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  1. Guys, Kozlovskii's fall during the warm-up looked terrible. 😨
  2. Thank you for commenting everybody! Can't watch at work, but glad to keep myself informed thanks to you
  3. Praise for the dresses of Korean girls is never too much.
  4. This is a ready meme. I can't. On a serious note, it is so good that he is close with his coaches now.
  5. I have a feeling that Nathan and Michal played paintball together.
  6. Time goes by and Krasnoghon reminds me of Lysacek more and more.
  7. No, it's not him. Yagudin at least doesn't talk during the performances.
  8. Russians have Yagudin. Believe me, you wouldn't wont it.
  9. Can we have Tosca limit for a competition, please?
  10. But it doesn't look like something that was really to difficult to do.
  11. So, Javi tribute right now from Hungary boy and Seimei costume leter in the first group. Junior men are delivering Ouh, I did mean you need a fall out of nowhere when I said Javi tribute, dear boy. But he fought.
  12. Ok, Panova is officially my favourite Russian coach.
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