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  1. cherry

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    好久不上线 给你点个赞
  2. cherry

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu is an inspiration to everyone indeed. He always motivates me to work hard :)
  3. cherry

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    这就去看 感谢分享
  4. cherry

    The Meme Thread

    The upgraded one looks so tasty can I have a bite?
  5. cherry

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Chopin is one of my favourite costumes and programme so I'm happy to see an upgraded version of it. I'll try to not worry too much
  6. cherry

    Financial Reports

    This is wonderful thank you liha
  7. cherry

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

  8. cherry

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    现在限制严格了 多在论坛活跃活跃 然后私信Hydroblade加入吧
  9. cherry

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    论坛版面的中文版正在翻译中! 我考试后会正式开始翻译工程 各位有兴趣一起参与的话 可以回复此评论 或者我考试后可以把初翻的版本放上来 大家一起讨论一下 可以接地气好玩一些2333333
  10. cherry

    General Yuzuru Chat

    @Icy your sig is wonderful! nice editing
  11. cherry

    Your Username

    I am boring and uncreative - this is my irl name.
  12. cherry

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Regarding javi/yuzu relationship, I'd like to think they're friendly rivals rather than soulmates/bffs/bros. At least from what I read from the interviews of Brian/Tracy/related indv, they don't really hang out together and they are not training at the same time. And we know they have very different cultural background and hobbies etc. To me, it isn't surprising at all that Javi doesn't know/care to know Yuzu very well. Despite what shippers may see, I think it is already very admirable just to be polite and respectful to another top skater fighting for the same resources.
  13. cherry

    羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    一样都是200x200 小于200x200也会显示200x200