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  1. Random Thought Theater

    I saw special Skating on the Planet thread, but guys were discussing serious things like jumps and spins there, so I preferred to stay here with my report. I was in one of the parks today where there was an open ice (they just covered the walkways by ice) and rented skates. Good news: I managed to survive. I think, my antenna was sending SOS all the time and that definitely wasn't Yuzu's frequency. But skating gods probably heard me, because I fell only one time in 2,5 hours. Bad news: I can't skate yet I can't slide, to be exact. What I do looks like steps. When I make myself not to cling to the board, of course. But, frankly, I didn't expected it to be better for the first time. I was lucky to had a friend with me to hold my hand while I was trying to skate and to catch me after too active efforts. I still want to go to "skate" next week. Yuzu is right, this i's better than to walk! Although in skating boots I feel I myself just as strange and uncertain as in high heels. Also, my level of appreciation for the figure skaters is above the stars now. It always was a space level, but it's even higher now.
  2. Team Russia

    Ksenia said that she twisted her leg during the short program, probably because one of her boots gone a bit off. She also said, it wasn't a hard injury, but it influenced the free program.
  3. Team Russia

    Hooray! It's official now: Russian Olympic Committee voted "for" the participation in the Olympics. They will also take care of all the financial and technical issues! http://www.interfax.ru/sport/591486 But still every athlete should get personal invitation from MOC.
  4. Random Thought Theater

    Or Zhenya's indifference to cakes (she sincerely prefers yogurt).
  5. Random Thought Theater

    Thank you, @Xen and @Hydroblade I'm going to use those advices properly. But, really, I don't think, tomorrow I'll do more than falling all the time. So windmill arms will be seen, sorry. I gave up rollers many years ago because of absolutely no progress, but thinking about skating, Yuzu is my inspiration, I won't let it go easily.
  6. Random Thought Theater

    Tomorrow I'm going to try skating for the first time in my life. The best opportunity to check. If I survive this with my super chaky legs.
  7. Team Russia

    Good news: today the commission of sportsmen of the Russian Olympic Committee published an official statement declaring the decision of the majority of sportsmen to compete in the Olympics. http://www.olympic.ru/news/news-russia/main/o-poziczii-rossiyskih-sportsmenov-po-zimnim-olimpiyskim-vidam/ We still have to wait the official statement of the Russian Olympic Committee itself. Tomorrow.
  8. Random Thought Theater

    In the reality, taking into account my light blond hair and pale skin color with this haircut I look more like Jeanne d'Arc than Yuzu But it's funny too. Congratulations! Now you have your personal H&L experience (being perfect after all the problems). Absolutely agree. Whether it will be Japanese audience or Korean, Chinese 2014 Pooh-rain record will be broken.
  9. Random Thought Theater

    I went to the hair salon today because I was tied of my long hair (not too long, but still). I said to the hairdresser I wanted my hair to be really short and gave her carte blanche. Guess what? Now I have exactly the same haircut that Yuzu's long one in summer. More than that, when my hair get wet, antenna appears. The hairdresser was totally satisfied by her work and said that I look perfect like this.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    I've only heard about the very first snow of the year. If you are lucky enough too see it personally, you can make a wish.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Wow, somebody else makes wishes when it's snowing. I've made my first for him this year when it was snowing in Moscow before the CoR's free.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I finally found the recording and the exact time (when Shoma skated). So this is what TAT said word by word: Ms. Tarasova while commenting GPF Gala for Russian "Channel One”: “Yuzuru, get well soon, what's up… You fell so hard. Get well! Without you likewise (TAT meant others injured skaters) men’s figure skating isn't men’s figure skating. Because we love you, we cheer up for you, we want extraordinary beauty and difficulty simultaneously in men's figure skating. And those are not the first Olympics we cheer up for you”.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes, it was drawn after the CoR, I guess. This person started to be interested in drawing FS only since this season, according to the topics of the drawings. Here you can find some old ones, which are absent in instagram: https://wtfskatingdoodles.tumblr.com/page/6 This person seems to like Yuzu a lot as the whole line of drawings begins by Seimei. Admins, sorry for this fanart off-topic.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Now, I know nothing about this person, unfortunately, except that there are some inscriptions in Russian, so, this is probably a Russian genius. I'm only a fan. I absolutely can't draw.
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    UPD: Guys, I'm terribly sorry, this is the link for credit: https://wtfskatingdoodles.tumblr.com I was inaccurate, violated the rules and caused misunderstanding. Sorry