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  1. That'd be really interesting to see...:)
  2. Maybe they'll be in the same group after the SP and then Yuzu can see Dmitriev's 4A attempts.
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    Other Sports

  4. I need to pack in thicker gloves then, not just my Irene chan gloves. It seems like real feel is so much colder in Moscow...last year it was +2/+3 C but it felt like -7/-8....I guess it's the same this year too.
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    Junior Skaters of 2018/19 season

    Sad to hear this! I wish him a speedy recovery
  6. I've learnt after this round that the first intuition is always the best. I wanted to put Rika on the first and trust Uncle Voronov more but then I changed my mind...I shouldn't have! I have no idea how I ended up on the second place this time...I thought it was one of my worst rounds.
  7. I got this e-mail today from Lippu: "The Finnish Figure Skating Federation and the event organizers are conducting a study for spectators attending the ISU Grand Prix Helsinki 2018. Answering the survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. You also have the opportunity to take part in a draw to win All Event tickets to the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (12.-13.4.2019) or to the Finlandia Trophy Espoo event (October 2019)." Here's the link if anyone wants to answer the survey: https://response.questback.com/isa/qbv.dll/ShowQuest?QuestID=5277539&sid=2zs3BpZ5t7
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    [2018/19] Other International Events

    Ivett won the ladies event at the Volvo Cup http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT002RS.HTM Vladimir Litvinsev won the men's event: http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT001RS.HTM Popova/Mozgov in Ice Dance: http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT004RS.HTM and a French pair, Hamon/Streaklin the Pairs event: http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT003RS.HTM - I haven't found videos of them.
  9. Yes.... I can't promise it but if I can I try to report about practices. It'll depend on my phone too, sadly it's slow and lags so much
  10. Practices are open and afaik there won't be any streams.
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    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    I'm so late for this but it took me a while to catch up with this thread. If I have to sum up Origin in one or two words then I'd be majestic and absolutely fantastic. I won't forget the atmosphere in the arena last Sunday, it was electrifying and euphoric. I just can't wait to see how this program will evolve during the season, it is already such a great program. Thank you, Yuzu!
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    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Afaik they usually pay attention to cultural differences, they use they western way for foreigners who use the first name, last time order but they use they last name, first name order for Korean names for example.
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    LOL it's a good picture. He looks like a giant
  14. Do you need some help? What info do you need exactly? Here's the schedule of the men & gala: 15 Nov. (Thursday): practice (short program or free skate), 1st group 10.30-11.10 and then 2nd group 11.10-11.50 16 Nov. (Friday): practice (short program), 1st group 08.30-09.00, 2nd group 09.00-09.30 short program from 14.00 until 15.33 17 Nov. (Saturday): practice (free skate), 1st group 07.45-08.20, 2nd group 08.20-08.55 free skate from 13.30 until 15.19 18 Nov. (Sunday): From 14.00: Medal ceremonies Gala 15.00-17.30 We have a PM group for discussing meet-ups, if you want to join us, let me know
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    Welcome to the Planet, @KoshiePooh and @Veveco! Enjoy your stay here & I hope you both will be able to watch him live at ice shows or future competitions!