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  1. Team Spain

    Javi will be already in Madrid tomorrow to attend at the inauguration of his sculpture in Museum de Cera. I think he will be the 11th athlete who has a sculpture there.
  2. Team Russia

    I was sort of expected this...but health comes first. Back problems are awful. I wish her the best! Is she going to compete at Nationals too? I'd like to hear news from official sources, not from Averbukh.
  3. Favourite Ex

    It's a great thread, thanks for opening it. @Deliverpooh I love Baba Yaga! I think it's a very good choice for Misha, he performs it so well. I love the music, too. @Fay it's beautiful. I almost forgot about that one...She was such a mature performer even at the age of only 16. @kaeryth Anna's and Luca's EXes are really amongst the best. When I was watching GPF gala today and saw their Chaplin EX I thought about how good they were, that they always bring something exciting, playful and characteristic for Galas. I'm on a nostalgia wave today so I bring two EX-es from the 2002 Olympics which are amongst my top favourites. First is Michelle's Fields of Gold which brings me to tears every time I see it. She was not my favourite at that time, I always rooted for Irina haha, but this EX was so emotional, given the circumstances...it was magical. And the second is Alexei Yagudin's legendary Overcome. (thanks for the Japanese for these super HD quality videos Something I could have only dreamt of back in 2002)
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I just hope they are wrong about the knee injury and it's just a wrong translation. The didn't even mention his ankle, that's why it suspicious to me...At this point it is probably better not to believe anything what newspapers say about his condition It's a difficult situation but on the other hand I'm sure that he and his team are preparing for it as much as it is possible. And I have faith in him because he's been through so many hard situations at different competitions in his career that with his mental strength and experience he is capable of doing the best. I try to think about things like that the Olympics are unpredictable for everyone, not just for him, and he at least already experienced to compete there, and knows exactly how different it is from any other competitions. That's an advantage which can be helpful during the Olympics, and can make him even stronger mentally. Now, as @kaerb said, we can't really do anything but hope and wish that he will be physically and mentally in good form by February.
  5. My heart says Anastasia, but my logic says Kostornaia was the best today, because she is the most complex skater and I think she was a bit underscored in PCS, compared to Trusova. But to me, Anastasia was my favourite - she sold the program so well in my opinion, it's a difficult and heavy piece that would be too big for almost anyone, but not for her! The music is perfect for he. I like her raw wildness too and to me she seemed the fastest skater as well, but I might be wrong, because it's different what people see there in the arena and also what's visible in the videos. This Junior Ladies GPF was definitely the best I've ever seen... Kudos to Rika too who landed the first ever 3A-3T in the juniors field. And apart from her UR on the 3F, and some unclear edges for Samodurova and Panenkova, the ladies landed all their triple (and double) jumps cleanly in both the SP and FS, which is just a fantastic achievement. Congratulations to all of them!
  6. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Had Zhenya been there + with fair judging, she most likely would have been an all-Russian podium, with Sotskova being in 3rd.The judging was fair today because even though Sotskova is not the most exciting skater at least she does the jumps nicely.
  7. [2017] CS Golden Spin of Zagreb (06-09.12)

    Videos of the SD: Bobrova/Soloviev Guignard/Fabbri Hurtado/Khaliavin Final result: Videos of the FD: Bobrova/Soloviev Guignard/Fabbri Hurtado/Khaliavin I'm really happy to see Hurtado and Khaliavin finishing as the strongest Spanish team. I hope it's a good sign one week before Nationals.
  8. [2017] CS Golden Spin of Zagreb (06-09.12)

    Tuktamysheva won the shot program with 68.47 points, followed by Konstantinova (67.47) and Fedichina (67.06). She finished only at 3rd place after the UR'd and downgraded several of her jumps, and doubled a flip and a salchow, too. Final result:
  9. Thank you for your translations @sweetwater. Wakaba did seem nervous to me, both in SP and FS, but I am very happy that she skated clean in her SP. She has been very consistent this season so far both in her SP and FS - so if I had to choose, it was just better to make mistakes here than at Nationals. Or at her previous GP events. She can be proud of herself that she got into GPF, which she completely deserved with her very strong GP competitions. I just hope that she gained lots of experiences at the GPF and will come back stronger than ever at Nationals. I will cheer for her so much.
  10. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    That happens when her jumps get called. I'm surprised that the judges did it.
  11. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    It's the first time Zagitova got over 70+ PCS.
  12. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Osmond probably won't even medal and that's a surprise. Alina showed again that she's got nerves of steels.