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  1. That was my first thought when I heard the news. That he practised the "easier" 4F to de-stress and stay motivated
  2. I always said that Yuzu and the piano are a match made in heaven, so I am sure we will get something brilliant and magical from him. Very excited to see the program and Yuzu.. Get well soon Yuzu
  3. I guess Yuma is the one who wanted it the most and he got it. Well done Grassl is not my cup of tea but he did his best and I am happy he managed to give such a performance and medal at home Congratulations to the medallists
  4. He is so stiff and his posture is terrible Glad for the Italian fans who got a good performance from one of their skaters at home.
  5. The program suites him but that hurt to watch.. Better luck next time Jun
  6. Too many mistakes... Lets see if the judges apply the PC cap or not
  7. Raised my hopes in the beginning and dashed them in the second half But I will always enjoy watching him skate. He is so much fun and has a great personality and presence when performing
  8. Few of my favourite skaters in one group and Yuma was amazing.. Who am I supposed to root for, I want them all to medal
  9. Seeing Yuma getting excited and smiling more and more as he landed his jumps was really endearing.
  10. I will be praying for a quick and complete recovery. This is all I can do for him and I hope our support can reach him and make him feel a bit better.
  11. Why NHk...The one competition where there is no hope of watching the practices or even getting delayed videos With this, the anxiety will be even worse
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