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  1. sallycinnamon

    Remembering Denis Ten

    In the name of the skaters' community, the Hungarian Skating Federation remembering Denis with a candle and a rose. It's still impossible to process how senseless his tragedy is, how he had to die....over absolutely nothing. He had dreams and plans, he could have done many interesting things in life because he was talented in many ways. And in one moment, it's all gone. There are no words for this, really.
  2. sallycinnamon

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Such a horrible and senseless tragedy. Life is so incredibly unfair... My deepest condolences to his family, friends and everyone who knew him.
  3. sallycinnamon

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Terrible news. Praying for his health, I hope everything is going well with the surgery and he'll get better soon.
  4. sallycinnamon

    Team Korea

    What a mess. Even if their split was not amicable it's disappointing how they communicate it on their social media, especially that part about splitting/not splitting the gofoundme donation. I'm sorry for them because they were a promising couple and they're still young. After post-Olympics season with lots of retirements/semi-retirements, they could've got the chance to progress and get more opportunities.
  5. I thought they would maybe sell tickets like they do at IdF, two sessions on Saturday, then I could buy a cheap one for the second session (and if the second session is ladies+ ID I could skip ID). But I'm ok with all-event tickets too if they won't be extremely expensive.
  6. Let's hope for not crazy expensive all-event tickets then
  7. I wanted to watch the ladies and pairs too because of Sui/Han, but I was planning to skip ice dance. My concern is that all-event tickets with practice tickets included will be really expensive That's why I wanted to pare some money, skip ID and buy practice tickets instead.
  8. Because of the rule change it's not that surprising that Shoma chose a warhorse for his free skate. The music is very nice but it makes me usually, so I'm curious whether the choreography will be interesting enough... But It's possible that lot of people will compare his program to Dai's Moonlight Sonata, especially now that Dai is back. Yuzu skated to it Danse Macabre when he was 11/12, it was part of his SP
  9. sallycinnamon

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    It was really nice to see how people in both Paris and Zagreb and other cities in France and Croatia were celebrating like crazy, not just the French people but also the Croatian fans were very happy about the results which was nice to see. I read that it took 6 hours for the Croatian players to get to the city centre from the airport because hundred thousands of fans were cheering for them along the streets and the bus was completely stuck! Zagreb is not a very big city (about 700k) so I was surprised it took them so long
  10. We don't have a thread about the whole book, but gladi translated some parts of it here:
  11. sallycinnamon

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Congratulations to France for winning the Cup! The final has been as crazy as the whole World Cup I think Croatians played with more creativity and they dominated the majority of the match tonight...but they just couldn't score more goals than the French team. It happens. They might be very disappointed now but I hope this success will make them stronger in the future. 1998 - bronze medalists, 2018 - silver medalists, can they win the Cup in 2038? Thank you Croatia for winning the heart of millions of football fans and for being the symbols of perservarance and fighting spirit at this World Cup. True warriors. Congrats to Luka Modric for winning the Golden Ball Award. If he continues to play well in the upcoming season, then he'd really really deserve to win the Ballon D'Or! Congratulations to Russia too, it was one of the best organized World Cups I have seen. There weren't any scandals or hooliganism, it seemed to me through the TV that everything went smoothly Well done! I really enjoyed watching the World Cup with you guys whenever I had time. It was lots of fun.! Thank you
  12. sallycinnamon

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Belgium really played well yesterday, and they deserved the bronze, which was historic because it's their first medal in the history of World Cups. Congratulations to them! Although I felt a bit sad for England tbh I'm going to watch the final with a Croatian friend of mine so I won't be able to comment here. I hope we're going to see a very exciting match. And may the best team win!
  13. sallycinnamon

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    RJ2 (x)
  14. sallycinnamon

    Other Sports

    If it was about money (and only of it!) he wouldn't have stayed in Europe. I wish him the best, too! RM's new head coach is Lopetegui but honestly... I don't know who could replace CR in the team. I've watched it from the second set and Angelique played really nicely. Congrats to her! At the same time I have a massive respect for Serena, too. She's been through hell just only ten months ago and now she's back and reached the final. It's huge! I've watched the Rafa vs Djoko yesterday and today, it was a killer match. Although Rafa had his chances but overall I think Djoko played better. I won't be able to watch the final tomorrow but I'll try to follow the scores online