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  1. Maybe because TSN will broadcast it anyway so it's not necessary for streaming it on dailymotion too. Here's the current live streaming schedule, Friday and Saturday are TBD...
  2. 18.20 sounds OK. Hopefully we'll find a TSN stream by then...because most likely they won't stream it on dailymotion.
  3. I haven't seen him, only the last few skaters...
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    Team Russia

    A new interview with Zhenya with English subtitles
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    General Skating Chat

    The ladies field at Europeans is not that exciting this season, it's always a bit like at the first Europeans this after Olympics, there area retirements, injuries or some skaters are not in their best form, this year four out of Top 6 at Europeans '18 won't be there (Zhenya, Carolina, Sotskova and Loena). But I hope that we'll see some good skates and maybe some surprising results - most likely not in the Top 3 but somewhere in Top 10. This season it'll be really easier to get into the Top 10 and secure two spots for next year's Europeans. The men's field is more interesting and unpredictable, I hope we'll see an exciting competition! I hope Javi can skate two programs which he'll be satisfied with. Then the three Russians will have a good chance for the podium and there's Michal, too who can score high if he skates clean. And it'll be interesting to see how others like Kevin, Deniss, Moris, the Italians etc will skate too and who can finish higher in the Top 10. In ID I don't think anyone can get close to P/C unless something bad happens to them but hopefully it won't. There's going to be a fight between the Russians for the silver and bronze medals. And in pairs it's going to be interesting if J/C can win this competition too or T/M will be better than them. I agree about 4CC, I am looking forward to it more too. The ladies field will be good and the men's are going to be exciting as well. I'd love to see Boyang skate well (I'm more hopeful after his skates at Nationals, he's a slow starter usually). Jun will be there too. I hope all these competitions won't be too much for him before Worlds.
  6. Tickets are out for Junior Worlds: https://www.ticketshop.hr/en/e/isu-svjetsko-juniorsko-prvenstvo-u-umjetnickom-klizanju-2019/2181/ Is anyone going there? I'm thinking about going if I'll have time in the beginning of March. Tickets are very cheap and Zagreb is a pretty city
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    Miscellaneous Translations Compilation Thread

    Find this one by @Fay while I was cleaning up the GYC:
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    General Yuzuru Chat

    This footage was around 1h 45 min. before his free skate on the day of the free skate Yuzu asked Brian if he has a six pack
  9. Skate Canada's channel won't broadcast everything on dailymotion, but hopefully there'll be an available stream later... Ladies SP starting order, Gabby will skate last: https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2019cdn/2019CDNSSeniorWomenSP1SO.pdf Men SP starting order: https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2019cdn/2019CDNSSeniorMenSP1SO.pdf ID: https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2019cdn/2019CDNSSeniorDanceRD1SO.pdf Pairs: https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2019cdn/2019CDNSSeniorPairSP1SO.pdf
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    Other Sports

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    Other Sports

    I feel very sorry for him and that press conference was painful to watch . I know that he has done everything in the past twenty months to get healthy again and get back to the sport but it didn't help. Nothing is worse than to retire because of an injury I wouldn't have thought that he'd be the first one from the Big Four who retires... I've been following his career for over a decade and I won't forget many of his matches and great victories. He's achieved so much in this sport - 3 GS titles, 45 ATP tournament victories, 2 individual Olympic gold medals and being a #1 player. He will leave a great legacy in the sport. I'm watching his first match against Bautista Agut now and they're in the 5th set. Good luck Andy!
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    [2018] Other Federations

    I also think it was a good idea for Young to bring back Pirates of the Caribbean, it suits her more than her previous FS. Congratulations to her on her 3rd Nationals title! Eunsoo's 3Lz-3T was more consistent in the beginning of the season, but after the mistake in the free skate it was good that she could nail the other jumps. Her PCS was rather low (it was actually lower than at CoR and NHK too) but I think she performed this program better at previous competitions and she looked nervous yesterday. I think this program still empty too... I was so happy for Soyoun What a comeback! She's assigned to Universiade but if Hanul can't go to 4CC she may get her spot. I felt sorry for Hanul, she barely could stand up after the free skate I hope she'll get better soon, but it looked something serious... Yelim won't even go to Junior Worlds. Those six URs in the FS I am worried for both her and Young tbh On the other hand I was happy to see Haein skate so well. She's so young and promising! I hope everyone stays healthy until Worlds/J Worlds/4CC and they'll be in their best form then. I think it is not easy to maintain consistently good form with all these ranking competitions and nationals (+ GP/JGP series before that).
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    General Yuzuru Chat

    @tsukihoshi14 added subtitles to this interview with Yuzu in PyeongChang: http://tsukihoshi14.tumblr.com/post/181978021803/sakurai-sho-yuzuru-hanyu-interview-after