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  1. and I felt it's possible for a moment when Katarina showed up, lol. well it's really not important, I still don't know why I watched it even if he would actially win Now they are aware ot the power of Hanyu, at least
  2. I would expect anybody else tbh, hm and when did my evening go???
  3. I fear it will be at least another song and comedy act before.
  4. still not Comeback, they are taking what they can from fanyus
  5. I really thought it would be over by now, huh I'm really so bored...
  6. plot twist: comeback is gonna be last so Yuzu fans provide the ratings
  7. I guess not a lot of nominees is attending lol
  8. yeah I really don't like award ceremonies, what am I doing here really, just tell me who won lol
  9. tbh a lot of winter sports nominees are in the middle of their season so it's not convenient to come, either. I wonder if they told winners in advance so they could be more convinced to come
  10. yeah it's really almost like waiting till 5am in Japan to (not) see 2 seconds of him in the summer