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  1. General Skating Chat

    I wrote a longish essay about this in hopes of posting it somewhere when there's an opportunity and it finally came knocking. But I think I've hit my word quota for the day. Oh, oh, oh! I've got another long essay written about this as well! But maybe some other time. I've babbled enough for the day. ^^; Will placehold these to come back to another time! Consider yourselves warned. >:o)
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    If I were a summer Olympian who has a high potential for medaling but also has a thing for medal aesthetics, I'd look for a winter Olympic sport to thrive in instead so I can switch to being a winter Olympian cos the medal designs for the Winter Olympics are so much nicer in general (sure it has its hits and misses but it's different each time, while still fully retaining the Olympic spirit), which I'm guessing is because the summer edition, having been around for a few decades longer and thus having a longer history, has to stick to some sort of template while the winter edition, when it came along, even though it also had to adhere to the template at first, decided somewhere along the way that it was too cool for old school (haha geddit? xD) and broke away from it. Or evolved, so to speak. Which I'm glad it did.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Don't all decently-sized medals ultimately look like that? It's just some appear classier than others. >_< This one is most definitely on the classier side of the spectrum in my books. Very far in, too. The politicking is what makes it intriguing though. I don't love it, but I can live with it and find fascination in it. If Hanyu has a killer strategy of his own, and pull it off well enough to win, it won't be simply in figure skating that he'd be winning. ^_~ The road to his ultimate goal is a long and treacherous one, and Hanyu is the kind of mind that knows exactly how to navigate it (without compromising his morals ofc). Haha, this guy is as outspoken as they come. He's as much as admitted it and he's even said it's the least Japanese part about him, which is why he compensates for it in other ways (excessive bowing, being ultra polite, being careful to not take things and people for granted, his SEIMEI program...these are all things he's said himself btw. I didn't make them up.). I doubt cultural differences, in this area at least, were ever as huge a factor for him as it would be for others. He probably found it very ironic, even, that here he is in a country with a culture where he can run his mouth off as much as he wants without risk of backlash or repercussion buuuuut to cash in on it, he'd first have to learn to speak the language well enough, which is in a field of study that's reeeeally not his forte. Heck, he couldn't even score as high in Japanese as his other subjects like he thought he could. LoL! So yeah, I surmise that he sucked at it at TCC because his English sucked. He couldn't say what he really wanted to say in it and probably chose to clam up and avoid doing it altogether until he could put it off no longer. It's not like he can use a translator at all his practices. In Japanese, he's *very* articulate and precise. I'm sure you've noticed. He's so articulate and confident he leaves no doubt in the listener's mind when he speaks. Which his dissenters wilfully and obstinately misinterpret as arrogance. If he were an English-speaker, he'd make Obama proud. Or, if Brian understood Japanese, he'd no doubt be getting an earful day in and day out. I think his English has probably improved a lot since but it's likely still not at a level where he can sufficiently articulate his thoughts, of which there is a lot and very deep. And he's never been keen enough in the language arts to find a way around it. Trust me, he's not. I am, and I can spot someone who isn't from a mile away. He has a passing interest but that's it. His continuing effort to speak in English at interviews and presscons, while admirable, is more due to his character rather than an innate interest in it. But I think regardless of his interest, or lack of it, he realized he had to find a way, any way, to properly communicate his thoughts and ideas and when he did, it resulted in better communication and output all around. ^__^
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't actually mean falling back to old training habits. That's gonna happen regardless. I don't think that he has new training habits, even, so it's not even a case of relapsing, I don't think. I think it's more him doing what he's always been doing and when people ask him to stop, or to do something else, or tell him what they think he should do for the season, he listens more willingly with less mental second-guessing. And then he tells them what he thinks and discusses with them and together they find a way to marry both ideas and come up with a winning solution. And now that he's in this good place, it's unlikely he'd go back to shutting people out, considering the consequences it brought. Even if the lessons he learned were valuable. So I mean as in thinking. His thinking has evolved. He communicates better with his coaches now. Why would he suddenly suck at it again? That makes absolutely no sense. Not to me, anyway. >_<
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    ...I like my idea better (the detailed one that paints Brian and Hanyu as evil scheming cohorts) but yours sounds more plausible. *deflates*
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    ...I want to believe Brian and Hanyu have reached a consensus with one another. Brian seems very happy with the way his relationship with his student has finally unfolded in recent interviews while in older interviews, he's always been more reserved and less comfortable with talking about his relationship with this particular student when it comes to communication. And even if Hanyu is bullishly set with his ideas, he's never not at least given Brian a heads up first. One that's long enough before a competition for Brian and him to at least be able to discuss it over first. Hanyu has always been wilful but he's never been disrespectful*. It's something that even Eteri Tutberidze envied all his coaches for (she used a different term that's not exactly accurate but I think this is what she was really seeing). Also, Hanyu is all about moving forward with the lessons he's learned. What some of you are worrying about is that he hasn't learned his lesson and is going backwards by doing what he's always done. He's never done that. Not when he's already shown signs of progress. Even Tracy has acknowledged that and seems very happy with where Hanyu is at now. So I want to believe that Brian and Hanyu have an evil master plan and rubbing their hands in glee. Together. With Tracy shaking her head in resignation in the background but affectionately becoming a willing accomplice anyway. One other thing, the media has no power over an athlete. Not if the athlete doesn't let it. *thinks of the time he pulled a face at Brian that would have earned him a box to the ear had it been a less patient adult he pulled it at* ...okay, he's never disrespectul when it really counts anyway. That was just a playful and cheeky moment. >_< And it shows the amount of comfort and leeway Brian allows him. I like to think that little positive sapling has grown into a beautiful tree that is their current relationship as student and coach. ^v^ It hasn't been the smoothest of rides but the journey to the most beautiful destinations very seldom is. I really hope they're more or less there now and all the worry I see here is unfounded.
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    Hmm...this makes me wonder if it isn't a counter strategy to Chen's. Like if they both start with relatively easier layout and good artistry but as the season wears on, you can see more clearly the difference when one maintains his quality despite more difficult tech while the other is progressively watering it down even if the tech becomes more impressive. People are impressionable and judges are people. It's best to use that to his advantage? If massive amounts of quads is Chen's weapon, being able to maintain high performance quality for everything else while still jumping considerably large amounts of quads (even if it's not the highest in number) is Hanyu's. And only Hanyu's. If this is indeed what he's going for and it works (because they'd have to be more careful in giving out Chen his PCS relative to his, and I don't think they'd be too generous towards him at ACI, if past scoring is to be believed) he'd essentially be using Chen's strategy against himself and using each competition to his advantage. Ain't better way to respect a competition than letting it serve a meaningful purpose leading up to a grand finale. Oh boy, I hope Hanyu's layout is a simple one (for him), cos--hey! Right knee needs a break!--but with more accent on other elements <3<3<3 Or maybe I'm just overthinking it but it's a nice thought anyway. xD
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    He saw the wonders it worked for Fernandez. The boy *really* has learned. *^___^* Well, he does that all the time anyway. Watch what others do, see how well it's worked for them and apply it to himself and make it work for him 100x better than it worked for those he copied it from. Edit: Damn, I meant to add this to my last comment but whenever I edit to add a quote, this keeps happening :o(
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Nah, I think it's good that he is. So the guy can start adjusting for strong competition even when his condition isn't the greatest. Even better that it's Fernandez, because it's familiar competition so he doesn't become needlessly extra in his adjustment. It's a perfect start to the season, I'd say. I just hope he uses the opportunity wisely and that his injury can be kept in control.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Because that worked out so well in past seasons. >_< This shows he's finally learned. What's the point in aggravating his injury by revealing his cards so soon? Especially when he could use it to his advantage instead? Uno's shown most of his, and Chen hasn't but his strategy is clear. And we still haven't seen what the other three are going to be doing yet. The field heading into the Games this time is very different from the last. Hanyu may be the reigning World Champion but unlike past Games, this one doesn't have just one favorite with a single biggest threat to it. This one has competition, all with their own carefully devised strategies, coming from all sides. It's exactly the kind of competiton Hanyu said four years ago in Sochi, right after his win, would come to be. He hoped for it. Now everything is in place exactly the way he wants it to be. And he's got *one* shot in nailing it the way he wants to nail it. So unlike past seasons, he's gotta be infinitely wiser about every move he chooses to make in this one. Anything he wanted tested out, he'd have done it all in the past seasons. Any risk this time has to be very carefully calculated. He has multiple hands he could play. And his smallest one is already bigger than most out there. Why not play it first? Brian knows what he's doing. It's nice to see Hanyu on board with it. For once. P/s: In terms of revealing his injury, which some may find uncharacteristic of him, know this: All eyes are on him as the defending champion and the one to beat. That's inevitable. So instead of needlessly withstanding the pressure of scrutiny, why not be transparent (or at least semi-transparent) from the get-go? It'd relieve a lot of the pressure that's meaningless to bear anyway. No excuses being made here, since those are usually made after the fact. The injury is worrying, but it's a lot less than if he were to have stubbornly hidden it and continued going for broke.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh yeah it does. Lol! The straight diagonal lines look more like folds to me, really, and the randomness effect is anything but lazy, like some one you think. That is not easy to carve and probably cost a lot to achieve, you all. And it looks that way, too. In fact, they look a lot like some of our friend's costumes, like this one: If you find the medal design lazy, I spose you find this one lazy too, lol. Good strat. 👍
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Lol! That looks awfully a lot like a medal. Someone should have one made, red ribbon and all, and put it around his neck.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Wow. I like it. It's a tasteful design, very classy and Zen, right down to the wooden box, which kind of reminds me of the box they store those go pebbles in. The pastel ribbon is nice, too. The whole thing is just very tasteful and Asian. Love it. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I love: The Japanese one with the cream filling. Not the Korean one with the marshmallow middle. Don't like that one. But the Koreans love it so it could've been an inspiration of sorts. They did come up with the snack after all... But I really, really like the medal design. It's a nice departure from the Sochi one, which was nice, too. They all have a different metallic shade, too. Sochi's one has a darker and more muted quality while this has a nice and softly bright shine. Like matte or frosted or something. The whole design is sharp yet fuzzy at the same time. Has a kind of marble-like quality to it, too. It's a more than worthy design, in my books. It's absolutely beautiful, like SEIMEI solidified. (It also kind of looks like a round designer hand-held bag, with the pronounced ribbon suspension ring and line motif. xD Also like the fact that its unveiling is on the same day the man officially turns up in public for his first competition of the season .)
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Lol. Why are you all so certain it's a plane he's (pretending) to fly and not like, the Mothership?
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Aw, I think it's nice that they used Hanyu as a clear and definite goal. Uno himself clearly does that. He's been very matter-of-fact and vocal about it, too. Nothing wrong if they want to note down the times the kid actually did it, score-wise, even if one of those times is in the combined total in a fluff comp. Still a comp and an ISU-sanctioned one, at that. Hanyu took it really seriously himself (he appeared more wound up in that comp than he did in any other ones last season) and it was in that comp the guy found he could do 3 quads (2 in combo) in the second half so it was an important and memorable one for him, too, in terms of achievement. But overall, there's no denying Uno held it together and skated well enough to edge past Hanyu in that comp. They may have skated as a team, but had his combined total been more than 330.43, he'd have set an official new record. All of Medvedeva's current records were set there. Yes, scores were mostly grossly inflated and ongoing issues were ignored but that's still happening now and official records are official records. His combined score as it is counts towards his progressive scores. I think it's fair to want to put it in his wiki, regardless of whatever true sentiments that are behind it. I'm glad it's there because then it isn't swept under the carpet and people know Hanyu can be beaten when he isn't at his best. It's sad when that happens and we all sulk about it but as fans, we accept and acknowledge his losses. Because we all know that Hanyu's always been a one-step-backward-twenty-steps-forward kinda guy so when he's at his best, we know that no one sane can argue that he truly deserves his win. It's because of this I feel that his losses and the records showing them serve a greater purpose. They accentuate his greatness even more when he does skate his best. This clearly proves he doesn't get propped up when he isn't at his very best and when he is, his win is completely by his own merit because then he's just on a different level altogether, even in a field as deep as the one we're seeing now. And people will just have to accept and acknowledge that. :o) Works better than bickering back and forth, imo, even if we can't help but still do it, lol.