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1 hour ago, Vulnavia said:

In the comments of the latest TSL video, someone asked them about the fact that they're profiting off of the likenesses of skaters with these new products, and one of the things that they said in their reply was that they've given the skaters a lot of publicity over the years and the profits from this merch will help them to keep creating content that promotes skaters. I was literally :english1: and then :LOL: at the suggestion that skaters like Yuzu or Tessa & Scott are in need of or benefiting from TSL's 'publicity' in any way.


I went to check the comment and it seems that one of the guys has no clue about the copyright law. I mean, please use some common sense, If this is not regulated then everyone can start a company to sell fan art merchandize of celebrities. About the publicity they give skaters: they're so mean to some skaters, I hope the skaters they insulted never got to watch it, because it's heartbreaking. 

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