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  1. Personally, i would attend a convention only if it's close-ish to me. It's not just the tickets, we also have to pay for the transport (most of us would have to fly there), accomodation, other travel expenses... Precisely because it's a week-long, the accomodation price would be higher too. It's just too much for a lot of us, even if we are working adults.
  2. Yeah, i might try for single event... But still i never thought it would be THAT expensive omg
  3. Lol, there goes my possibility of watching him this season that's just too much...
  4. I'm transcribing the whole first day of Continues With Wings but i'd like some help to check some words and translating the thing if anyone wants to help, please PM me
  5. i finished the course already so... yay! It made me very nauseous >___< even after eating breakfast
  6. Welcome You came just in time to begin worrying about the program announcements, the ice shows, the Sendai monument and media day
  7. I personally wouldn't recommend Duolingo. I didn't like the structure of the course, i felt like it would be a bit confusing for a beginner. I think that getting to N5 by yourself is definitely possible so don't get discouraged.
  8. I'm not even TRULY sick, yet i have to take medication three times a day >__< My immune system decided to take a holiday and my dermatologist had to give me an antibiotic because my face is a mess. Me being stupid and not feeling good (it's been a month now... and it still hurts), took the antibiotic in the morning before breakfast... Yeah, you can see where this is going. Ran to the bathroom and threw up ON the bright side i was received with happy face balloons near my desk because it's the birthday of a coworker so at least that brightened my day a bit
  9. I think he'd love the statistics part! Sounds like a great idea Maybe sticking to the "If it wasn't for Yuzu i'd never..." theme, instead of sending words of support or encouragement. That way we can convey how he's touched our lives, how he has affected people from every corner of the world without putting more pressure or expectations on him. And yeah, memes and funny things sound good to me too And we can "show off" the presents we've made to take to competitions, explaining how it helps us connect with other fans regardless of language and even distance. More than a support book i think it would be better if it was a "thank you" book, so he can see how much he's inspired us.
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