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  1. Evgeni Plushenko - "He is elegant, he is thin, he is fast, he is such a great skater. This for me No.1. Great spins, great choreography, he has charisma. I like him... Few years and uhm this is future"
  2. Olympic channel did it before but olympics is doing it again with the same people because why not
  3. Idk what t*l said they always say such things or antis or whoever. Just look at how happy he is skating, i don't think him leaving anytime soon too bad for them
  4. I mean i tried so hard not to be biased but just by looking at Yuzuru vs Nathan transition before 4S and yuzu gets called inconsistant or week at landings is just... my heart is crying
  5. I didn't watch the competion yet just Nathan's from the above link but what can i say I did not like it. Not one thing. Not the costune, chsq, song, nothing. And is it me or there is less transition before his jumps than before??
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