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  1. Hmm, from what I see, it is not entirely certain this is Polina's SP music. It is someone's from Eteri's group but there is apparently dissent over whose. So maybe one of the Juniors will get stuck with it, who knows.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I have to quote this because I read that as "Only hair" ___ Yuzuru doesn't have an agency. JSF and JOC would not deal with things like athlete's endorsements, except in certain specific cases. His mother handles most of that. ___ Oh @Toni If you look at the front page, under SPACE BATTLES: COMPETITIONS AND EVENTS you will find Event Discussion or this: Any and all events and competitions go there. Anything that is not a competition will either go to Ice Shows, self-explanatory or Other Events - which is where the Parade was. But we're a big place so it may take a while to find your way around and as @robin said, please do leave us feedback!
  3. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    Good morning everyone! I'll try and record this thing so I won't be able to post so just wanted to say - have fun and enjoy our guy on a truck!
  4. Team Russia

    And some other, interesting pics, found here - clicky I wonder if she's going for the quad there, in the harness.
  5. Oh yes, I really, really like this. Wonderful choice. Negl, I can see some others skating to this. A+ choice.
  6. Team China

    A summer camp would certainly be beneficial, no doubt and it literally has no down-sides for anyone. Hopefully someone spills, soon!
  7. Team China

    Am not sure, but for the sake of argument let's say full, though Gogo is a bigger threat probably anyway. And hmm, well, maybe though I don't know, I still don't see it tbh. I am not sure what TCC gains there. If this were TCC at Yuna's time, I could see them going for it. But at this point, I just don't think so. Guess we'll have to wait and see how all of this shakes out. It's certainly keeping us occupied so can't say I mind!
  8. Team China

    That's fab to hear and thank you for that perspective, it's always great to be able to read about it. I am actually most worried about Fed issues, not media. I feel like if he were with Brian, media would be handled. TCC as a whole has so much experience now, first Yuna, then Yuzuru, twice, that I am sure they know how to handle everything thrown their way. At worst, they'll block him off as Yuzuru had been pre PC. But Feds are an entirely different matter and most importantly it is SC that is potentially going to be in the game, what with Brian training one, if not two, contenders. Then of course KSF who are not exactly known for being mild. Even if Yuzuru stays, he's Yuzuru so eh, JSF and all. So potentially, coming up to 2022 it is Boyang himself who could find himself in a bit of a bind, with not only the pressure from home but the whole mix at his own rink, that would be in Canada. It's why I think that Brian would welcome him for the summer, as that's something that many have done, popped in; taking him on full time is something else and he and Tracy also have TCC to think about and how much of a hassle it would be for them vs the benefits. I totally understand fans being hyper but it's complicated. Peeps keep talking about Yuzuru but I really think he's not the biggest issue here at all; the other current skaters plus all that can come from that plus TCC as a club are probably more of a concern.
  9. Team China

    You reminded me; with all the TCC talk I've been wondering - he doesn't speak English, does he? Or he has rudimentary knowledge of it?
  10. Team China

    Ahaha, but hey, unexpected eye-candy is always nice. Plus he really seems like a proper sweetie so as a combination, it's probably devastating. It's why nature gave the rest of us a break and made him less photogenic! I'm happy you had a great time overall!
  11. Team China

    @Lilona well, he does look nice in pics too so maybe it's better he's not too photogenic? Saves lives that way!
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Complete non-sequitur, but your avatar is beautifully distracting. It is my favorite moment from PC, when he let go, finally!
  13. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    I hope your net is functional, when you do. I got up to watch IF this morning and lo and behold, zip on that front. If they end up doing that tomorrow, I will set things on fire
  14. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    *coughs* I've been calling him Emperor for ages. I got so annoyed at all the prince, king things that Emperor sounded very apropos and settled the disputes quite nicely. There is only one Emperor after all
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes, I think with her in part it is definitely that she is working with younger athletes but a part is her nature I would say. I'd love to be able to find that now, but I have no idea when I read that interview, it's been a while. I do think they'd clash, so it'd be a question of could they compromise. And yes, that was the big thing I believe with Zu and Brian and Tracy in the end; they all compromised and found common ground. It was that frank talk they had post SC 2016 when it all came out, and well, it was more than just the 4Lo I would say but everything that came before. Worked out brilliantly, especially as Yuzuru grew as a skater and is now open to asking for help but I am also sure that Brian and Tracy, and Briand as well, grew as coaches. It's tough, coaching people like Yuzuru. Sure, he's a brilliant athlete, one of a kind talent but it's always very difficult to deal with geniuses so major props to all of them, Zu and the coaching team how they've worked it out.