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  1. Well Yuzu had a pretty unspectacular warm up and OP for ACI and look what he did in the SP. Then remember he had a pretty lethargic warm up in the FS in Helsinki and look what he did there. Practice is just for him to troll us and make us birth kittens. Also, he only tried 5 times. Considering he had jet lagg, unless he's been nailing it 100% otherwise, 5 attempts is not that significant a number of attempts. If he tried 50 times and couldn't nail a single one it would be a different matter.
  2. General Skating Chat

    Hmm, not necessarily. If you don't have enough distance there are also issues with axis tilt. I'm thinking of this video on youtube where they compare Sergei Voronov's 3A with Javi's 3A. The height is different from the article, but the video also gives a distance covered, and Javi covers more ground than Sergei. Perhaps that would explain the tilt. On the other hand, would the height of the jump also affect how easily it is for the jump to tilt off axis and cause an unbalanced landing? For example, to go higher you have to throw your body off balance a bit more to get it. Then there's the fact Yuzu has both good height and good rotation speed, which makes his 3A so stable- so perhaps he really can, as he said on that show, control his speed, height and distnace. Video btw:
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Well let's fortify our hearts...one in case he does have an iffy landing, but also in case he goes iffy all practice on the 4Lz and lands a beautiful one in competition (and then we all die to the sheer beauty of the jump).
  4. Brian to Pooh: Oh great sensei, please teach me how to achieve zen, when my student insists on making me lose hair, even when we are jetlagged. Pooh: *continues smiling* Brian: What is that oh great sensei? Pooh: *continues smiling* Brian: That the cause is my student having no chill? Pooh: *Continues smiling* Brian: that I should just accept my loss and meditate on the meaning of "no chill"? Pooh: *continues smiling* Brian: I see...well then...
  5. He looks slightly jetlagged? And his jump face doesn't seem to be his usual angry jump face?
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Was that the one he landed? The axis seems good. o_O
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    You know...geniuses, they're all kind of extreme like that. Or you know, it's a thin line between genius and insanity, so it's a thin line between a pop and a quad.
  8. Oh I think he'll land it fine in competition....maybe like his GPF SP 4Loop, but land it he will. I am also really calm about his 4loop despite his issues at practice. Loop is a tricky little jump, and besides he hasn't jumped it that much, but I think muscle memories will take over and see him land them safely and beautifully. The one I'm worried about again though is his 4S-3T, and I can't explain why, I feel a 3S-3T incoming, but see all the other jumps being fine.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Also can't drink, allergic to it, my skin hates it if I drink. But I have work so I go into workaholic mode to cope with the nerves! I bet my bosses love him....
  10. Was it just one landed though? Because for some reason the translator I have is saying that he barely hung on, and popped a couple to in that other article. Anyone who can read Japanese willing to verify?
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    So, too bady Yuzu probably will never say, "Have you seen his tapes?" to the media...
  12. Want to edit an excel sheet? Heard it can be soothing.