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  1. What I have seen so far is that foreign credit cards are accepted and tixplus app allows you to registrer foreign phone number (they even send you sms to verify your account, so it works somehow). TV Asahi doesn't accept foreign numbers but at the moment of application you have to introduce your phone number again and it is not checked. I wonder which of those three phone numbers is really the one used for issuing the ticket.
  2. Idk if it is the right thread to ask, but is there any overseas fan who tried to apply for lottery with foreign credit card and phone?
  3. Looks like reposting from the previous source.
  4. The more I think of it less sense it makes. If the info was leaked by jsf, then how do they know about his future show plans. Otherwise it is someone from his team, even less likely. Anyway his determination about 4A, axels in RF, being at his best now, wanting to perfect his skating, jsf confirming him for new season…how does it connect with what that article wants us to believe.
  5. Do you have the source? Thank you
  6. Adding my 5 cents: First thing that comes to mind is that he intended to compete at GP series, but something happened in the last two weeks so he can't participate or even wants to skip entire season. Most likely health issue. Also it would explain assignments chaos. Second: the annoucement comes from his team, not jsf, it can be something entirely personal. Not very likely imho given the timing. Count it be retirement press con? idk. In other cases retirement press cons were announced as such.
  7. I put random province and postal code (looked them up in Google lol)
  8. Fanyus at Worlds, please come to say hi and get Yuzu goodies. I will be in E3 row 3, the one with big yellow backpack:)
  9. I guess now they maybe want to sell those refunded tickets? Also Kogan is not the most reliable source and his statement actually confirms nothing. For NHK it was Thursday if it can be any indication.
  10. Now that the news have already made it to jpn twitter, maybe there will be some clarification.
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