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  1. Music is nice but I am not sure it is something I would choose for Boyang especially coupled with his SP. I know it is very early so I don't want to judge the program but the choreo does not really match the music and it needs much more than that to make it work. But it is early and I will wait until the first GP at least to judge the program.
  2. We did try all that but the first cat is very stubborn and apparently a cowered. It is weird watching her run away and hide when a kitten half her size approaches her The problem is that we get a lot of contradicting information on this topic which is why I asked for advice. Some people told us it is normal and they will get over it in time while others said it's a lost cause. I am worried about our first cat because she is isolating herself and looks very stressed. I wish I could help her relax just a bit. We really only want her to coexist with the new cat, she doesn't have to like her or play with her. Even she ignoring her all the time would be a great outcome
  3. Not a fan of the music choice but I don't hate it either. The program does need some work especially in the first half which is rather empty and have poor ice coverage (but it is very early to judge anyway). I have to say though I am very happy with the improvement in his upper body movement. He is not flailing his arms as choreography and is using his entire body more effectively. I pray for a good season for him and for his jumps to behave. He worked really hard on all aspects of his skating but his improvement is not being rewarded at all because of the jumps and flag. Best of luck Boyang Interesting choice for Alina. Not sure what to expect from it and Daniil. This kind of music will require her to hold her position and use big and sustained movement which is not her strength or Daniils usual choreography. If they did this correctly, it can be really good and maybe I will finally like a program of hers. But if they went the usual rout of jamming too much into the program then it could be a disaster. So please do this right, Alina deserves it
  4. Love those videos, thank you for bringing them here. It is nice to finally confirm that I do indeed understand the rules and that my interpretation of their so frustratingly vague criteria is the correct one (except for interpretation in PC which I still don't understand and find redundant) . It also finally gave me an explanation on how the criteria for PC categories is weighted (they have equal weight which is how I always applied them but wasn't sure it was correct) The best part is that every single excuse ever used for over scoring was mentioned as a common mistake. I kept yelling "yes" every time one of them came up. From now on, whenever scoring discussions happen, I will be posting a link to these videos to anyone who cites those mistakes as a legitimate reason for a high score and tell them to educate themselves I love it when I am right and have evidence to prove it
  5. Sorry if this is not the place to ask this but since cat owners seem to be frequenting this thread, I thought I may get some help here. My problem is our cat hates the new cat and nothing we do seems to be helping. For some context, cat 1 is our first pet ever and adopting her was an accident. We found her abandoned two years ago when she was only a couple of weeks old. Initially we just wanted to save her life but everyone fell in love with her and she stayed. The thing is, as our first and only pet we may have spoiled her. She also didn't have any experience with other cats or animals in general. So when cat 2 came into the picture, she reacted very badly. Cat 2 is a street cat that came to our house as a small kitten. She was sick and malnourished so we took her to a vet and gave her food. We didn't want to keep her because cat 1 hated it but after she got sick again just a month later and a third time shortly after we realised that the poor thing would die if she remained outside so we took her in. We did try to find her another home early on but no one wanted a street cat with a lame leg and health issues. So, now we have both in the house and it is a stressful situation for everyone (except for cat 2 who doesn't seem to be bothered much). Cat 1 was and still is is very scared of the other cat and decided to migrate to the third floor of our house (aka my room), she very rarely goes down anymore. She avoids cat 2 like the plague and when they do meet they start hissing at each other and they had few physical altercations as well. Cat 2, as I said before is not really bothered and she did try to approach cat 1 few times to play but was met with hostility so she gave up and now mostly ignores her. Cat 1 on the other hand refuses to even be in the same room unless forced to. She also became very aggressive not just with the other cat but with us as well and I have the scars to prove it. We tried everything to get her to relax and accept the other cat but she just won't budge. we were told that it is a matter of time and she will eventually accept it but it has been months and too many wounds and broken things, and she still shows no signs of changing her mind. Any advice on what to do? This is getting really annoying and I don't want the cats to be stressed all time or get hurt. Love both very much but I am not sure they can live together and I don't want to lose either And since I have to , here are our two cuties cat 1 Marmar and cat 2 Mini
  6. There is a saying that translate roughly to "I hear you words and I am impressed, but when I see your action and, I am confused" This saying always comes to mind when I see anything from the ISU. The changes they made to the rules and all the things they say like that video all shows that they know exactly what the real problems are and that they are trying to address it. But when it comes to actual enforcement of the rules, suddenly thing are very different. It is way more annoying this way than if they would pretend not to know that there is a problem. And I am bookmarking and downloading this video so that I can put it in the face of anyone who says these things are not really mistakes that should be penalised in PC and that we are only saying this because we are biased fanyus
  7. question for people who already downloaded their tickets please.. Do you have your personal information printed on the ticket?
  8. I would sit on the floor if I can get one of those tickets but it won't let me buy any This is driving me crazy. Every time I find a good seat it tells me that service is unavailable. What do I do?
  9. Every time I watch Yuzu's old performances it hits me again how good he was then and how much better he is now. We are getting used to the narrative that the younger skaters are focusing on the difficult jumps and the rest will come later, but Yuzu is a living proof that you can do both at a young age. His SS, spins, presentation and beautiful jumps are all there from the beginning and he never really lets any part of his skating suffer just to get the high BV elements And this video made me decide to do something really crazy
  10. And.. My last chance to see Yuzu is gone Hope Yuzu will have a fun and healthy season, and for a good competition and fair judging for everyone
  11. I am sure Brain gets more worried if Yuzu doesn't do these things because it means something is wrong with him
  12. According to the TPs for the ladies competitions, it it what you want it to be... So I will go with 4F Though is most likely a 4Lz considering his practice and the last shows
  13. The best thing about the Tales series is the characters. I always get attached to several of them and their interactions are interesting and funny. The games do unfortunately tend to have some pacing issues but with the characters, story and game play, IMO it is a time well spent. FFIX was a nice game but didn't really leave an impression. I did find it easy and I finished it very quickly as well since I never got stuck I never played KH, still waiting for a PC port. Other than that I love the Tales series and played several of them (Tales of the Abyss is my favourite). I also play a lot of 2D RPGs like Aveyond .
  14. Lol, are you me?!!!!! I also got stuck at the fight with Adel the first time I played the game and since I made the mistake of not saving outside before, I was truly stuck there and had to reply the whole game with new strategy to get past that point (my excuse is that it was my fist RPG and I didn't know what I was doing ) FF7 was a mixed bag for me as I didn't enjoy all parts of it and found the materia thing to be very confusing. I played it with my sister and we traded places all the time playing the different parts. I enjoyed fighting and the mini-games and she took over the weapons, story parts, and materia. It was an interesting experience, but unfortunately she doesn't like games anymore so we can't do it again. This is why I am looking forward to the new FF7 since I am way more experienced now and I am willing to put the time and effort into it
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