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  1. We could do it as a fan project...
  2. Honestly what else do we need, it's a balanced diet!
  3. We need a YZF: Yuzu Skating Federation. Only members from the over 300 club welcome muahahaha
  4. This is one of my favourite ads featuring him
  5. We're reliving the Catpocalypse this weekend on twitch
  6. I've been slacking so much in my studies. I should have begun to study for N3 a long time ago but i was just so burnt out >__< I finally began, printed the list of kanji for N3 and crossed the ones i don't need to study anymore lol. Anyone has suggestions of books to use? I'm back to studying on my own, the N4 class was just 7 people and i don't think any of them will take N3 >__< so they can't open a class. At least i have the basics covered now >__<
  7. I would have spent the whole flight thinking "if the plane goes down, i'm ready. I can die at peace" Or secretly sketching him lol. I think they're talking about how his facial features give out some info about his character? That you can see his strength even in the facial features (like, people with this kind of nose have good endurance, that kind of thing) I think they also said in the beginning that his face says he has the ability to move the hearts of a great number of people.
  8. A mother's love is strong, i see...
  9. I'd love it if he had an insta with comments turned off, just to see where he keeps his medals. It's an impressive collection, looking at them all together would be
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