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  1. Have you seen the panic and stress before and during ACI.. We don't need the Olympics for that
  2. At the beginning of last season I warned everyone to expect other skaters to be put over Yuzu unfairly because it is the quickest way to build a reputation for the chosen ones. I was told then that I was pessimistic and it won't happen since he is the best, but then Nathan and now Kevin were pushed over him undeservedly to build them up. After all, the best promotion for any skater is to brag about how they beat the king
  3. Exactly.. They should have named it the Hanyu deduction or something for more accuracy
  4. Yuzu's low PC is because they applied the new Yuzu only PC cap for serious errors: 9.25 max for SS, TR and CO 8.75 max for PE and IN Which caps the possible PC score he can get at 90.5 So, the discriminatory rule hits Yuzu again while other skaters who don't hit the numbers he usually does get no deductions for the same mistakes
  5. Poor Donovan, this was hard to watch It's a lovely program and I am sure he can do it justice but he really needs to work on his stamina
  6. Too much singing and talking in this program. I am getting distracted
  7. Come on people, more cheering and less panicking. It is only ACI and the beginning of the season. Lets enjoy it
  8. Right now I am being that rude person who is pretending to pay attention to the conversation while having their nose burried in their phone
  9. After re-watching both yesterday's performance and the little bits we have of Origin from practice, it is clear that Yuzu is focusing a lot on arm choreography. His movement is much more refined and sharp compared to last season. Now, I really understand why Brain said what he did about Yuzu's performance last year. He was not criticising Yuzu, he was actually bringing attention to those little details so that no one would miss it. Last season we kept on hearing about how sloppy he can be and how lose his arms are. Brain is basically saying, we got your feedback and we are fixing it.
  10. Well done Rika, she is really amazing technically but doesn't feel the music. I don't know what to think of this program. It lacks coherency and most of the choreography is just arm movement. She executes everything well but there is really no feeling at all in it.
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