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  1. Congratulations to the medalist I admit to not feeling anything about the results for the ladies. Throughout the season all the top ladies benefited from generous scoring and lenient calls that resulted in undeserved medals or placements, so I really couldn't root for any of them and didn't care much about who medals at the Olympics. This is quite disappointing for me since I was most interested in the ladies at the beginning but lost interest as the season progressed Just to make it clear, my problem is still with the judging and those ladies all should be proud of themselves and happy with their results, Good fight to all
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    So much cuteness is a crime against humanity Someone should do something about it Something like giving us a 360 video of the whole practice maybe
  3. Team USA

    I think he meant that Nathan apologized for not listening to him when he advised against the 4Lz and not about the bad skate, at least that is how I understood it. I thought there was something weird going on the whole season and the involvement of Nathan's family does kind of explain it. There was a apparent lack of direction or a clear plan and Raf was acting more like a cheerleader than a coach. I do think he is responsible and trying to push all the blame on the parents is not the way to go but I understand that it must be difficult to work with someone who is being pulled into different directions. Also, if the family was making the decisions then Nathan was basically following the media and not an expert's advice I hope they get things sorted out and learn from their mistakes, it would be a shame if something like that stopped his development or even worst, got him hurt
  4. I have been using that emoji a lot this season
  5. Team Spain

    Something must be wrong with me because I am not sad at all. I know I will miss him so much but at the same time I'm very happy for him. I was a bit sad after the free when I thought about it most likely being his last competition. That all changed when I saw the photos of the reception he had at the airport and the other pics with his family and fans. He is happy and satisfied and I am so happy for him I agree that he needs time now for himself after devoting so many years to skating, so I will only wish him the best of luck and pray that his future endeavors are successful There is a real joy in watching someone who worked so hard achieve their goal and I am experiencing that joy right now with Yuzu, Javi, Aljona and others
  6. Looks like I made the right decision by going to sleep last night, and I will probably skip the free as well since it seems like they were keeping the worst judging for the ladies as expected. I really hoped for a good competition like the other disciplines but really should have known better Better go watch Yuzu's practice to cleanse my soul and forget the ladies event is even happening
  7. Good luck to all the ladies, hope you all have your best skates today I think I will give the SP a miss because I am really sleepy but will try to watch the free tomorrow so please no nasty surprises my dear ladies
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I think it is the normal cycle, we are just going through it a bit faster than usual
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    The general thread turned weird again
  10. I do get annoyed by the scores for the men but it rarely affects the results so I am fine with it, after all the men have more control over their fate due to the quads. The ladies on the other hand are very vulnerable to scoring manipulation and I have seen the underscoring and overscoring of certain ladies change podium placements and that makes me angry
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    You don't need to a competitive sport person to do something like that, it happens naturally when you have a dream and you know you can make it come true with hard work and sacrifice. I know for I left my home and country, ruined my eyesight and recently my back pursuing my PhD and I don't regret any of it. It was my dream since high school which I worked so hard for and I will not let back pain or migraines stop me now when I am almost at the finish line. So, I do very much understand Yuzuru's feelings and why he did what he did because I am in a similar situation and have made the same choice he did
  12. I am undecided about staying up so late to watch the ladies since it is usually the one discipline that makes me angry about scoring. Is it really worth it to lose sleep only to get disappointed by the scores (which will definitely happen)?!! Doesn't help that for pairs and ice dance my predicted silver ended up with gold which means Alina will win this and I don't want that to happen (sorry Alina, but I hate your programs)
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Believe me, there is nothing I wish more than for him to find a way around that sacrifice and I pray he stays safe. I am just saying that if he ever visited this place, wouldn't he feel better knowing that his fans respect his choices and don't think of him as a child who can't decide what is best for him (not saying that is what happened here, just that sometimes we do go too far and I am as guilty as anyone else).
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    If Yuzuru decided to try for the 4A or skate on an injured ankle, then that is his decision and we shall accept it. Yuzuru is not a child and he is the one who suffered (and still) is from hose severe injuries. He experienced the pain, stress, and frustrations and he knows more than anyone else what the real cost of pushing for his dreams and ambitions is. I know everyone is worried and only care for his well being but we are sometimes going too far with it and treat him like a child that needs to be protected or told what to do, but he is not. He is a man who is fully capable of making his own decisions and if he thinks something is worth the sacrifice then who are we or anyone else to tell him no. Yuzuru in not the first nor the last person to suffers for his dreams or pay a high price for them but as long as he get satisfaction from achieving them then it is all good, and it is better than living with the regret of not trying at all. I am sure we have all been in a situation similar to this before and can relate to his feelings Also, do not take anything he says now too seriously since he was in an emotional high and now deflated so don't expect him to give any real thought to questions about the future when he is still currently processing the past and present