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  1. I am not sure if it is only me, but lately the size of the embedded tweets shrunk. They became longer with less width. It is not a huge problem since the text is actually bigger but the pictures and videos in the tweets are very small now, so I can't see them well without opening the tweet itself. It is a bit annoying with my slow internet.
  2. Can we return to those days when the camera showed the skaters whole body and there was no artistic stupid zooming on faces and feet or weird changes in camera angles
  3. That is exactly what I meant. The award itself in not important. What is important is what they are using it for, building a narrative around N.C. to make him the undisputed favourite for the Olympics. They are basically building him up to be bigger than he really is just like they built up his PCs. Both are artificial and unbelievable, but also both will be used by the media and fans to defend any controversial results.
  4. The awards are not important, they are only the ISU's way of pushing their agenda. The real deal is the Olympics gold and the ISU are slowly but surly building a narrative to ensure a certain someone will get it even if there was someone else better that day.
  5. Since it is really a farce and we, as well as the ISU, know it. Why not have 5 or 6 nominees in the short list to include more fan favourites (and pairs). This way they can at least make some fans excited that their favourites are nominated. The ISU are so incompetent, they don't even know how to lie convincingly
  6. I hate distant teaching and e-learning with passion. I used to prepare my lecture, go to the university, give my two hour lecture and that's it. Now, I am preparing the lecture in three different formats for everyone device, making videos (horrible and time consuming), answering a ton of emails, answering dozens of class comments, online meetings, assignments making and marking, and a total loss of privacy and me time. As if that is not enough, I got a comment from a student on the latest lecture that I worked on for hours telling me that they do not understand anything I am teaching, that I am only putting out pdf files (the video was just below his comment), and that I should find a solution to their problem because my efforts are being wasted and they are feeling sorry for me. Honestly, I don't know whether I should be angry or sad. I certainly gave him a piece of my mind but I am still unsatisfied because I know that it will not change anything and my efforts are indeed wasted on them.
  7. Please, don't let your guard down if the pandemic situation is getting better in your country or area. We did that and the second wave that is hitting us now is much worse than the first. We were lucky the first time that we managed to control it quickly and got careless, now the daily numbers are 10 times more than they were in the first wave. The situation is terrifying and we have no way of containing it anymore. Please be very careful and don't stop any preventive measures your are following. This is the only thing we can do in the face of this disease. Stay safe everyone
  8. While I am certain that the TPs and judges will do whatever they want anyway regardless of the rules, I am happy with the changes made. The ISU are acknowledging the issues in the sport that we have been discussing for a while now. This is always a good thing and I will be an optimist on this one and hope that the next step will be accountability for the judges. The rules are good and they are addressing problems one by one. Hopefully they will finally look at the judges and fix that problem as well.
  9. Lol, I tossed a coin to make a choice... very easy
  10. Guys, do you remember a song made by the Chinese fans about being a Yuzu fan (the one with cute drawings)? It was shared here when the Planet was first created and we even joked about making it our anthem . Anyone have a working link to it? I bookmarked it on YouTube back then but apparently it is no longer there and I don't know how to search for it. So, if anyone can help me find it I will be really grateful.
  11. I think we are all voting with our feelings in this one. There is a very strong emotional connection to both the Olympics and 4CC 2020 performances.
  12. Hope and Legacy against Seimei is like asking me to choose between my heart and liver.. I can't live without either
  13. OMG... This is the best news ever I love the comic and have been following it since the beginning. Though I am a bit behind due to my new job. But an anime is wonderful news, I can't wait to watch it Khun is my all time favourite fictional character, he is the best
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