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  1. Is it true that if something gets enough down votes, the video gets hidden? We should all click "dislike". Even if it doesn't do anything, at least it'll send a message if there's more "dislikes" than "likes" eta: looks like some are saying it could actually be good for the video https://www.quora.com/What-happens-when-I-dislike-a-video-in-YouTube#:~:text=If you dislike a video,being promoted much in searches.
  2. I actually like the white one... from behind. If you mentally block out the orange frills, he looked great in the costume - perfect fit and white makes him look ethereal. I saw a pic of Aladdin in black and white and it actually looks decent. It's the cheap looking material and the odd colors that are ruining it. I'm starting to think xylitol is trolling us - one glaring detail keeps ruining the costumes and I just don't see how no one on the team can see it. But yeah - totally agree about the photoshop. Why do they feel a need to mess with the face that attracted all his fans in the first place?
  3. *SQUEEEEEEEAL!!!!* OMG, Let's Go Crazy! I've given up on ever seeing it again, even if it is only a few seconds on the floor... if only he wore the pants... I get quite behind on the forums on the weekends. When I first read that people were speculating Yuzu would do one, I told myself it was desperate wishful thinking. I haven't seen the other videos yet but I'm still going to declare that he did the best one again just because I don't see how anyone could do one better than this. So happy to see him again
  4. Minnesota, USA I've been wanting to meet local Fanyus for viewing parties or dinner for a long time but don't know how to find them. I work in a Japanese company so you'd think there'd be some here but I only work with 2 other people on my shift and none of us like each other There was an engineer that I think was a closet Fanyu because he'd sneak a peak when I watched Yuzu skating but he's since moved to a different company and I don't have his contact info
  5. I like Kaori's the best because it suits the program really well, is unique, and I like that it's both womanly and strong and powerful, just like her
  6. I was intellectually offended about the Skate Canada practices so I didn't buy any worlds tickets for Montreal but as the months passed and after I had that amazing experience in Skate Canada, I found myself regretting missing a life opportunity more than anything so I scrambled and settled for a lot of less than optimal situations to see Yuzu again. I wasn't even considering Stockholm a month ago but now all I feel is the overwhelming weight of time passing and opportunities dwindling. But this is the perspective of someone who's held back and missed so many life opportunities her whole life as she enters middle age. I totally understand where everyone else is coming from and I feel the moral outrage as well, but at this time in life, I feel the need to make the most of life's opportunities where I can and, realistically, the Olympics are out of reach and most athletes don't retire at the post Olympic worlds so this is the last chance to see him at a really big event. However, as soon as he retires, ISU and NBC aren't getting a penny from me. If I didn't know that it was so difficult to get tickets to even shows in Japan, I would follow him on tour like with concerts instead of spending money on ISU events
  7. Random thought: Doesn't the ESPN Fame 100 usually come out in March? Yuzu was 70 in 2018. 64 in 2019. Will the Google year in search boost his ranking this year? I still don't really get the search score metric. It seems that higher is better but there's some athletes that are really high on the list with a low search score and others that are really low that have a high search score.
  8. Unfortunately if you want good seats, you're stuck paying for all event tickets and if I'm spending that much to go to Sweden, I wouldn't settle for crappy seats. Just a few months ago I was debating whether I should spend money on tickets to Montreal because the tickets were so expensive and now I'm contemplating spending even more to go to Sweden for worlds! What has he done to me?!? My biggest fear is that I'll spend $3-4k and he won't be there for some reason. But I guess it will give more time for sight seeing since I won't care about the practices.
  9. yep. weird that barbara can see it but it's geoblocked for me I'm sure the only reason that the views are so low is because of the geoblocking.
  10. Are we sure that ACI is going to be in Oakville again? I want to book my flight ASAP Also, is the first men's practice normally on Thursday? For some reason I thought that it was on Sat 19/Sun 20 this year when it was on Fri/Sat last year but for some reason I can't find that again.
  11. Damn. That was a disappointing and abrupt end to the season. Congrats to sallycinnamon and river for gold and @LadyLou for bronze! @airi @Legacy and Hope @Louitunes @mercedes @Paskud @ralucutzagy @river @sallycinnamon @Sayu93 @Sukigirl @TeaFrida @Figure_Frenzy I've already been thinking about next year's game. If Yuzu continues next year, I’m planning to do this again for the major events and events Yuzu enters. The tentative schedule is Autumn Classic (assuming he enters again), the Grand Prix, Euros, 4CC, Worlds, and WTT. Possibly even Russia and JPN Nats but I can see how that might be a bit of an overwhelming commitment. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. If the questions are too hard or too many or the schedule too long and causing you to not enjoy the game as much, let me know.
  12. @airi @LadyLou @Legacy and Hope @Louitunes @mercedes @Paskud @ralucutzagy @river @sallycinnamon @Sayu93 @Sukigirl @TeaFrida @Figure_Frenzy Time crept up on me! Here's the form for the worlds prediction game. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3X8W7If5cI7em5cYN4xp0cK3zxTYWTMCt3NafvcP8sy3aMg/viewform?usp=pp_url Entries are here: http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111969.htm
  13. I think even they realize that it's a long shot at best that Alysa will keep her "4"lz so it would be foolish to dump too much effort into her. Unfortunately for us, Nathan is the surer bet for them to win though he'll never bring the popularity to the sport in the US no matter what he does.
  14. Wow. So sick of this song but I like Daria a lot. So happy to see her get silver. I wondered if Alysa's "4" got downgraded. It looked almost completely forward on landing to me.
  15. Not my favorite program but she really is an exquisite skater. The lines are gorgeous and a true quad. The way do junior pcs is ridiculous - she should be well over a point across the board over Alysa and higher than Scherbakova and Trusova. huh? I thought she won JGPF?
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