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  1. He does, or at least did, landed it once or twice in 2017/18 season. Don't know why le doesn't jump it anymore, maybe it has to do with protecting his hip, he had a nasty injury once.
  2. ahh, it must have been magical today ;; hope we get to see it soon.
  3. That's a deep outside edge on this photo, it has to be Lutz. If it'supposed to be a flip, then... a loooot of work on that still. No wonder, it has to be hard for Yuzu who always had to work to keep that edge in check, especially when he recently trained 4Lz so intensely. But you know, he will get it, I know he will. It may be just a little bit longer process, because he wouldn't put it in the program when it's not to his standards, and we know his standards are higher than the judges'.
  4. Thank you for this, exactly my thoughts that I didn't have enough energy to write earlier.
  5. But why if they look "gay" is a bad image for a country? Because being gay is bad? Sorry, this shouldn't be this way and that's what makes me sad. In my country it's similar, but your post makes me think you personally agree that it should be like that. And again, NO, IT SHOULDN'T. that's OTT btw so I will shut up. Like I said, I hate nonsensical drama.
  6. a that's ok? because that makes me very sad, since I'm also the person that you probably would think is "too gay" and should be less in your face in public about it, and I had to learn to not care and be myself. Maybe I have specific point of view because of personal reasons...
  7. Tbh I think it's quite obvious why they asked the photo to be deleted and if what I think is true, I would be pretty much offended too. Too bad because he said it a lot will see it as if it was Yuzuru's idea... I hate nonsensical drama in fs.
  8. Hm... I was gonna say that Shoma probably knows best what he needs (certainly better than any of us), but if he indeed has coachless season, it's... very dangerous experiment I suppose. Only time will tell... Maybe he should go to Yale and train with Nathan
  9. It seems opening was the same as previous broadcast, hmm
  10. ...baseball? uh, I really shouldn't watch it, then, really don't have time for this
  11. so Eteri group is more likely than ever (I think unless something goes terribly wrong he will stay). I can't wait to see what will happen next.
  12. You're a good man, Scott Moir (Bran's voice) I really, really need that footage soon, pleaseeee
  13. I. WANT. TO. SEE ;;;;;;;;;;
  14. Well, right now it's really nothing to discuss, because we don't even know what they mean but this proposed change, neither if it will happen in the end. I also want to note how many skating fans were against a change from 6.0 system. The major change will always cause controversy, but let's wait until we actually now something specific to declare the death of figure skating.
  15. show me the Lutz, show me all the Lutzes! not showing this is true cruelty...
  16. Last year Skate Canada was first But it will be on ISU website.
  17. That's totally not impossible. The only reason I find it unlikely is that Brian really have enough work cut for himself for now, I think. Otherwise I don't think it's any less awkward than Raf of Tom Z or any other couch who currently trains top man. I understand that a lot of fans are protective about Yuzu, but direct rivals, from the same country or not, train with the same couches in every category, that's normal. It's on the couches to ensure the atmosphere is ok and there are no conflicts.
  18. Oh god Evangelion. How much I love this song, us this the real life....
  19. I actually thought about Lambiel first (if he really goes to foreign couch) but I doubt it would do him much good hmm. But he would have Japanese mates there at least... I'm pretty sure the couch won't be Brian as he has enough star skaters to focus for now, maybe someone else at TCC... (but unlikely). Eteri or Raf also sound sooo weird. I don't know, still think he most likely will stay in Japan. But who knows...
  20. Wow Shoma :0 totally didn't expect that. I don't know where he could go, but it would probably be too weird with Raf, who has Nathan for that many years... huh, veeeery curious...
  21. Polina :((( I kinda expected this after all the injuries and limitation in training they caused, but I'm gonna miss her beautiful jumps
  22. More than a song (sigh, Celine) I was wondering if Gabby really left TCC with Barkell - that's different rink...
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