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  1. Carmen for Bet seems like a poor choice. The LP music though is much, much better.
  2. Programs We Remember

    Hmm, yes there is that (in)famous interview by now with her but then I look at how she handles Zhenya - she was completely blase about the 3-3-3 and it was RusFed that forbid it post-Europeans, not Eteri, so I would say yes, she's demanding and strict, but I think at some point, she lets the reins go a little, as we saw with Zhenya. Zheyna does have input in the music too, etc so it's not all little automaton as some may see it. I think you've basically hit the nail on the head there, with Zhenya's personality. She's confident, assertive and I think someone who'd respond well to blunt and doesn't flinch easily. I am not sure if you know the story, so I find it a good example for those two. When she was young and came to Eteri, she kept falling so Eteri took her by her feet and dragged her across the ice saying do you like being there (paraphrasing). So how many kids would respond well? Those who would get angry and huff and storm off to do it better. Zhenya's mother was also a figure skater so maybe that was also helpful as the years passed, to have that experience in her corner. But someone like Yulia? I see her like you do, and then when we think about all the things she faced, I think she needed gentler, softer approach which I just don't see Eteri having. She's too alpha, too dominant for that type of personality, she'd walk all over her, even if trying to be kind. And of course, overall her situation was truly rotten, no child should have to bear with that. So that nobody misunderstands, I'm not saying Yulia is 'weak' or anything, just that personalities should match up at least somewhat or it is difficult to function, especially when the skater is a minor and in general, much less capable of standing their ground that a fully formed, mature adult would be.
  3. General Skating Chat

    Ha, yes, it's funny that. The spin most folks love is something Deniss had way before Lambiel but Steph being so well known for them, I guess it's not so odd. It is good for Deniss though, that he can refine under the guidance of the best. About Yuzu, I think considering the season, I think such major changes unlikely. It's probably best to hold to tried and true, and not experiment as every point counts.
  4. General Skating Chat

    I actually legitimately, completely forgot him. And the man's my second favorite skater. *curls into a ball and hides in shame* I think my brain took a vacation or something. But yes, it truly drives me bonkers! I think the audience loves a good spin and loves the details and originality. There really is mad applause every time those three do something. It's such a shame they don't think about rethinking that one, so as to nudge peeps into giving it more thought. Yuzuru goes to such details that it is truly a complete work of art by the time he's done ... and provided he's not contemplating layouts while doing them! And yes, Mika's are good too but Russian school perhaps, not so odd! (I heard Josh's already had some health problems, rotten thing, we haven't even hit the season properly though technically I guess it has started)
  5. Programs We Remember

    I really think there is no doubt that the media had a giant part in everything that happened. Yes, of course there was the Eteri of it too, not only was that pretty much the first time she was handling such a thing, but I really think she and Yulia were a bad match. As much as Zhenya fits with Eteri, I think that's how much Yulia did not. And of course, the individual event must have hurt but then we've got to wonder if the media focus and pressure wasn't so high, would it have been so traumatic? And yes, her being so young, I am not sure an adult can deal with things like being bugged well, never mind a minor, no matter the parental support. I agree Yuzuru is somewhat protected by the distance, it truly was a blessing in many ways. Yes, of course he still has the pressures but this does somewhat relieve it, as well as a coach who is used to dealing with this type of madness, thanks to Yuna. It truly is a pity that more than likely we'll never know how Yulia would have been as a fully mature skater as her expression was truly something even at that age but I honestly wish she finds happiness and hopefully one day she can look back at Sochi and think, ah I was so young but I brought so many people so much happiness that day, and just feel joy. It's difficult to find peace but I wish her that.
  6. General Skating Chat

    I do not think I can explain to you adequately how I feel about the 2nd Chopin spin. His hands just ... guh. There are no adequate words. In general I think that spins these days are something to do, check the box and that's it. Apart from Deniss, it's really difficult for me to think of a guy right now who has such detail and natural expression during the spins. And Yuzuru's hands ... well, yes. Guh!
  7. Programs We Remember

    And up! Yulia Lipnitskaya of Russia skating to Schindler's List by John Williams, at the 2014 Olympic Games, in Sochi, Russia I hadn't actually planned on going straight to her but with Russian test skates approaching, and with the likelihood that she is indeed r***ng growing, I thought we might as well go to Yulia right now. European champion from that 2014, silver medalist at Worlds in 2014, Junior Grand Prix gold medalist and World Junior Champion in 2012. And of course, that gold team medal from Sochi 2014. It is worth noting Yulia chose both her programs for the 2013/14 season herself. It was especially this, long program that was a point of contention. Eteri Tutberidze was not for it and afterwards they couldn't find the choreographer until Ilia Averbukh jumped in. By the time Sochi came along, she was the youngest European champion ever and the first Russian to have won it since 2006. It had been decided that she would do only free in the team event while Sotnikova would do the short but that was later changed, and it fell onto her to do both. So this is how we got to one of those magical moments when everything came together, the program, the skater, the location, the crowd, and she became the youngest Olympic gold medalist (under the modern rules) edging out Tara Lipinski by 6 days, and overall, the youngest Olympic figure skating gold medalist. The individual event that followed though, did not go so well and she finished 5th overall. Per her words, it was a mix of nerves and fatigue that finally got to her. Unfortunately, that and the absolutely insane media attention that she got, affected her. For those who weren't around at the time, it went so far that she had to move houses and that at one point Eteri discovered listening devices planted in the locker rooms in order to record Yulia (remember, she was very much under age when all of this was happening). Puberty, change of coaches, injuries. All of this plagued her to end with the last season's pulling out of the free skate at Rostelecom. It appeared at one moment that she would be back but the more time passes, the less likely it seems and I am saddened it will probably end this way. Still, if nothing else, that one moment, as the girl in the red coat, remains forever in figure skating history. Alternate link 1 - English commentary (but alas the Olympic channel doesn't allow embedding)
  8. General Skating Chat

    I honestly cannot tell. I call it a (F)Lutzberger but if you really try and look there are almost elements of the Sal there, and he prerotates to such a degree, that we can almost call this a creative Axel entry. It is a genuine hybrid jump. I mean we really do talk about URs and edge calls a lot; all our newbies here will see how that goes. It's a long-standing argument that goes on and on; there's no figure skating without perpetual UR and edge discussions. But I do not recall we've had this type of hybrid before.
  9. General Skating Chat

    Hello everyone, how are you on this fine day? About this whole current discussion going on, honestly as far as I am concerned, ultimately this is a question that affects figure skating itself. If we have this marked as a Lutz which is clear forward, edge take off, then it raises questions that are far greater than just one jump. If the ISU is willing to accept this as a proper jump, regardless of the current definitions and rules (and this is not jumping the gun, they already accept his edge take off for the flip), then they are bound to amend those rules and make sure that the playing field is leveled for all skaters (it is not now; keep in mind for example Satoko Miyahara got injured trying to correct her prerotation issues last season). This way everyone can create their own hybrid jumps, that would make sure that they can execute quads, or quasi-quads if we include the removal of prerotation in the new rules and that is simply that. IMO, it opens up a Pandora's box that would irreparably harm this sport but at least everyone could do their own variants, and that is that, for no matter how long skating sticks around after that. If however the current definitions and rules are to stand, then all need to be bound by those. I really do not care about the names, I care about the overall practices, especially in cases such as these where the problems are so blatant. There are kids right now who are watching all of this, watching these top skaters do their jumps, while being grilled by their coaches on proper technique. So what are they supposed to think? What are the other current skaters supposed to think? What about their own efforts? Are they in vain? It's a genuine question to be considered. Are they in vain? In a competitive sport, where you win or lose, and in an expensive competitive sport, where you placement is the one that determines your funding and/or sponsors, what exactly are we saying here? So. I really don't think I am asking for much. Either amend the rules, so that everyone benefits, or follow the current ones.
  10. General Skating Chat

    Yes, it's what I saw as well, so was curious. Thank you everyone for the replies. Well 5 makes sense for him and he should be more than capable of landing them. Along with his other general improvements, he'll be a force again this season.
  11. General Skating Chat

    Hopefully, he even mentioned he spins there in one of the questions so fingers crossed.
  12. Team we're fewer but still good!

    Last season was the season for that. Tough choices there, no doubt.
  13. General Skating Chat

    I saw this and it made me scratch my head. Do we know what the source of this is? I've only seen it at that one place and it seems somewhat ... unlikely? I mean I understand the potential strategy, and he has the 4Lo, but he had issues when he tried the five once, to jump from 4 to 6 seems a bit too much.
  14. Programs We Remember

    Slowly, slowly, we're yo-yo-ing through time! We'll get to quite a few
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Translation by @gladi! 2017/08/13 Fuji HERO’S Exclusive: Thoughts toward new programs. Hanyu section.