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  1. I usually use the "unread content" to find new things on the forum. Since yesterday the option to show the results in condensed format stopped working. Now it is expanded all the time and it take a lot more space.
  2. Thanks, I am trying to be positive but this year really has started badly for me
  3. Let's just say that I live in a country that have a very good chance of a podium at the worst passport Olympics I do think I have a chance if Yuzu went to Europe since I did get a visa before so a second one should be possible. But North America and Asia are impossible. I really hope he continues competing long enough for me to get to see him live at least once. It is my dream
  4. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet and I already received news about the death of a friend's child and the illness of someone I really care about (thankfully it doesn't seem too serious).. Really 2020? you can't let me live the illusion that you would be better than your predecessor for at least few days
  5. Any magical solutions to visa problems
  6. Happy new year everyone May the new year be the best year ever, and the beginning of more better years to come for Yuzu and all of us
  7. Nathan has the one thing that Yuzu wants, consistency of landing his quads. He is also watching the Russian girls who are also known for their consistency with delivering difficult layouts, so it is obvious that this is the question he is trying to answer. I mean, he did actually identify what makes Nathan consistent and considered putting less transitions in his programs after ACI but decided that it was not his way after all.
  8. I've been really sad and heartbroken since the FS at JNat. That loss hit me really hard and watching the performance was very painful that I avoided everything associated with it for two days. Now, I am a bit calmer and have been thinking about it and just realised, it is not the loss that I find upsetting but the fact that he couldn't perform like he wanted to, or like we know he could. For me, Yuzu has always been an inspiration to do my best no matter the circumstances. To push through and show everyone what I am capable of regardless of the results. To aim higher and improve without waiting for others approval. To be the best I can be for myself and for the people who believe in me. This time, I feel that even though he tried, he couldn't do that. Yuzu is so much better that what he showed that day and he knows it. This is nowhere near Yuzu's real potential. I think that is what hurts most, not that he lost, but that he was not able to put out a performance he is proud of. So, my wish for Yuzu for the new year is health and happiness as well as to have the performances he always dreamed of. May all his time on ice and off ice be a joyful time with only progress and improvement in the future Also Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the satellites in the Planet. May all of your wishes and dreams come true
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