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  1. I find all these charts so confusing. Do "World Albums" include everyone? These artists can't possibly all have outsold Taylor, Beyonce, Bad Bunny, etc. could they? Lol, I can't believe Map of the Soul 7 is on there when it was released in 2020. Hobi's cake is the cutest but Jin had the prettiest frosting. Poor JK didn't seem to even like his cake.
  2. Chris is endearing me to him more and more. His affection and respect toward our guys feels so pure. Wild Flower is definitely my favorite. It's so polished and masterfully produced and I just love that heart rending cry by the singer and the contrast between her and RM's voice. I think I like Lonely after that, but I'll have to listen and think more on it. My only criticism of the album is that RM's singing voice is very limited so sometimes I get a little distracted by the flatness. But great artists don't have to be the best singers so it's only a small nitpick. Yoongi has to be next unless he's planning on releasing his album after his enlistment, but I think Hybe announced that all the guys are going to release albums this year or next. I already fear that he doesn't have enough time to fully promote his album. I'm feeling the crunch now that RM, JK, and Jin all have music that will likely be on the charts. btw, we ended at 9,456,171 after 24 hours
  3. What a terrible way to commemorate the day! I once hit a family of opossums on the way to work. I still feel guilty about it. I feel you ladies. I used to join these animal story groups but had to unsubscribe from them all because I couldn't take all the "inspirational" stories of animals surviving terrible abuse and neglect. All I could think of was all the suffering that animal went through. Made no sense to traumatize myself over things I couldn't do much about. btw, I made my Indigo heavy Spotify playlist if anyone is interested in it just to stream to support the guys.
  4. I looked at my playlist and between trying to support both Jin and Joon and decently randomizing with other videos to not set off any filters, I realized that they're both only getting about 1/2 the plays. I think I have to prioritize. Maybe I should take Blood, Sweat, and Tears and Yet to Come off the list until next week since they're the longest songs. But Joon seems to get less support in general. I read on Twitter that Dreamers isn't even getting counted on Youtube for the charts so I hope people aren't wasting time streaming that, especially since it's the weakest of the songs The music video is gorgeous. Each frame could be hung in a museum. I especially love the scene where the picture rotates and the flower field is upside down. I love Wildflowers for it's visuals and Astronaut for all the thoughtful detail and story telling. I really hope they both get submitted for best music video next year.
  5. I'm very annoyed at Army right now. Once again, Joon doesn't have as much support as Hobi, Jin, or JK. I know we're trying to support a lot of songs right now, but there's no reason that we should only have 1.2 million Youtube streams an hour in.
  6. So good! I'm always nervous about whether I'll like the rappers' songs because I'm not into pure rap but I like how melodic Joon's rap is and the feature artist adds nice depth to the song. Of course, I love The Astronaut, but the production of this song is much more refined.
  7. Hobi's album was named the 9th best album of 2022 by Rolling Stone I'm kind of bummed that Indigo is coming out in December - it likely means that Joon won't make any lists for either 2022 or 2023 https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-albums-2022-list-1234632387/wet-leg-wet-leg-2-1234633081/
  8. I read that too. Unfortunately, it's hard to redo my playlist at work since Spotify is blocked and it's a pain to make it on the phone. I like to make really long playlists anyway so I wouldn't want to do it until the album drops. From what I read on the internet (pretty sure we know most of this) 1. stream RM 5 hours before the drop 2. Make sure to mix up the playlist and have videos in between the song you're trying to push 3. Try to stream the whole album to help prevent filtering 4. The suspicion is that Billboard only counts 20 spotify streams a day per song for the charts. All the plays count for spotify streams so if you're trying to push a song for Spotify, go ahead and stream a lot but if you're mainly concerned about Billboard, there's plenty of time to support multiple songs. 5. Have the volume at least 50%. I've only read one person write this so have no clue if this is true. When I need to use the device I'm streaming on, I'll turn it down really low, but if I'm streaming on a separate device, I turn the volume on the site to max and mute the device. 6. Don't make the playlist too long. Once again, only read this from 1 person 7. Stream on all platforms, including Youtube I plan to do 2 play lists on Spotify. A really long one for when I go to bed or work. A lot of times I'll wake up and Spotify will still be going. I've had ads occasionally cause the stream to stop, but I think a lot of times it runs for 9-10 hours. Though I always come home to it stopped - I work 10 hour shifts + commute. ETA: Hobi's Jack in the Box songs and Jin's solos, especially Super Tuna, are great fillers because the songs are so short. I plan to have at least 25 plays (just in case more count) of the Astronaut, Dreamers, and Wildflowers, with the rest of RM's album/Super Tuna/and Equal Sign in between. I like to make a short playlist of all the songs I plan to include on the playlist, then make a long playlist from that (In the case of Youtube, I add them to a queue so I can add the same song multiple times)
  9. The US store sold out of the XL hoodie but still have the L. If you want more stuff, we can cancel our orders and I can do a new order with all our stuff. It looks like the US store combines shipping ETA: booo! it looks like the body pillow can't be combined. It's $49 for shipping on that
  10. Lol. I was thinking of getting the body pillow too but then I saw the photo books and decided that I should save money for other merch. I keep wondering if I'm going to get charged extra shipping later - it was only $29.62 for everything. I should check to see what shipping would be like to send it to other countries. I bet it won't be too expensive to send it to @rockstaryuzu. Maybe if I vacuum seal it I could send it to other countries for cheaper than the cost of shipping from the global store
  11. Got the hoodie, pants, keyring, and doll cushion. Shipping is actually reasonable from the US store . Thank you for the heads up!
  12. Dammit! Looks like there was a restock that I just missed (I decided restocks count as my "day after" shopping allowance). Everything left is all preorders. I don't know why they don't just allow preorders for everything. ETA: grrr! the keychain is saying it's for preorder but when I check out, it says it's out of stock. I really hope they restock the plushy - I have serious non-buyer's remorse. RM made the Artnet Innovators list
  13. I wonder if this pic is high enough resolution to make it poster size eta: just checked on Sam's photo and it's giving me the low quality photo message
  14. I guess I'm just a Basic B because that's the stuff I wanted too. I knew there would be nothing left when I formulated my stupid "save money" plan but still bummed that I missed out. Probably for the best that I don't spend 2 weeks of groceries on plushies and sweatsuits. Badass Hobi is so F'n hot! I hope the guys do more of these subtly edgy red carpet styles.
  15. The Wotteo merch is SO cute! Even the sweat suit - purple, green, and white is such a pretty combo. My credit card is twitching. I've decided that my method for saving money is to wait until the next day and if the things I want are still left, then I'm allowed to buy it. And there's so much thoughtful detail in the promotions, just like the music video. He still thinks of Jjangu The TaeJin shippers are the cutest of the shippers. Haven't run into any drama. They just seem to enjoy their moments together without hostility toward the other ships. This edit is adorable. ETA: Anyone know what the drama amongst Engines (Enhypen fans, right?) is when it comes to Yuzu? I keep seeing references to something about him on Kpop forums but no one explains what's going on.
  16. Look how tiny Jin looks. I wonder if we'll get to see any of this alcohol competition
  17. I wasn't a Boyz 2 Men fan, but always nice when Western celebs give our guys some love Never heard about her, but in a country as big as India, a celebrity praising them is awesome News about Kris Woo
  18. Our BB bangtan in RunBTS! https://w2g.tv/baek0yd5fq6yybdko7
  19. I really want the Wotteo plushy but if the shipping is like this, then I might have to get knock off merch. I love that Jin tried to get us lower prices.
  20. Just saw that myself. I'm a little surprised that he's going that late but glad to see he gets some time to celebrate his birthday. As much as I enjoy seeing him, I hope he spends it doing what he enjoys instead of work obligations. Looks like we have a silver fox in training Oof! I don't get how magazines can still think it's ok to be so overtly insulting. I'm not very sensitive and think Army often over react, but even I'm insulted by this line
  21. 3rd week at #1 I'm bummed that he'll get displaced by Dreamers. Of course, I'm happy to see JK's success too, but I'm sad that each member isn't getting their full spotlight because the releases are so close together. And Indigo releases in only 10 days and they'll be competing against each other. Some background on the World Cup collaboration Oh dear. Looks like FIFA and Bangtan TV got some wires crossed Also, make sure Yet to Come is on your Youtube and Spotify playlists. It's factored into the MAMA voting.
  22. Cool Thanks! Yay! Got my order for Indigo, Astronaut, and Map of the Soul 7 in. Trying to decide if I want to buy anything else
  23. Target's having a Buy 2, get 1 free deal. I think I'm going to cancel my preorder of The Astronaut and reorder it with the deal. You can also preorder Indigo through this deal https://www.target.com/p/rm-bts-39-indigo-39-book-edition-target-exclusive-cd/-/A-88012566 I've been wanting to get Map of the Soul 7 for the photobook, but there's no indication on the listing of all the extra goodies.
  24. Another story about how kind and humble our guys are. I always love seeing these.
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