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  1. You know, I understand the anger at the organisers for holding an ice show during a pandemic, they deserve all the criticism. However, unlike the skaters who are bound by contracts, the audience have the choice and they chose to ignore safety and congregate in one place knowing the risks. People should know better by now not to do that, it is common sense. It is just an ice show, there will be others. I am saying this as someone who would do anything to see Yuzu live just once, but even I won't risk it in this situation because the danger is not just for me but for a lot of other people a
  2. Your expectations must have been really low His FS at Worlds was much better,in all aspects
  3. What does Japanese music have to do with SS and Tr? No, it is the narrative they have been building for three years now. NC is the most complete skater that has the best technical and artistic skills. So, even if he makes mistakes at the Olympics no one will say anything when he is propped up using PCS and GOE because that is what he usually gets so it is normal. It is really obvious, don't know why people still wonder about his scores or think that the Olympics will be fairer because of "more scrutiny"
  4. Even Nathan doesn't look like he feels motivated.. that was a bare minimum performance just to get it over with
  5. Well done Yuzu the fatigue from Worlds and lack pf proper training is clear but he still did great. Wonderful as always
  6. Personally, I think that 3A save should receive extra credit in PE and IN, it fits the theme of the program so well
  7. I think I do understand why he is more focused on the 4A and not winning a 3rd Olympics. Yuzu is in a place in his athletic career were he challenged the world twice and won. Now, he is challenging himself and and his limits, which is much more difficult and rewarding. This is why I respect him so much and hold him as a role model even though he is younger than me. He is not afraid of challenging anything or stepping out of his comfort zone.
  8. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that Yuzu will never say anything negative about either TCC or Sendai (or anything really). So, we do trust him to make the best decision for himself when he can actually choose, and he doesn't have to tell us why he made that choice.
  9. It is the politicians not scientists that are the problem. Trying to look good and appeal to everyone in a controversial situation like this does not work. Governments need to be firm and implement a strict vaccination plan or it is useless. Real scientists have been pleading to have everyone vaccinated as soon as possible to stop the virus from further mutation, which could be even more deadly. But no one listens to them.
  10. I think that he needs to be standing still to be able to perform this particular move adequately, which is not possible because he is preparing for the next element (the 4S). So, I blame the ISU and their requirements for the programs for this. Totally their fault for not taking into account choreographic fan service
  11. I don't understand why people still use Twitter. It is the worst possible place for news or discussion. It is also where all the toxic people seem to congregate. Cutting out Twitter from my life was the best decision I ever made and gave it me piece. It is not just FS discourse but everything. That place is not worth it and everything important shared there will find its way to better sources anyway, so why bother. For me, sticking exclusively to the Planet after Worlds made things so much easier and I plan to continue doing that for the entirety of the Olympic season. I love skating and
  12. Did you guys see the protocols.... Nathan got a 10 for SS from j5 Now, I've seen it all.
  13. Yuzu has nothing to prove to anyone and the media can go to hell for all I care. He did his part in getting Japan their spots so they have nothing to complain about. Let him rest and go home where it is safe.
  14. I don't think so. Yuzu always gets excited when his competition do well. He had his best performances after strong showing from rivals. No, he looked uncomfortable and off in the warm-up. I knew then that it will not go well but I hoped it won't be too bad. Whatever it is, I hope he is alright and healthy. Nothing else matters.
  15. All his edge jumps except the 3L had problems. This is very unusual, I don't understand
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