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  1. Costumes we love to hate

    I was watching competitions from the late 1990s when I found this costume. What the heck was Alexander Abt wearing? (x, gettyimages)
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    It was love at first sight
  3. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    I had to catch up with about 50 pages on this thread, aand I'm glad I did because I laughed so much while I was reading all your posts It was only first day but we had already so much fun It was great to see Yuzu's smiley happy face and his jumps (that second 3A was really beautiful ). I hope he'll enjoy these shows a lot in the next couple of weeks and he'll have tons of fun. About the costumes: I'm in the minority but I like the futuristic space one and Dory, too. I think Yuzu can really pull off asymmetric and futuristic costumes like this one...and I loved the metallic rainbow coloured part in the middle, too! Dory looks something we've never seen before But actually I like it a lot is it just me? it's very Yuzu-like, unique, and I find it elegant too. And I didn't get the feeling that it was cheap looking either. I think blue and yellow go well together in general, it's just better if the yellow is softer because if the yellow is too bright then the contrast is too big between the colours. On some pictures it looked lovely, more white-yellow ombre. I'm curious how this costume looks in person (maybe @SparkleSalad can tell us about it if she goes to the show? ). I like how the yellow bib connects to the shoulders, those details are so beautiful! I just like it. The one I disliked a bit was the Deniss' vest costume which is pretty but it doesn't suit Yuzu's style that much and it looked a bit too big for him. I just can't wait for the broadcast on Monday (sadly I'll be working, too, so I won't be able to watch it, just later...)
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    The change foot combination spin got level 3 at the Olympics - that cost him around half a point, and at the Olympics he got lower GOE for every element except for the 3A (+3 GOE at both events) and the step sequence. His PCS was also lower at the Olympics by 0.05. I think except for the 4T-3T he could have got higher GOE and also higher components, but he skated as the first skater in the last group which might have affected his scores (just like it did in Helsinki). But what matters is that their plan worked very well and Yuzu won the gold medal.
  5. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    I love the the costume a lot, it looks great on him
  6. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    Yuzu looks so great and I love the sci-fi look from yesterday's practice! I can't wait for news clips and hopefully more pictures soon. I have a feeling that we're going to see a new program from him today. I'm just really excited about it. We'll find out soon, in about 2 hours (during the break of the show) I guess?
  7. Proposed changes for next season

    The base value of the 4A< was a typo
  8. Hey, remember us?

    She said that she picked three different costumes because it's been a while since she last skated...so it was basically a gift to her fans She's so nice. Happy news Congratulations! It confirms the rumours then why she wasn't at CiONTU.
  9. Suggestions?

    Thank you, I edited the event!
  10. Suggestions?

    I moved your post here from the General chat Probably they changed the time and date of the broadcast. Can you help to tell if the exact time of the broadcast is from midnight until 03.00 AM? Google translate says it's 3 PM but the translation may be wrong.
  11. Hey, remember us?

    I enjoy her skating even without the jumps, it's so beautiful and effortless. I will catch up with today's fancams later but can I just say how gorgeous all these costumes look on her? She never wore a white/pinkish, olive green or amaranth costume in her competitive career, these are all new colours and they look so good. And is really unusual to see her skate without the boots covered. She always used to skate like that.
  12. Suggestions?

    I added the broadcast for Kobe: About Kanazawa, according to this tweet, it's on 3rd June. I'm not sure now which one is the correct. ETA: On TV Asahi's website it also says 3 June so the date seems to be correct now.
  13. [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    [This is a broadcast by BS Asahi. The discussion can be found here]
  14. Other Sports

    The next couple of weeks will be so full.. We'll have FaOI, Roland Garros, and the World Cup starts in a couple of weeks as well. Sometimes I watch a bit of a Formula One too but not as regularly as I used to (but I like the next races - Monaco is always a highlight, then Canada, the return of the French GP, British, German and Austrian GPs and finally the Hungarian...all sounds good!).
  15. Hey, remember us?

    That's a great picture of Plushy and he really looks like Totti, especially the eyes/forehead.