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  1. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    source: http://pamigena.tumblr.com/image/183564436867
  2. We somehow survived today's practice Thank you everyone for the reports, pics and videos. You made my life so much easier since I only had to come here to find everything And you know, even with the anxiety, watching Yuzu skate is a very soothing experience. Even though it is only low quality videos and gifs, it makes me so happy to see him on the ice, to see his jumps again. Yuzu is truly on a different level when it comes to skating Will I ever get the opportunity to see him skate live
  3. Glad that Yuzu and everyone else made it safely to Japan.. He looked tired in the pictures so I hope he gets enough rest before practice and the competitions, and please let him be pain free. I don't care for results or scores or anything, I just want him to be healthy and happy (that goes for all the skaters as well)
  4. The calendar on the planet is the best thing ever invented... Thank you admins for putting everything up on it From studying the skating and my work schedule, it looks like I will be missing the ladies SP and the Mens free (unless I am really lucky, the lecture ends early, and there is no traffic jam so I can make it home in time for the last two groups ).. Pairs is too early in the morning so I will probably miss the early groups but I think I can watch everything else I ma sure the head of my department wishes that I would dedicate half of the effort and planning I put into watching FS to my work
  5. Just wondering, is panicking when you see this thread open a normal reaction?
  6. Can we leave Yuzu out of this mess, please. He is not a tool to be used for PR or whatever and sharing a coach with Medvedeva has nothing to do with this. The situation is ugly and he shouldn't be dragged into it even if it is just a discussion
  7. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The FS starts at the exact time as my lecture ... Anyone knows how long does the competition usually take? Can I make it for the last group if I rush back home
  8. Neenah

    Random Thought Theater

    Don't deny yourself, it will only make things harder. If you really want to eat something do it but in a small portion and make sure you make up for it by cutting something else to compensate. A diet is supposed to help you not punish you. Good luck and stay strong
  9. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sorry but there is no help for this condition, you just learn how to live with it by adjusting your sleep cycle to match competition times and buying extra hard drives to keep all the videos safe from copyright claims. My advice, enjoy the honeymoon period you are experiencing now because what comes next is a lot of waiting for news, anger and frustration at the judges and hours spent studying the rule book, with only short bursts of pure delight when Yuzu makes an appearance or gives us a new performance to obsess over (which is totally worth it) Welcome to the madness
  10. Neenah

    Guess Everyone's layouts

    With the new rules only one quad can be repeated so this layout is not allowed. If Yuzu does not include the 4L then he can only have 3 quads in his program.
  11. This is really good news. He has a lot of potential and hopefully he gets all the support he needs to achieve it
  12. Neenah

    Planet Streaming Parties

    My internet is soooooooooooooooo bad streaming is impossible I guess I am giving up on this
  13. Neenah

    Team China

    I am really happy that Boyang is feeling better and is back to his antics on social media. I was seriously worried after his interviews in the beginning of the season but now I feel that he is in a better place mentally.
  14. Neenah

    Planet Streaming Parties

    Yes please.. I've re-watched it few times on my own but would love to do it again with others Though with my luck my internet will disappear again for some reason just like it did with Europeans and 4CC
  15. This program is quite weak choreographically. It has some nice moments but not enough and he is not even committing 100%