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  1. Wow. I feel so dense. I didn't realize that 5 yo JK vs 5 JK's was a fan question and thought that the Jimin question was just an offshoot of that. Comparing the replies, I think the JiKooker's win this round. Now I want to know the answer for all the members.
  2. Cringe. Several TaeKook comments. Is it possible to be ARMY enough to be following them on Vlive without knowing how uncomfortable these shipping comments make them? So rude! I'm really surprised that he answered the question about 5 year old Tae vs. 5 Tae's - I immediately thought it was a question from a shipper but maybe he didn't think that As to why he dyed his hair blue - his hair looked really ashy on the BE essential V-live. I'm guessing he needed a touch up and decided that he'd rather do another color since his hair was already bleached - this way, he can surprise ARMY
  3. Someone uploaded BTS Winter package on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymRuqcz6gaY ETA: I must be a sucker. Jungkook's hair looks short. This can't be 2020. Explains why comments are turned off ETA 2: wow, I'm ditzy. I just realized that it's probably from January or February of 2020 not the end of the year. ETA 3: someone does actually have Winter Package 2021 up. Here's the 1st of 5 parts
  4. OMG! Did Jungkook just do a Vlive? I thought these days he was famous for not doing them anymore Bah.. another thing I'll have to wait on for subs
  5. lol, I finally put the Be live on mute and started watching a video about Jin's looks and it's hilarious hearing the gasps when his face appears. And this toddler looks at his picture and says "he is the most gorgeous" and just keeps staring at it Now I'm watching some producer react to unplugged and in the comments, someone said that Jin said he was researching ways to sing more comfortably. These guys could be resting on their laurels, but they just keep finding ways to improve both through practice and intellectually - reminds me of how Yuzu is doing all these scientific things
  6. The caption makes it look like subs will be up soon after the conclusion. I was going to head to bed early today but I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be staying up for a while
  7. BEhind story is on live I actually never watch these things live because I just feel frustrated the whole time and it means that I have to spend my day wondering when the subs will be done. But when I saw the notification, I couldn't resist peeking. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jin and Jungkook are talking about. They're my favorite pair in the group. I like those striped V neck sweaters that Jin wears. They look so good with his shoulders.
  8. I agree. That's the vibe I get from most of the antagonism toward them - even from females. I wonder how Radio Head fans would react to a cover. When I was watching the reaction videos, YouTube segued to a terrible cover of Creep. The thought of Jin's voice singing that iconic wail was stuck in my head for hours. But this song isn't really on message for them so I don't have any real hopes for it.
  9. Someone on YouTube made a good point. That radio guy most likely led ColdPlay fans to their cover and most Cold Play fans seem to like it. So I silver lining to all this ugliness
  10. Back in the 80's, there was a show called "Married... with Children". It was doing terrible in the ratings and was on the verge of cancellation One day, a housewife saw the show and was so appalled at the immorality of the show, that she went on a public campaign against it. This garnered the public's attention to the show and it ended up being renewed and extremely popular for 11 seasons. I understand that it's hurtful to see people hurting the ones you love. But we need to be careful that we don't actually empower these people. I don't know anything about
  11. I personally don't like to jump on the racism wagon so quickly. I don't speak German so I don't know if he said other things that would indicate that, but I don't see racism in this snippet. Just some idiot looking to get attention. Let's not give him what he wants. Especially since there's so many good things to focus on. Looks like Cold Play commented on BTS's MTV Unplugged Youtube video as well bah... I don't know how to share a screenshot on here. They wrote in Korean so guessing they wrote "beautiful" there as well. I spent tonight watching reaction videos
  12. I realize my brain is probably dripping out my ears from how much I let it rot by watching all those ship videos, but they really are great for pointing out things that I would never notice on my own. Tae and Jin imitating the other members is so fun. I find it endearing how Jungkook feels a need to watch the other members on his phone when he's stuck in the front row. So, who actually believes that RM didn't eat the paper in the fortune cookie in that interview way back when? Or maybe he still doesn't realize that there was paper in that cookie? They really put a lot o
  13. No disrespect to Coldplay, but I've heard that song several times before and always found it flat in spite of the sincerity and emotion behind it. But I'm absolutely enthralled with BTS version The blue looks SOOOO much better than the blond.
  14. It took me a while to warm up to Blue & Grey, but I so love this performance of it. Now that I see how elaborate the stages were, I understand why they didn't do a full hour. They sounded so amazing that I wasn't sure if they were actually performing the songs.
  15. I tuned in a few minutes early to make sure I didn't miss the beginning. Man... MTV still has terrible TV shows
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