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  1. This counts as a full slice for me after this famine
  2. Hello new phone background!!!
  3. Maybe it was this? The first post of this thread
  4. That pic is The squish is real
  5. Ah, sounds like a challenge !! Aww spiky-chan's smile is precious
  6. I am kinda relieved that he won't be close because there's no way i can take time off to travel this year But idk, i'm a bit sad because i know it's possibly the last season and i don't want to think about thaaat
  7. I think this place can give you an acceptable approximation. Just paste はにゅう ゆづる, click Analyze, scroll down a bit and then generate and playback. It sounds close to what i hear when they announce him in Japan. So i guess that would be the standard way of pronouncing his name
  8. OT: Here in Mexico all teachers were vaccinated with that one. So uh i guess that's a place they can go now? haaha When i was a baby mushroom i watched that one over and over again haha thanks for reposting it
  9. See why that was my tipping point :P?
  10. It sounds like he's whispering hahahahaha. Maybe Mama Hanyu scolded him for being too loud?
  11. I wish There's still time, i just started here a month ago (and OT but when asked abotu my hobbies i mentioned watching figure skating and that i was an admin here and the person interviewing me asked to see it and well... He said he thought i was talking about a small community not a... full blown interplanetary ring system made out of captured souls like this haha)
  12. I came here to confess my sins. I just watched SoI Crazy chan. And because i like to live on the edge, i did it at work, and my office is an open office. I'm just steeping quietly in my puddle of fangirl.
  13. Ahaha don't worry don't worry i was just commenting on how this is way too beautiful and it's Not Safe For Work (Or Life... Or Wallet...) just a little joke haha
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