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  1. Selling: 2019 Skate Canada All Event Ticket Section 114 for $100 USD Bought 2 on a whim and then found out no one I know can go so I'm going to sell the other one discounted. Select your Tickets said they don't e-mail the tickets until closer to the event so I guess I'm just seeing if anyone is interested for right now.
  2. I decided to go whether Yuzu is there or not after all. This is my first event so if he doesn't show up, while it will be extremely disappointing, it will remove all the stress from the event so it will be a good way to ease myself into the figure skating live viewing scene and a great opportunity to meet other fanyus and learn how these things work. My bf and I are just treating it as a mini vacation.
  3. Please include me. Looks like a lot of us will be there Sunday night
  4. You guys think this year's schedule will be like last year's minus the pairs? Practices are normally in the morning with the first one on Wednesday, right? https://skatecanada.ca/2018-autumn-classic-international/ I know I'm being crazy but I'm already trying to plan our trip. The bf is a late riser and I don't want to waste his ticket when so many are hoping to see Yuzu. Hopefully the actual schedule will come up in time that we can know what we're doing in time to let someone else enjoy the event if he doesn't want to go to a portion. As much as I'd like videos and such, I think I'm just going to bring binoculars, a seat cushion, and a cell phone to the events. I agree with Prince; I think it's better to be fully immersed in the moment. Besides, there's no way I could take videos as good as the professional crew anyway. Do venues normally sell food and beverages? Are we allowed to bring them in? I'm assuming there's no alcohol
  5. eta: oops. I guess we're sharing with someone else. eta 2: another change in plans BTW, do you guys think we can get away with Ubering everywhere or will it be necessary to rent a car. I'm mainly going for the event and am hoping to find a place that's close but we will want to do other things since it's also a vacation for him.
  6. I’ll take a room if it’s ok for my bf to come too. not sure if he’s coming to the event but I bought 2 tickets so there’s a chance I’ll have a spare
  7. I was also wondering when we should get there. When does the 1st event usually start for competitions?
  8. Weird. I just bought mine 10 minutes ago and it seemed that most of the ones that I saw available yesterday were still available. I'm guessing I picked some crappy seats and that's why I had such an easy time of it
  9. I've always had a soft spot for Plush. I often don't like the choreography but I admire how he puts 200% into every performance. I never saw a lot of similarities to Yuzu skating wise but I can see where Yuzu gets his inspiration from him. The fact that he's always been so encouraging to Yuzu makes me love him. Plush seems to feel genuine affection and pride when it comes to Yuzu
  10. Was that Guitar riff on the twizzle always there? Love it. Both these exes are really becoming sublime. His face radiates a peaceful joy and he looks angelic here The whole crowd looks so happy after that Lutz. No closing number?
  11. Oooh. I like the change in performance. A bit more restrained but a lot more gravitas. Makes the moments where he completely throws into it stand out more. So intense at the end. The way he holds the Ina Bauer just a beat longer is so impactful. Lol. I so want to know what they're saying. I bet Nobu's teasing him
  12. I hope there's subtitles for this later. Lot of thigh grabbing in this interview
  13. I actually do like this Carmen Fantasy music and I like the parts where Alina is taking time to interpret the music but they need to cut like half the choreography.
  14. Finally back in. Looks like I missed Tuk and half of Med's program. She might not be the strongest skater but she has great interpretive and performance abilities
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