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  1. Guys, do you remember a song made by the Chinese fans about being a Yuzu fan (the one with cute drawings)? It was shared here when the Planet was first created and we even joked about making it our anthem . Anyone have a working link to it? I bookmarked it on YouTube back then but apparently it is no longer there and I don't know how to search for it. So, if anyone can help me find it I will be really grateful.
  2. I think we are all voting with our feelings in this one. There is a very strong emotional connection to both the Olympics and 4CC 2020 performances.
  3. Hope and Legacy against Seimei is like asking me to choose between my heart and liver.. I can't live without either
  4. OMG... This is the best news ever I love the comic and have been following it since the beginning. Though I am a bit behind due to my new job. But an anime is wonderful news, I can't wait to watch it Khun is my all time favourite fictional character, he is the best
  5. He can be their fan and admire Yuzu as well. What is the problem with that?
  6. Why are you comparing his GOE to Yuzu's who we all know is underscored? Why not compare it to Nathan's 3A which is nowhere near as good as Yuma's but gets the same high GOE. As for the combo, the deduction for the unclear edge is -1 to -3 and this error does not cap the GOE to +2. So, the GOE can be +2 and even +3 if the judges thought the combo was great otherwise. I personally think that Yuma deserved his score. He has wonderful skating skills and very good presentation compared to other juniors. He also has a very strong SP that the judges clearly appreciate. His free is not as good, but if he can deliver a clean performance then his good impression on the judges from today will probably carry over and he will get good scores. Shun, on the other hand, really needs to work on his spins and StSq. He is not just losing levels and GOE, the overall impression of the performance is affected. His jumps are really nice but he is not American or Russian so this will not be enough. He needs to force the judges to give him the scores with difficulty and quality like Yuzu did.
  7. I am actually fine with changing the format of the competition and the requirements of the programs. I think they should do it every four years to keep things fresh and to stop people from finding loopholes and ways to cheat the system. What I disagree with is the claim that this is a way to fix the issue the sport suffers from currently which is totally the fault of the ISU and judges not applying their own rules. I am a big fan of the IJS (except for the PC cap, this one is stupid and unfair) and have always defended it and do think it is a very good system for a sport like FS. However, for it to work correctly it requires integrity , competency and cooperation from all people involves whether they were judges, officials or skaters and their teams. The changes they are proposing are just dressing the problem with a different outfit but it still the same ugly inside. Nothing will make it look good unless the fundamental problems are addressed. This actually reminds me of the videos about PC that were posted by the ISU before when they discussed PC judging and common mistakes. It was clear then that they knew exactly what was wrong and they even talked about it and warned the judges (gently) about many of the things we frequently complain about. But when it comes to enforcing the rules in the real competitions they pretend that everything is fine and the judges are doing things correctly but the skaters are the ones who are doing too many quads or whatever so the scoring is wacky. I think that the ISU truly lost control of the sport and it is totally in the hands of the stronger feds and all they are doing now is pretending to do something to save face and keep their jobs.
  8. I am so happy for Yuzu. I knew he wasn't going to be clean and I was sure that any errors would happen on the 4Lz and\or on one of the 4Ts. It really was like if he was skating at the beginning of the season. But, he won a championship, the only one he hadn't won before and that all that matters. The mistakes weren't that big and I am sure he can fix things by Worlds. The new Seimei is as great as the old one and that 4S - 3A - 3F is insane. Congratulations to Jason and Yuma as well. They were both amazing
  9. I personally think they deserve it but that is not the point I was trying to make. What I meant was that those kind of caps on scores only apply to specific skaters while others get free candies. Currently, only Yuzu and P/C get 10 or close to it regularly in PC so any message to the judges not to give 10 is targeting them specifically, and that is unfair and unethical. Even if there is not ill intention behind it and they only wanted to stop the judges from over rewarding skaters or abusing the system it is still wrong to target specific skaters like that. If they are going to put a PC cap or a penalty, it should be a defined clear deduction that is applied to all skaters whether they usually score 10 or 2.
  10. Maybe the TP enjoyed Yuzu's performance so much that they watched it again in slow mo and that is what caused the long wait Joking aside, I think that the delay is caused by the TP. If it was the judges trying to manipulate the scores they wouldn't have gone up from what we saw after the performance. My theory is that the judges are being told not to give full marks for some reason and of course that (like the PC cap) only applies to Yuzu and P/C. As to why the TP are so determined to find faults in his skating, I have no idea.
  11. This was indeed a wonderful competition. I couldn't believe it when the skaters were delivering bountiful performance after another. I just wish Roman also had a good performance but unfortunately the pressure got to him. Yuzu's performance was transcendent and entrancing to the point I didn't realise the commentator was talking until the 3rd rewatch . This is what Yuzu's skating is about and I totally understand why he returned to this program when he felt lost. I hope Seimei treats him as well as Chopin did today. Yuma was amazing. His jumps are to die for. He is so good for his age I can see why the judges are getting excited with his scores. And Boyang is back. After Yuzu I was still nervous because of him but he delivered. His skating has improved so much and when he lands his jumps this program is actually really good. Love the new blue top as well. It fits the program and the colour is very nice. Keegan Jason, Nam, Jun and everyone else were all great and I will end up writing an essay if I tried to express how I felt about all of them. This was just a great competition My only wish now is that the free will be as good as this was and we have a happy Yuzu at the end. I admit I am very worried about the lack of practice for the new Seimei.
  12. this competition feels like the beginning of the season when I am anticipating the new programs and don't know Yuzu's condition or what kind of performance to expect from him. I am very nervous and excited at the same time, I don't really know how to handle it
  13. that was beautiful... Someone tell me something funny quick because I am about to cry and ruin my makeup
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