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  1. Junior Women is probably the best event here, even with pretty strict judging today (which I like very much) it was great. Well, Hana Yoshida had a fall and is in last place but honestly beside that, her program is so clearly superior... the best short program this season probably. Hope all six of this fantastic girls have great skates tomorrow! Men... Not the best GPF obviously, but had its moments - I love Kao's programs this season so much, his speed is so crazy that I have heart attack during the whole program but makes it so much more enjoyable, unfortunate fall on the combo, but soooo much quality. And Sota ;____; it took few years until he recovered completely from this horrible injury, but now he can finally skate to some of his potential from junior years... Shoma was... well, Shoma, it's oddly satisfying that he scored 99.99 and not over 100 not the best day for other three unfortunately, but I guess Malinin will still end up first or second...
  2. Wow, that's just, another level I mean, OF COURSE he's doing a show at Tokyo Dome, after all it's Yuzuru Hanyu's world, we are just living in it
  3. Um... I really love Isabeau, but today her score was just... wow. Yo can see she was shocked to see it and it's for a reason... They don't even trying to hide it, huh?
  4. Great to see Kao and Jun medaling at least, I hope Kao has a great competition next week and make it to the GPF Jun also has a decent chance. Ilia's 4A was impressive, his jumping is generally good (except the lutzes...) but he is such a week skater... of course it is gonna get ignored because of QUADS, it's already happening and only gonna get worse... Plus, I just dislike this kid so much, I'm not proud of it, but just can't help it. It's new for me, but his ego is just too much, and so childish... I' just don't want HIM to be a new number one
  5. I woud love this podium to stay, as unlikely as it is. Go, Kao! Jun's StSq is magic. Didn't see such a good one in a long time.
  6. I'm watching JGP Egna and well, can confirm I have the biggest soft spot for little boys skating to classical music. First, Jaekeun, aka Otonal boy, even better than a year ago, and then Matias Lindfors (Viveca's younger brother), they both are sooo good (and, sooo underscored in PCS, of course...) (most men skate to music I find really not great for skating, so when I see such lovely performances it's double joy )
  7. Just coming to say Mone Chiba performed one of the most stunning JGP performances ever today. I officially stop naming it "Julia's music", she made it her own
  8. Good luck to her - one of the most interesting and lovely to watch skaters from the recent years, I was looking forward to see her in Gdańsk Hope she is treated like she deserves in her new skating country, but I guess we will see her in international competitions in a year's time... (if the release is granted...)
  9. I have to say I love Loena'a free skate. I read some opinions that the music is boring, but for me it's a perfect fit, I thought it's gonna be the popular and overused "Poeta", but was really nicely surprised. I'm kind of baffled about her layout though... Seoyeong was great technically, but it really bothers me that she has zero facial expression... She will never get decent PCS, I'm fully aware that's not the main thing judges should asses, but the reality is, it really changes how you see the whole program... I really enjoyed Eva Lotta's program more, even with the mistakes... end even Madeline, though she has a terrible day, if you forget about technical content, such a lovely program...
  10. Wow, those are going to be loooong JGP events... I was prepared to watch both competitons happening in my city live from start to finish, but now I wonder if I can do it... mainly, if some parts of my body will survive it
  11. I'm just going to start a campaign now to give Rinka the GP spot, asap! Now she just won a challanger (where she beat a reigning world champion) she has to get one. Please? Wow, she was so good, and that has to be one of the best women's 3A ever PS. Katia is still as adorable as always PS 2. Lara Naki Gutmann has a fantastic program, I hope to see this clean this season, she already feels the music so well!
  12. Wow, Mrazkova/Mrazek broke a junior world record for RD ;0 and have to say, they were absolutely awesome
  13. yeah, Mao Shimada has that vibe of future greatness, with the hope of not early retirement I'm so excited to watch her for years, hopefully
  14. Did I promise myself that I won't miss sleep anymore over figure skating? Yes. Will I wake up to watch Yuzuru's streamed practice at 5AM? Also yes.
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