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  1. Ohhnooo the squish!!! This is an excellent way to start off my week
  2. I am sure it will be sooo worth the wait.
  3. I loved his reasons to choose a cat always landing on their feet! (or smth like that? I didn't translate but i got something along those lines)
  4. I'll come clean here and admit that i share feelings with this person and i feel super super guilty about that (especially now that i am sorta kinda thinking about getting married but my bf understands lol) But this brings back the squishhhh noooooo
  5. After watching this yeeeeah... only CLAMP can execute his vision. I was really curious about why he approached CLAMP, they had an incredible impact on my life (i owe them the only reason why i began learning japanese) so learning how these two ended up collaborating was a must know hahaha
  6. Meanwhile i'll be here listening to the full length version of Art of Life, you know... to make peace with the news hahaha
  7. I hope we never find out anything about his partner tbh, i remember when Miyano Mamoru got married, his wife got death threats and when they announced they were expecting, people on the internet were wishing that she would miscarry. And this was just a voice actor, imagine someone as high profile as Yuzu...
  8. What i really want to know is how he found time to do this?! Also, we all know that Ice-chan will always be first
  9. OT: It might be another of Yoshiki's cash grabs and I'm not fond of giving TM my money but i had to get tickets for their LA show. With Sugizo there is like X Japan&friends and i love L'Arc and Miyavi. Seeing them fangirl over Yuzu is a dream come true hshaha
  10. Happy New year for those in the future!! Now that you saw him like this, i hope you understand what kind of crime he committed against my person in 2015 by appearing like THAT when I just wanted to keep my yearly tradition
  11. The link I usually use for Kouhaku isn't smooth either :'< hopefully it doesn't crash when it starts 😭
  12. And we really thought he'd fade into obscurity after retiring 🤡
  13. Nooo i got up late and missed the preorders for Prologue merchh
  14. The festive mood is back! Sorry for the delay on changing the theme Should we get new Hakama!Yuzu, you better believe i will change it again hahaha
  15. It feels full circle to me that he's going to be a judge again ahh I hope he will be in his black hakamaaaa
  16. I admit i am a crying mess and didn't expect this christmas gift Thank you Yuzu!!
  17. It finally happened... After years of joking that i would sacrifice my ankles to Yuzu, it seems he took my offer and i've been away due to recovery from a broken ankle Dr said it was a "catastrophic" fracture (literally said, the worst one you could get. I might not be able to use high heels ever again lol), had to get surgery to put a plate and screws in and i'm looking at six more months of physical therapy. I'm glad to come back and see he is still trolling everyone by suddenly appearing, skating and leaving
  18. I keep trying but i can't seem to find a good balance of color with black It is in the works tho!
  19. I love how many wishes we selfishly had were fulfilled during this ice show. Competition style lightning! BIELLMAN IS BACKKKK A literal program with his cool down The rituals are back! Not to mention that this is just him skating and idk it just feels like a dream come true. The way he's immersing us into his world down to projection mapping (i imagine many of us have visualized his "trails"), making the audience a part of the show with the bracelets and sharing his vision of skating like this... Im just saying thank you over and over with every snippet I watch. And to think I was scared/sad about his retirement a few years ago 🤡
  20. For simple messages it's fine (because of translations) Links to members-only videos, codes for early access or links intended only for people subscribing would be off limits
  21. Noooo my poor heaaaart. He has no mercy now that he's free from I*U and J*F, right? Unleashing this ヤバイ on us...
  22. So droughts are non-existant now? Why was i so afraid of him turning pro? This is the best thing ever
  23. Ohh file that under things i didn;t know i needed
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