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  1. I'm soooooo about this. Can always count on Russian drama
  2. That's so devastating and she is second Australian Olympic team member that died this month after Alex Pullin ;___;
  3. Hi, I'm practically in figure skating hibernation, but seeing Yuzu's face today LIVE made my day, ok bye
  4. Khudaiberdieva changed partners again? Eh, she is so good, but skating with someone else again... at least Bazin is very experienced
  5. In theory that's good... I don't believe they will use this rules as they should, but that's the general story of any changes they make, unless the revolution happens (it will not). BV changes are good for quads, at least with how most skaters perform "4Lz" and how mechanics of Loop make it so hard to make it a quad... It hurts to see 3Lz with the same BV as 3F, because imo the true Lutz is really so much harder than Flip... (it can be different for some skaters but generally I really think Lutz is harder...) But anyway, not many do true Lutz anyway, so... eh.
  6. I think some time ago Xiaoyu was on partner search, when Zhang was recovering from injury. I have no idea what happened since then.
  7. Yeah, ice dancers wouldn't be able to learn the new pattern because they are unable to train for months, so they changed it.
  8. Well I really want to know the most about Dudakov now. They will be fine even with most of their current skaters leave, but without him, Eteri is in big trouble. Can't imagine filling that gap easily.
  9. And another rumor is Dudakov is leaving as well (unconfirmed, but, if... lololol)
  10. I'm gonna laugh so haaaaaaard, lolol
  11. Really interesting, I'm not really surprised she left, I'm surprised she left for Plushenko... but it's true there's not too many choices for top athletes, especially if she is limited to Russia. And Rozanov??? Zhilina sisters? Wow. Wonder what happened there. I'm kinda tempted to go and read what extreme Tutberidze fans have to say about this, but my head was hurting the entire day, so maybe better not.
  12. I literally have no words. *whispers 'I don't know what to say' in Brian's voice'*
  13. Well we knew about this proposition for a long time, it was widely discussed, I don't understand why anyone is surprised And it's not bad itself imo in theory, in practice we know that it will change nothing, if anything favouring those who already are favored.
  14. It was the same with Bilodeau and Julianne Seguin, she also didn't know anything until the last moment... doesn't seem like a nice and thoughtful guy. Poor ladies.
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