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  1. yup. best to just avoid any of the racially sensitive words. how offensive it is, is dependent on who it is that's listening and what mood he's in at the moment. pretty sure people have been killed over less. this one guy pushed my husband down the stairs in our own home then started punching him after he fell - he claimed that he heard my husband say that. hubby was drinking, but we're finding this a bit difficult to believe since he was pushed literally right as he got upstairs to make pizza rolls for everyone. the worst was that my husband's supposed friends didn't even jump in to help him - 115 lb (at the time) me was the only one to get between them. If nothing else, I'll never understand why people want to sound stupid. I personally find intelligence extremely attractive and it's a major turn off when I find out a guy isn't very bright. I'm not a huge fan of the instagram format. I read that the posts disappear and you can't read them later? I guess it doesn't matter too much since ARMY will screen shot them all but hugely inconvenient
  2. ick. I hate when people throw around words like "nigga" so casually. I don't care if this person is black. you are the example you set. So ridiculous that people say these things nonchalantly and get offended when people from other cultures emulate them. Of course people from the outside are going to think that this is the way people want to be treated when they happily treat each other this way. Sorry, things like this triggers memories of all the stupid controversies the guys went through over Westerners imposing their cultural issues on them. Not to mention that people who speak/write like this just sound stupid. what's wrong with proper English these days? Do you think this means that JK was on the border between 2 of the Myers-Briggs types? There are still people speculating on whether those IG accounts are real. You would think we would be able to tell based on whether or not we've seen those pics before. If they are fake, just shows the power of the guys that they've amassed this many followers already
  3. I just realized I'm a fool! Of course Yuzu should be the center. Nam and Roman can be his side dancers. Can't you just imagine the audience dancing with you?
  4. Random thought: who thinks that we're going to get Super Tuna on ice by the time WC rolls around? Can't remember if Canada gets 2 entries at worlds but seems like Nam should be in the center with Roman and someone else being the 2 side guys
  5. so... will Super Tuna or Our Beloved Summer get more views... Super Tuna's gotten more views in 2 days than "Yours" did in a month and almost half the views of Abyss. It's kind of a shame since Yours is such a beautiful song and Abyss was so meaningful, but also feeling proud for Jin. I hope he feels proud too. Unfortunately, Tae does seem to have the most toxic solo stans. a teeny, tiny portion of his fandom but obnoxiously loud. I remember a comment from one saying that he was dragging 6 hangers on by his coattails or something like that. I thought it was odd that JK consistently gets the most views on the VLives but Tae tends to get the most votes, sales, and followers. @rockstaryuzu made a good point that Tae is more social and well connected. And I guess when it comes to those types of numbers, having a more ardent (read: delulu) fan base makes a big difference. good to see others think this was a bit suggestive rather than it (only) being my dirty mind
  6. I wonder if Jin had any idea that his song would spark this level of joy. He seemed so bashful about releasing it
  7. lol, this isn't an angle I would normally think of as flattering, but he looks super handsome from this above angle
  8. I had to try 4 different user names before I found one I could use. took me a while to figure out how to even get to the list of people I'm following. format looks a bit clunky. The only thing I hate about this move is that now we're going to see how many solo stans each member has Currently Tae has the most with poor Hobi once again having the least followers. I hope that doesn't get him down anymore. I know in the early days it was frustrating for him. So far, the differences aren't egregious.
  9. Huh. I wonder what made them suddenly decide to do this after so many years. Guess who's trying to learn how to use her brand new Instagram account? lol. Joon took a pic of a cat and captioned it "finding Yoongi". good to know that the guys seem to enjoy the fandom comparison.
  10. I was actually hoping for it to be a little longer. Time to stream Super Tuna! Here's some phonetic lyrics. Soobin is such an adorable fanboy. I think we can all relate Restaurants have offered plastic cutlery since we've gotten in the swing of COVID
  11. Yummy Yellowtail sushi I bet. OMG, I love it! when I first heard it, I thought it sounded like video game music. Between the fish theme and the video game feel and the cutesy dance, it's so totally Jin. I was thinking that Jin and JK should do a children's series together. those strand of hair drawings were adorable and this song is so cute. it seems like they have a knack for it. Anyone else watch the baby shark song afterwards? This probably won't get as popular since it's not in English but the great thing about having Jin be the main dancer is that the choreography is simpler so the average person can learn it. Ladies, we need to make this our karaoke song, lol
  12. if the calendar time is correct, looks like i’ll be sleeping-i have a slightly different schedule this week but this is a great idea. have fun ladies 😊
  13. I wonder why Jin always goes to Six Flags by himself. Maybe he goes when the other members are practicing? That ice cream looks amazing. Definitely looks like a sharing portion. I imagine he only ate some of it and gave the rest to the staff. To me, one of the signs of a good person is how people treat service people. I'd argue that Jin is even cuter than JK and Jimin. It's one of the reason I have a hard time seeing him as "sexy".
  14. I wonder if this has something to do with security during shipping. @barbara and @rockstaryuzu , if you have an ARMY bomb and security asks you about it, make sure you call it a "light stick", not an ARMY bomb. These are instructions from TSA so that there's no panic at the airport. Not sure if "war ball" sounds any better though
  15. Especially when they put a pic of his face next to Timothy Chalamet. Nothing against Timothy, but it's beyond me how they're even in the same league. I thought maybe it was a bad pic so I looked him up... sorry, I just don't see it. forgot to mention the latest news on the BTS law. further deliberations needed apparently http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20211125000729
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