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  1. General Skating Chat

    @fireovertheice: Okay, I've managed to force myself to rewatch Nathan's LP from fancam, and went even better-I grabbed my mother (who actually did practice ballet) to sit down and watch with me and discuss. To begin my discussion, I would prefer that people actually go check out the wikipedia entries on both the story of Mao's Last Dancer (movie and book), and the entry on Li Cunxin, the dancer. To preface my analysis and explain my conclusion, I might need to explain a bit about the 1950's and the cultural revolution. If you want to skip the political/history stuff, skip to the end as I'll do the backstory in spoiler tags. To me, the music cuts and the story of Mao's last dancer itself, is a story of hope and triumph against despair. Where for the dancer in the story, ballet was transformative, and a savior against the dark circumstances of his life. That's the overarching theme I get from the music. For Nathan's performance, my question for him would be, "Is figure skating for you, what ballet was for this protagonist?" Or even, "Can you comprehend and express what ballet was for this person?" And in reply to that, no, in that performance, I don't think Nathan showed that he understood the music, nor the program, and least of all the idea that ballet was the lone hope for that dancer. When watching with my mother, she only liked that one lone 4 Salchow that he landed. The rest she said, he looked like he'd fall at any time. About 30 seconds in she even said, "This guy can't possibly have gotten on the podium." She also commented that his body is too stiff, and voiced absolute surprise that he ever did ballet. Then flat out said, "Must not have been a good dancer then." Both of us thought there was a disconnect with the music-she thought the choreography wasn't good. According to her, he kept the same pace, the same mood regardless of how the music changed. When the music is soft and expansive, he didn't relax nor extend himself to match the softness. This is in great contrast to skaters like Yagudin, Plushenko, whose movements (even if not pretty) were in sync with the mood of the music-they engage and pull you in for the ride. When the music hits a climax pace, Nathan's pace didn't change. In her words, "The music is pushing you to a climax, and your mood does hit the climax, but then you watch him and the mood deflates like a popped balloon and you want to ask him why are you so nonchalant." As for the soft, melodic sections, his movements didn't match that- pity for the lone spread eagle, there were a couple places where an ina bauer, inside spread eagle which is less taxing, or a spiral would have done wonders. But that might tire him out for the jumps right? But the jumps themselves, also had times where they were discordant with the music, especially during the softer sections as his jumps do not have good flow. Never mind the soft knees and arms needed. Personally, if it had to be skated at this Olys cycle, I think the program may have been more fitting for Yuzu, Jason, Boyang even. I don't think Nathan at this time in his life, views skating the way the dancer viewed ballet to express the music to the full. I'll just end with this line my mom gave, as her general impression of the piece: "There are 2 types of ballet dancers. First type of dancer is someone who really likes it, and even when they are having a bad day, that passion comes through and makes up for any deficiencies in their technique that day. The Second type of dancer is someone who picked up ballet for various reasons, whether just following someone's footsteps, or because it pays the bills or something, when they are careful and focusing they can do well, but when they have an off day there's nothing there. He (Nathan) seems to be having an off day, and he is the second type of dancer." So scoring wise: -SS, TR: 8.25 -IN, PE, CO: 7.75, 8.0, 8.0 Total: 40.25, aka 80.5 for the LP PCS. Fair enough?
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    He looked so proud of himself for catching that reporter who could speak Japanese. ...knowing what we know now, Brian, you lied so well for the sake of your boy.
  3. Congrats, congrats V/M! Such a way to end your competitive career. Such a memorable Olys so far- historic medals for the german pair, a history made in Men's, and another one for Ice Dance!
  4. General Skating Chat

    I heard the CHN judge is under investigation, while US judge is not? Guess someone wants a pewter medal? And the order from the CHN was flipped on Boyang and Nate, but most of the others are right (and even gave Vincent higher placements). @fireovertheice: I honestly don't want to watch Nate's programs again, so for Nate I'll just go based on my impressions from watching him. My opinion is that Yuzu deserved to have broken his WR in the SP, again. This was a better SP than the ACI one, and the points in TES should be fairly similar, with a higher PCS here. I would have been more than happy to toss him a 49 at least (maybe with tears in my eyes I would have given him a 50), because it was the best SP that night. Of course, given how things are, I'd likely end up under investigation (because I'd be the CHN judge!) for giving 10's. Personally, I think Nate received higher PCS than his programs merited, especially in the long. I initially thought he only got 82.77 PCS in the long, and thought that sounded about right (turns out I was wrong). Boyang I thought was a bit underscored in the PCS department. Despite his error, I would have been okay with giving him about a 2 points higher in PCS in the long, this time he really did try to sell the long. I'm still in shock at the PCS they gave to Patrick- only about 90 in the long? Error or not, I thought he would have been around 94.
  5. A very close very close 1-2 finish. Tessa- please get a hold on Scott, not sure if the barriers will hold if he keeps on doing that.
  6. Are V/M and P/C training mates? So we get another training mates podium?
  7. Good job Anna and Luca!
  8. Say what you want about their SD, but the Russians FD is beautiful. The music cut, the costumes, the expressions-so much joy and freedom, a coherent message from start to end.
  9. General Skating Chat

    And some say he doesn't dominate....
  10. This was actually pretty decently done. =)
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Uh, probably not. Guys, really? Have some sympathies for Brian's hair! (and mine too...)
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    It's been about 2 days (?) since he won, and I've yet to fully process it. How does one return to normalcy after this? Anyone? Help?
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    He could maybe still do shows as part of rehab- only be MC and rink-side commentator this time! I bet TV ratings would sky-rocket, and he'll have fulfilled the wishes of fans and his sponsors!
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Guys....what if next season, they have a ghana hot chocolate CM with both Yuzu and Shoma. We already know Yuzu dumps a lot of sugar into his hot chocolate, what if he teaches that to Shoma. Would Shoma have sufficient sugar tolerance for it? I'm seriously wondering what CMs are going to come out this summer (he can do that with his ankle rehab). What is a new practical household item that he may endorse?
  15. Six teams fighting for the bronze....