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  1. Teams get 12 to 1 point(s) in the men's and ladies's in both the SP and FS, and 12 to 7 points in pairs and ice dance, both SP/RD and FS/FD. The final standings are the sum of team points. Tie breaking is more compliacted so I'm copying it: There was only 1 substitute for this competition, Frangipani but he posted there were some setbacks so he can't participate at WTT. So the Italian federation couldn't send someone else.
  2. I heard Chris Howarth on Eurosport said Daniel Grassl has been working on the 4A for a while and he thinks he could be the first one to land the jump lol. I'm not surprised by a comment like this from him tbh.
  3. My Ice Jewels diary has arrived a few days ago and it's so pretty The quality is excellent and there are so many good pictures from Tanaka-san. I made some pictures of it if anyone would like to have a look:
  4. Mishin's words about Yuzu are beautiful, I like how he appreciates not only his skating but also him as a person. They way he talks about Yuzu genuinely surprised me, he looked somewhat emotional/touched as he spoke, I don't know, I rarely see Mishin like this...(and also given the fact he wasn't always as complimentary about him before. Maybe it's his age lol)
  5. 41 pictures of the short program here: https://www.facebook.com/eayerdiphotography/posts/3905304672861158 This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. I wasn't on GS around that time but I remember when I read the news that Yuzu moved to Toronto to train at the Cricket Club I thought it would be a good decision and I was looking forward to see how he'd do with the new coaching team. I wasn't really fond of Parisienne Walkways at the beginning but it actually grew on me a lot later, it just needed a bit time. He was great back then only his stamina wasn't good. I love this fancam because they were so close to the rink, and it shows things like ice coverage well...It was a strong debut in the beginning of the season,
  7. There will be separate threads for WTT and the available links will be posted there.
  8. Yuzu talks in ISU's newest podcast from 21 min 55 secs: https://isu.org/media-centre/libraries/podcast His English is good This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. Thank you for the translation @SuzyQ Yuzu did very well at this competition considering all the circumstances, and it must have been hard to go there and compete in the first place. When he says he's improved in the past seasons, I see what he means, even all the problems he faced during (& before) the free skate he didn't even made major mistakes like popping a jump and falling, he's become really stronger in that sense and his stamina is also great.
  10. I'm very happy for all the small fed skaters who worked hard to to get a spot for the Olympics and who'll most likely compete in Beijing. Yay for Donovan especially! Big success for Mark & Ioulia in pairs as well, it was their no1 dream to qualify for Olympics. At the same time it makes me sad China will only have 1 spot in the men's, so won't see Han Yan in Beijing. Heartbreak
  11. Yeah because they publish in in form of communication which aren't listed where the other documents about rules are, it takes time to find them...
  12. The technical panel handbook? It's there: https://isu.org/figure-skating/rules/sandp-handbooks-faq/24781-tphb-single-skating-2020-21-final/file
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