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  1. I love how many wishes we selfishly had were fulfilled during this ice show. Competition style lightning! BIELLMAN IS BACKKKK A literal program with his cool down The rituals are back! Not to mention that this is just him skating and idk it just feels like a dream come true. The way he's immersing us into his world down to projection mapping (i imagine many of us have visualized his "trails"), making the audience a part of the show with the bracelets and sharing his vision of skating like this... Im just saying thank you over and over with every snippet I watch. And to think I was scared/sad about his retirement a few years ago 🤡
  2. For simple messages it's fine (because of translations) Links to members-only videos, codes for early access or links intended only for people subscribing would be off limits
  3. Noooo my poor heaaaart. He has no mercy now that he's free from I*U and J*F, right? Unleashing this ヤバイ on us...
  4. So droughts are non-existant now? Why was i so afraid of him turning pro? This is the best thing ever
  5. I was nervous about it too, but after listening to Yuzu talk... It was pretty easy haha. Just pay a lot of attentions, IIRC you can take notes of the audio on the booklet so that might help.
  6. Ohh file that under things i didn;t know i needed
  7. We used to joke that they needed to stuff Yuzu in a blue IKEA bag when he wanted to get too crazy with his practices. Context:
  8. ngl, he is the reason why listenign was my highest score on N4 got used to his speed so now i can udnerstand him lol
  9. Confirmed: I can watch seimei back to back with no complaints. It really is like watching him compete against himself i love it
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