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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Is this part of that Suzuki plan thing I found when I googled JSA? Something about an initiative to help Japan win more medals in the summer olympics? If so, why drag Yuzu into this? He's a winter sports champion, and while I'm sure he'd love to be a torch relay runner for Japan for 2020, I don't see the link between skating with Yuzu and the summer games. Unless Suzuki really wants to extend his initiative to the winter sports too? Though Japan isn't doing too shabby.
  2. Planet Hanyu Secret Santa!

    Jump ladies harem got mentioned...and lady 4 salchow told me that I must agree to join, else she might do things to me with her bonsai shears. *shudder*
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    but LP isn't guaranteed if they don't do well in SP?
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    ACI Yuzu fans were amazing, we can probably organize some kind of cheer routine from the stands.
  5. was it, "long live Patrick, the silent King"? Or "may the new quadster prince rise"? This is pretty childish, it makes no sense to assume one skater has higher fan attendence than other skaters, no objective data supports this.
  6. Random Thought Theater

    maybe selective pickiness? I don't like food cooked certain ways, such as cucumbers raw only, not liking boiled carrots etc. For sweets, I crave them when really stressed, normally I only need coffee beverages, and maybe ice cream once a week? Do you crave sweets for a week and then drop it cold turkey? Maybe it's a case of reaction to extreme deprivation?
  7. Yuzu gif thread...?

    There are moves you can do on ice, that you cannot do on land. So they are not equivalent.
  8. Random Thought Theater

    is he really disinterested in food? I thought it was just him being a picky eater with a small appetite.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Did they release year of the dog pooh tissue boxes yet?
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    @axelnojutsu @singcarcom: back to the barn thing at TCC. We need to feel sympathy for the poor raccoon since it was let in on purpose to create a meaningful break distraction. But there might not be a second time. Just think: Collie: Raccoon-san, we need a slight break. We need a break so everyone can go calm down. Raccoon san: Okay...how much are you going to pay me this time? Collie: um.... Raccoon san: Dude, last time I did this for you, I almost go electrocuted. I'm not going to chew through electricity wires again this time without sufficient down payment. What if I do get electrocuted? Hmm? What about my family? They depend on me, what will they do? Collie: uh...would a pair of Irene gloves do? Raccoon-san: *raises eyebrow* eh.... Collie: ....okay, what if I throw in one of Yuzu's old used boots...? *hopeful* Raccoon-san: ..... *Note: joking, I don't think we're going to get another case this winter...I think...
  11. Random Thought Theater

    Just think about it like dancing- posture is important, and you rarely ever dance well looking at the ground. =) Stiff legs= you can't really move= usually leads to people often bending their feet kind of inwards at the ankles to push off, which leads to more bad posture and instability. I could say something about windmill arms, but I'll avoid it.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Maybe Disney is thinking the same thing- need disguise to smuggle pooh in, on a mass scale. It'll be the fashionable thing to do at PC.
  13. Random Thought Theater

    You'll be fine. Just remember to use your knees. =) Most common beginner issue I've seen- not bending knees (skating with straight, stiff legs), and looking down towards the ice (instead of forwards) so that their torso/back starts to hunch forward with their head. If you've roller bladed before, it might help?
  14. General Skating Chat

    So Yuzu might actually have the most stable arsenal of quads? It sounds as if counting WTT, he's the only one who broke 25%. The actual data that surprises me a bit, is that Nate's jump completion trajectory seems to go up and down in a yo-yo pattern, and it seems this season his peaking is totally off. Since he won't need that many quads at US nationals, he could try to force his peaking back to normal-unless his team is scared of Vincent Zhou marching in with 3-4 quads, but I don't think the US judges would score Zhou that favorably (Nate is the clear favorite in the US). Shoma's pattern this season is way off due to his flu, and I'm somewhat tempted to say his peak won't be hit at PC since he seems to warm up even slower than Yuzu or Nate. The other guy that seems to peak late in the season is Boyang...so him sticking with 4 quads might actually be the wisest move in the men's? If it weren't for his PCS, we would have a real sleeper there.
  15. Team Russia

    That's good, things will be more exciting then. =)