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  1. So, Men's SP is on Thursday 11:30 local time, and Ladies 16:45? Or do I read the schedule wrong? (I really hope to see at least ladies live, but work is so crazy right now... why can't I have fs season vacation)
  2. airi

    Team Russia

    I will be amazed if she can keep it through growth spurt, tbh. And well, I'm excited to see a progress in sport, but on the other side I don't want to see these girls killing themselves... and possibly artistic side of fs And why exactly is she doing 3 quads? But well, she definitely is amazing.
  3. airi

    Team Russia

    Sasha what are you doing I'm scared.
  4. airi

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    What? A girl that can possibly land 4S3T and is actually really good skater is gonna represent my country? Didn't think something like this will happen in my lifetime
  5. Well, this was wild beginning of the season, bit it was really fun to watch I missed competitions so much
  6. I don't think she's mature enough for Chicago...
  7. A pity, this was going very well... Still should be a good score.
  8. Should be bigger difference between her and Mako in the free tbh...
  9. Original arrangement, I can live with it
  10. Did someone predict the overuse of The Greatest Showman? Well...