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  1. Haven't bought tickets yet you guys think i have a chance of buying a ticket before GPF?
  2. Idk if anyone translated this but here it is
  3. (This gesture is cursed for me, please don't do it bby) oh boy... OH BOY Long time no see, this is Hydro's keyboard speaking again I'm back from war, people. The Hanyu repaired my squish box
  4. ahaha so this is what death looks like?! I'm fine with it
  5. I'm in love with Victor Crone Awful singing but daaaayum.... I wanted Iceland and San Marino to qualify so i can have fun on the final glad they did ahahaha. Can't get Poland's song out of my head. I really liked Hungary's entry and Australia
  6. Two years already? Wow Thanks to all of you who contribute to this place hopefully we will be here for more cycles of worrying
  7. Personally, i would attend a convention only if it's close-ish to me. It's not just the tickets, we also have to pay for the transport (most of us would have to fly there), accomodation, other travel expenses... Precisely because it's a week-long, the accomodation price would be higher too. It's just too much for a lot of us, even if we are working adults.
  8. Yeah, i might try for single event... But still i never thought it would be THAT expensive omg
  9. Lol, there goes my possibility of watching him this season that's just too much...
  10. I'm transcribing the whole first day of Continues With Wings but i'd like some help to check some words and translating the thing if anyone wants to help, please PM me
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