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  1. the camerawork though.... guh i hope there will be fancams for Yuzu poses
  2. H&L at 4CC his mindXD for a moment i as expecting the yolo 3A
  3. What's with the camerawork? missed the best soth on swan program too
  4. both seemed black to me while he skate but was it shadow? of the ligh on the photo that makes it look like silver?
  5. 3 ur? i didn't noticed at all but ofcourse i don't have the best eyes for that and just watched it once yet but really? 3?
  6. I've never know ke wore it duing competition. In practice yes but in competition... Also how did you guys noticed? i checked again and couldn't noticed!!
  7. Isn’t it all starts from being a casual viewer? We were watching worlds last year and my brother who is a casual viewer (or even less than that) think alina was the greatest prodigy of the sport ever has because of the commentary If i remember correctly Yuzuru did said he was overscored once (and no one think he was an ungreatful brat, at least i wasn’t) Ofcourse that is not what i expect from Nathan or blame him for not doing it. Yuzuru is extra special in that sense. I also don’t know how we can comment about our disagreement of a skater’s scores without mentioning the skater or their scores. I also don’t want nathan to get upset or the eteri girls or evgenia for example but i just couldn’t stop if i won’t speak if i saw she flutzed and not called for that and get overscored on pcs because she used to be the choosen one. We see how that changed when she changed her team
  8. I used to think. When you don’t know much about the sport you blindly trust the commentators
  9. And i think we all know the scoring differs based on the nationality
  10. Then they shouldn't change the scoring system at all. If it wasn't wrong it'd stay. Since it changed because it stain the credibility of the sport they shouldn;'t make the new system looks like the old one. They shouldn't wrote pages long books for how things should be than go as they wish. It is also disrespectful to the skater who train and focus as stated in the rulebook.
  11. First of all welcome to the forum:)) I mean if we talk about that all nathan programs suffers in transition because he focus on jumps yet he gets Yuzu’s best level of score so are we really gonna discuss the different standard applied to Yuzu?
  12. omg they did not only made us miss the hyrdo but the ice throw too i'm pissed
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