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  1. I watched Tomoe's SP and it was so good, it is one of my favourite if not the favourite junior programs this season (and while I am typing this I am sitting in the metro right under the Blue Danube! :)), the choreo is great, the quality of her jumps are so good (that entry into the 2A + also the Lutz is huge is so beautiful, it covers big distance). Everything else is just top. She should get very high PCS if she performs like that, higher than the Russians too. I hope she does well in the free skate, too.
  2. Only his 3A got higher GOE than Samsonov. Haha. PCS is only 0.12 higher than Samsonov's. StSq level 3.
  3. I can't believe Daniil's scores I checked the TES box so far and he got higher GOEs on all of his jumps and spins than Artur last week (which was a WR). His spins are really good but the jumps? In what way are they better than Artur's? The only GOE of Artur's that is higher than Daniil's was his step sequence and that's it. I don't even start talking about the PCS...a hot mess.
  4. The entry list is out: http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111915.htm
  5. Entries for Finlandia Trophy is out: http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111915.htm
  6. This is going to be a really god JGP with many good skaters, but sadly I won't be able to watch anything except the men's SP tomorrow. Daniel Grassl has a good chance to win here unless he bombs hard, Yuma and Daniil are also strong medal contenders but others can have chance too. I hope Joseph does well at this competition. The ladies will also be exciting with Alysa, Nastya, Viktoria, Tomoe, Seoyeong and Seoyeon + Katia. It'll be hard to predict who ends up on the podium though...this event is a bit unpredictable. In ID there'll be a fight for gold between the Americans and Russians though Nguyen/Kolesnik are a bit stronger now. In pairs Panfilova/Rylov may win and qualify for GPF.
  7. Nicole Rajicova has withdrawn from the competition too. She doesn't live in Slovakia currently because her company sent her to abroad for a longer period and she'll train there until Europeans (the article didn't specify which country she lives in now).
  8. Yes, Skate Canada, which will take place in Kelowna/British Columbia, in October 25-27.
  9. I have a funny story about him when I was at JGP Slovakia last year. I had my CiONTU bag with me and when Mitsuki noticed it he basically pulled back Yoshiko Kobayashi who was also there with him but was already walking away, and he said something to her - I didn't understand it but it was probably something like 'looook, a CiONTU bag!'. His eyes were sparkling of joy He's a big fan of Yuzu!
  10. I was a bit MIA after the men's free skate because it was a bit too much after that. I enjoyed Yuzu's programs a lot and was happy to see them again so much. He skated really well at his first competition this season. I think it was the best Origin performance-wise that we've seen from him, the more I watch it the more and more I love it. The e little details he added to the program are so nice (for example the violin playing was really interesting to see, liked the different analysis on twitter today), His attention to his arm and hand movements were so beautiful to watch. The judging at this event made me so mad, I don't even want to say that much, everything has been said already anyway. Inconsistent UR calls are one thing but calling clean jumps is really something new...I disagreed with the PCS too especially because Yuzu really did so well in the free skate. They are always so strict with him and they never give the benefit of the doubt. I'm also curious about how judges will score PCS later, the new definiton of serious mistake(s) is extremely vague and since it doesn't give a clear answer what is a serious mistake (or mistakes), it can give opportunity for the judges to apply it leniently when it comes to some skaters. It was good that Yuzu at least talked about the UR calls, it was the first time he talked about calls this way. It's also good that TCC (Orser) was outraged about the calls too. I can only wish now that things will get better somehow (yes, that's the optimist in me saying that). All I can do as a fan is to support Yuzu and believe in him. The costumes...I loved them, especially Origin. It's mysterious and dark but in a different way than Origin 1, ahe details on it, the flowers and butterflies are so pretty. The colour also looks great on him. It's just a coincidence but I realised it's the same colour that Edvin Marton had on the album cover that contains Art on Ice and Magic Stradivarius too: I am sure it was very enjoyable to watch Yuzu for those who were there in the arena, I hope you all had fun who were there. His presence is so big you can clearly see it in the stream too. I can't imagine how good it can be to see his skating in a small arena like that in ACI.
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