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  1. Interview with Lakernik https://fs-gossips.com/alexander-lakernik-if-the-pandemic-subsides-then-we-can-discuss-whether-we-can-hold-the-world-championships-or-not/ (they accidentally posted a picture of Alexander Kogan, general director of RusFed, instead of Lakernik) original interview in Russian: https://rsport.ria.ru/20200330/1569342583.html
  2. Does it say he is in Canada now? If not then it is possible he is at home and they recorded the video in Japan.
  3. I'm staying home with a virus so I watched Pairs and Ladies from Worlds 2018. Aliona and Bruno skated so well at that competition, it was nice to watch it again. And the ladies were good too, though the free skate wasn't the best. Wakaba's free skate there was one of the best performances I can remember from the past years. Everything was perfect there and she should have won that free skate. The Krylova interview was very interesting and I think it's good that she spoke up. She was probably not the only coach who tried to appeal against a result and was advised not to do it - in the sake of her own career. If there is no accountability then there is always corruption, sadly.
  4. Seems so. I feel there is lot of pressure from USA (and making sure other national olympic committees, namely Canada and Australia agree with them). US Olympic Committee didn't want to say it out directly but they sent the message through two of their biggest federations, athletics and swimming. They announce it very early (through none other than a Canadian IOC member) in USA Today Sports, telling Brennan. Surprise, surprise.
  5. I have read mixed opinions from different national olympic committees, some think there's still a lot of time until the end of July and the Olympics shouldn't be postponed or cancelled while some others think the Games should be at least postponed. Postponement (to another year) has never happened in the history of modern Olympics, it was cancelled a few times though.
  6. An interview with Conor Skatelum on how he started skating, what was his biggest success so far, figure skating in Ireland and his cat Sharon!
  7. Chris was planning to move back to Japan and start coaching with his sister Cathy, he wrote about it in his last blog entry https://ameblo.jp/reed-icedance-blog/ His life was just ahead of him...it is always shocking when someone dies at such a young age. His longtime girlfriend, former skater Kerstin Frank posted this today:
  8. It is shocking...it is always very saddening when someone so young dies. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family and close friends.
  9. The interview is like a drop of water in the middle of a desert now...thanks to CBC and Scott Russell for sharing it with us now. They were respectful to Yuzu and asked him some really good and thoughtful questions (the Pooh question is always a must though but Yuzu's answer is so nice). I liked how he talked about what skating means to him and how he found his confidence after he decided to change the programs. There is so much drive, passion, emotions, and sincerity in him. It's also really good that they mentioned 3.11 and the People's Honour Award as well. The whole interview and they shots they used in it is beautifully done too. I think I will rewatch it many times tomorrow.
  10. Just copy the link that ends with .jpg or .png and it gets automatically embedded It is definitely him
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