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  1. Thank you for your kind words and for the work you have done for us, we really appreciate it. Following Yuzu has been my emotional therapy for few years now. Even my family knows that my mood gets better when Yuzu wins and they console me when he losses. I really miss him competing this year.
  2. No need to feel bad, we are all frustrated and tired with this situation. I am sorry I complained here, I was feeling a bit lonely and tired and needed to let it out somewhere. I am really happy that you managed to get the vaccine and everything is alright. I hope the other issues are solved as well and you get back to normal as quickly as possible. These kind of news gives me hope for an end to this nightmare even if it is happening at the other side of the world.
  3. Thank you... My country would be Iraq. Here, there is no safety protocols unless you implement them yourself. The government advises and the people ignore it. Only this week did they decide to put a fine on not wearing a mask, which is the bare minimum of protection. They also insist on making us go to work even though we can and are doing everything online. It is just a huge mess and it is really a miracle that none of us contracted the virus in my home. We are very careful because my parents are vulnerable and getting covid would be a disaster for them, but it is really exhausting espec
  4. In my country, we are not worried about the vaccine distribution at all.Since there is no vaccine to worry about distributing. Between the general ineptitude (and corruption) of our government and the limited supply, we are not expected to have any this year even though we were promised that it will be available I really just wanted for the elderly in our family. We already lost three people last year and I don't want to keep worrying about who is next.
  5. Happy New Year Everyone I hope that the new year teats us all better than the previous one did (not really hard, don't worry too much 2021). Wish you all a happy healthy year and a lot of Yuzu skating and victories as well
  6. Not Yuzu related but very important so I am posting it here.. If you participated in the hunt for streams this weekend you may want to check your system for malware. One of the websites we tried (not sure which) installed a malware on my computer and I only found out about it by accident. Run a malware detection software on your system as soon as possible especially if you are a Windows user.
  7. if you can use the app instead do that, it is much better. They screwed up the web player by an update today.
  8. To get a stable stream from iSakura I had to switch to my tablet because it was impossible on the browser on my PC. They made everything more difficult for me by that ill-timed update.
  9. Glad it worked. I was the one who solved the problem for everyone and I am the one who can't get my own stream to work
  10. won't load for me as well so I changed to the qq stream. Don't really want to waste time trying to figure out what went wrong
  11. Translation: We made a mistake and everyone is asking for an explanation that we don't want to give because we will embarrass ourselves if we do. So, we will push it until after the competition ends and hopefully people will forget about it.
  12. Let Meeeeeeee Entertain you Let Meeeeeeee Entertain you The song is stuck in my head and I've been humming it for hours. I even had it as background music in my dream when I took a nap earlier.
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