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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Aw, I think the picture itself is a good one. The ta-da! pose is very nicely done and they managed to capture a good expression on his face. It's just them thinking the washed-out sepia tone is a good idea that's a little mind-boggling. I mean, if the idea was gold, there are a million and one better ways to execute it. Now it just looks like they left the posters out in the sun for a bit too long. Who knows, maybe the boss of this campaign likes it this way. And what the boss says, goes. Especially in Japan.
  2. Fanart

    My jaw. I dropped it. And now I can't find it. Please. If anyone here sees it, pleeeease report it to the lost and found.
  3. Some interesting things beings said here that I felt deserve fuller context, since we've only gotten fragments so far, so here y'all go. (I only did the questions that were addressed directly to the guests and skipped all the pure MC bits about P&G. Just follow the time stamps if you want to know where exactly in the video the things below are being said.) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't think I understood you wrong, though. Your word choices tell me that you deliberately wanted to sound upset but actually weren't and were really kidding. So I think I got you. But I failed in communicating my end of the humor. So, sorry about that, I guess. I write it the same way you do, too. So I guess I feel your pain. And well, dude's a numbers guy so I guess that explains a little why his writing is all at straight and sharp angles and looks blocky, lol. And I think his roman letters are rounded because any language that's not Japanese and doesn't involve kanji is probably still a vague concept to him. xxD
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    With words like "agonizing" and "disappointed", I took it that you wanted to sound like you were complaining but were really jesting. Which was why I was using the term "complaining" loosely. Guess it didn't come through seeing as text based messages can be rather limiting.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    The diagonal ones? Which you and Hydro are complaining he cheats on by making them vertical instead? Lol. So long as it's legible I guess. This cheat technique is quite common with native writers who aren't picky about calligraphy, I think.
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    His writing in Japanese is very angular but his roman letters are all roundish. Lol. Talk about duality. I don't have this problem with「生」but I do have it with certain other kanji like「五」so「平昌五輪」would inevitably end up looking like「平昌五輪」when I write it out. Lol. It's quite frustrating. I thought WRs don't exist for National Championships since they aren't under the jurisdiction of ISU? But whatever records are set there would be national records, I reckon, in which case, what are the current ones and whose are they? I know the SP one likely is his but I dunno about FS and overall. I think that's cos most fans, the ones who earnestly root for him, really only want for him what he wants for himself. So it's different. ^^ 「羽 」is a 6-stroke kanji, though...?
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh he wants them medals alrite. And that PC one is a childhood goal of his, prolly long before he even knew what complete skating meant. Sochi was more a pipe dream that somehow turned into reality for him. Which makes the PC one even closer now. Like, plan A was to take both and plan B was to do good at Sochi and get all the EXP he can to kick ass at the final stage at PC. But he knew plan B has always been the more realistic one, and even though he skated as though he was putting plan A into action, there's a part of him that knew he had plan B to fall back onto, and it's a real possibilty that he would. As it turns out, though, he ended up with a chance to continue executing plan A, which means more than simply kicking ass at PC now. It means...well, it means what we're all seeing now and him emerging on top of it all, like some kind of Genghis Khan of FS or something. Which ties in to what you said to be his true goal. Underneath it all, lies this true goal* and with it, together with his experience in Sochi, he now knows it's not simply winning that second gold he wants, it's winning it the way he wants. And in his head, it's not a 50-50 thing, like the rest of the world think it is (myself included). For him, it's a done deal and he's going to make it happen. No plan B this time. Just...he may now allow himself a bit more wiggle room in how he wants to do it after this mishap. Whether or not he takes advantage of it, though, is still a complete mystery. *Ultimately, I think his true goal is a much greedier one. Like, part of it was skating a program that blends difficult tech with artistry, which, as he matures, evolved into wanting complete mastery (which is what he really needs to achieve his goal of a complete program anyway) and when he achieves that, then he achieves the other part, which is to have all the gold come raining down upon him (he's shown that he possesses this shallow side to him, as well). Basically, the guy wants *everything*. And that, I feel, is his true goal.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Well, they do always say he's too good to be existing on the three dimensional plane...(his colors look washed out though) He does take life experiences into careful consideration. The choices he made back then was based on both who he was at heart and the experiences he's had up to then. The choices he makes now will be based on both the wider breadth of experiences he's had since (and will continue to have right up until his name is called at the Olys) and who he still is at heart. There may be some suggestions he'll accept as sound advice from those he recognizes as knowing better based on their own experiences (and sharing wisdom he's gained from his own experiences *is* something he hopes to perhaps make a career out of himself someday, might I add) but ultimately, he'll walk the path that leaves him with zero regrets because he's proven to be the sort who's incapable of lying to himself when it comes to the big picture. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. And so long as he keeps being this way, whatever the results are from here on out, he'll always have my support. (:
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Really??? I didn't dare to hope but...oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! *is about to gush out an embarrassing love confession but composes self in time* Ahem, well then. Know that I appreciate you. And your antics. Very much. Like to the ends of the planet and back. *discreetly nudges a couple of Kumamon YouTube videos, posters and pap photos that spilled out from under the slit of the closet door back inside with foot*
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh, that's a message from Sendai broadcasting. *nods* That's right. The truth is, we won't ever know. Much like life itself, there are never any guarantees to these things. Which is why this whole thing is so exciting in the first place. The possibilities are both anxiety-inducing and exhilarating. Usually at the same time. Not the kinda stimulation anyone would recommend for heart patients. Since it can go either way whichever path he picks, using the brain is moot. Which leaves the only thing for Hanyu himself to do is to go for what his heart tells him. He's actually basically doing the same thing everybody's doing. Staying within his comfort zone. It's just that his definition of it is...slightly...different. If he skated to his 2015/2016 layout, there's a very decent chance he'll be able to skate clean. That much is true. But very decent isn't a guarantee and on a less good day, he could still very well make mistakes on triples. And the fact that the challenge is less would mean his brain would be both warring with itself *and* his heart and for Yuzuru Hanyu, that's a one-way ticket to implosion, high difficulty or no high difficulty. So it's not like taking the easier path would be the no-brainer of a solution for him like it would be for most others. Either way he picks, there's always going to be a huge risk involved but based on his pattern in past competitions, his successes seem to be more skewed towards when he challenges himself (i.e.: his comfort zone). His brain is going to make noise either way but this way, at least it would be warring with only itself since his heart is appeased. Like @KatjaThera said, it's not a matter of whether or not he can do it. He can. But whether or not he'll be able to do it at the time he prefers, well that's another thing altogether. People like to say he has a choice, but looking at it from this perspective, the choice he has made, has always made, is the only one he ever could. His very character dictates that if he wants to win, the only way he's always done it is the only way he can pick to do it. With this injury, perhaps he'll feel another path is now open to him but we won't know until he comes back. ...Kumamon himself wouldn't have been able to come up with something better. He's probably thinking you just took the whole thing from his brain and that you've done him proud. I've got nothing against Hersh but this is too funny. And not even a little bit disturbing. Nope, not at all!
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    His features have developed a bit more, true, and are subtly more mature if you take a closer look, but I think the size of of his head didn't change all that much. It only appears so in the picture cos the camera is focused closer in the newer picture. Everything is proportionally bigger in the left picture cos of that, which you can also tell because his chin got cut off sooner. Is that his event ID mugshot for this season? He's got a few other mugshots that would look like classic/actual mugshots if he were holding up a board displaying his criminal record number below, lol. This two aren't any of them, though.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    I can spot the differences but without the guide below those pictures, I won't be able to tell which is taken before which. But I'll probably still pick the left to be newer cos...well, the background looks newer.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Lol that's very true. I wasn't so sure when @Danibellerika said she heard through the grapevine and decided to wait a bit but when someone says he's been spotted, it sounds more plausible somehow. I don't need photographic evidence because looking at ones not taken officially or with the consent of the subject always gives me an uncomfortable feeling, even when I just happen to come across them. So if someone says they've seen him, if it isn't harmful, I just buy it for now, just so I have a place in mind when talking about him, cos otherwise my brain would conjure up images of him floating in outer space. ^^ If these sightings aren't true and the guy people thought they saw isn't him, no harm no foul. He can be anywhere so long as he's getting what he needs. Even if it's outer space.
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Dunno. But I reckon he'll go back the moment he's cleared to get back onto the ice. Other seasons he may opt to stay a bit longer but I doubt he would for this one since he's already been set back from practice (seeing as I think he hadn't planned on returning to Sendai at all were it not for these 10 days of enforced rest) and he needs to talk to his coaches in person about where to go from here. Also, he probably knows that his on-ice rehab is best seen-over by the staff at TCC and they have got the facilities for rehabilitating there so. That's what the logic looking in from the outside is telling me anyway. Things could be very different from the inside.