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  1. Yes, I think sometimes it is just us projecting our hopes and fears onto whatever he (or Brian etc) says. I didn't read it as a direct confirmation of next season, but I stay rather optimistic nevertheless
  2. Any translation says next year, but I think it means more next season because it makes more sense for a skater to count in seasons, not in years. Maybe it is just my wishful thinking, but getting stable 4A in 3 months after injury is quite hard even for Yuzu,
  3. Also, have any of you tried parabolic blades? I mean is there any difference with classic ones? I want to try them someday (for obvious reason lol).
  4. I have Wifa Prima Hobby, this is a beginners level actually (up to first single jumps). I can do toe loop and salchow ok, flip and loop with too-footed landing and half Lutz.
  5. I am going to buy new boots as a Christmas gift to myself. I want them to last for at least two seasons and the objective for next year is to master Lutz and Axel. I haven't tried any boots yet, my old ones are for single jumps but they are not rigid enough. Should I go for double jumps level boots? I have Edea, Graf and Risport available in my area.
  6. I said that to myself even before the lottery, so I hope it means there will be another chance.
  7. It really does make sense to travel that far since tickets are cheap and not really hard to get. Will look forward to ACI2019 (it is the same venue). And I say to myself that Universe wants me to see Yuzu at GPF2019. Yes, you have to enter the venue with the owner of the phone.
  8. Yes, but if you won tickets for only one day it may not justify a trip to Japan, especially if it is not a men event. I won Wednesday, the only ticket I wasn't really interested in.
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