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  1. Oh wow! I was quietly hoping they do something like that since that trailers during JGP stream, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Now praying for video archives
  2. I just wanted to say... there's 48 entries in ladies category at CS in Warsaw O.O is it some kind of record? http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111935.htm I was even considering going there if some interesting skaters come, and maaany interesting skaters will be there, but I can't even imagine how are they going to fit all four disciplines there. I mean... 48 ladies...
  3. Yi Christy Leung was assigned to two GP events - Skate America (as Elizabet replacement) and host spot at China. I'm so happy for her, was hoping for it! Starr got assigned to France and Megan Wessenberg to NHK as Ting's replacement (that's a bit weird decision but uh US Fed...) Sadly, Loena withdrew from both GPs Emmi Peltonen will go to Rostelecom now, France replacement for her unknown for now. I'm so sad for Korean girls not getting second GPs yet, probably too big threats to be invited... still have some hope for France. (also we don't know if Elizabet and Mai can do 2nd assigments, I hope so, but it's also likely they also WD from that...)
  4. well, with VPN we at least can watch it in Russian tv. It usually have archives option later.
  5. Wow, who's complaining about low scores? I must have sleep on something lol.
  6. ok I'm doing it, but can we have one topic for all GPs prediction, like last year? If we have seperate for all the events I'm gonna get lost... btw, those predictions are the mix of what I think would happen and what I'd WANT to happen, so some might sound crazy 1.List the top 3 of each discipline. (+ extra in case someone withdraws) Bonus Questions 2. In ladies, will there be more clean (positive GOE) 3 axels or quads? 3. Who will have the highest PCS before factoring? 4. Who will receive the highest GOE on a single element? 5. In ice dance, will anyone who was not top 3 after the rhythm dance end up with a medal? 6. Which disciplines will have a new season’s best? Grand Prix Finals Qualification - to be scored after NHK 1.Who will qualify for the finals. *Optional - list alternates in case of withdrawal 2.Who will be the top qualifier in each discipline? If there is a tie in points for placement, I will use highest total score as a tie breaker. 3. Which disciplines will have a new world record by the end of the series?
  7. With that scores she definitely can win with Sasha, especially with 3A in SP. I sooo hope Kosto will win everything.
  8. Liza is so consistent with jumps now, including 3As... her generic programs really are the weakness though... Still I hope she has a wonderful season.
  9. a little tentative program from Yuhana, a pop, no three jump combo, but overall very nice
  10. a lot of cheering, for 3As probably, and we can barely see anything, well
  11. not bad from finnish girl. definitely better than she skated at JGP in Poland.
  12. Gabby... no combos... but skating here is a first step, I hope she will come back stronger...
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