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  1. How is he 26??? He looks like that video where he is playing dodgeball, jumping around everywhere
  2. Little Alien Boy forgot to turn on his Earth Gravity Handicap.
  3. Not sure about others but this is probably one https://mydramalist.com/19702-nigeru-wa-haji-da-ga-yaku-ni-tatsu
  4. Yuzu inspires an unquantifiable number of conversations which have nothing to do with skating that's the extent of his talent haha. Dare i say he's the greatest influencer of all time and without social media presence! Hahaha, we're all his minions
  5. Sorry for the delay!? Here's the topic PS: if anyone can grab a copy of our Overlord's ice show, we'll be forever grateful
  6. This thread is to comment on the Broadcast of 24H TV. Instructions for Streaming NTV on aqstream free good quality NTV on mov3.co free good quality
  7. 👀 I found a stream link http://mov3.co/ntv.html This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  8. until
    Hanyu Yuzuru's Special Ice Show
  9. Ahh, so it's 24HTV time already! It begins...
  10. I'm enjoying it immensely!! The pics are really cute Travelling Pooh-san second best Pooh-san (after THE Pooh-san) Ah yes, the 15 stages of Hanyuisis. You reach the point of no return at Stage 5
  11. Indeed! The migrations that take place from September till May, how every four years a great Gathering of distressed Fanyus is observed in a different city in the world, the scary hivemind, their fascination with winged creatures such as swans... So many things to discover!
  12. Welcome to everyone! (please read the following with Sir David Attenborough's voice) The natural Hanyudian rhythm is manifesting... As soon as August, the old media days, kicks in, Fanyus begin to prepare for the following season and flock back to their known gathering spots.
  13. This counts as a full slice for me after this famine
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