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  1. It is true, Plushenko posted it on his official instagram, Russian media are also reporting the news already as well.
  2. Sambo wants all the 3 spots for Olympics and I think Sasha knows she wouldn't have much chance if she stays with Plushenko. With Eteri she will have at least more politics behind her than she had with Plushenko. It's sad that Khrustalny has the full monopoly now in Russian ladies, Plushenko or CSKA have become completely irrelevant (at least it was still a bit different pre-Pyeongchang). It's crazy that Shcherbakova, Trusova, Kostornaia, Valieva, Usacheva and Khromykh are all together now with Eteri.
  3. Thank you to all satellites for sticking with the Planet for so many years. When the Planet was created four years ago today, the Olympic season was upon us and now the next Olympic Games are coming up in a few months - time is flying by so quickly. Hopefully we will all be able to support Yuzu and cheer for him together in the next season as well. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  4. I found this old picture - I wonder which event is it from? It's at least ten years old. https://www.instagram.com/p/COJLQlAJtmM/?igshid=1eu9o9q1q22xj
  5. Lyra Angelica was Kwan's famous free program from the Olympic season in 1997/1998. I think it's a good choice of music for Satoko and I hope Jeff's choreo will be great.
  6. Very nice commentary! I was wondering what they were saying because they sounded professional somehow, even though I didn't understand them. It's good to know they praised Yuzu's skating and were considerate enough to mention his situation after returning from WTT and doing quarantine.
  7. It's good to know they praised Yuzu a lot and they told the truth about his skating. It's also considerate of them to mention he had to quarantine after Worlds and that it was a disadvantage. I finished uploading WTT and Worlds videos of Yuzu from Eurosport in different languages. You can check them all out in the video section if you'd like to watch them.
  8. I like the Blinding Lights opening, 80s-inspired synthpop suits Yuzu (did he do the choreo himself?), he was totally feeling it today and props to the cameramen who did a much better job than yesterday!
  9. Thank you for this @shanshani, it's very informative. It shows Russian judges underscore Rika the most, which isn't surprising, and that ofc they overscore their skaters a lot.
  10. Done! This link is in the first post of this thread, on page 1.
  11. I made a spreadsheet, it can be edited by anyone (even without a google account): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XqpNZqzpuNhBAdIMrswvT94q04X12K7UlzqupkoAqsg/edit#gid=0 Feel free to use it.
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