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  1. Random Thought Theater

    Feel free to ask!
  2. Random Thought Theater

    @WinForPooh You are right, Dobby is finally free! I have my A+. But for the balance of the Universe, I think, I had to pass this last exam one day after I visited a dentist. Just imagine passing foreign language exam with asymmetric face and toothache. I visited this doctor one more time this afternoon, after the exam, and he said that there is nothing to worry, just normal reaction after a difficult case. He even tried to comfort me saying that girls with swelling are cute as they resemble little hamsters. Well, I know that I still look like 16 years old, although I'm 25, but really this was too childish from his part. But he tried, I appreciate. However now I realize that I have one biiiiig problem: I don't have anymore my exams to distract me and there are still 3 days before Rostelecom. Everybody, I wish, one day I would be able to repay you all your kind support!
  3. Hi and welcome (especially to Moscow)! The path is safe although not super beautiful (I've checked it myself a couple of days ago). The web site of the arena says nothing about WiFi, so, I guess, there isn't any. Make sure to join our special chat for satellites coming to Moscow for Rostelecom (moderators will come to help you, for sure). Don't worry too much about English, not as they ban here because of the mistakes (I would be the first to be banned if it would be the case).
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    To be made by the king
  5. Music talk

    Someone had an excellent idea that he would skate different old programs every galla. It's a bit complicated, but not impossible. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but I do not believe in a new program for galla (please, prove me wrong). Even Jeffrey said that there won't be any experiments this season. I read somewhere that Yuzu loves jazz.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Russian Wiki says that October 14 is the date of the first publication of stories about Winnie the Pooh in the form of a separate book (I've checked, there is no such line in the English version). Although the first Winnie's story was published on December 24 of the previous year (1925). So this is not a birthday, it's rather a day of adulthood (age of majority).
  7. Random Thought Theater

    Hold on! My older sister worked for 9 years in one company, doing a job she actually didn't like but getting good money. But one day she just decided that she couldn't go on like this. So she spent two years studying Chinese after work, got scholarship for master program, left her job and moved to China. Now she lives in China and seems to be much happier, also it's not always easy. I mean, it's never too late to change something. Maybe there's an opportunity to choose a master program and a job with would be useful to each other (like studying economics and working as an accountant - a boring example, but I'm not good at it, sorry). Good meditation about all the opportunities and possible schedule could also be helpful. Fighting!
  8. Random Thought Theater

    @WinForPooh You are the best!
  9. General Skating Chat

    You are never late with this.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    I guess, both. Can't wait too.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    I bet, Yuzu's imagination is more developed than ours.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Just think how great it is: Yuzu keeps making your English better! (Such an irony, considering his own language problems (well, he shouldn't bother at all: linguistic certainly isn't the reason we love him for)). And you even can promote FS a bit in class! Best homework ever (I envy you). My imaginary plan for this: first paragraph about the history of figure skating, second - about the current situation in it (Olympic season, expansion of quads, same stagnation in ladies' part (with potential explosion due to juniors' 3 axels and quads, etc.) and finally - a huge paragraph about your favorite skater. When I studied in France, they called it funnel-system (in real, it's a simple mouvement from general to specific; it usually works good for projects). Sorry, it's a kind of professional deviation: I worked with students' projects too long.
  13. I checked the way from the metro to the arena today (because I have a tendency to get lost), didn't see a single banner. Current mood: