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Found 3 results

  1. I believe that fan made videos deserve a separate thread. This is my playlist 1) Yuzuru Hanyu - 羽生結弦 - Heart Of Courage by Duc Khung 2) Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by sylbester Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by 小小玟 3) 羽生結弦~YUDZ you rock! by Sugar Autumn 4) 羽生結弦~live hard die harder by Sugar Autumn
  2. Updated [21/04/21] sorry this will most definitely be the final update. We've recieved messages from over 40 countries and are overwhelmed with joy at the response! As there are only 3 days left, we'd like to make one final push so if you haven't sent a message in yet please do so as soon as possible!!! Hello everyone! After watching Yuzuru skate at worlds, I wanted to do something to show the love and support of Fanyus, through both the highs and lows of his career. For this reason, I started this banner project which I will send to the JSF once completed. Let's cheer Yuzuru on into the next season and the Beijing Olympics! To participate you can submit either a message under 400 characters or a picture/artwork showing your support. If you would like to send a handwritten message please ensure it is on a white background and the photo is good quality (scans would be preferred). Please fill in this form below if you would like to participate! Send your support to Yuzuru Hanyu! (No google account required) Additionally, if you would like more frequent updates we now have a twitter account! The account is Fanyubanner_2021. DMs will be replied to more frequently so if there is anything urgent, please dm us on twitter if possible. To submit a picture/artwork/handwritten message, please send it to my email along with your name and a short message to accompany it. The deadline is 24th of April, 00:00 GMT We will not accept any submissions after this. If you have any questions, please contact me via: Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Twitter: fanyubanner_2021 Finally, a Russian translation of this project can be found here
  3. Among us I have seen long-time fans that follow Yuzu since junior days, as well as new ones who joined the ride after the historical free skate at Helsinki. So it makes me curious: When did everyone discover our favorite guy? (To avoid confusion for the polling, I'd like to define "discovered" as "became a fan," instead of "heard of/saw him for the first time.") And for the "how" part, please comment to share your experience of falling for →! How did you come across him and his performances? What was the first program that you watched/that made you hooked? How did you find your way to the fan community?
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