so fun to watch! Great program. And there was the Biellmann at the end! 😯
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