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  1. I just bought the ticket for the free ahahahaha. I didn't need my kidney anyway. Can someone add me to the PM group, please?
  2. Ah yes, that Post Live-Cryptid-Witnessing syndrome... Feels amazing, doesn't it?
  3. Bit off topic but for me, absolutely. Worlds will be my second time visiting and i am so excited to go back! For me it didn't feel like "America" at all, it was like its own little world. I spent a week just exploring the city (and the food!!), and the views are amazing definitely one of my favourite cities
  4. honestly i'm just going because i miss my bb and because what if nessie appears
  5. So i survived N4 I feel deceived, there was no keigo or jidoushi in the grammar section! Vocabulary felt super easy and i even felt like the listening part was pretty slow... I think i'm going to pass and if i do i'll probably take N3 next year. My teacher said that the jump from N4 to N3 in terms of grammar is not that big and he thinks my level in vocabulary and listening is higher than N4 so Who else took the test? How did you do :D?
  6. I think i'm going alone this year so i'm looking for someone who is willing to share accomodation with me, preferably a place with a kitchen so i can fuel my squish muscles with cheap sandwiches ahahahahaha I promise pancakes in return
  7. I tried to make it out but she was too far </3 i wanted to see it as well ahahahaha
  8. i'll never get enough of this lmao It was his mom lol his spoiled kitty face is to die for
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