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  1. I know, I can mostly ignore him and don't get angry every 5 seconds still I would hope he would at least not comment during performances...
  2. I think Daniel was the first one to try 4Lo in a combo today. It was called ur, but gutsy. And crazy, also going for 4Lz as the last element...
  3. fingers crossed for great Pairs competition, than Men SP was wild
  4. gosh, I'm so shocked... my heart is really for Kevin eh, the pressure... wouldn't it be something if Michal won this?
  5. Did Voronov ever landed 4Lo cleanly? Daniel landed few 4Lo, even if they were not pretty (well none of his jumps really are) and yeah, it's baffling when guys (and Anna S and Alysa) go for 4Lz and 4F without having 4T or 4S...
  6. I don't know, US field is so weak right now (excluding Nathan ofc) that Vincent still may end up on the podium, unless he really falls a lot. But maybe Camden has a skate of his life? Or Tomoki?
  7. Can't believe Euros practices start tomorrow! I have pretty busy week but hopefully yt stream will still be watchable (but I'm afraid our favourite commentator may be there again...)
  8. Looks like the criterium is 'the one who we wanted to win didn't, so let's hope he will next time'. It's even more evident in pairs.
  9. Poor Roman, I knew they won't just give him that spot... sigh... TBD even for Jr Worlds? I guess they want to know if Emily will get senior TES... but is it so hard for jr ID and Pairs too?
  10. Beside Yuzu and Junhwan, Katia will be at Worlds and probably Jason too, so it will be more than enough coaches. Also, after Canadian Nats Alison may go too, though she will probably take Joey Russell along. Anyway, pretty sure all the main coaches will be there
  11. Tracy said somewhere during the commentary they will go to Worlds, if his recovery goes as planned. I really hope it does. They wouldn't challenge for gold though, Piper and Paul got P/C kind of scores
  12. Roman won? Wow. I hope he gets that spot to Worlds then. Uh, Canadian Fed had hard decisions to do, regarding at least Ladies and Pairs (Liubov and Charlie were only 3rd), maybe Men too, even if the only spot definitely should go to winner there...
  13. From what I watched: ID: oh wow, so much respect for Piper and Paul to skate that program after they were almost completely stopped by her hair getting stuck! The score was maybe a bit big but I don't care since they don't have any competition there. Lajoie/Lagha deservedly in second place, even if my soft spot for Soucisse/Firus would want them beat them... they usually make those small costly mistakes though And miss Fournier Beaudry/Sorensen, hope they are able to skate in WC... Ladies: Worried about Gabby That was a bad SP, overscored a lot too, she was far from how she can perform, even not looking at technical mistakes... I don't know if she can get through free skate. Not looking great for Canadian ladies... In juniors Kaiya Ruiter was pretty great though! Pairs: Top 3 pretty close and all very good performances, nice to see Men: 1 Worlds spot ;; Keegan, Nam and Roman deserve it... Well, Keegan probably has the biggest chance to win here, as well as get in top 10 at Worlds... But it's just too bad. Joseph did great job too. Wonder what is happening with Stephen and if he will get a spot for Jr Worlds. I guess if he's in decent condition, he will...
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