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  1. I think in this field Yuzu is the only one currently who can do it. It's a very difficult jump Nathan hasn't done it since Japan Open '17 iirc and the last time Shoma attempted it was Worlds last season.
  2. According to Jackie she landed it three times yesterday, twice clean, once with a turn out.
  3. Nice, she said Yuzu is capable of anything so she picked him for the gold medal. She then had to describe skaters with one word and without hesitation she said Yuzu is 'superhero'.
  4. Yes, it'll be at noon JST, 4.00 AM in most parts of Europe.
  5. sallycinnamon

    Team Japan

    Yes! Rika sent a video message on the blog today. https://ameblo.jp/kose-sports/entry-12447821247.html
  6. Maybe someone will stream it on rabbit.
  7. Well said At least 30-40 pages Can we get more posts than in the Olympic fluff thread?
  8. Brezina arriving even later than Yuzu.
  9. I don't know how fast they'll show video clips in the news. Maybe you have to wait a bit longer than for articles which will come out quickly. It's just in the middle of the night here in Europe, I think I'll sleep through it and wake up for the news tomorrow.
  10. The practice at 11.00 AM Japan time (3 AM your timezone) will be the only one on the main rink before the SP. I think he'll be there.
  11. I am not sure that he'll be fully healed from his injuries that cumulated over the years. But if he is okay with his current condition then it should be alright. I mean, if he wasn't then he probably wouldn't be at this competition. I really like his honesty in this interview, and he sounds very strong and confident. I hope he will be able to bring out his 100% abilies and that he will skate to two programs that he'll be satisfied with. The most important is that an injury doesn't happen here and he stays as healthy as he is now. I am a bit worried about the 4Lo but I hope everything will be okay with it. I hope for the best for him. Good luck, Yuzu
  12. It can be any reason, maybe someone invited him for some reason (commentating?) or he's just there for watching the competition/tourism.
  13. He couldn't reach the minimum TES so he won't be competing at Worlds