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Found 3 results

  1. Going into the Olympics year, Team Japan has some interesting questions to answer. Do they even qualify for the team event? Nebelhorn, here we come. Who is going to be The Third Man? And the biggest of them all - which two ladies get to go forward to PC 2018? Some slight news about the ladies, Satoko is said to be resuming training on ice in May, so this month, meaning she'll have plenty of time to return to form.
  2. until
    TV Broadcast of 「Dreams on Ice 2017~フィギュアスケート日本代表エキシビション~」 [This is a TV Broadcast by BS Fuji . Discussion thread here] Dreams on Ice 2017 This year the exhibition of the Japanese figure skating representatives is presented again. "Dreams on Ice" is an exhibition by the athletes who participated in events such as Four Continents Cup, Figure Skating World Championships, Junior World's and other international competitions. Skaters Men Ladies Pairs Ice dance Syncronized skating Guest skaters Shoma Uno Mai Mihara Sumire Suto/Francis Boudreau Audet Kana Muramoto/Chris Reed Jingu Ice Messengers Nathan Chen Keiji Tanaka Wakaba Higuchi Riku Miura/Shoya Ichihashi Emi Hirai/Marien de la Asunción Evgenia Medvedeva Takahito Mura Rika Hongo Rikako Fukase/ Aru Tateno Maria Sotskova Kazuki Tomono Marin Honda Anna Shcherbakova Mitsuki Sumoto Kaori Sakamoto Shun Sato Yuna Shiraiwa Rion Sumiyoshi
  3. until
    TV Broadcast of 「フィギペディア」 [This is a TV Broadcast by CS Asahi. The discussion thread is here] Figurepedia A no cut broadcast with backstage footage of World Team Trophy.
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