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    GPF Cheer Project

    You can write it at our meeting
  2. Hydroblade

    General Yuzuru Chat

    (that reminds me i haven't finished writing the screenplay of nessie living at TCC in the form of found footage)
  3. Hydroblade

    GPF Cheer Project

    Haha it's nothing too fancy because we were thinking of putting it together while we're there it will be simple but filled with love 💖
  4. Hydroblade

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Some of us are still going and there's a project here in case you want to participate!
  5. Hydroblade

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I expected it but still feel very sad u.u But just imagine the level of kuyashii and how it will fuel the next competition
  6. Hydroblade

    Tallinn Trophy 2018

  7. Hydroblade

    Team Spain

  8. Hydroblade

    GPF Cheer Project

    The messages would be hand-written: there's no real word limit, just keep it short (also in case it successfully arrives to their destination, short messages are easier to read i guess.) ETA: Added info about the messages
  9. Hydroblade

    General Yuzuru Chat

    There's no birthday map this year but there is something cooking over here:
  10. Hi~ A small project is being born and i'd like to invite you guys to participate A good amount of people from the forum (including myself) will be attending GPF, despite the likely announcement of Yuzu's withdrawal. However, Yuzu's birthday is getting closer, and we had the idea of doing something for him. Initially it would be just by us, the ones attending and i thought, why not ask the rest of the members of the forum if they have a message they'd like to send? A lot of things have happened and from the TCC family we have Jun Hwan Cha in the final, and Zhenya out of it too. So the idea of: doing something to congratulate baby Cha for qualifying something for Zhenya to let her know that a lot of people support her was thrown around there. My plan is to do all three If you'd like to contribute to this, please send a message either here, or via email (hydroblade1207 at gmail.com) before December 6 and include the following info: Your name Country (if you'd like) If the message is for Yuzu's birthday, Jun Hwan Cha or Zhenya Message For Yuzu, it's fine if you want to send your message in japanese The messages will be handwritten, so there's no word or character limit but try to keep it short I've read that sometimes we get worried about these kind of projects putting additional pressure on Yuzu, so if you make your message a "happy birthday" and strength/support/gratitude without mentioning future competitions, cryptids and/or quints(), it would be great