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  1. 3 cm (). But in the interview she insisted that she just allowed herself too much rest during holidays. She said after she came back from holidays she couldn't do the simplest elements and stopped her quad training. https://sport.business-gazeta.ru/article/250820 My personal opinion: she lost weight and looked very tired. Perhaps she tried to lose weight to compensate for growth.
  2. OMG, I was looking for this music for 2 years, but couldn't remember the name! Did anybody note it? Please
  3. No. Averbukh, Dima didn't invented this idea of making photo together in the first place on podium. And it's not "only possible when all three teams are from the same country". Sigh.
  4. I stan Aleksandra Boikova, a true Yuzu's fan who also studies how to say "Thank you" in different languages))
  5. TAT just said it was Daniil Gleichengauz who created that Tron program.
  6. Dima is not dying in the middle of the free! Can't believe it! Great job!
  7. BTW, is it only me or we are really watching a broadcast without an anti-sparkle filter? It's so good too see sparkling costumes!
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