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  1. Gulyakova has deleted it from her IG stories. But knowing the Russian media journalists will ask Mishin about it soon. I think it's good Yuzu gets advice from so many people including gymnasts, a legendary ski jumper and professors like Mishin who know so much about the mechanics of jumps. Well Mishin had said before Nationals he consulted with someone already and this now confirms it was Yuzu, which means - if the videocall was new and it probably was, otherwise why would Gulyakova post it now? - it wasn't a one-time consultation but it's been going on for a while. Yuzu knows what he's doing and I really hope all his hard work will have the result he's aiming for. Kinda OT but I was listening to Men's SP commentary from Europeans and everybody is talking about the 4A already During one of the warm-ups, the commentators were talking about Yuzu and the quad Axel for 7 minutes, it was fun to listen to. One of them is actually a coach and former ice dancer, perhaps you remember him from 2017 Worlds FS commentaries when he said during warm-up that Hope and Legacy costume is like a piece of art, and he was complementing Yuzu so much during and after his skate. So this coach said he thinks if Yuzu tried 4A at competition it means the jump is at least 50-60% ready. He thinks he'll of course write history with it and thinks if he lands it and his other elements, too, then he probably won't be beaten by anyone. He also mentioned it'll be a tactical race for the Olympics, the layout of other skaters' will be analysed and he'll go for the 4A if it'll be needed. The other commentator mentioned if Nathan skates his SP at the Olympics like he did in PyeongChang the 4A may not be needed for the victory. He also think in 20 years there'll be maybe a few (1-2) skaters who'll be able to land 4A (depending on the skater himself, equipments, training methods especially how prepared the skater will be mentally). It was an interesting listen. Many people are talking about 4A already. Maybe the leak from Mishin's camp wasn't unintentional either.
  2. Maybe he took his words back after he saw Yuzu's attempts at Japanese Nationals
  3. Yuhana Yokoi's free skate to Queen medley at 4CC 2022
  4. Protocols: http://www.isuresults.com/results/season2122/fc2022/FSKMSINGLES-----------FNL-000100--_JudgesDetailsperSkater.pdf Jun's 4T and 3A-2T was called, but the 3Lz-3Lo not Camden's and Jimmy's 3F got edge calls
  5. Jun skated well but not without mistakes either. With the calls Kazuki should win this but they won't give it to him.
  6. Kazuki is such a joy to watch - he performs the hell out of that choreo sequence, I love it!
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