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  1. Saturday is good. The competitive part will be over already and then we will have Sunday morning free (if somebody is going to rest a bit in the hotel or to do some sightseeing). The competition day on Saturday is a bit long (are the ladies competing till 9 PM?), but we will still have time.
  2. I'm fine, no worries. But last time my face swelled twice due to the removal of the wisdom tooth exactly at the week of Rostelecom and I did not miss the competition only by a miracle. So I'm afraid to speak for sure.
  3. If I live until November, I'm ready to be a free guide for you guys. My hometown is beautiful even under the snow.
  4. I think I'll run away until I start blaming myself for haste and wasting money, after I bought Silver. Good luck to all!
  5. I guess so. The passage about OP tickets was separate.
  6. They announce all-even tickets as 3 days tickets so I doubt it.
  7. Mastyaeva

    Random Thought Theater

    Thank you! I try to do my best. Unfortunately I can't always meet teachers' expectations. Well, I doubt anyone can. But when I hear those words I start to double that I could potentially do more and this is a classic vicious circle. In theory, I know this, but in real life it's very difficult to control myself. But your support helps, guys, thanks :-)
  8. Mastyaeva

    Random Thought Theater

    Thank you! I've thought I wouldn't be affected by such words anymore, but every time it's not easy to hear this.
  9. Mastyaeva

    Random Thought Theater

    Words "I was expecting better results from you" said by a teacher deserve a top place in a list of most toxic sayings possible.
  10. Guys, tell me, I'm not hearing it. I thought a cyber swan was enough for today.
  11. I would be perfectly fine with the Greatest Showman, if it doesn't make me think about Denis every time. Sorry.
  12. Do not tell me that this is a new warhorse now