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  1. BTW, is it only me or we are really watching a broadcast without an anti-sparkle filter? It's so good too see sparkling costumes!
  2. One more stream option (in Russian) for those who got tired with Chris: https://ok.ru/live/1595942641400
  3. Yes! I remember seeing him live for the first time and thinking: he is like a slow motion. But choreographers pick his music and movements well.
  4. In the K&C? Ice cream, I guess. I saw a big Russian ice cream company logo in the background. Main sponsor, probably.
  5. Russian commentators just said Alina injured herself yesterday by that 2A fall, but still will perform in the Gala.
  6. They started commenting in Russian. And Yagudin just said they are going to talk
  7. I'm watching it now. Looks like they are going to comment only come chosen performances. No commentary right now! But it's normally geoblocked. https://www.1tv.ru/sport/final-gran-pri-po-figurnomu-kataniyu-2019-20/pryamoy-efir
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