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  1. Sorry... I really cant watch it because of terrible music cuts... mute!
  2. As Ted said - it was just magic!!! I dont care that it wasnt perfect! This program is a masterpiece!
  3. Good luck ! And lets hope the stream want fall or freeze! Please, please, please!
  4. Outstanding! I already see how many beautiful pictures we will have through this season. Good luck Yuzuru! We are already in love!
  5. They should join the planet ! I knew they just couldnt miss it
  6. I remember Kevin from the junior circle! He's always very emotional and his programs usually have very good choreo. Well done!
  7. Weird costume... He probably wanted to show some fun but it isnt really working on ice...
  8. I like the program even when it's not 100% ready yet. I think she will make it work through the season and it's so special and not boring!
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