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  1. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    Nah, hope they don't, give the event a bit more respect. =) Besides, won't they need the permission to do any broadcast at all?
  2. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    Different situation though, as JPN does have a couple good male skaters coming up. KSF not much as figure skating was still just starting back then. But still, nice dodge from Yuzu. 3-5 more days and then he can finally relax a bit again. Snagged it- if anyone translating needs it, lemme know. =)
  3. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    I wonder if anyone saved or recorded this. We'll need it when the great drought hits.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    ...That is kind of creepy. O_O
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    In the end, what skaters do with their instagrams is their own business. Yuzu and Zhenya's lives are dramatic enough as it is. We don't need to go around speculating and stirring up more stuff. I mean c'mon, we're a freaking fan forum, not a weekly tabloid!
  6. Team China

    But he *is* an artist. His weibo name is/was "人间艺术家” or was it "人民艺术家“- but anyways it translates as "People's artist" or "artiste among the commoners" type of title!
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    He mouthed "that's nice." And while Tessa kept her poker face on, you can tell Scott was getting into the program, since his expression changed a lot more. You can tell who had the neater notes to hand in from this pair.
  8. Team China

    Yeah, and it's nice that right now most people are more or less eyeing it as short term arrangement. Honestly people in Chinese FS boards are all going "OMG OMG, even if it's just 1 month we don't mind, it's so nice he finally gets to train with his idol!"
  9. Team China

    I think KSF and CSA could come to peace terms. But SC is a different matter, and that kind of hinges on how Orzel shapes up. I've heard elsewhere that he might be only part time in TCC, part time in Raf's camp? There are 2 other possibilities- get Boyang to TCC for 2 years to get his SS up (since BOrser says it takes 1.5 years avg), but get him out before Beijing. Or, one I mentioned before if he goes long term-have Lori as his primary coach, but have TCC and BOrser as a secondary coach and training place. This would allow his SS to stabilize, but avoids the potential clash with the feds in TCC. Then there's also the Granite club too, where Patrick trained. He has more training locations in Toronto than just TCC. But realistically, they're probably going to just have TCC as a secondary training spot and split his training between Canada and China.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Why just 2D printing, why not 3D printing of Yuzu? o_O If you must do it, do it all the way-it's the extraness that the Lord of Extra deserves.
  11. Skating on the Planet

    I'm learning outside loops. Today, I managed one, and got so surprised I promptly fell on my next attempt. Total number of falls this week alone, when practicing footwork, has exceed the total falls I've had doing jumps for the past 3 months. Insides loops feel so much easier (just feels like a twisty bracket). Outside loops are evil! Evil!
  12. Team China

    He might be fine with listening and reading-he has to do that anyways for skating. And then he's gone overseas to work with Lori before. Writing and speaking are the issues-and I think that's somewhat the same for Yuzu. That's why I think it's short term for now- they're just testing waters to see how he adapts. Plus, with all the attention that may come his way, he has to get used to it and CSA needs to figure out their media strategy. I think last season he did fine with his media interviews, but the media attention post Olympics is more, and will be more heading into Beijing. He's not quite at the level of Sui/Han yet in ability to handle the media. Furthermore, I saw that in the criticism of Zhao's interview post PC (the one I translated), some people were also saying Zhao wants the media to stop hyping up skaters-so a part of me wonders if they are also moving him overseas during the off-season to decrease and shield him from too much media. I mean, yes Chinese media can potentially try to get interviews overseas, but skating is not so popular that they'd fly people over and stalk him-and he's far from having the attention Yuzu gets. Honestly, if Chinese media show up in TCC, ten bucks that as soon as Yuzu shows up, all cameras will point towards him (even if they were interviewing Boyang to begin with). As for the potential "media wars"- I'm actually more neutral about it. See, in Chinese FS media, Yuzu is kind of god-tier level. Then there is Javi and Patrick at saints-level. And down in the common plebs level we've got Shoma, Boyang and Nathan. Vincent Zhou is everyone's favorite adorable nephew. So as far as Chinese media is concerned, Boyang and Yuzu are not the same level, and the direct rivals are Shoma and Nathan. And it's not nice to go after a training mate (for some reason Chinese media generally refrains from going after training mates, even if said person is a rival of a Chinese favorite), so I think if anything, they'd actually go after Shoma and Nathan, and in some weird way, Yuzu would get defended in Chinese media as a comrade in arms with Boyang. o_O
  13. Team China

    Or maaaybe you guys were speaking in a foreign language around him and he's a lost and confused puppy? Oh, that reminds me of something. People were wondering what Boyang is like in training- well I have some clips rinkmates took when the Chinese national team came to my city last year and performed at one of the local chain rinks affiliated with CSA now. Boyang was there, and well...he's very quiet and focused when he trains, barely pauses. If you imagine someone who's running or skating with earphones on, in their own little world not really paying attention to anyone/anything, that's Boyang. A bit like Zu, minus the intensity. Very very "my pace"- just doing his own stuff, which is probably why he's been able to handle pressure well. A more active, and alert version of Shoma perhaps.
  14. Team China

    @Lilona: That's what I heard from rinkmates too, that Boyang is MUCH cuter in real life than in photos, and he's very cheerful. Also, a bit of a pushover for fans (so long as you don't overdo it), so if he goes to TCC, he's likely to be the one pushed around by Zu and the others.
  15. [TV Broadcast] LG ThinQ Ice Fantasia

    Looking at the Boyang videos and just feeling bad for him. He's not used to the show rink sizes, it's too small and you can tell he slowed down to control his jumps.