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  1. Good luck to Donovan, Dasa, Emily, Julia and everyone else who need WC TES!
  2. You never know...He would definitely be more subtle, but I don't doubt that he is capable of sticking it just right
  3. It won't be easy for Yuma and Shun both in serious (if Yuzu still skates). But the Japanese senior field wasn't that strong for a while, since at least 2013-14, probably earlier...
  4. Yeah, hard to believe that was 6 years ago and so much have happened since then...
  5. Junior Worlds entries are out http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111967.htm China is sending only their pairs, I wonder why... It's gonna be very interesting battle for places and spots. It would be great if both Japanese and Korean ladies could get 3 spots for next year, but it will be tough...
  6. Those look very small for quads... especially "4Lo"... Well we will see, after all the girls are left with almost no choice if they want to fight for the podium...
  7. Wow, somehow I still have a chance for predictions bronze
  8. Seems like RusFed will be announcing jr worlds team officially only after Cup Final. But they usually are going with top 3 (eligible) at Nationals, and that would mean Ksenia can maybe not go, because she lost to three Eteri girls... sigh. Ladies at this event were crazy. It kinda hurts that Valieva's and Akatieva's 4T (both landed two) were scored almost the same, since Kamila's are real quads, and Sofia has long way to go imo... At the same event two other girls attempted quads (Khromykh's 4S would be impressive if she landed it, that's a big jump), Samodelkina landed three 3As, not her best but still. Personally I really loved redhead Osokina here, she probably doesn't have very high chances for JGP in this crowd, but she was wonderful.
  9. I bet his only tribute program will be flamenco tribute to Javi for one of the future shows (preferably ROI)
  10. Lol what's with Yuzu always hugging Michael Marinaro at Galas Maybe we will get Xinyu lift at the banquet - at least he promised he's gonna try at 4CC after he failed at NHK
  11. Yuzu posing with koala is so cute aww
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