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  1. Me too. And I also wait for them to reveal music choices soon. Fingers crossed!
  2. Hannah


    I've sent 20 euro through Gofundme. I've been away for couple of months because of health issues and it feels good to be back
  3. And Panenkova .... Sometimes I just want to delete this season from my memory....
  4. If anyone is interested to join and sign a petition regarding Stolbova and Bukin participation in the Olympic games Change.org
  5. The grey color looks really terrible
  6. Zhenya's gala without comments: Lyrics: "Songs of mine that I've yet to write. How many? Tell me cuckoo, sing it for me. To live in the city or the hamlets? Lie as a stone or burn like a star? A star. Sunlight of mine, glance now at me. My palm has turned to a fist. And if there's gun powder - give me the fire. That's how. Who will go the lonely path? The strong and the brave Have laid down their heads in the field of battle. Few now remain with bright memory, with a c
  7. Yes. So now it's official. Gorshkov has confirmed that Zhenya will go to the Europeans. The two additional spots will be for gold and silver medalists at the nationals. https://rsport.ria.ru/figure_skating/20171220/1130340010.html Good luck to all the ladies! I hope they all skate clean and I pray for fair judging ============================================================================================ The new logo is just an embarassment... That's the only purpose of a poor design...
  8. Two news in a row and I'm sad about both of them. I wish Anna full recovery. We have seen skaters coming back from more serious injuries and I hope that Anna will come back even stronger. She's still young and has time to fulfil her dreams Zhenya should take more time to recover. I dont think I will be able to watch her skating at the nationals . I will be too worried. As much as I want to see her back , I will feel more happy if I knew she's healthy and doesnt rush things too much
  9. @Yatagarasu, @sallycinnamon, @kelly, @Joey - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I somehow made it to top 10 @Joey - special thank you for your hard work!!! This GP season was a chatastrophe but the game was very funny and interesting!
  10. @kora столько счастливых эмоций от твоего поздравления! Очень красиво! Присоединяюсь ко всем поздравлениям! Очень надеюсь, что он получит нашу карту. Хотя как представлю, сколько всего ему наверное в этот день просят передать, это будет просто чудом!
  11. From Zhukov and Smirnov interview yesterday it seems that if Russia agrees to all the conditions including money issues, than Russian team ban will be over after the Oly games and they will even be able to bring russian flag to the closing ceremony.
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