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  1. I subbed this back in 2020 but didn't upload it on streaming sites because the original video was made by kanakolo on YouTube. For some reason, it didn't cross my mind to at least share the link here. It's almost two years late but hopefully, it's better late than never. ^^; Would apprereciate if this isn't uploaded or shared anywhere else. Thanks.
  2. Hmm seems like I may have misinterpreted your words earlier (looks like you're not the only one guilty of it, sorry bout that) so I'm editing this: I didn't look at this board for a while. When I did and saw your comment, even though it was weeks ago and should hardly matter, I couldn't just leave it, because it was misleading. All in all, it doesn't matter much to me what happens from here on out although i have to thank you for being willing to try on your part. I intend to participate less in discussions anyhow. Since I tend to be long-winded and opinionated, it's prolly time I spared everyone that >_<. The less words spoken, the less chances of being misunderstood, right? To steer this back to Hanyu before I take my leave, hmm...wow...I have absolutely nothing to say about him. That's gotta be a first. Funny it's also one of the last. Lol! Well, see y'all around!
  3. You...seem to always miss the point I try to make. Or simply misunderstand what I say. Is it my writing style? Cos I know exactly what a phenomenon means, albeit I appreciate your effort in outlining the definition to me in case I didn't. Basically, I wasn't saying that he wasn't one. I was saying that he's more than one. Unless you wish to argue that a phenomenon is all he is, and nothing more. Like I said, I'm well aware of the difference, and I'm only defending the ones who haven't crossed the line but are being judged as though they have. I see nothing wrong with taking vacation days to see him in comps (because how else are you supposed to spend your hard-earned vacation days if not to make yourself happy?) and thinking up of banners to make for him and regarding his comps as a rock concert of sorts because for all intents and purposes, he turns all comps that feature him into one. In case you're not sure about what I'm referring to, which you probably aren't given what you said and the way you said it, it's this: This is exactly what many of us do here anyway and they spoke about it as though it's worrying behavior which I took mild offense in. I mean their dad probably doesn't know the difference between crazy fans and fans who are simply dedicated, given he is probably a middle-aged dude (heck I didn't until I became a fan of Hanyu myself) but they basically just called out most everyone here as excessive fans, from the very meager example they gave. If the examples they gave are what the kpop fans do, and what they're doing is distasteful, then I guess we're all as guilty as they are, aren't we? Although I'm guessing kpop fans normally go way beyond just these given that idol worship is exactly what these kpop artistes thrive on. And no doubt there are this sort nestled among the Hanyu fandom (him looking like one of them kpop idols prolly doesn't help matters much) and well, I'm going to refrain from commenting on them since theirs is a culture I can hardly understand. And you know what's funny? I may say "we" but I'm really not even offended on my own behalf seeing as I have never attended a single comp and don't harbor any serious intentions to and even if I do end up going to one at some point (as much as I dislike the nerves, I really wouldn't mind going as he seems to always bring the house down wherever he goes to compete, and if that isn't rock concert phenomenon, I dunno what is--and you know what, I like rock concerts, more than I ever will figure skating comps, and if that makes me an excessive fan, well then, I'm happy to be one), fat chance I'll be able to get off my lazy ass to make a banner or spend my hard-earned money on buying expensive gifts to throw (which given my woeful throwing arm, is probably gonna land halfway down somebody's shirt three rows in front, plus I also would have spent most of my money on tickets and travel). But I do admire people who are able and willing to make the effort to make the guy happy with their thoughtful gestures. It's fannish behavior, sure, but what do you expect from fans of someone as charismatic and inspirational and beyond phenomenal as Hanyu is? Casual fan behavior? That would mean Hanyu isn't a phenomenon at all but he is, more than that even, so I don't consider it excessive and find it insulting when people insinuate that it is, especially when excessive is exactly what you and @Yatagarasu described. I wasn't defending his crazier fans, I was defending the people here. I'm surprised no one else but me found that comment a bit off-putting, and a bunch of people here even liked it. I mean, I'm aware that the person probably didn't mean anything hurtful by it, judging from the tone of everything else they said, but still. Anyway, this is all I'm going to say on this matter. I hope I managed to get my point clearly across this time but if not, I give up. I don't think we'll ever know because one of the biggest limitations of the human body is time. I'm of the mind that it is these roadblocks and him overcoming them that make up the exact reason why he is who he is today. Without them, he'll probably be much weaker because it's in overcoming these tests that he becomes stronger. Not just him, but humans in general. He just has a stronger mind than most, which makes him exceptional because the average human mind is actually plenty strong. Sure, his mental fortitude may not be the greatest but what he lacks in that department, he more than makes up for in offensive mental strength. >_<
  4. Lol, I dunno. Maybe it's just me but with the way he and his every little action get gushed about over here and elsewhere (see: all of Japan), and the amount of stuffed toys he gets pelted with after each performance (and talks about pelting him with more stuffed toys in more varied designs) it's kinda hard to tell the difference. Not that it's a bad thing, since it's all in harmless fun and the guy does bring out that side in many of us in our happy (and did I say harmless?) appreciation of all things him, but it's also kinda funny that so many of us here seem to side-eye others for idol worshipping behavior but then turn around and talk about these other things like what we're doing ourselves are nowhere near the same. Perhaps they aren't, not 100%, but I can't help but feel there's still something eerily similar between the two, so much so that it doesn't leave a lot of room for most of us here to criticize others. Anyway, I'm well aware of what the differences are supposed to be. What I'm saying is that with Hanyu the lines are blurred because of reasons. And a lot of his fans who aren't particularly fans of figure skating or even sports, have their eyes opened by him and now have a more open attitude towards sports. Those who have more of a tendency to enjoy idols also see something in him and, perhaps not all, but a lot of them are aware he's an athlete first and foremost. But even while moved by his endeavors and achievements, not being sporting fans or having vast experience supporting athletes, they are going to support him the only way they know how. So long as they don't step over certain lines (things more rampant in idol worshipping culture like invasion of privacy, delusions of the proprietary sort, misbehaving in competitions--basically the stuff you highlighted), I prefer not to judge how they want to enjoy the Hanyu Experience. Hanyu is Hanyu because despite being an athlete, there seems to be something in him for everyone. From toughened athletes who openly admire and respect him to, well, idol-appreciating fangirls (and boys). Just part of what makes the guy special and subsequently, who and what he is, I feel. As far as I can tell, you can't neatly categorize him as a skater or an athlete, because he's more than that, nor can you neatly categorize him as a phenomenon, come to think of it, because he colors outside of those lines as well. You just can't put him inside a box. It just can't be done. I guess he described himself best when he said that he is nothing more or less than what and who he is. Whatever that is.
  5. Aw. But that's what makes the guy special though. He's beyond simply an athlete. He's a phenomenon, and there isn't a right or wrong way to appreciate one, I think. People can appreciate him however they want so long as they don't cross a line, I feel. It's not like there are rules as to how one should enjoy something or someone that makes them happy. Guy's also bringing in much needed cash and popularity to the sport and he is creating opportunities for others to shine with the crowd exposure he brings in. That said, it's really all up to them to convince the audience they've got something special, too. And sides, whoever goes to a comp with the main intention of seeing him, that's basically the same as going to a concert. While he's undeniably the headliner in shows that feature him now, any comps he's in, even though it's unintentional, he's now always the main act. And this ain't unique to him either. This has always been the case for popular high-flying skaters. He just so happens to bring in a more passionate and vocal crowd. Which, given what he presents on ice and his accomplishments, is only natural. Awesome point. One that I already knew but hadn't thought of when sharing my thoughts on this topic. Thanks for bringing it up. ^^ Unless we're talking about costumes, he doesn't at all do flashy. But while understated, the stuff he wears off ice are *really* nice stuff most of the time. But yeah, the choices he has made so far all seem to indicate someone wise beyond his years. I'm older than him by quite a bit but I find myself learning a lot by example.
  6. I dunno about other factors but I think a lot of it has to do with the ladies' discipline being more popular among casual audience than the men's one. It's come a long way since but general popularity still weighs a lot heavier on the ladies' side (and I'm assuming the fact that it's still seen as a girly sport doesn't really do the men's discipline a lot of favors either). Coupled with the fact the guy doesn't exactly put himself out there in the commercial market (he has like, what, a grand total of 5 endorsement contracts of mostly super practical and boring products that he does promotional content for once every 500 years?), well, it's pretty darn impressive how popular he is despite being an athlete from a niche discipline in a niche sport *and* with the scant commercial outings he's had. As was displayed at this year's ACI, it seems to be reaching a fever pitch, in fact. Guy's practically achieved mega rockstardom. Anyway, the way I see it, Kim had neither these hurdles nor the penchant for commercial abstinence which, together with her talent, beauty and sporting success, was why I suppose her popularity exploded upwards and outwards, which she then very cleverly took advantage of to gain stronger international presence. Hanyu could probably head down that path if he wants to after retiring but who knows with this guy. He could easily just disappear from the face of the earth to hole himself up somewhere doing research of whatever he wants to invest himself into* and appearing only in ice shows and charity stuff every so often to appease the showman and do-gooder in him. Chances are he'll stay involved with the sport one way or another. Whether it be an active role that sees him in the spotlight every now and again or one that has him primarily in the background remains to be seen. *Judging from his scope of interests, there's also the part-time pro-gaming path he could consider dabbling with, or he could look into going into the sound industry--a cave from which I'm pretty sure we'll never see him emerge from again.
  7. Oh, that's easy. - get his senpais to notice him - brush up elements - build massive amounts of stamina - get his senpais to notice him - incorporate new elements - kick everyone's proverbial asses - get his senpais to notice him I think I'm ready for harder questions now =D I gotta wonder...does he recycle costume gloves? I mean he's bound to have spare ones lying around. Are the current ones part of his R&J 2.0 ensemble? Soooo curious...
  8. With Origin...who knows? Maybe he's trying to take revenge on never having skated LGC clean and not being able to skate the Hanyu Ultimate Extravaganza® on the Olympic stage all in one go. And Otoñal's like the not-so-calm calm before that storm or something. Lol. Even if he meant what he said about not caring before, it's kind of out of his hands now. 263 is his current personal best--with an FS tech score that's actually pretty lollable for someone of his caliber--and a guy's gotta keep his reputation. With this, he's somehow managed to land himself in a chasing position. Again. Not that he hadn't already started the season as a chaser, being lower ranking on the world standing now, heh. I...really wish I hadn't seen that.
  9. (Or maybe it *wasn't* a typo and what I actually meant was English is my fighting language. xxD)
  10. Lol. Ironic isn't it? Of all places to commit a typo. I guess I don't have any language I can claim to use well but the gibberish one I get reduced to using when my thoughts are coming out faster than my mouth could form words for them and the words all end up running together. I thought that wouldn't happen when I write them down but I guess I don't have that either. You got me. I've got nothing. I'm not great at anything and even when I thought I had at least communication on my side, it turns out that I don't after all. I'm a good-for-nothing that ends all good-for-nothings. And hey! That's something! >.<
  11. The leader of my team at work spent his whole life in his small rice and fishing village hometown in Japan before realizing he wanted more out of life and went abroad on his own with minimal English (made worse by the fact he's from the absolute boonies...like the nearest 7-11 was a 15-minute bike ride away sort of boonies and he always sounds jokingly defensive when saying stuff like how his family house has at least the Intarnetz and his bathtub and toilet at home were proper modern ones...when I wasn't even asking xD). After graduating from uni (which he did in Tokyo--he's one of the few from his hometown to move out of it to further his education) and working for about a year or so, he went on to spend slightly more than half a decade in foreign countries and even now spends most of his time while not at work at either the gym or at his study desk at home slaving away at his grammar books. The guy said he wasn't exactly the sort to enjoy studying either when I asked if he did a lot of it back in school, but he also said learning wasn't a priority where he came from because people just settled with whatever jobs that are available at home, and most of them don't require a high education. Now he invests a lot of time in studying the English language (to a point where it's a hobby) and he'd compile a bunch of questions to ask me whenever we happen to share a shift. His textbooks (not the Japanese sort either, he uses the ones that gives explanations in English) are all marked and tabbed in an extremely orderly fashion so he can keep tabs on his progress and reach his goals. o.O And then there are his notes.......he doesn't strike me as an overly neat and orderly person (he's pretty average in that department) but if you looked at his textbook and his notes, you'd think he has some kind of mild OCD or something. Currently, even though he's able to understand it quite easily when spoken at him and while he's fluent enough, he still has trouble expressing himself properly in English and even though his brain gets the idea of most of the pronunciation, there are still a lot he can't wrap his head around and even those he could he can't execute cos his mouth doesn't have the muscle memory, the Japanese syllabic system and its phonetics so deeply ingrained into him he just automatically kana-izes some of his words when he speaks.* And this is coming from someone who has high interest in the language and invests a lot of time in studying it and whom I consider speaks quite well. Although, I must say, I keep telling him that doing theory is great and all but he also needs to move beyond his textbook into the practical realm and actually read, watch and listen to things in English that are within his scope of interest so that his advanced knowledge gets put to use and he'll learn more from there but he seems to have less interest in doing those so maybe that's what's hindering his practical progress. Hanyu doesn't strike me as having that kind of deep interest in language required to master a second one and since he doesn't exactly submerge himself in social environments that would enable him to subconsciously become more proficient conversationally, his lack of fluency is not really a surprise. But because he has to communicate with his coaching team in English, I'm guessing he 's at least able to subconsciously improve his pronunciation that way and have natural native fillers like "you know" and "right" stick to him easier. >.< *And let's face it, English grammar is both confusing and hard. Even for me, who uses English as a first language, among all the languages I've studied, still find English and its grammatical system the most confusing. xD Yay, a kindred spirit! Though it should probably come as no surprise to some of you. Lol.
  12. I think he definitely has them. He probably didn't have them as clear as later at the very beginning of his senior career. Perhaps back then it was more like what you said. But as he advanced, he definitely started forming a more concrete idea of what they might be. The actions he chose to take and the trajectory that his career took based on them tells me that he had a keen sense of what he wanted, or at least one that became keener the further he went along, even if it was never one that zeroed in on being at the very pinnacle of the sport. Fernandez didn't get to where he is today by simply winging it, even if his demeanor and laidback attitude may indicate otherwise sometimes. But that question you raised about him having the same success without Hanyu being himself egging others on, well, if I have to be honest, I do wonder about that too sometimes, because when you think about those two, your thoughts would inevitably lead towards there. But we can only wonder because it's moot anyhow, seeing as how things have turned out in this case, are meant to turn out the way they did. Or that's what I choose to believe, anyway.
  13. Strictly my opinion but I think the reason Fernandez is able to be that way in an environment as competitive as this is cos his competitive drive wasn't the kind that saw him absolutely wanting to be at the very top and the very best. He has a goal and enough drive to reach it but his goal was one where he could realistically achieve with his drive. Sometimes, he shoots past it and it's great when he does but his aim remains consistently at a lower altitude because it is more realistic for him and in keeping to it, he may sometimes outdo himself or underperform but if he keeps at it long enough, he'll somehow reach it, since he's been consistently in the vicinity of it for a few years now. Chan and Hanyu share this desire to dominate but where Hanyu has more than enough fire, hunger and ironically humility in him to see him get to where he wants, Chan lacks that essential ingredient as a competitor that would allow him to dominate a field that was biting at his ankles. The guy seemed to exist in a bubble that he thought no one would ever be able to penetrate or move past while Hanyu took the no-bubble approach instead. That guy was all about going around and assimilating, making his own and using the very things people are using to chase him down to instead increase the distance. Fernandez being the way he is means he can train with fellow field competitors and Hanyu being the way he is can also train with fellow field competitors, albeit their stances are the complete opposite of one another. Chan seems to need to not have serious competitors to stay on top, the big fish in a small pond type. Not because he didn't have the skill to go beyond. He did. What he lacked was what he didn't: ego towards his competitors. Hanyu, on the other hand, is a bloodthirsty meg who also has brains that match the size of his hunger, whose ego is more one that's directed purely at his own skating. Looking back, Chan never really stood a chance. Fernandez, with his relatively smaller and more humble ambitions, which in turn, allowed him to have a more open attitude and very small ego towards others in the field, on the other hand, did. Remember, I'm not talking about skill here, but purely competitive drive/mentality. And because it's natural, I feel that all the things these three have achieved, in all their peaks and valleys, are what they are meant to achieve, based on the way they are, or rather, who they are. Sure, a lot has to do with how they have all been shaped by their experiences but ultimately, I feel most of what they have or don't have now are natural born. The potential capacity for each, and their corresponding limits, those have to be natural, I think.
  14. Lol. I always find going the roundabout way to refer to someone, especially when it isn't necessary, makes that someone even bigger of a deal than simply referring them to straight out. I mean, it's a lot more trouble to take. So you're actually making it about that person even more by bringing them up in the first place before anybody else could and then reinforcing it further by deliberately not referring to them by their names. >_< Anyway, it's interesting, all these skaters and their different personalities. But, I wouldn't read too deeply behind the intentions of those few written words, especially when English isn't exactly Ge's strongest suit.
  15. Oh I see. Well. No need for others to make it about Hanyu then, when he already went and did it all by himself, lol.
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