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  1. Slightly off topic, but when the design will be decided, would it be possible for me to make such a "banner" as a picture for myself and use it in social media like Twitter? I can't travel to see Yuzu live this year, but I want to cheer up for him during the competition together with you. Pretty please! BTW, I was thinking won't it look understandable enough to simply make a hart shaped flag and write "Yuzu" nearby? Like this, everything will be even bigger and Yuzu will see it easily. And bonus, it will mean exactly "_____ {country} loves Yuzu".
  2. Don't forget Aphrodite. She is always there to shower Yuzu in our love and to help charming new fans. Athena will help to keep everything calculated.
  3. Last year, I planned my entire work schedule three months in advance, to be sure I will be free during Rostelecom. I think we are all here with a common priority.
  4. Oblivion is one of my favorite things by Piazzolla, but I am generally against the idea that the same choreography can be used with different music. In my opinion, when a choreographer creates a program, he (or she) interprets that particular piece of music. Good choreography simply cannot be used without its original music. Yes, Liza has her own style and Shae definitely took this into account, but this does not solve everything. In general, I just feel sad.
  5. Nathan looks quite in style, but a good neckerchief would be even more suitable. For French bohemian chic)
  6. You remember it correctly. When Tarasova was commenting Rostelecom, she said that she prepared some music for Yuzu and would give it to him.
  7. This moment when you won the vote and the students chose you as one of the best professors of the faculty, but the university will not pay you a prize (money) because you are a contract employee. But encouragement from students is the best.
  8. Google did a great job here. 👍 Literally, she said: "I don't even discuss Yuzuru Hanyu, this is a different story when you sit in front of the screen, take popcorn, watch it and put it on repeat (loop)."
  9. So, we have Einaudi (endless experience) and Roxane (Kazuki, why are you doing this with us? ). But I can't believe that we still don't have any Carmen or Swan Lake this season (or maybe I missed something). Our bingo feels incomplete. And with musicals for the rhythmic dance I am waiting for at least three POTO (hopefully not in in one competition).
  10. They are amazing! I know just a little bit about roses because my mother is keen on gardening and we even have one good Austin rose (Lady Emma Hamilton, if I remember it correctly). But you do not need to be an expert to say that your roses are wonderful!
  11. Will have you in my prayers! Get well!
  12. Hi! I sent a letter to Yuzu using the Japanese FS federation address one year ago. I didn't get an answer (I don't really expect to get it). Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how the postal service in Japane work, but I suppose they will be able to figure out the recipient of your letter using the address only. Good luck to you and your letter anyway)
  13. We once had a world map for Yuzu’s birthday, where we marked our locations. Not sure if it is available now. Very impressive.
  14. Alexander Kogan, general director of the Russian Figure Skating Federation : “We can make changes to the starting lineup up to one hour before the team leaders meeting at the World Championships. That is, by convention, until March 18. Based on the people in the list of main (participants) and alternatives. ” https://sport24.ru/news/other/2019-02-25-rossiya-mozhet-do-17-marta-izmenit-zayavku-na-chempionat-mira-po-figurnomu-kataniyu I literally have no words.
  15. Dear Yuzuru, For many years, your skating and your personality are my guiding star. Your skating is a work of art. I have met many of your fans from all over the world and figure skating fans in general and we all share this opinion: you have an ability to make people happy. I wish you a speedy recovery, long and happy life, fulfillment of your dreams and health. Happy Birthday! Dear Junhwan, Your skating is unique and it always leaves a big imprint on my heart. I wish you good luck and hope to watch your performances for many more years! Irina, Russia
  16. I'm a fan of musicals myself, I just don't understand what it has to do with rhythm
  17. Guys, I accidentally saw an interview by Russian ice dancers Betina Popova and Sergei Mozgov (a couple with power rangers costumes for the gala) and Betina said next year rythme dance topic is "musicals". Sorry if everybody knows about this already, I just want to say wow about this for now, because I can't decide if this is a good news or not. Interview is in Russian. Link: https://rsport.ria.ru/interview/20181121/1146292666.html
  18. So, there is a Russian Yuzu fan-group in Russian social networks, and although I am not a member of it, I sometimes check it. They have a playlist. I turned it on accidentally and forgot about it while listening to Japanese rock for fifteen minutes. But then suddenly Hisaishi started to play and I literally dropped my pen and almost choked on my coffee. I almost forgot how beautiful the music is.
  19. TAT and Russian Eurosport commentators all agree that Yuzu fought for elements. So it wasn't his best, they surely know. TAT even gasped when Yuzu made a mistake during the stsq in the short. She especially praised Yuzu for his fighting spirit, for not giving up his jumps no matter what. After the free she said (in general) that next time he will improve. But I guess she will continue to thank him for continuing competing every time he skates and I can't agree more.
  20. Plushenko says rather "I would add ... (Nijinsky style choreography) or "I think he will add." He sounds quite respectful in general and he praises Yuzu among other things for using complex content. Although I still don’t I like it. It really gives a feeling that he doesn’t understand that Yuzu doesn’t want to repeat him. Plushenko seems to want to see an improved version of himself on the ice. I also hope that Yuzu will not be affected.
  21. Helsinki is approaching, so I decided to share my two most successful recipes. Sorry for the lack of photos, my family ate everything before I remembered to take a picture. 1. Our family upside down apple cake. Super simple recipe that my mom always makes when there is no time. Ingredients flour 160 g granulated sugar 200 g eggs 3 apples 2 medium baking powder (1 teaspoon) or baking soda, filled with vinegar (0,5 teaspoon). Any vinegar, but not balsamic. vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon - optional WITHOUT BUTTER OR VEGETABLE OIL! My inventory: baking mold (ring, 22 cm diameter) Recipe Butter your mold with vegetable oil. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Mix eggs and sugar (not much, just until the sugar disappears). Add flour and vanilla, whisk by a mixer. Peel the apples, cut them into thin slices. Put apple slices in mold, pour your batter over. Bake for about an hour, temperature 180 degrees Celsius. After 50 minutes (or when it starts to smell delicious) check the readiness with a toothpick. Toothpick should be clean after you stick it in the cake. Do not open the oven in the first 40 minutes, because the cake is rising. 2. Chocolate cake I bake this cake to cut it into layers for a real big cake or I eat it just like that. My inventory (for minimum volume): rectangular mold 22X12 cm Ingredients: flour 215 g baking soda 0.5 teaspoon with vinegar (can be replaced with baking powder, 1 teaspoon). Any vinegar, but not balsamic. a pinch of salt cocoa powder 30 g butter 30 g vegetable oil 30 g granulated sugar 150 g milk 130 ml egg 1 vanilla extract - optional, 1 teaspoon Recipe Butter your mold with vegetable oil. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Mix flour, cocoa powder, sugar, salt and soda (or baking powder). Melt the butter (for example, in the microwave). Add to the dry ingredients everything else: oil and vegetable oil, egg, milk, vinegar and vanilla extract. Whisk by a mixer. Bake for about 50 min, temperature 180 degrees Celsius. After 40 minutes (or when it starts to smell delicious) start to check the readiness with a toothpick. Do not open the oven to early. May we all survive this season (with sweets)!
  22. He probably considered her to be a child and couldn't say no.
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