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  1. Seimei and H&L should be in the final ;;;;
  2. If you miss skating, ISU yt channel is streaming WC 2018 in Milan, Pairs SP right now
  3. Rika ofc (who won against Zagitova in JGP)
  4. We don't know anything. It's premature to worry over worst case scenarios. Sure, anything can happen, but at some point most things will be quasi-normal, and this probably will be long before vaccine/medicine... I also have a feeling the season will begin later. But who knows. Que sera, sera...
  5. I think the only option is postpone to 2021, like Euro organisers did. Hopefully everything will be under control by then... I believe Canada and Australia won't be the only ones boycotting otherwise... and there's just no olympic spirit right now.
  6. I for one am glad that Yuzu has to (probably) spend a few weeks without skating because of restirictions that in the end will be good for everyone, and not because of injury and he probably has a lot of things to do anyway.
  7. All rinks definitely should be temporarily closed, both for public and members. The next few weeks could be crucial and if not necessary, why keep it open... For now in Russia there are still some ice shows planned even in March, but looking at what is happening, it's unlikely they will proceed.
  8. Just remember there are far more important things than skating right now. And skaters have longer breaks even for planned vacations sometimes, it's March, people... of course I'm very doubtful that will last only three weeks, but hopefully things will get better soon... Here also almost all public spaces and schools are closed, and we for now have "only" 116 cases confirmed... It's recommended to work from home... (too bad I can't for now, sigh)
  9. Honestly? It's better to do it now if it helps even a little. Season is over, they can afford a few weeks break, and catch up with other things in the meantime.
  10. From Misha Ge's instagram, some Team USA programs he already choreographed: Amber Glenn FP - Rain In Your Black Eyes (Remake) Jimmy Ma SP - Come Together - Justice League Jessica Lin (H&L girl) FP - Slow dance in the big city
  11. Harry Mattick, a favourite of many, switching to Pairs apparentely
  12. Whaaat, nooo ;;;; understand because of Russian depth but they were one of my favourites and I also don't know why they skipped JGP, they were planning for it, I even read some interview before the season... eh.
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