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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    They won't find anything. The bears know how to cover their tracks.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    No. This tumblr post speaks the truth.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    That's just a bunch of bears.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Didn't they also do one after Sochi? This one had some kid playing him as a kid back when he was still with Tsuzuki-sensei and had a reenactment of him fighting with older boys at the rink. But they also covered the whole bit about that guy who spearheaded the revival of Ice Rink Sendai so that was good. And the recent 24-hour TV thing had a reenactment of the younger days of the asthmatic kid he inspired to skate, Sora. But since they are reenacting him as a grownup --and not for comedic purposes--and at a period where the pre-Olympic intensity is at its zenith, I guess the cringiness will depend on how much they amp up the drama factor. If they play it subtle, it could work. Though I probably shouldn't be expecting subtlety. Japanese cinema has a lot of great subtle stuff but they're usually from original screenplays or the original work itself has subtle storytelling. They usually aren't so great with understated adaptations otherwise. I'm just going to hope that it isn't too over the top... The one they did of him that documented those pre-PC days that spliced together interviews and practice footage with narration that they released right after PC was pitch perfect. So if this one turns out meh, then we've at least still got that awesome docu to fall back on to wipe away the cringe. Even if it isn't super cringeworthy, nothing quite beats the original anyway. ^.~
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    This is the one I'm talking about. It's been sitting on my to-do list forever but I never got around to doing it due to sheer laziness. And the lack of a raw I could use for subbing purposes. And a lack of confidence. But mostly laziness. I don't think it's ever been translated in full. Probably. Don't quote me on that. So if one of your pals or anyone else here wants to take a shot at it, they should. It's not a happy interview, but it's an enlightening one all the same. And reveals quite a bit of things you don't get to hear him talk about during other less unhappy times. Which was why I wanted to do it. I would've, too, had my lazy ass not gotten in the way. As well as a couple of other things. But mostly my lazy ass.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm guessing in the context of the kind of season he had back in 14-15, winning a silver at WC was almost as good as a gold. But he was on a roll in the 15-16 season so the fall from the top was from a much higher place and as such had gotta hurt a lot more. He was also in a pretty bad mental place. The clean SP he delivered despite that and massive lead he had gained from that but then lost in its entirety must have been a painful blow and shocking eye-opener personally so I'm guessing that made the loss even tougher to swallow. And then you add the uncertainty of whether or not his career would be ending right after that comp...it's a miracle he managed to hold up all night and then switch gears to properly enjoy the gala. He did a half-hour interview the day after that was pretty revealing but I'm not sure if it's ever been translated.
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    If you recall correctly, they did. Way more than 5, too. See? They gave him a bunch of secondary toppings to choose from out of which he only picked the shavings and the ginger, and completely ignored the rest. >_< They even prepared chocolate and raspberry sauces but he didn't go for those, which helped relieve the pseudo-toothache I was starting to feel watching that clip. Nice. It's always better to be underestimated than overestimated. I always find the pressure of proving people with low expectations of you wrong a lot harder than proving those with high expectations right. Hanyu, of course, had to do a lot--and I do mean a lot--of the latter as well but I'm willing to bet that his desire to bee-dah the ones who were doubting him helped balance things out a bit. xD
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    It's actually a tad too sweet even for him. Because near the end of the video when he tasted it again after dunking in all the toppings, his reaction was like, "...it's...sweet..." and then followed it up with complimentary remarks since he's promoting the product after all. >_< He actually added the marshmallows because they involved less hassle. He checked with one of the behind-the-scenes guy, asking if the whipped cream is easier to handle or the marshmallows and the guy said marshmallows (obviously) and he was like, "Marshmallows it is, then." Given it's a commercial recording, I'm thinking he wanted the whole thing to go as quickly, smoothly and painlessly as possible and as such chose the most practical and functional methods of delivery. I...am not sure why he thought adding shaved white choc on top of marshmallows dunked in hot choc is a good idea tho. Like, I never got why my dad thought adding chili pepper flakes after drenching his pizza slice with hot sauce is a good idea, either. Why the overkill? The ginger Hanyu decided to add last, for the most part, was a good idea but the honeyed part of it probably made the already sickly sweetness turn into a terminal one. I'll admit, I couldn't help but make a face when I watched him sip all that. He's said something to the effect that he's the same way back home in Japan, and he's been that way since he was a little kid, because he gets all the out-of-home excitement he needs from the rink that just chilling and doing his own stuff at home is a nice way to balance it out. Otherwise, he likes hanging out and having fun outside as much as the next person. But now that we have dealing with the media frenzy in the mix, it's a miracle he still feels like going out to eat sometimes at all, lol. That's got to tire a person out enough to want to stay home and do nothing but chill for long periods of time. @His dependence on his mom. Expounding on what @singermelodie1 said, when your kid has asthma but is also an insanely-driven top athlete who also doesn't seem to like eating a lot, and that insane drive propels them to travel halfway across the world to a much colder place to train when they are not even out of high school yet, you really don't have much of a choice. And when you being there even well into their adulthood eventually helps your child achieve their biggest dream, then you are right where you should be. There will be a time when you'll have part with them for the long term so why not be there and do what you can while you still can and enjoy every moment of it? The last part was what my mom told me when I asked her if she's ever tired of doing stuff for me. I do a lot of things on my own but when I get lazy and decide to leave things for later, she swoops in like a vulture. She also still does most of the cooking, though I do help her out in the kitchen. And I'm a healthy ox who's far faaaar from being an elite anything... All in all, I wouldn't worry about it. Asians, especially, tend to be able to do the sink or swim thing pretty good. I know a bunch who had their parents do stuff for them right up until they moved out and after a short period of adjustment, they all manage fine on their own. I mean not all of them are the epitome of home economy prowess, but they manage. So right up until Hanyu absolutely needs to manage on his own, I don't see a problem with his mom managing the daily aspects of things, so long as she's happy to do it...and trust me, she is.
  9. Music talk

    Feeling Good is a divine piece of music and a not infrequent choice for skaters but I feel Buble's style doesn't do justice to it. I've heard a bunch of covers and the only other version I like almost as much as Simone's original is Muse's one. So if Hanyu ever chooses to do it, I hope it'd at least be either one of these two. As little as I would mind seeing his interpretation of it, though, there are lots of other soul and blues music he can choose from so it'd also be very very nice and inventive if he picks something that's lesser done. He's the first to do PW and LGC, right? And even though it's a classical piece, has anyone ever skated to Ballade #1 before? It's hard to imagine a skater being undaunted by the slow to frenetic tempo before Hanyu came along and being the dynamo he is, Buttle ingeniously decided it was a good fit. Before Hanyu, no one had ever done SEIMEI or H&L before either And I think the first one who did R&J (1.0) that way, without actually using the original theme from the classic R&J as a cut, was also him? Not too sure about the last bit... You gotta love how when he pioneers a program, he puts so much of himself in it and the final work, usually skated to almost artistic perfection in all its supreme difficulty, imprints so strongly in a viewer's mind, it's hard for anyone who comes after to use it and reinterpret it. As far as classical goes, I wonder what Hanyu would look like skating to Beethoven's 7th Symphony Allegretto, specifically the 2nd movement. It's been used in movies and shows quite a bit but when I dived around to see a skating program using it, I came up empty. It'd be harder to incorporate it into a competitive long program now since the music has so much buildup (and, like Bolero but less repetitive and not as slow though it has interludes where Bolero doesn't, the buildup to a crescendo is a major part of its impact) and 4 minutes may not be enough to create the perfect atmosphere for it unless the editor is an absolute musical genius...but I'm going to dream anyway. And I'm not stopping there. It's gonna come complete with a choreography by the one and only Misha Ge. What? If the whole thing is going to be an impossibility anyway, I might as well dream big.
  10. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    Wow, if Brian goes to the RusNats, he and whoever goes with him would be the only non-Russian coaches there. Even if he doesn't*, it'd still be the same for whoever does. That'd make for an interesting atmosphere, I'll bet. *But barring personal emergency, I dont see a reason why he won't.This being such a controversial and high-profile move, and only being the first year of their partnership, I'm sure it's important that he be there to support Med because it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that's what the RusFed would require.
  11. General Skating Chat

    For Chan and Fernandez, I'm saying that simply by scores and results alone, Fernandez wins. But when I factor these scores and results against the backdrop of the competition, which means the strength of other competing skaters, it looks even better. And when I include this second factor, Chen, who was pretty high up if we looked at results and scores alone, falls behind rather significantly. I'm not really putting in just clean performances, but also clean-enough-to-win-against-tough-competition ones, because mental toughness, in my books at least, should encompass at least that much.
  12. General Skating Chat

    My (admittedly rough) calculation is based on the entire last quad and based on results and scores alone, I would say Fernandez has got a better handle on his competitive mindset than Chan. Chan never quite regained his momentum after first being dethroned by Hanyu way back in back in 2013 and lost even the chance to gain it back after taking his 1-year break post-Sochi. It's like he got a wake-up call as to what true competition is really like (since he was pretty much without any, as decreed by the ISU, until Hanyu came along) and couldn't quite muster up the fighting spirit to scrabble his way back to the top. He managed to stay relevant as a top contender but not by much. Fernandez, by comparison, stayed pretty much within striking distance of the gold all throughout.
  13. General Skating Chat

    You can't rank them if you factor in the future, seeing how it is unknown, but if you rank them based on all their showings thus far, and compare them to one another and others as well as how they each have fared against Hanyu, you can, if you want to. You may have a different result than mine, but the point is, you can.
  14. General Skating Chat

    @Nuitsuki Adding to my answer, if I were to take Hanyu out of the equation altogether, here's how I would currently rank the skaters you mentioned in terms if mental fortitude: Fernandez > Uno > Chan > Chen
  15. General Skating Chat

    My point is simple. Chen's mental fortitude is not strong enough yet, for now, to deliver on the expectations put on his young shoulders. Whether or not he will develop stronger mentality remains to be seen. But at this point, when pitted head to head against Hanyu, since they are competing in the same major competitions for the same prizes, when it comes to a high pressure environment, he doesn't have the strength to withstand it yet, much less convert it into power the way Hanyu does. Don't get me wrong, Hanyu has his own moments of weakness when it comes to smaller battles and even some major ones where he's lost to Chen, Fernandez and others, but when push comes to shove where it truly, *truly* matters, he has triumphed where others, Chen included, have faltered. So to sum it up, the answer to your main question is yes, for now. When it comes to winning the ultimate prize, he hasn't proven his strength yet, which to me means he is still in the weak category, not because he hasn't won it, but because he has yet to put out a performance where he didn't falter bad enough to put him out of the running altogether. And when it comes the competitive mindset, when pitted against sharks like Hanyu, yes, Chan and Fernandez are in the weaker category. They are not weak when you compare them with one another, because they are on the same playing field, though between the two, I do find Fernandez a lot more formidable mentally then Chan. So perhaps in a world where Hanyu does not exist, I might have thought them strong. But he does and the moment you throw him and his competitiveness into the mix, they all look weak to me now. Understandably so, too. I actually find them more relatable in this aspect than Hanyu. Uno has shown clear signs of faltering as well when in high pressure environments in the absence of Hanyu. In this, he isn't strong in my books either. But contrary to Chen, he's done well in major competitions where he went head to head with Hanyu, even when he had to skate right after Hanyu. But I think when he does this, it's more because he doesn't feel the pressure (which Chen undoubtedly does, even if he doesn't want to admit it), which I can neither label as strength nor weakness because he hasn't overcome or was overcome by anything. Hope I was able to answer your questions to your satisfaction.