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  1. So there is a provisional schedule with men's FS on Friday?
  2. For Helsinki GP I regret not waiting until better tickets came out. But it maybe different for CoR. And I most surely will not go...
  3. The problems is that they don't update availability of some seats.
  4. idk if it happens only to me but B4 cannot be added to the cart although is shows like available.
  5. Yes, I went to ACI last year and I can confirm that the atmosphere is quite different and it is so much easier to run into skaters (except Yuzu, of course). I met Javi at last and was brave enough to ask for a selfie. I think I'll look for airbnb near the venue, there are still some available in 4 km distance with bus connection.
  6. Selling IdF ticket for Saturday afternoon, section M for 20€ (original price 30€).
  7. I will carry only a small trolley bag. My return flight is with Vueling that has even worse reviews lol.
  8. I have almost given up on ACI since I am going to Helsinki but when I checked flights...well, they are so cheap that I am tempted to go. But I have no idea about how to get to the venue. There are airbnbs relatively near, is there any public transport to get there from the airport? How much a taxi would cost? Does anybody want to share hotel room o airbnb? I will stay from Wednesday to Sunday.
  9. I am curious as well, I am going to book my flight with them.
  10. Floria

    Tickets Market

    Buying: GP Helsinki C6 or C7 first row. Selling: IDF Saturday afternoon ticket, section M (30€ negotiable)
  11. I think you will have an excellent view of skater's area and entrance from the first row of D1, so it maybe worth to stay there. As for K&C it is difficult to say but you may have a good side view still. Btw I am in c7. Anyone in the corner with me?
  12. Now I am not sure about my C7 row 4... There are better tickets now