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    Finally logged in to my Paypal for the first time in like a decade. Can't believe I remembered my login info. Tried to read the FAQ but still don't understand everything. I'm a cheap #%@! and want as much of the money I donate to go to the cause as possible. Some questions before I send a donation. 1. In the past, the receiver had to pay fees if the sender used a credit card. Does it make a difference for you guys whether I send money with bank account or credit card? 2. Is there a difference in the fees if you send multiple smaller donations versus 1 large yearly donation? 3. Are there more fees if the money has to be sent internationally? If so, since the PH team is worldwide, would it make sense for you guys to have multiple accounts so that we can send donations domestically if possible? Bottom line, what is the best way to send money so that it is both practical and you get the highest percentage of the donation (Paypal or otherwise)?
  2. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thanks. I figured the Planet would come through and even if they couldn't, we'd eventually be able to see it anyway, but I had a mini panic attack as soon I saw the post, lol.
  3. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I don't see an Autumn Classic thread. Can we try to get a plan together so the rest of us can see it? I'll try to figure out this VPN thing but don't have any faith in my abilities to learn it in time. Maybe those who aren't tech savvy can figure out some way to do something to thank those generous people who take the time to Rabbit, translate, provide files and just good helpful advice. Since the Planet seems to be healthy financially, perhaps we can start a fund to help out with banner/plushy costs. Nessie doesn't look that hard to make, imagine if each of us made one and sent it to whoever is lucky enough to go to his competitions. Okay, I know I'm being crazy, but imagine what we could do if we hardcore organized the varied talents of the Fanyu community. Also, what countries are the owners of this forum from?
  4. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Because there are only a few people who would normally get 9.5+ PCS. The rule really only applies to maybe 3 skaters. Since Yuzu gets the highest PCS scores, he loses the most points if he makes a serious error. Nathan, for example, had PCS ranging from 8.96 to 9.32 at 2018 worlds in what is likely his best performance ever after all his competition fell multiple times. Previous to that performance, he normally got 8 something for PCS scores. Since the rule provides no guideline for skaters who don't normally score higher than 9.5 (or 9 in case of multiple serious error), this rule technically doesn't apply to him. Nathan could have fallen and a judge could arguably given him even higher scores than he got.
  5. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Holy s#*@!! About a month ago I was watching Plushenko's last performance and the thought of Yuzu skating to "The Best of Plushenko" crossed my mind. Obviously I immediately dismissed it as just another one of my crazy brain ramblings. But he's practically doing that! I guessed all Japanese music for the guess the programs thread - should have listened to the lizard brain. The only thing I got right was "some Japanese ballad" for the exhibition. You think Plushenko and Johnny knew about his music choices? They must be so flattered.
  6. Old Cat Lady

    Fan Prep for the upcoming season

    This is my first season in a long time getting back into full hardcore skating fandom. I used to be a super nut job about finding every little thing and recording it and I think I'm going to start doing that again. So what do you recommend for an American? TV package: Olympic Channel? NBC sports? It doesn't necessarily have to have everything, but of course I want anything I can see with Yuzu in it. Looks like Japanese Grand Prix is on Asahi - do they have something like Fuji that Americans can watch? Recording device: Tivo? Will this record internet streams onto your TV as well as TV broadcasts? I want something to transfer to external hard drive. What do you guys use? Digital editing program? What else should I get? Unfortunately, attending a competition is out for me this year so hopefully Yuzu keeps competing. Maybe I'll have a chance the following year.
  7. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I don't have a problem with the costume per se, but I don't understand the connection with the music. I had the same issue with boobskirt - is he actually playing Juliet in the program?
  8. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Can he keep the pants purple? The details are harder to see when they're black I'm suspicious of the fact that he specified new "free skate" music in that FOI interview.
  9. Old Cat Lady

    The post Hanyu era

    For me, realistically, I think I will go back to being a casual viewer until someone really grabs my attention again. I'll still check this board regularly and a couple others casually, but most of my time on skating is spent on finding more about Yuzu so I don't see how I could be nearly as interested in the sport once he's gone. With Japanese fans filling the arena, I'm curious how much of it is specifically devotion to Yuzu or it's more a matter of they only have so much money to spend on skating so they're spending it on their favorite skater (i.e. once Yuzu is gone, they'll just spend the money on their next favorite). Hopefully for the ISU, the situation is the latter because if it's not, they, and skating viewers, are in real trouble if they can't create another star.
  10. Old Cat Lady

    The post Hanyu era

    This is a 2 part question. Been thinking of the crazy fandoms of Yuna and Yuzu and the waning interest in figure skating in general. I read that even in Japan skating shows don't always sell out when Yuzu isn't involved. Let's say Yuzu had decided to retire. 1. How do you think you would have responded 2. And what impact do you think it would have had on skating in general?
  11. Did this seminar happen yet? Curious what the ISU will do with the information. A couple more questions. For "very good body position from take-off to landing" does this include the tilt of the body? Does a skater lose credit for that bullet if he is otherwise well positioned but is in an angle while in the air? Are variations of position and delayed rotation completely disregarded in the new system? If a skater does get credit for these things, for which bullet do they get the credit? If it's in the body position bullet, then how are they differentiated from skaters with good body position but don't do these things?
  12. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He's talked a lot about how he either makes mistakes in the short or the long and how he wants to be a "real champion like Plushenko" that skates cleanly in both. I think when he talks about the perfect skate he means a perfect competition in a major competition, which I think means either worlds or Olympics. At the 2018 Olympics, even though he was happy with his skate and said that he skated as well as he could have under the circumstances, he still had regrets that there were mistakes. And pretty much every time he talked about Sochi he mentioned how only the short program was good.
  13. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    That's so hilarious. I've only ever seen the little bit after Patrick shakes his hand and Yuzu makes that face after he realizes he lost. Is he always that demonstrative back stage? Patrick seemed amused. I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from laughing if I were him.
  14. Old Cat Lady

    General Yuzuru Chat

    oops, wrong video.
  15. Old Cat Lady

    Proposed changes for next season

    I think I wrote this before the rule changes were finalized or before I saw all the details - I remember griping that there weren't as many GOE bullets required and thought they were overly vague. As far as taking away the advantage of the exits/delayed rotation/and air position, it took away the positive bullets for those specific aspects while, at the time, I thought it required less to get higher scores. Actually, now that I see the final version of the system, +5 is much more difficult to get than +3 because of the requirement for the core elements.