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  1. This is bad. Instead of going into more objective side they choose subjective topics. I see no hope in fs
  2. Oh thank you, i checked the thread after your notif. I am disappointed. I knew by now that they are not that close but i did not expect such reaction from him. But idk maybe i should after reading how he is praising nathan
  3. Yes there was a swing between ‘we are good feinds’ and ‘we are not that close’ which made me confused like please decide which is it?! now we know... I’m sure yuzu knows/noticed and i believe he always kept the optimum distance. What happened in Boston?
  4. sorry, what do you mean with 'optics'? They are so funny. NOW they can see it XDD I wish it wasn't enough in men too I can't see the tweets above but i'm curious what were they
  5. I was commenting why psc scoring was wrong, talked about the number of difficult steps and turns vs crossoers, deep edges, transitions etc. The reply was either 'just say the music is not your style' or 'this is his style (of skating)' Some people don't want to see things i guess Edit: and you became a hater if you speak about such stuff
  6. He is so polite. I wonder how he deals with the current situation. It has been years and the situation only going for worse. People just turn extra half on the ice and then jump and it would be scored as 'perfect 3A' while he is wracking himself to perfect the technique yet never get as high score as he deserves on his 3A and now on the 4A. And this is another issue. I want to at ISU
  7. Exactly. Seeing all the us skaters being sensetive about this while turning blind on what judges does as if this constant unfair scoring is less traumatizing As if it was before
  8. Turkish commentator also spoke very highly of Yuzuru, also in the broadcaster twitter, highest likes rts and comments were by far on yuzuru related tweets and all the comments are very positive and supportive. People here really adore Yuzuru although sport is kind of unknown
  9. And that is really sad thinking leaving transitions and other things to focus on jumps is reggession for him but nate gets the same values without even the need to reaching yuzu’s level
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