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  1. I guess is the misconception that all his fans are japanese or in this case, they have no problem reading chinese ?
  2. I love Monkey Majik i heard from them before discovering Yuzu so it's a nice coincidence just like having Fukase from Sekai no Owari and Yuzu on hte same frame at Kouhaku Ahh yes... A noble man trying to get some cryptid footage
  3. It's illegal. Straight to the squish
  4. It was a team effort with the rest of the admins
  5. Thank you The other themes are still available
  6. we learn from the best ETA: The SP banner though... It really shows our boi's eco-friendly tendencies
  7. A number is generated whenever you refresh the page and the banner you get depends on if the number you got is odd or even
  8. Say hello to the new theme guys
  9. That's a very dangerous pic for me
  10. Spins (abbreviated as Sp for scoring) are an element in which the skater rotates on a single point on the ice, holding one or more body positions. A perfect spin would be seen on the ice as a single circle traced over and over, otherwise it creates a series of loops on the ice which is called traveling.They can be classified as forward or backward depending on the foot they are turning on. There are four types of spins: Upright, sit, camel and other. Spins are awarded Levels depending on the number of features (1 for Level 1, 2 for Level 2, 3 for Level 3, 4 for Level 4) F
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