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  1. Seeing Yuzu skate is really therapeutic even if it is just a bad quality video
  2. I voted for SC and RC because I think they are the best timing wise. Yuzu needs time to recharge between competitions so I think those two are the best option. He may end up at NHK if he or Japan wanted it badly, but I hope not. It is too close the GPF
  3. Lol... So the ISU looked at the scores from last season and Missed the terrible result of making the GOE value 50% of the element BV (especially for quads) Missed the terrible injustice of the points rewarded for difficult combos and sequences Missed all the many mistakes by the judges and the TPs Missed the low BV and GOE for StSq and spins (to be fair they have been missing this for a while) But totally noticed that URs when called correctly can destroy a skater's score so they addressed this issue... How very nice of them
  4. Nice choices, especially the FS but with Karen you never know. She may change her mind by the time the season begins I am glad she is coming back. The US ladies were not very interesting last season and she can hopefully shake things up a bit
  5. You can apply online but the biometrics data must be collected in person and is required for the visa Thanks... To be honest, I am used to it, so I will try again next year. Hopefully with better luck
  6. The thing is, I don't even know if I can get the visa because I can't apply for it.. I live in not very popular country and there is no application center anywhere near me so I need to travel a long distance just to apply for the visa. It is is just very difficult and expensive for something that I may not get just because of my country of origin.
  7. Don't know... I am really disappointed and upset right now. I've been saving for months and really looking forward to it but then reality hit I will need to research better next time
  8. Well, Canada decided for me.. It seems that getting a visa will be impossible so tickets don't matter anymore Hope everyone who gets to go will have a lot of fun.
  9. Happy anniversary to the Planet and all the satellites I can't believe it has already been two years .. If the planet was a baby it would be walking now Let's continue being crazy together until our forth or fifth year so that we can have it start skating
  10. I think that contacting the organisation we want to donate to and explaining the idea so that they can help set up a way for all of us to donate as one would be helpful. Maybe one of our Japanese satellites would be willing to talk to them and set this up so that we can share the method later with anyone who wishes to donate. We do need to have an easy to use method that supports international payments.
  11. Been listing to a lot of Utada Hikaru lately so I thought I would share my favourite song of hers here
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Leave Mai alone DW Nothing against DW, (or maybe just a little) but why won't they change to someone else for her
  13. I can't decide between this or this Why Tomono, I love you... why do this to me I hate you
  14. Each of us have different taste, it is normal. I am sure the skaters will give you enough for your own "to mute" list for the new season
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