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  1. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    As usual, I am in search of videos. So any BESP/ESP videos for the free? Or what else do we have besides the CBC/NBC ones? I have TAT too and few others but more, more
  2. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    I've been gushing over Boyang for ages so join the club. He's such a sweetie and honestly, I have mad respect for him. He's worked so hard to try and improve himself as an overall skater. He could have gone down the road of just piling on the jumps but he's trying to raise the level of his overall skating and mad, mad respect. I suppose this is why Ashley's bs annoyed me more this time around. Anyway I know it's a long shot but I wish he'd change choreographers so that he could get the programs that truly showcase what he's achieved.
  3. I would say so as the dynamic would change considerably. I think Javier himself was under a lot of pressure for both Spain and Europe and really, as a friend pointed out, that pressure wasn't shared between him and others; he carried it all. He really was the one realistic shot for Europe, and of course, the one for his country, and it was his last chance for that and fulfilling his own personal dream of an Olympic medal. So while I'm sure they went through a lot throughout these years, there is respect and regard between those two, and if Javier really retires, that's all that would remain and it should be easier. But even if not, I think he's done the one thing that was left for him to do so that should defuse a lot of the rivalry. I think Brian actually hinted at them staying post retirement at TCC when he talked about finishing University but not moving out and right now, that's probably more directed at Javier who has to make some choices.
  4. Shoma Uno seriously confuses me. Anyway, that hug and Yuzuru sobbing broke my heart but it is going to be a great transition for Yuzuru come next season, with Javier not being there. I understand why he was so emotional and well, though, who knows. Javier might end up apprenticing to Brian as he does want to popularize skating further so it may not be such a huge hole in the end. They were both so happy though, for each other and themselves that it makes me all warm and I'm a cynical old tart so that's saying something.
  5. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Because people tend to exaggerate in panic. He will probably skip Worlds, as he should to be perfectly honest and not just because of his ankle but because of the media insanity that follows an OGM and the million obligations that get piled upon them. So preparing normally would be a chore and honestly, it's a perfect opportunity to let him breathe a little bit and the ankle can fully heal. I don't have the impression that it's in a bad state at all. It probably needs more time to be fully healed and thus less prone to any reoccurring of the injury. These types of injuries are also painful even once healed, because it takes a while to go back to the initial state. Anyway, I think next season is going to go just fine but what happens after is anyone's guess. Personally I'm inclined to believe there's less of a chance he'll go on after that but who knows with Yuzuru! I think it'd be really surprising to me if didn't continue at least for that one season as he has clear wishes he has stated before. In general, I don't think it'll be so much about his wishes but how his body handles the continuous stress upon it. Knock on wood and he can skate for as long as he wants and leave on his own terms but I do think that any he'll never skate again statements are way premature, especially as he has basically said he'll go on for a bit yet.
  6. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    HELLO! HELLO HELLO PLANET HANYU I am now going to get properly sloshed, thank you. I need to re-hydrate from all the bawling I did. Ahem. Cheers!
  7. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    See you on the other side guys!
  8. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    There is always the brute force method of me flinging a Pooh at your head?
  9. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    I'm actually completely zen when it comes to Yuzuru.
  10. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    I won't watch either. I've decided that after Euros. This is as much as I can handle. My love for skating is already not on the safest of legs.
  11. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Seriously. The Walking Dead have got nothing on this mess.
  12. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    When that bar is buried
  13. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Nope, just the one, the token one to appear like they're doing their job.
  14. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Sigh. 120 TES. And I doubt they'll call him. This depresses me.
  15. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Shoma and Boyang need to go over 193 and 194 to skip over Nathan. Yuzuru and Javier 185 and 189. Don't ask about poor Dima and Chiddy.