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  1. To me the favourite costume would always be Phantom of the Opera 1. This is a costume that I have seen for unknown times but still "wow" at it every time I see it. The unique design and colours apart from "traditional" phantom costumes, the red especially brings out the essence and spirit of Yuzuru's phantom. Another point to add is, according to Yuzuru, the first costume of Parisienne Walkways is green instead of black.
  2. I remembered last time when I watched performance of requiem at Boston, I ended up crying without myself noticing...
  3. Wow! The results are a bit surprising to me at some period of times when Chopin take the lead...I expect would be either Seimei or Hope&Legacy (well when I am typing this reply Seimei is slightly ahead of Chopin)
  4. :cry: :cry: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: OMG don't know why just away from the system for 15 minutes and the poll disappeared :rant: :rant: :cry: :cry: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: Anyway I re-entered the answers and hope to include more options that Yuzu fans like this time! Really sorry but this time I don't know what happened... :cry:
  5. The top 3 results before reset: Seimi: 40 Hope & Legacy 37 Chopin 32 Really sorry for the reset :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: , but up till now I haven't set a time limit for voting, so guys can still vote (with new option added) And prevent for making same mistake again there is no resubmission of votes :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  6. I added an option for "Others" - and also enable voters to revote Gah, but now the poll reset. :cry: Oh !!! I didn't realize for that :cry: Doesn't matter, I didn't set a deadline for the poll...but for those that want to vote for Belive, Story this should be better
  7. I added an option for "Others" - and also enable voters to revote
  8. I want to include performances like Believe, Story, Change etc too :bow: But with not enough spaces for options and I decide to group them together of not being included in this polling
  9. Of course as I mentioned not all are bad to him (it would be ridiculous if all people are bad to one person), just that Yuzu's character is too good it somehow it "spoiled" how I see people's relationship -> someone will be indifferent to others and it is not a wrong thing, but Yuzu is basically nice to everyone he met except for extreme cases in Boston.
  10. awww poor thing, i am pretty sure they are just jealous of Yuzuru's talent. And even with those bad experience, he is able to treat Shoma and other young skaters nicely, it speaks for his character And his character is the reason why so many people love him :love:
  11. Honestly UA should find him for being the spokesperson : a perfect choice!
  12. Um... due to rules and respect I will not disclose names here, but things are like: in a competition in 2012, Yuzuru was having serious problems of stomach ache during an OP on ice rink, he was so painful at that time but the senpais just kept talking around themselves and no one to simply ask him if he was OK...and recently one "senpai" had commented on Yuzuru's Hope and Legacy, saying it was having flaws such as not skillful and no emotions (I totally cannot understand why because I am moved by this program every time), and there are also some more serious stuff...(better not to say here I am still afraid of what happened back in GoldenSkate) However there are still good senpais to him such as Nobunari Oda, but a lot more were... That's why sometimes I feel so bad for Yuzu. He is such an angelic person and treats everyone so nicely, but not everyone treat him nice in return.
  13. Oh a lot of people are complaining why only 2 choices... At first I would love to separate in categories of SP, FS and EX... But my evil mind said it would be fun to let fans choose out of all (please do not hit me :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: ) And really no one loves Romeo and Juliet 2?? So sad, this program was really beautiful too
  14. They are all gone now... well, not Adelina, yet, i hope Well...I doubt if you guys know what do the "senpais" did to Yuzuru...that's why this photo doesn't sound good to me...
  15. My all tine favourite will be the costume we only seen once: the black red and gold costume of Phantom of the Opera. Every time when I see this costume I will just be exclaiming: thie is SO beautiful. I love everything of this costume and at the end I find myself speechless to describe why I like it so much. Yuzuru wearing this is just his own style, his own phantom. (Watching the video of him wearing that costume before the horrible crash struck me every time) For Chopin I prefer the 1415 costume over the 1516 one, but both are nice.
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