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  1. Those reports make me sick... I'm glad at least Shcherbakova didn't go.
  2. I'm so bummed Wesley missed that medal, but happy for Tatsuya! (and, let's be honest, for Japanese juniors at JGP next season I was quite concerned for a while about that)
  3. He obviously shouldn't be here Not recovered from the injury as I feared... Wonder if he will WD from the free, the fall looked really, really bad
  4. We don't seem to have Junior Worlds thread, so I'm gonna say it here. I absolutely adore Wesley Chiu, to the point he is probably my favourite male skater after Yuzu right now. I hope he medals!
  5. I think maybe they will come back for the second part of the quad, like Tessa and Scott did. For now they certainly deserve a good rest. We will see.
  6. I feel like I said it before, but, Gabi and Guillaume are on completely different level. Gonna miss them if this is their last competition. There won't be anyone like them in a loooong time.
  7. Um, nothing I wouldn't expect, including the (over)scoring, so I'm not going into that. I hope all of them get a good rest now. Adam and Camden were definitely my highlights!
  8. Oh, somehow I wasn't ready for Satton retiring... I guess much more announcements is coming after Worlds
  9. Yes, the placements combined have to be less than 13 3 for Japan, USA and most importantly KOREA
  10. My two wishes for this comp came true so I'm happy Congrats to Kaori, Loena and Alysa! (I'll take Alysa's medal over Mariah any day)
  11. Why isn't Shun going to JWC? I missed something... And Kao is likely to WD too...
  12. I'm so weak, cried so bad at Nazarova/Nikitin ;__________; Thank you for coming here and telling your story through the dance, that is much more important than any competition
  13. I just read about ISU commentators, just LOL, I thought it can't get any worse but they are seriously pushing the limits... Ugh should be fired immediately, won't happen of course because this organization is shameless but... no words.
  14. I just want to say I LOVE how many new fans Yuzu got after Beijing, even though he was the one that "lost". It just shows how special he really is Biiiig welcome to all the new fans
  15. I have only two wishes and this is a medal for Loena and 3 spots for Korea, pleaseee
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