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  1. Yuzuru Hanyu - Discusión en español

    Sí, yo supongo que si van a reunirse ahí van a entregar algunos cisnes así que espero que obtengas el tuyo. Ojalá que te sientas mejor pero si no... seguro cuando veas a Yuzu se te va a pasar Honestamente hay momentos en los que aún no puedo creer que estuve ahí, viéndolo de verdad que los videos no le hacen justicia...
  2. Go here: and paste this there: if that's the one you want to add haha. Otherwise just upload the picture to an image hosting site and paste the image's address Yeah but now he is planning on putting it on the FS, at WTT it was just him playing with his toys
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Bringing this over from the fluff thread, new badge!
  4. Since he officially landed a 4Lz today, even if he hasn't landed in competition yet... New badge ETA: Well, it was a good attempt. He finally gave us 4Lz baby in a way hahaha
  5. Yuzuru Hanyu - Discusión en español

    Yay! Hahaha yo no escribí nada aquí mientras estuve en Montreal. Actualicé el twitter del sitio y si hice algunos posts en la discusión de la competencia y el General Chat pero la verdad es que estaba tan concentrada en que estaba en la misma ciudad que Yuzuru Hanyu y lo tenía súper cerca, que la verdad no sabía ni que escribir. Además que había muchas personas del foro ahí y pues ahi platicamos bastante. Si puedes busca a liha y Fay, no sé en que vayan a traerlos pero van a estar dando cisnes de origami, no sé si sabes acerca de ese proyecto pero por si las dudas, aquí lo pongo: ¡Espero que puedas obtener uno de los cisnes :D!
  6. You'll be fine. I survived three hydroblades/SEIMEI, two of them in UA. I got squished for weeks but i finally recovered. I AM BLESSED i didn't think about that holy shit, and i saw it twiiiiiiceeeeeee
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm back and less squishy. Good to see him happy again 💖 I hope we can see that smile many times this week
  8. Yuzuru Hanyu - Discusión en español

    Holaaa que bueno que decidiste unirte ¿Dónde están los demás hablantes de español? De repente una se siente sola aqui jajaja debe haber más de nosotros que amemos a nuestro bebé bonito y queramos hablar sobre él </3
  9. Japanese study group

    Does this mean my Japanese is legit jouzu now without speaking until uuh... February this year? I kept being asked if I had lived in Japan or if I was Japanese (poor auntie, she looked mortified when she realized her mistake). I don't care if I speak as well as a first grader (though I'd say mine is actually around third/fourth grade lmao) but communicating and not having them switch to English rather than see you struggling feels so nice 💔
  10. Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Nononononononononononono 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
  11. Random Thought Theater

    Haha it doesn't make sad to think about it. I'm the kind of person who learns something from every situation and never regrets what happened because I'm certain I did everything I could. I try to make the best out of bad situations in the sense that I promise to my self it won't happen again as long as I can prevent it hahaha
  12. Random Thought Theater

    Yeah, that's why the "unless you're ok with that" part. I think that looking at other people is normal in a relationship, you might be with someone but you're still human, but as long as the person decides to stay with you I think it's fine. But some people don't like that at all and want their partner to be 100% faithful and looking/flirting at someone else is cheating for them It's hard to protect yourself tho, there are issues that surface once you've been with someone for a long time. I'll stop, I'm being depressing sorry hahahahaha
  13. Random Thought Theater

    Speaking of men that resemble him, my not-crush (long story. Basically I kinda liked him but didn't actually want to be with him) from high school had a beautiful smile similar to Yuzu's. He never talked to me at school because I was too much of a geek. Guess who sent me a friend request seven years after I deleted him off Facebook. (No spoiler bc mobile but oh boy, it happened to me too. But uuuh, they had problems. Still, I ignored my feelings and tried to help them overcome their issues, giving advice to both so they could stay together. Even so the girl threatened to beat me up after school several times. Never did anything to try and get him, the opposite actually, but still I ended up with him. Sounds like a happy ending but I assure you it was not. My only advice is: don't get involved. Really, if they consider someone else while on a relationship, it WILL happen when he's with you too. Unless you're ok with that (which I was, that wasn't the reason why it didn't work out))