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    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    I have finally catched up on this thread! Everything was already discussed, I just want to add some thoughts. Warning: long post! Both programs look better live than on stream and even errors in the free didn't impact the performance very much. It was magic anyway, exactly like Ted said in the commentary. Otoñal. I saw the StSq the day before the SP without music, but it already looked so beautiful that I thought it might beat Chopin StSq for me sometime in the future (and it is saying a LOT). After clean RT I was slightly worried about the performance later that day, but since jumps layout is the same in Chopin 3.0 I hoped for the best. And I was right not to worry about jumps lol. Some spins looked weird and slow, but despite that the whole experience was overwhelming. His smile at the beginning of StSq almost made me cry. Do I need to say that the long SE gives me goosebumps even when I think about it? He looks right into your soul. About the costume. When Yuzu still had his jacket on I already saw that the costume is blue and sparkling because you could see lower part of the sleeves. Then I saw the back side and loved it immediately, the icicle pattern is so beautiful. It made me think of frozen grass on cold late autumn morning. The front side is slightly underwhelming, it is too short for him and I don't particularly like the combination of these shades of blue. That said I don't see any similarities with Shoma's Winter tbh. Actually it seems to me more like a blue version of Notte Stellata with a touch of Haru Yo Koi on the back. Anyway the costume is beautiful and sparkly, I will complain no more lol. Origin. I didn't expect too much and was prepared for a flop (aci2017 PTSD lol). Even with errors the perfomance was magic. The first half was good, not as sharp as in practice but it was something to be expected since he was concentrated on executing jumps. He seemed really nervous about landing 4Lo in the free after several pops and falls in practice and warmup. So the crowd went mad when he landed it. 4T was perfect. The second half was affected by the fall and growing tiredness and I really cound't see him landing 4T3A or any other difficult combo. Anyway my overall impression of the free wasn't bad, just to see him perfoming on ice is a treat and there are so many tiny but promising details in this program already (arched back thing! the final pose!), it will surely grow into a masterpiece later. I don't know if it will ever beat Seimei for me but probably H&L. Dark dramatic Yuzu is what I will die for! About the costume. The roar at the arena when he took off his jacket was tremendous. I forgot how to breath lol. This costume is gorgeous from afar and with a closer look. Honestly his best costume so far, really worthy of a king he is. I don't know how to define it, at first I didn't see feathers and I thought that he looked like a black and gold dragon in it, absolutely stunning (and with that hear style!) Conclusion. I think it was a good first competition, definitely better than ACI 2017 (despite WR) and ACI 2016. Last year he had problems with the right knee and in 2016 both programs looked more unfinished. This year he did almost clean SP and made less errors in the FS. The main issue is stamina now. If he stays healthy (fingers crossed) everything will come together eventually
  2. Floria

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    I am finally home and have to catch up on hundreds of pages. It seems that my tweet had quite an impact lmao. I was lucky to be at the lower entrance to the venue when Yuzu arrived with murderface on and that hair style. I will post fancams asap, just need to survive today at work and fight jet-lag. ETA this thread is gold!
  3. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy prepaid 4G SIM card in Toronto (for Internet only)? Thank you. Last year there was WiFi at the venue but it almost never worked for me...
  4. My Airbnb host informed me that there will be another guest in the same apartment coming to watch FS. William Rose Way anyone?
  5. They have just answered:
  6. I used this email and as far as I know other people too. I have got automatic delivery confirmation so far.
  7. Mail sent, fingers crossed.
  8. Men's event ends early, there is nothing that justifies off ice ceremony. What if we send a collective email to them? Will they listen then?
  9. I have just found out that victory ceremonies are off ice even for men. It doesn't make any sense because men FS is the last competition. Probably if we ask the organizers politely they 'll reconsider it? I remember off ice ceremonies last year for other disciplines and it was a complete mess, I can't imagine the same thing with Yuzu there
  10. So Knc section sold out already? Or will go on sale on 13th?
  11. GPF2016 also had open practice on Wednesday.
  12. So there is a provisional schedule with men's FS on Friday?
  13. For Helsinki GP I regret not waiting until better tickets came out. But it maybe different for CoR. And I most surely will not go...
  14. The problems is that they don't update availability of some seats.
  15. idk if it happens only to me but B4 cannot be added to the cart although is shows like available.