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  1. I guess now they maybe want to sell those refunded tickets? Also Kogan is not the most reliable source and his statement actually confirms nothing. For NHK it was Thursday if it can be any indication.
  2. Now that the news have already made it to jpn twitter, maybe there will be some clarification.
  3. I think rusfed just wants to stop people from asking for refund. The same statement from Kogan says "some skaters will not probably attend because of injury". I don't think they have any direct confirmation from jpn fed or whatever.
  4. He could have gotten visa months ago, it probably means nothing. And how do they know about plane tickets lol? But tbh I wish for an update from Yuzu himself, so that I can cancel whatever I have reserved before it is too late.
  5. I'll wait until 17 (last day to cancel hotel reservation). But ligament injuries take time to heal and there is no GPF anyway, so chances he goes to CoR are very thin.
  6. I think now, with only 3 weeks before competition, they should already make a clear official statement about covid policy for foreigners (what PCR test is accepted, in what language, if they accept EU covid passport etc), not vague comments about being flexible.
  7. This doesn't look very promising https://twitter.com/sunlight_girl/status/1455253786671423496?s=20
  8. I wonder how it applies to foreigners or russians living outside Russia.
  9. I have just received a message from organizers saying QR code will be necessary to enter the venue. How do you get it in Russia? I have EU vaccination certificate but I guess those are not valid in Russia
  10. Thursday practice tickets are on sale rn. btw, does anybody know if Friday and Saturday practices are included in all event ticket?
  11. Does anybody know if all-event ticket includes practices? I have not seen any info.
  12. Japanese fans can enter Russia afaik (?) but there is quarantine on their return home. Idk about Chinese fans, but same with quarantine. Also I think you can't enter Russia from some European countries as well (with tourist visa). So mostly Russians this time.
  13. Maybe because it is Sochi, not Moscow, prices will not go up that much
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