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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I do wonder, though, what Hanyu would have done and subsequently become had there been someone like him in the field back when he was and up-and-comer. Or what Jin, Uno and Chen would be doing now if FS never had Hanyu. >_< Chan would probably have won his Oly gold and retired. And Fernandez's success would be a huge question mark since it, as far as outside forces go, seems to be due to a combination of having Orser as his coach (and by extension TCC as a training ground), and Hanyu as both a training mate and rival. Not sure if the outcome for him would be the same if his recipe is missing one of those ingredients. Hanyu himself, had he never gotten into fs, would probably still end up an athlete (between the boundless energy he's been said to have as a kid, his highly competitive and absolutely fearless nature, and Japan being a sport-crazy nation, it's highly unlikely he wouldn't have ended up as one anyway), stirring up sh*t in whatever sport he's turned out to do instead. I just can't imagine him to simply quietly exist. Guy just isn't the sort, fs or no fs. >_<
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    In their defense, I'm thinking they don't have a choice if they want to be competitive, with Hanyu tearing down the previous landscape of men's fs and repainted it in his colors, and Jin kicking down the doors of the 4Z and dragging it repeatedly into competition. Also, I got a rather distinct vibe that ISU needed more top contenders in the field to "shake things up" in order to bring in more audiences, which is why they are getting way more PCS and GOEs than they truly deserve, which in turn is telling them to keep at it if they want to have any chance at all at being somewhere on top (while Mt. Hanyu, the big brother of tiny lil' Everest, is still very much an active volcano). Those that Fernandez and especially Hanyu were chasing weren't doing things in the field that required them to do the same way back when, which was how they could afford the time to grow more organically, something which I think all of us are truly grateful for. I, for one, am not too upset by what's going on now, because the selfish part of me thinks that all of these are good for Hanyu and his mentality. It seems to have the reverse effect on Chan and Fernandez, though, since theirs is a different stance and mindset.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Let's be real, it's gonna afflict him anywhere he is. It's just a matter of choosing somewhere that has less potential triggers and when it does happen, his family can for sure get him to a place that can provide medical assistance in a timely fashion even if they were to not drive. Out of the three, Toronto is probably the only one that checks all those boxes. You know, there's been a number of people credited for his move. That Spin the Dream thing Asahi did on him credited Yutaka Higuchi, who has a long-standing friendship with Brian, then here Shirota seems to indicate she played a major part, and then there's Hanyu himself crediting Fernandez. Methinks Higuchi came up with the suggestion first, Shirota put it on the shortlist and Hanyu ultimately decided based on who he wanted to train with. Think the only way he'll feel sure that he's the rightful winner is if he skated everything *exactly* the way he intended, or better. Anything less and it'd be insecure central for him. Guess that's how it is for those who innately know exactly how good they really are. And maybe this is the only other way he'd be happy with a win without two perfect performances. A comeback in the form of an FS skated to perfection, or damn near it. Though I'm not sure if it applies to the Olys since the circumstances are different. He had bungled two WCs prior and he really needed this one because of that, and with these two losses prior and Helsinki determining who gets to go into the Olys as World Champion, he really needed to prove to himself he can get what he badly wants if he puts his mind to it. PC, on the other hand, is supposed to be his chance at a redemption for his Sochi win (which he likely thinks is flawed due to being marred by a less than perfect FS), overwriting the uncertain vibes it gave him, and convince him that he deserves both that and this one. What the...thought she was at most in her 50s! She doesn't look a single day over that!
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Truth be told, I actually enjoyed Yuzuru Method more than I did the Aoi Honoo books. Maybe it's cos I enjoy reading and hearing what others say about him more than hearing him talk about himself. I also seem to prefer opinion articles and blogs written about him and programs that talk about him, no matter how long or short, than actual news about him and interviews with him, though the latter is, of course, always welcome. xD Whatever this is, if it's an honest-to-goodness book about him and there's a lot of text in it, I'll likely be buyin' it. >_<
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Here's my take on this thing he wrote almost a decade ago: "The coach and people from the fed said good things about me, but it's also like I'm being told this is all I can do and it's good enough, which really drove me nuts." Lol. Why do people keep saying he wrote these books himself like he actually sat down and deliberately thought up words to be specifically published as a book? Everything published under his name is more compilation of the things he's said or written as some kind of journal entry or anecdotes of his utterances. I mean the entry-style writing in Aoi Honoo II I guess can technically be said were written by him but if these are basically just a bunch of stuff he's said in interviews, calling it "written by" sounds like a bit of a stretch. >_< Don't get me wrong, if the words are wholly his and published into book format, he should be credited as the author but introducing the book as being written by him, unless inverted commas are used, just strikes me as very odd choice of words. Of course, I may have understood what's being said here wrongly. What does interviews "by himself" mean anyway? *Ordering it when it comes out*
  6. General Skating Chat

    I see! So the only way he could insert 5 quads without sacrificing a 3A is by incorporating the 4z, just like @kiches said. Doesn't sound like he has much of a choice then, if a five-quad-two-3A layout is what he wants. Thanks vm for the splanation! ^^
  7. General Skating Chat

    Ohhhh! I actually never knew that! So you can't repeat more than two types of jump element? Even as a tack-on for combinations?
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh you mean he needed at least 3 standalone quads for that to happen? I guess that makes sense... Still, I think pride (and greed xD) has a lot to do with it. Like, if he were to win, he wants to do it with a BV that isn't significantly trailing behind others, despite being ahead of others in pretty much everything else. Because winning with one of the highest BV in the field has always been a major part of his modus operandi. He sees all these other dudes challenging him and he wants to rise to them. Which I guess is consistent with his mindset of being a challenger instead of a leader. That, or the dude just basically wants everything. >_<
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Ah...so those American published articles were actually right when they said he incorporated it to stay competitive with Dynamo Nate and the rest. I've always been puzzled why he did that instead of simply adding another 4T to his previous layout to make it 5, since the 4Lo is still a pretty new toy and it takes him a while to stabilize new jumps enough for decent success rates. >_<
  10. [TV Broadcast] NNN Documentary

    I wasn't planning on watching this when it gets uploaded like I haven't been watching recent features on him since I find them repetitive but if this is the case, I'll watch just to hear this guy narrate. Don't think I've heard him narrate a documentary or a real world feature before lol. The second one's pretty close! ^-^ He said it may be the second Oly of his career but he's going to go at it like it's his first. Which is kinda the opposite of what Uno said in his Oly team selection speech (he said it's his first Oly but he'd be going into it like it's his last), but with the same sentiment behind it. Everything else looks pretty much perfect to me. Oh, and did you transcribe that, btw? That's some kickass work. I myself suck at transcribing. In any language.
  11. And here's the accompanying interview (his bit spans the first 4 minutes of the video):
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Hmm. I don't think what I'm about to say warrants hiding but if it's the whole subject itself you find may be upsetting to people (and understandably so), then I shall comply.
  13. So I came across this again the other day: This is the Kozuki Sports Award and Athlete Acknowledgment Ceremony that was held back in 2014. Hanyu was awarded the biggest award there for his achievements, and was the representative chosen to speak on behalf of athletes who were awarded in the event. He gave a speech that's a little over 4 minutes long which I haven't seen a translation for floating around, though I very well could have missed it. If one does exist, here's the version I did of it anyway: (Speech starts at the 9:17. If your want to see him accepting his award, it's starts at 7:29, right before his speech.)
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Lol, and here I am still hoping and thinking it entirely possible (like a 50% chance kind of possible, based on rough statistics) that he'll present clean skates in the individual events. Would I bet on it? Well...since it *is* what I want to see and 50% seems high enough plus I'm feeling lucky...call me a fool but here's all my money. Even if my feeling deceives me and I end up losing the money, no one can say I didnt have faith in the dude. >_< And I wouldn't lose it either, if it doesn't turn out the way I hope. He's bound to go clean at some point, even if not at the Olys, haha. I'll always be betting on the dude, even if my brain disagrees with my heart and tells me not to. XP And yeeeah, this is how I make major life decisions, as well. Needless to say, I'm not exactly swimming in money but I *am* happy and most decidedly *not* quite in the poorhouse either, since I save up most of what I win when I do hit the jackpot, hehe.
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh, okay then. Wasn't able to tell since I seemed to have missed any indications there may have been ^^; You basically echo Sano-sensei, I think, and I do think there's a lot of truth in it. But I guess it's not unreasonable for people to think that way either as we can only gauge from the things that we can see. Comp-seasoned Hanyu is enough of a wild card as it is, a comp-withdrawal one would be the gun in Russian roulette.