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  1. Sad for skaters who qualified for GPF, but I'm weirdly satisfied, I suspect the scoring would make everyone sick... (now we have to wait for respective Russian/Japanese/American Nationals for that )
  2. Honestly, I've seen his posts on social media and definitely think the same... Seems so over-confident, he even suggested he deserves to be on the Olympic team O_o Shows his weird combos like triple-4Lo<< and 4T<+4T<< looking for praises, really thought he has a nice future two years ago when he debuted at JGP, now I'm pretty sure he's the next Nathan for American media, after Nathan likely retires. And 2026 OGM, if he only lands the jumps. Puts me off tbh...
  3. I was thinking something similar to that But really, all the time girls land 3A/quads clean (most of them awfully pre-rotated, and with super long preparation, but shhh), they usually get higher GOE than men would get for the very same jump - especially Eteri's girls, and now especially Kamila... Gotta love FS judging.
  4. I watched, but I feel like it's no point to comment anymore Anyway, I will be surprised if Valieva skates much after this season...
  5. Valieva got second highest PCS in this system (little behind Shcherbakova's at Worlds) Watch her getting 38+ at GPF.
  6. Young Romeo ;____; arguably one of best MOMENTS created on the ice, ever. I also always come back to it to clean my soul (plus WC17 H&L) (I miss Yuzu I don't know why today I miss him so much, ehhhhh)
  7. Ahh, ok - that second jump was credited as second 4Lo though https://fsrussia.ru/results/2122/5etap/eMC__Scores.pdf
  8. If you want to laugh (or cry... or both) check out yesterday's RD results You will meet the members or Russian Olympic team there. About Kana and Dai - I know they are not popular here (well, he isn't), but I kinda understand the scores after seeing them live, well, this event is super inflated, but they deserve 70 all right - I'm super surprised and impressed what fantastic dancer Daisuke has become in the short period of time. His performance ability was always my favourite part of his skating, and he really uses it here with Kana, they should have the highest PCS here, their coverage was one of the best I've seen, good flow... I'm not a fan of this scoring, but if Eteri team gets what it gets (yes I know thats not the Eteri team) then I must say the are actually robbed here. Ugh. Great for Sota to win, he made some mistakes but kept his focus, that was great finish Koshiro lose a bit too much in the end, but personally I think he should win PCS. Wesley Chiu created a MOMENT, that was amazing program. There's something innovative and different in his skating, I can't wait to see him again - he will be and Jr Grand Prix Final Men's victory ceremony was super awkward, from the spiker making mistake while calling up the skaters, to skaters not knowing they have to take their own medals (Daniel stepped up ), to Sota looking for the right flag during the anthem. I didn't stay for Pairs, sadly, I was too tired beacuse of sitting all day again... Heard there was a very dangerous fall, Chelsea Liu and Danny O'Shea both hit their heads and are in hospital I hope they'll be alright really soon.
  9. Adelia has 4F and 4S? I only saw her try 4T before ;0 (technically, Grassl did 4Lo in combination before Not that it really was a combo that should be fully credited...) I like Adelia but she's nowhere near Muravieva's skating (who won this competition after her 3A SP). Eh, nothing new, bur Russian juniors are brutal.
  10. So I went to Warsaw Cup, staying in Warsaw for 3 days (actually I met so many skaters in the hotel, turns out it's official hotel for this competition lol, it is basically next door) I left before last two groups of men (it actually didn't end yet O.O) because all my muscles were screaming from sitting all day, but wow. Sota and Koshiro were absolutely fantastic. and seemed quite shy and surprised about the applause they got, especially Sota. I hope they have great free skates too, all skaters actually, but especially those two (also it's probably the only chance for Koshiro to get high SB and get that GP(s) again, he started great). Petr was great too but isn't at the same level of expression as Japanese men... (I'm not biased, literally everyone feels like that, based on the reactions at least). That's the second time I've seen Daniel live and he didn't change much... Maybe his programs are even more Richaud-esque now. But his technique... Um. Nice to see that Gogolev didn't quit skating, wow, he had a massive growth spurt... His program was so weird though, what is this music, I can't listen to this... Also, loved Wesley Chiu, even with the mistake! So expressive, just lovely New favourite Earlier, women Highlight: Finnish women, actually! They both are awesome and should by far lead in PCS. Jenni got at least pretty high (I hop she doesn't bomb FS again ;;), Emmi deserves just as high imo, but he makes those stupid mistakes, like not finishing her positions in spins etc, and she loses so much... Maiia was ok I guess (nothing special imo, but I like her). Katia was joyous as always, but deservedly got lower PCS today, she was pretty hesitant. Niina was lovely, and Gabby did well too! Pairs Tarasova and Morozov don't have rivals, even with small mistake today the were superb. My second favoutire was Laura Barquero and Marco Zandron, too bad they made a mistake at lift, but wow, they are great. Hope they go to Olympics (I know they qualified, by I'm not sure about Marco's citizenship status). Seems like tomorrow will be even longer day at the rink for me and maybe catching up with IDF as well
  11. Uhh, Yuzu, please tell us if you're going to COR or not, I was absolutely certain it was impossible and I need time to mentally prepare again if necessary
  12. I don't think there's any way Yuzuru wouldn't get chosen if he was able to go and wanted it - I honestly think for various reasons he should stay out of it, at least if he can't recover in time, but anyway, will support any decision... don't have a choice really I will see the end of this crazy ride. Seriously I wonder why he still is on Rostelecom roster...
  13. Catched up now - Jun should get silver and Matteo bronze But anyway, good for Shoma - I think he DID improve his technique overall, his toe jumps still don't look good but on the loop and salchow, much better than he used to be. Don't like the program like his short though.
  14. damn, another injury really pleased for Kaori and Mana though And both Kaori and Young now quite unexpectedly have chances for GPF...
  15. I really liked Shoma today, lovely program. It's always easier for me to enjoy the program where I like music and choreo so much. Also, great job by Sota!
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