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  1. ah Kyarha... first really bad skate today...
  2. Yuzu want to win, but he wants to do it his way. Let him do it with his baby 4T3A he knows the risk.
  3. skaters will start to qualify now, Hongyi skated first and is still in first
  4. I've never seen Anita not make at least one serious mistake in a program. too bad, again.
  5. ah too bad about the mistakes
  6. at this point it looks like a lot of good skates won't qualify O.O
  7. everyone should be banned from skating to this music after Yulia
  8. they already robbed her, what was that GOE for those nice jumps lol (I'm not really laughing but...)
  9. the girls are bringing it (no jinx) it may be very tight with qualifying today
  10. that Dress is here again... ans pls no Pairs spoilers ;;
  11. Valentina seems the slowest of this 1st flight, but she did her elements, it was a good group
  12. better not, Korean girls need spots. Who said that? Bravo Julia, nailed it again
  13. I'm so sad there's no Caro...
  14. ahh that unfortunate fall...
  15. First skate clean! 1st group GOE but it's still good for her but will she get urs...