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  1. Mastyaeva

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Ladies SP & FS

    Here: have some black chocolate and hug
  2. I've never heard the "How about this?" sentence so many times in a row in my entire life.
  3. Mastyaeva

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Ladies SP & FS

    She did.
  4. Mastyaeva

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Ladies SP & FS

    That was brilliant!
  5. Mastyaeva

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Ladies SP & FS

    I'm super happy for Kailani, but she was a bit overexpressive for me.
  6. Mastyaeva

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Ladies SP & FS

    Creative exit for a jump in NS - ✔
  7. Wonderful! When they keep their concentration, it always turns out so cool!
  8. I can breathe now. Misha is alive a least for today.
  9. Kosto with Piazzolla and Camden with Despasito. I need to see it by my own eyes!
  10. Mastyaeva

    GPF Cheer Project

    Dear Yuzuru, For many years, your skating and your personality are my guiding star. Your skating is a work of art. I have met many of your fans from all over the world and figure skating fans in general and we all share this opinion: you have an ability to make people happy. I wish you a speedy recovery, long and happy life, fulfillment of your dreams and health. Happy Birthday! Dear Junhwan, Your skating is unique and it always leaves a big imprint on my heart. I wish you good luck and hope to watch your performances for many more years! Irina, Russia
  11. Mastyaeva

    [2018] GP IdF - Ice Dance RD & FD

    TAT knows that the program is about van Gogh, likes it very much for unique elements and happy to see sunflowers from fans. Sometimes I even glad she is commenting.
  12. Mastyaeva

    [2018] GP IdF - Ice Dance RD & FD

    Gaby's costume is exactly what girls in my high school were wearing (about 10 years ago). If you add black lipstick.
  13. Mastyaeva

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    Kovtun praising Yuzu's spins (unusual positions and musical hand moves) while commenting for the Russian broadcast