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2 minutes ago, YuzuNekozuu said:

Praying for you guys!!! Stay safe!!!

The USGS has all updated earthquake info (at least the scientific parts). No danger of landslides or ground liquefaction.  So scary.

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:grouphug: Praying for everyone in Miyagi and Fukushima to stay safe!! I hope the aftershocks won't be too many and strong... this is so scary...:sad4: 

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Blackout in Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Shizuoka and Chiba as well, although the city where I live is not :tumblr_inline_ncmiffG34Z1rpglid:

Wish I would not be cut from you guys :8122879:


I read that Yuzu practices around midnight everyday in Ice Rink Sendai.

Hope he is staying at home safely today.


EDIT;  The number of blackout areas is increasing. WHY!?

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