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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    It's relieving to know that Yuzu doesn't have knee pain anymore...the most important is that he stays healthy and injury-free, everything else comes after that. It's nice that he seemed to be in a cheerful mood after his long flight to Russia (and I always wonder that he never looks tired...how does he do that? ) I can't really believe that Rostelecom Cup is happenning so soon... I just hope that Yuzu will skate two good programs, and he gains lots of experience from this competition which will be useful during the whole season. There will be many new things happenning (4Lz? ..new exhibition program? , just to mention two of them...) and it's going to be a very exciting week... I can't be more grateful that I'll be there in Moscow to cheer for him and to be able to support him in some way. He deserves the biggest support which is possible Good news is that the Planet banner has already arrived to Russia! I hope you will see it there hanging somewhere! And swans are invading Russia too...this time, from different parts of Europe .
  2. I understand it... I hope you'll enjoy every moment of the next coming days. It will be a rollercoaster of feelings...excitement, fun, stress and lots of happiness, hopefully!
  3. Yay, it's great that you decided to delurk! I added you to the group chat!
  4. Yuzuru News and Updates

    Chopin costume