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  1. Yatagarasu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    *sings while wondering if we'll crash land the planet*
  2. Yatagarasu

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    Pretty much. I mean it is possible she has spent some time now with Bet there too, and with Anna S and her quads as well, to go along with Sasha and Alenka, and has simply calculated that even if late, it is better to switch now than leave it for a year from now, after having to spend an entire season training with those quadsters right there at the same rink. I mean who knows, maybe Bet is going for one again, too. So it could be something as simple as that and escaping all that pressure that is bound to just keep building and building as time passes but yes, in any case, I hope for the best for all of them.
  3. Yatagarasu

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    The thing is, well, remember when Zhenya's rumors were all over the place and we had that date, as the last possible one for announcements because the Russians have it as a deadline for coaching changes? So Panenkova is beyond that date, by miles (so was Tarakanova while we're at it). And on GS they said she's in need of money so her mother is renting out a room in their flat. Basically though not confirmed, if true, whatever her reasoning for this is, it's in her mind good enough to go through all this now. I don't get it either as being #2 at Eteri's was also good, at least for one season while she picks up some cred as a starting Senior and she could have switched then, once the current Junior crop moved up. But
  4. Yatagarasu

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    Yes, Gubanova has switched to Buyanova as well so there're five of them.
  5. Yatagarasu

    Team Canada

    Ok, not a health issue. Interview with Charlie, they were stagnating, he didn't see how they could improve, they remain on good terms.
  6. Yatagarasu

    Team Russia

    Check out the coaching changes thread
  7. Yatagarasu

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    Because this off season hasn't had enough, pretty serious rumors that Panenkova has now left Eteri. To Buyanova.
  8. Yatagarasu

    Team Canada

    They just recently talked about their new programs so something must have happened. She's had major trouble with concussions so I wonder if it is that. If so, wise choice even if very unexpected split.
  9. I'll take red too! If anyone wants to see Brian having a go! Robin Cousins choreo, Johnny Mathis version.
  10. Yatagarasu

    Team Korea

    I saw and by the time I was done, my eyebrows hit my hairline! Honestly, they both need to grown up. Multiple facepalms indeed.
  11. Yatagarasu

    Team Korea

    Another mess, in public. I cannot
  12. Am not sure if anyone posted it yet. It was leaked by another skater, so this might be Zhenya's SP music. There are covers, including one by Gaga but who knows which, if so. Brian actually skated to this as a pro - Orange Coloured Sky by Nat King Cole. Talk about a change of pace! I do like it. If so, then the FS will probably be much more calm, as an opposite.
  13. Yatagarasu

    Team Canada

    Say what?
  14. Yatagarasu

    Remembering Denis Ten

    I was away for a few days on a trip and just back today to get a text from a friend to tell me what happened and I just couldn't believe it. I thought it was not real. I still cannot comprehend it. I suppose the utter, sheer, horrific senselessness of the entire situation in particular is what is making it so difficult to grasp. At 25, so many big and little hopes, dreams, plans and just gone. Over a car mirror. If only he hadn't gone out at that moment, if only he turned around, if only these were even remotely decent human beings. If, if, if, all pointless, and devastating. Tragic for his family and friends but more so, tragic for him. Vale Denis.