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  1. I love this part, when they all started again after Yuzu came did yuzu faked them? showing 2 at the beginning then him doing 1 at the end XD
  2. okay remembering the nijinski pose then making origin, i interpret this as either heim keeping the program next season or next show
  3. 19 pages? I thought i’ll miss much morexD but anyway i was a fan of leather part and am curious the new version. Also like the timing on 3A better as well. Cant wait for more videos or pics
  4. Yuzu's Lutz is so good that i want to cry (both to its beauty and to the unfairness in juding to appreciate the exquisite technique)
  5. yeah i watched it all many times too i just realised the time but i can't helo it i wanna watch it all again
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