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  1. Did a fashion house snap up the last available Tany?
  2. It looks like ARMY was right And a cute story about Jin in the military. It honestly seems like he's having a good time in the military
  3. Learn about Korean military in just 12 hours Interview with guys before they serve with Jin
  4. I saw on Twitter that the rumor in Korea is that JK is just spending time with his family and enjoying a "normal" life for a while. I suspect that he's hard at work on his album. Part of me wonders if he's taking a cue from his Jin Hyung by doing what he wants despite what the company's plan is and just trying to enjoy his home life before entering the military. btw, I finally watched the performance of Vibe and behind the scenes and the song is growing on me. I was underwhelmed by the music video but it felt more soulful when they performed it. It's so cute how Jimin looked like an awestruck fan boy. It also made it clear that Jimin is significantly taller than Taeyang.
  5. Let's watch the crack heads play games https://w2g.tv/room/?room_id=4smmegf5pfbsmcn8s7
  6. I don't know that much about all the high end fashion houses, but based on the little I've seen of LV, I've always thought it suited Hobi best because he has the funkiest style. I can totally picture Dior with Jimin. Dior always struck me as an ostentatiously luxe brand. I'm curious how each guy got chosen for each fashion house - did BTS get a bunch of offers at once and the guys decided who got what or did the fashion house extend the offer to the specific individual they wanted? If it's the latter, how did they decide on which one - I know I would want all of them. At this point, it's just JK and Jin that don't have individual fashion deals right? Jin for obvious reasons as well as his stance that he doesn't like doing solo endorsements and the ones he does do, are for things he genuinely loves. Maybe JK is similar. When his ID photo first came out, a lot of people commented how tired he looked but he looks great here. I'm guessing since this is after the ceremony, he's not wearing makeup but it doesn't look any different from his normal photos.
  7. I settled on supporting him through Spotify since it's easy to just make a list and only 20 songs a day count for the charts anyway. I've found that Spotify lists normally can go 8-10 hours without stopping so I do a 10 hour list. It sometimes gets knocked off by an ad earlier than that, but most of the time, it's an easy way to support the guys. On Youtube, I only include BTS group songs and my favorite individual tracks since it requires more interaction. It looks like Jin applied for the position. Only time will tell, but it's looking more and more like the guys planned a method to keep them together in the military. I suspect that they'll all go to Front line and apply for positions that keep them there. The Valentino suit is so much nicer than the Louis Vuitton stuff. A better fit would be nice but the design is classic and beautiful while still being subtly distinctive. Suga looks so suave. I wish we could see the cheerleaders with the sound. I can't tell without seeing where he is in the audience, but it looks like they're all staring straight at him as they do the cheer. So nice that the Lakers gave him such a warm welcome. Did I miss the fashion show? Did he seriously come to the US just to be seen watching a game in the Valentino outfit?
  8. I wonder how many assistant drill instructors there are for Jin's post at the frontline. Someone on Twitter mentioned that all the recruits are going to go through him which means that if the other Tannies go there, they'll be reunited. Since they're all fit and healthy (with the possible exception of Suga, but I thought part of the reason he got the shoulder surgery when he did was so he could be fit for the military), you can reasonably guess that all the guys will be sent to front line since that's where the fittest recruits go. Makes me wonder if Jin was planning for this all along. BTW, Jimin is significantly taller than Taeyang, if suspected height is true. "Official" height is 173 cm, which is still shorter than Jimin. But the suspected height is closer to 161 cm. https://www.soompi.com/article/383362wpp/big-bangs-real-height-in-dispute-again
  9. OMG! It's following him everywhere! I wonder if they were already going to the game when they found out he was going to be there or if they went to the game just to see him. I was just about to post this. He's doing great! I guess it's not surprising that idols would do well since they have to be physically fit and are used to strict schedules and dealing with a lot of people. Imagine how ecstatic these new recruits will be that they get to meet Jin as part of their service. Here's another Tweet with slightly more information Here's a Youtube video where they interview recruits that are anticipating serving with Jin
  10. I was thinking similarly. I'm guessing 10 hour dance practices are harder, or at least comparable, to a long march with a heavy backpack. When I saw his picture afterwards, I thought he looked less tired and more refreshed than in his ID photo. I bet this march was a breeze for him. Vibe is out. meh... it's okay. Reminds me of a typical Kpop song which isn't really my thing. Jimin's voice is so distinctive - it adds so much texture to any song.
  11. Whether he applied or was elected, there's no doubt that he suits the qualifications. We also have to remember that BTS are national treasures so it's in the interest of the military to have him prominently featured flourishing. btw, what was that Twitter account you mentioned at the watch party? I'm dying to have some photo quality pictures
  12. BB Bangtan in early Run BTS https://w2g.tv/xzn44p7fq41adfq1c7
  13. This magazine does a fantastic job with styling. Hobi and Jimin never looked more beautiful and sexy. That pic in the suit with Jimin's shoulder peeking out Apparently Jin is his troop's leader
  14. The pic with the blue stuff looks like hair but the one with the pink stuff looks like one of the sevens with the slash through it to me. If it is, I'm really surprised he got it on his neck when he was so against having a public tattoo. lol. And of course, Hobi already liked it. Surprised there's no comment. ETA: nvm. He just commented with fire emojis and "Wow" in English
  15. OMG! I just saw it! Twitter has 3 other photos that I don't see on his Instagram I'm off to recover
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