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  1. Misha once posted in his instagram stories a photo where he was wearing a T-shirt with multiple little yellow ducks. It became a meme. His fandom has the photo. Hope the link will work: https://vk.com/wall-24618099_39011
  2. Hi! I sent a letter to Yuzu using the Japanese FS federation address one year ago. I didn't get an answer (I don't really expect to get it). Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how the postal service in Japane work, but I suppose they will be able to figure out the recipient of your letter using the address only. Good luck to you and your letter anyway)
  3. Stéphane gets my special personal prize as the most cheerful and supportive coach of the competition.
  4. Two URs already in the system according to Russian commentators
  5. Go Yuna! Saw her in Moscow and liked a lot! Such a pure sunshine!
  6. TAT is ready to send "carrier pigeons" to the cameraman so that he finally begins to film the legs during jumps.
  7. Me too. TAT tries to explain steps and positions while commenting and during the slowmo (she is super angry with the cameraman not showing legs), but my head can't comprehend everything she says.
  8. Joining too. A couple skating to my favorite musical: Mozart, L'opéra rock. Good luck!
  9. They discussed quads, then axel, and she made a mistake. The second commentator corrected her.
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