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  1. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Happy new year everyone Hope this year brings happiness to everyone and especially Yuzu
  2. I am sure glad it is not the fans likes and dislikes that decide the results then.. I love Mai's FP, it is one of my favourite programs and she performed brilliantly. So, since we have vastly different opinions on the same program and performance can we not use this reason to justify scoring or results. Thank you Congratulation to Kaori, she was mazing and her win is totally deserved Congratulation also to Rika and Satoko did great as well but made some mistakes Mai should have won the bronze and no one can convince me otherwise, I hope she is not too sad and that they send her to 4CC. Though her scores were good here so she can at least take solace in that.
  3. Sorry, I am still looking for a better option myself
  4. Can I have a link please The ones in the first page are not working and rabbit has no audio
  5. Only one point short from a top 10 finish .. Though my points are quite good considering the disasters I had in the game this season. Thank you @Joey, that was really fun and it must have been a lot of work for you
  6. Poor guy, he is really not having a good year is he?!!... I hope he gets better soon This season should be cancelled for health reasons. It is proving to be too dangerous for the skaters
  7. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzuru will do what Yuzuru wants to do. It has always been like this and will always be like this. He is taking time to heal and had made it clear that he wants to continue skating and that is all I care about because I know that he will do his best to make it happen, no one is more committed or dedicated than Yuzu. We can't know the future (as proven by the prediction game ) so worrying will only stress us and Yuzuru unnecessarily Me, I will only pray for him and his health with no expectations because I believe that he gave me as a fan more than enough, and that it is all about him now. So, I will support anything he decides to do whether I think it is a good idea or not. What makes him happy and satisfied is what he should do, he is the only one who gets to decide what is worth it and what is not. He is not a child and he knows his body, health, dreams, and future plans and has proven time and time again that he considers everything he does carefully. I will trust him to do what is best for him, even if it is not what I think is best.
  8. Neenah

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Congratulations to the medalists I really wish it was a better competition though. I hoped that Nathan and Shoma would finally rise to the occasion and challenge Yuzu but they didn't. The whole competition lacked energy and competitiveness. So, Shoma continues his silver streak and Jun has started a bronze streak..One of these is a reason for celebration and the other for frustration. I am happy Jun is still consistently good. He does need to up his game next season and address the UR issue but for this season he is doing what he needs to and that is good. I really wanted Shoma to do better but he is struggling this year for some reason. Also, he needs to do something about that 4S, it is really not working for him. I wonder why he dropped the 4L, the TP seemed to be blind to UR on that one unlike his 4S
  9. I can't wait.. Thank you for bringing this here
  10. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I am really in awe at the talent and dedication of Yuzu's fans, the beautiful fan art I have been seeing for his birthday is amazing I hope Yuzu spent some time on social media today and saw all of that, I am sure it would make him very happy and help lift his spirit after the injury and the pain
  11. Neenah

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    It was great no one died or splatted badly.. Other than than, very underwhelming Honestly, I did not enjoy that at all. I did not really like any of the performances (everyone was so cautious and nervous and in Shoma's case sleepy) and the men did their best to make it more boring for me with their costume choices. I really wish I would catch he "Nathan and Shoma have great programs" bug, it would make it much more exciting to watch but unfortunately I can't like either program. Shoma's total disconnect with the music in some parts of the SP are so jarring and annoying and Nathan's program is trying too hard to be cool and fun and he was kind of rushed today. Of course that is my personal opinion and I am very happy for anyone who does enjoy those programs, but I really don't. Also, what happened to Shoma's jumps?!!! They are usually small but today there were barely there. Even the 3A was lower than his usual standard Not going to touch the scoring discussion right now, my blood pressure is already low Better go watch RC Otonal to cheer myself up
  12. Neenah

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Glad I decided to sleep rather than watch this live. It is really not worth it getting upset in the middle of the night. Rika finally got her 3A in the SP and I am very proud of her. I still don't like her program (the FP is much better) but she was great and deserves the high score. That PC though I am sad for Satoko, when will she get the PC scores she deserves. Her jumps let her down as well and it is disappointing but I know she can come back strong in the free. Kaori's score is low for what she put out there. She has one of the best short programs this season and her jumps are beautiful. What do the judges want more? If they are giving those high PC scores to Rika and Alina why can't they give some of that love to Kaori, it's not like they need to balance things by taking from one skater and giving to another Alina's program is still as busy as ever and I don't think I will ever enjoy it. She did her best with what she had and so did the judges trying to push her score up, but she is much weaker as a skater than the Japanese ladies. Not that the scores ever show that. I do admire her fighting spirit and ability to deliver those demanding programs. Hope she gets over the nerves in the free and at least enjoy what she is doing Don't really have much to see about Liza and Sofia, they did well but we not as interesting as the other ladies, sorry.
  13. Neenah

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Happy Birthday Yuzu I wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you have a wonderful successful and healthy year