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  1. The fight for that third Russian spot will be interesting, because it's open and I think this new team could be one of the contenders. They are really promising. In the men's field, Artem Kovalev from Angels of Plushenko is in 1st place, he stayed on his feet (though his 4S was UR). Ignatov's skate wasn't that good like at test skate, he lost balance in the spread eagle before 3A and he sinlged it, I think he also lost his balance a bit during StSQ. Roman Savosin jumped both 4S and 4T but he fell on 3A and got two calls, he's in third now.
  2. It says the element got a bonus but I don't know what that precisely means (it says bonus +2)
  3. UR calls only exists for non-Eteri skaters: https://fsrussia.ru/results/2021/1etap/eMC_K_Scores.pdf
  4. It wasn't good at all during the actual program. Sigh, 82 points so no calls at all for the combo...really? Her personal best at a domestic competition was below 80 so far..and that was at Nationals.
  5. She looks so pleased with her skate.
  6. Maiia seems to have grown a lot...the 2A wasn't perfect with that step-out and she also fought for the 3F-3T. I preferred Frolova but Khromykh goes into 1st place...
  7. The camera only shows Shcherbakova in the warm-up as if the other skaters didn't even exist.
  8. Another skater with a French song, this time an "original" one with Edith Piaf...her jumps are a bit iffy, she hung on the 3Lz and added only a 2T on that.
  9. Arina Onyshenko from St. Petersburg goes into 1st place with 55 points
  10. Victoria Yushchenko jumped 3S in combination and 3Lo as solo jump. Her costume was a bit distracting with the white dress and red skirt over it. I liked the coach cam and that they show skater in the kiss and cry while the replay the slow-motion
  11. Nice spread eagle entry to 2A from Sarnovskaya though it was UR...she was a big slow and her skating is a bit heavy but overall it wasn't bad
  12. I couldn't watch ID because I just got home but saw the medal ceremony...Morozova/Bagin won the free dance but Khudaberdieva/Bazin won overall after the were first in the RD. The ladies are about to start in a few minutes.
  13. Yeah, he WD sadly. Also we don't have good news about Maxim's condition
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