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  1. Hi YuzuTheBest, at this moment no plan yet, but if there's going to be one we will announce it here :pbow:
  2. Two weeks ago, Yuzuru fans from around the globe released a . This video now have subs in 9 languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese! The team has received a lot of positive feedback from fans all over the world, and by popular request, we would like to present this video as a token of thank you. Here is the same performance in slow-motion (0.6x) with footwork, transitions, and elements annotated – and a couple improvements made in the step sequence from suggestions we received :yay: Enjoy :pbow: (For those in Japan, please watch on mii-san’s niconico channel: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31195583. Thank you, mii-san!) And here are some lovely comments about the video that the team has received from fans around the world :’) Thanks everyone for supporting us, and thanks Yuzu for bringing us all together!
  3. I love to see 22yo Yuzu do Sing Sing Sing with a hat :devil: He was so adorable here
  4. Congrats @Danibellerika :yay: , if you need banners and stuffs to support Yuzu just inform us. We'll ship them to you :pbow:
  5. Just catching up on this news, how may shows in total for FaOI? Edit: I saw 9 in above messages :-) Yuzu please be healthy and not quad battle with Zhenya :smile: We want to see him but we also worry for him :yes:
  6. Happy 1st week anniversary :yay: :pbow: Image created by me, translation credit https://twitter.com/Iron_Klaus/status/8 ... 2949595137
  7. Hi all, please ensure to get permission from the original source if you used fan's photo and fanart. Also please credit them with link of original source in your posts. Thanks.
  8. ^ next time ask whether you can have that copy, say that you are a die hard fan...i think they will let you have it.
  9. ^^^ holy cow! Yuzu in a Malaysian Japanese Expat magazine. Awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing Lynnie :thumbup:
  10. Jinabee we want to see it, please post the link here
  11. Information on Incorrect Phishing Warning --> Please help to spread the words that this site is safe. Thank you.
  12. Please help to spread this thread with a positive message...thank you all!! Tumblr: https://aliajackson.tumblr.com/post/160 ... -of-highly
  13. Yuzu P&G leaflets in a store https://twitter.com/yuzu_kyun_mami/stat ... 0565888000
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