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  1. Xen

    Random Thought Theater

    All you posters writing about christmas food and making me envious....just you wait, until February and Chinese New Year's comes around.
  2. Xen

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Forgot who asked for this, but the full podcast: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/olympic-channel-podcast/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fb-post&utm_campaign=-owned_&sf204134239=1
  3. Xen

    Skating on the Planet

    Good to hear it helped. The same theory applies to back crossovers- but easier because you don't need to lift your foot when crossing over for a standard back crossover. The half swizzles is really just to get you used to leaning into the circle/edge for the cross over. Once you're comfortable with it and can hold that edge okay, the crossing over bit is pretty managable. =)
  4. Xen

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hmm... it's interesting, but I really don't know if you should read too much into it. The rise and dip in the PCS do correspond to the cleanness of Yuzu's programs, and considering he had axel issues in Rostel, rules wise he really couldn't score too high due to the "major errors" cap in place now. The other guys' data also kind of correspond with their general cleanness too- though Shoma got lower than I thought, though you could argue that his weird 4S could count as a major error. But it seems, that should the trend follow, clean programs from the guys, would put Yuzu at around 9.6+ PCS avg, Shoma and Nate both hover around 8.7-8.9, and Jason should be around 9.2, Kolyada also around 9.0. Which is the same theme as we've come to expect.
  5. Xen

    [2018] GPF - Pairs SP & FS

    I will say this though, watching GPF live in the arena. I also got blessed with a high seating area with near aerial view of the rink. For SP: you did not want to skate after the clean Peng/Jin. That brought the arena to a high that no one remembers your programs after that program. For LP: you did not want to skate after the clean James/ Cipres. They have a certain presence and there were moments in the choreography, where he just holds her rock still, which accents the music. It wasn't the happy, lively presence of Peng/Jin from short, but a very dominating one, that I think just blew every other team's programs out of your memory.
  6. Xen

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Hmm...chiming in fro, having watched it live, I'll say this. Live better than TV: Brezina- he has a lot of energy that carries better live, and his arm movement when seen live match very well with the music accents. His "presence" is definitely the strongest in the group. TV and live about the same: Keegan and Cha, a bit of Voronov. But Voronov does have much bigger edges live that doesn't get translated on TV. Keegan and Cha both felt about the same live as on TV. What you expect to see is what you get. Better on TV vs Live: Shoma and Nate both. Neither quite have the giant coverage that seems to be implied on TV, and both actually lose to Brezina in presence, in my opinion. I don't like either Nate or Shoma's programs tbh, Nate kind of fell behind the music at the start of his chsq, and well, it has issues. But I take way more issue with Shoma's program for several reasons: 1) I can remember after the event, without referring to protocols and replay vids, that Nathan had a chSq, but don't remember what Shoma did for his, nothing seriously stood out in his program; 2) Nate I think, might have had more transitions variety than Shoma, the lack of 1-foot skating of the latter is noticeable; 3) Moonlight Sonata is relaxing, comforting...but that's more due to the music itself, not the skating, so again, I wonder if it's the music carrying and boosting the artistry, rather than artistry boosting or working with the music. (can he change to choreographers that challenge him? Plz, like Shae and great spirits?) Anyways.. that's just my 2 cents.
  7. Xen

    Skating on the Planet

    Well a couple of us are skating this week right? So let's see when we get there. =D
  8. Xen

    General Yuzuru Chat

    古龙曾说:“歌女的歌,舞者的舞, 剑客的剑,文人的笔,英雄的斗志,都是这样子的, 只要是不死,就不能放弃。” Gu Long once said, "The song of the singer, the dance of a dancer, the sword of a swordmaster, the pen of a writer, the spirit of the hero, they are all like this- so long as one lives, one shall not give up." (Gu Long= well known writer who wrote historical martial arts fantasy-fiction)
  9. @Hydroblade Are we adding her to the discussion for GPF?
  10. Xen

    Team China

    Hmm, "Should not be answered by me." Thanks! Checked the clip. Guess he is staying put then. Well century star is one of the more Figure skating focused commercial rinks in China, but still, conditions won't be that great compared to the national center.
  11. Xen

    Team China

    Yes, and that does seem to contradict with the official line given initially that it was due to his preference and out of respect for his training habits or something like that, as reason for him not going to Canada. The chinese line given back then in Helsinki, was more along the line of "It's not my decision to make." From what I've heard on Baidu, he's what, at Century Star rink, which is a commercial rink in Beijing.
  12. Xen

    General Skating Chat

    May I say that I'm so *not* surprised that some of the most consistent biases are coming from the larger feds? Specifically 3 feds can't seem to find that many judges without biases, but also kind of proves some stat someone posted long ago that for major competitions, Feds do send judges who already have more national bias than avg. I am amused however at the Geo and Isr judges you have listed.
  13. Xen

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Ah that would fit with the troll hiding under the ice rink image. Purrrfect.
  14. Xen

    Team China

    Nope, team beijing is not Pang/Tong, sorry for the mistake earlier. I am having trouble finding info on who heads that team. Pang/Tong I think are the ones heading Nats Team 2. @xeyra To answer your question
  15. For many reasons: - Family obligations or work obligations that need to be done and may take higher priority now -cost of the trip itself- for me, the cost of the tickets+hotel+event tickets easily cost me almost a month's salary (not savings, really full salary, since I'm traveling halfway across the world). So if your fave is not going, maybe there is less incentive to go see it live, especially when you factor in cost of flight and accomodation. The bulk of the cost is probably accomodation and flight/transportation. - Other than that, going to a skating competition, you are inside a rink majority of the time, not really vacationing and going to visit the greatest sites of that city. Maybe you get to squeeze in some time, but those are extra vacation days that not everyone has. So there is that to consider too. Yes Vancouver is a nice city, but still it's not exactly Paris in terms of luring me to vacation there independent of a skating competition (in my opinion only). I don't think it's an easy decision, and if you look at this thread, there are plenty of people still going. But a lot of us are going not just because of other skaters, but some of us out of obligation and a bit of "dammit I'm going to enjoy my time/vacation regardless" kind of way. Well, at least that applies to me!