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  1. I believe that this is the NHK documentary that you are referring to – “Spirits of the Athletes” (2012). Click the subtitles/closed caption button to turn on English subtitles. I am not hopeful that it will make any difference to the person to whom you have directed the above message even if he or she bothers to watch it.
  2. The bottom line is that it doesn't matter what we fans think of Brian Orser. The only thing that matters is how Yuzu feels about him. We always credit Yuzu for being so smart and astute. Doesn't the fact that he has remained with Brian since May 2012 speak for itself? If he felt unsupported or done wrong by him, he had the option to leave. No one was holding a gun to his head or holding Pooh-san hostage. The only reason he became stranded in Sendai is due to the pandemic. If the pandemic had not happened, he would have continued practicing in 2020 until the season ended and then he would have
  3. Large watches have been in fashion for women for quite a while now. For example, Michael Kors women’s watch case sizes are as large as 45 mm or more. The case size is measured diagonally across the face of the watch from the outer perimeter of the (usually) round watch case. I started collecting and gifting Citizen watches in August 2019 shortly after Yuzu became the marketing ambassador for Citizen China. @rockstaryuzu you can attest to how small my wife is. She is a small woman with correspondingly slight wrists, but she really likes large watches. Since I started buying Citizen
  4. No matter how much natural talent Yuzu may have had in 2012, he would not have grown into the skater he is now without the coaching and guidance of Brian Orser. It was Yuzu who sought Brian’s help. In the documentary, “Spirit of the Athletes (2012)”, Yuzu went to Brian in order to improve his quads, particularly the Salchow. Brian recognized that Yuzu was exceptionally talented, but also immediately saw that he needed to work on his skating skills so that he would have a solid foundation upon which to build. Yuzu initially wondered why he had to sacrifice jumping time for skating skills, but r
  5. All that Brian Orser said regarding training bases is that Canada will not allow Yuzu in even if he wanted to. He said that Yuzu was the most adversely affected of all of the major skaters by the pandemic because he was forced to train by himself and yet, he was able to podium without making any excuses. He said that Yuzu has faced and overcome many adversities in the past. Brian said that Yuzu has become stronger and that we should believe in him. Which part of that should we not believe? Did you listen to Yuzu talking about how lonely he was training by himself in Sen
  6. Well, Yuzu’s idol, Evgeni Plushenko, was 31 when he competed at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics… Milano Cortina 2026 – The first quadruple consecutive Olympic gold medalist in figure skating? First the quad Axel and then the quad Olympic gold medal… We can dream.
  7. What about "Anata wa watashitachi no kibo no hikaridesu." This translates to "You are our beacon of hope." I do not know how to write this in Japanese characters, but Google translate or one of the Japanese satellites should be able to help.
  8. Yes, Yuzu has a nice ass and I was expecting great things with the lyrics "shake your ass", but I was sorely disappointed with his rather underwhelming tentative ass jiggle when he debuted LMEY at JNats. There was no improvement in the ass shaking department at Worlds. I don’t expect to see anything different at WTT. 2019 PW at SCI in Kelowna was a lot more mature than Sochi PW and smoking hot, particularly if you were lucky enough to see it in the arena, but there really is no chance for ass shaking in that program. LGC is similar in that there is no ass shaking segmen
  9. Nobunari Oda, the figure skater, is a descendent of Oda Nobunaga who along with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu were the three great samurai feudal lords who brought an end to the sengoku jidai and unified Japan.
  10. I think that Yuzu’s swaying movements of his head and/or upper body are more like a bobble head than a pudding, but pudding is a cute nickname. When I first read that an anti had called Yuzu “a little pudding in the human world” because of him rocking his body like a “jiggling” pudding, my first thought was that this was in reference to Yuzu “jiggling” his pudding ass in LMEY…
  11. I apologize for quoting myself, but I had an afterthought that after Yuzu competitively tames Nessie we might consider calling it “Yon-han-chan” – 4 ½ chan – to distinguish it from other quads.
  12. IMHO we should avoid tempting fate. We have no confirmed sighting of Nessie yet. When Yuzu lands Nessie in competition, then it becomes a friendly, tamed Yon-chan.
  13. Nessie is a nickname for the Loch Ness monster. Like the Loch Ness monster, the 4A is rumored to exist, but has never been seen. That is why The Planet nicknamed the 4A as Nessie – never seen and a monster of a jump.
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