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  1. Hmm seems like I may have misinterpreted your words earlier (looks like you're not the only one guilty of it, sorry bout that) so I'm editing this: I didn't look at this board for a while. When I did and saw your comment, even though it was weeks ago and should hardly matter, I couldn't just leave it, because it was misleading. All in all, it doesn't matter much to me what happens from here on out although i have to thank you for being willing to try on your part. I intend to participate less in discussions anyhow. Since I tend to be long-winded and opinionated, it's pr
  2. You...seem to always miss the point I try to make. Or simply misunderstand what I say. Is it my writing style? Cos I know exactly what a phenomenon means, albeit I appreciate your effort in outlining the definition to me in case I didn't. Basically, I wasn't saying that he wasn't one. I was saying that he's more than one. Unless you wish to argue that a phenomenon is all he is, and nothing more. Like I said, I'm well aware of the difference, and I'm only defending the ones who haven't crossed the line but are being judged as though they have. I see nothing wro
  3. Lol, I dunno. Maybe it's just me but with the way he and his every little action get gushed about over here and elsewhere (see: all of Japan), and the amount of stuffed toys he gets pelted with after each performance (and talks about pelting him with more stuffed toys in more varied designs) it's kinda hard to tell the difference. Not that it's a bad thing, since it's all in harmless fun and the guy does bring out that side in many of us in our happy (and did I say harmless?) appreciation of all things him, but it's also kinda funny that so many of us here seem to side-eye others for idol wor
  4. Aw. But that's what makes the guy special though. He's beyond simply an athlete. He's a phenomenon, and there isn't a right or wrong way to appreciate one, I think. People can appreciate him however they want so long as they don't cross a line, I feel. It's not like there are rules as to how one should enjoy something or someone that makes them happy. Guy's also bringing in much needed cash and popularity to the sport and he is creating opportunities for others to shine with the crowd exposure he brings in. That said, it's really all up to them to convince the audience they've got something sp
  5. I dunno about other factors but I think a lot of it has to do with the ladies' discipline being more popular among casual audience than the men's one. It's come a long way since but general popularity still weighs a lot heavier on the ladies' side (and I'm assuming the fact that it's still seen as a girly sport doesn't really do the men's discipline a lot of favors either). Coupled with the fact the guy doesn't exactly put himself out there in the commercial market (he has like, what, a grand total of 5 endorsement contracts of mostly super practical and boring products that he does promotiona
  6. Oh, that's easy. - get his senpais to notice him - brush up elements - build massive amounts of stamina - get his senpais to notice him - incorporate new elements - kick everyone's proverbial asses - get his senpais to notice him I think I'm ready for harder questions now =D I gotta wonder...does he recycle costume gloves? I mean he's bound to have spare ones lying around. Are the current ones part of his R&J 2.0 ensemble? Soooo curious...
  7. With Origin...who knows? Maybe he's trying to take revenge on never having skated LGC clean and not being able to skate the Hanyu Ultimate Extravaganza® on the Olympic stage all in one go. And Otoñal's like the not-so-calm calm before that storm or something. Lol. Even if he meant what he said about not caring before, it's kind of out of his hands now. 263 is his current personal best--with an FS tech score that's actually pretty lollable for someone of his caliber--and a guy's gotta keep his reputation. With this, he's somehow managed to land himself in a chasing positio
  8. (Or maybe it *wasn't* a typo and what I actually meant was English is my fighting language. xxD)
  9. Lol. Ironic isn't it? Of all places to commit a typo. I guess I don't have any language I can claim to use well but the gibberish one I get reduced to using when my thoughts are coming out faster than my mouth could form words for them and the words all end up running together. I thought that wouldn't happen when I write them down but I guess I don't have that either. You got me. I've got nothing. I'm not great at anything and even when I thought I had at least communication on my side, it turns out that I don't after all. I'm a good-for-nothing that ends all good-for-
  10. The leader of my team at work spent his whole life in his small rice and fishing village hometown in Japan before realizing he wanted more out of life and went abroad on his own with minimal English (made worse by the fact he's from the absolute boonies...like the nearest 7-11 was a 15-minute bike ride away sort of boonies and he always sounds jokingly defensive when saying stuff like how his family house has at least the Intarnetz and his bathtub and toilet at home were proper modern ones...when I wasn't even asking xD). After graduating from uni (which he did in Tokyo--he's one of the few fr
  11. I think he definitely has them. He probably didn't have them as clear as later at the very beginning of his senior career. Perhaps back then it was more like what you said. But as he advanced, he definitely started forming a more concrete idea of what they might be. The actions he chose to take and the trajectory that his career took based on them tells me that he had a keen sense of what he wanted, or at least one that became keener the further he went along, even if it was never one that zeroed in on being at the very pinnacle of the sport. Fernandez didn't get to where he is today by simply
  12. Strictly my opinion but I think the reason Fernandez is able to be that way in an environment as competitive as this is cos his competitive drive wasn't the kind that saw him absolutely wanting to be at the very top and the very best. He has a goal and enough drive to reach it but his goal was one where he could realistically achieve with his drive. Sometimes, he shoots past it and it's great when he does but his aim remains consistently at a lower altitude because it is more realistic for him and in keeping to it, he may sometimes outdo himself or underperform but if he keeps at it long enoug
  13. Lol. I always find going the roundabout way to refer to someone, especially when it isn't necessary, makes that someone even bigger of a deal than simply referring them to straight out. I mean, it's a lot more trouble to take. So you're actually making it about that person even more by bringing them up in the first place before anybody else could and then reinforcing it further by deliberately not referring to them by their names. >_< Anyway, it's interesting, all these skaters and their different personalities. But, I wouldn't read too deeply behind the intentions of those
  14. Oh I see. Well. No need for others to make it about Hanyu then, when he already went and did it all by himself, lol.
  15. I'm confused. What music is his student using?
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