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  1. His lower body is not bad either…
  2. Well said. I am also having positive vibes since I saw Yuzu at JNats.
  3. It seems that Yuzu has had this habit of balancing on one leg for a long time. When he was interviewed by the local Sendai TV station in 2010 following his World Junior Championship victory, he said that he had a weird habit of wanting to stand on one leg. "I want to get good balance so I stand like this." (At approximately 10:09 of this 14:21 video.)
  4. Fay is correct that it is A. A. Milne's birthday today and that Winnie the Pooh would not exist if he had not been born. Winnie the Pooh's official birthday, however, is August 21, 1921 which was the date Christopher Robin received the teddy bear on his first birthday. The original name was Edward Bear (a.k.a. "Teddy" Bear) but it was not long before Christopher Robin changed the bear's name to "Winnie-the-Pooh" after his favourite lovable bear from the London Zoo. Christopher Robin added "Pooh" after a swan they had met on a previous visit. Winnie was an orphaned black
  5. Birds stand on one leg to rest and nap. Maybe that explains Yuzu’s natural ability to fly…
  6. Let’s not forget his video games. When he wasn’t skating, thinking about skating, studying, listening to music or sleeping, he was playing video games.
  7. [NEWS] OA sport Figure skating, Massimiliano Ambesi: "Yuzuru Hanyu is the light, the truth, the genius" Fabrizio Testa – January 15, 2021 (Google Translate) "He is the best, if I ask what Hanyu is I can answer the light, the truth, the genius. One of the greatest sports men in history. There have been no skaters like this before him and there won't be after. I think that the ISU must have the intelligence to say that there will be no 2023: there will be the first year after Hanyu if he decides to quit in 2022, because in this way we will have to reason
  8. I think that it's a good thing. It will result in cleaner jumps and more competitive performances. He doesn't get rewarded for doing extra anyway.
  9. I mean, how much of a wedgie do you want to give Yuzu?
  10. Yes, pretty darned good for a first pancake! It will become more fluid and natural with practice.
  11. It is too bad that only Japanese healthcare workers are receiving Yuzu's message. I think that an American satellite should write to CNN with this story about the Japanese double Olympic figure skating champion paying a heartfelt tribute to healthcare workers who are struggling in the midst of this growing pandemic. I think that embattled healthcare workers throughout the world would really cherish these beautiful words of appreciation and encouragement from Yuzu. The message to CNN should provide a brief background of Yuzu’s experiences and accomplishments as well as l
  12. Ever since Yuzu set his goal on landing the quad Axel in competition, Minoru Sano has been saying that all Yuzu needs to do is to tuck his elbows in closer to his body in order to achieve a quicker rotation and gain some height. Edit: I am not necessarily agreeing with Minoru Sano since I know nothing of figure skating other than watching Yuzu. I am only stating as fact what Minoru Sano said. I am sure that it is not as simple as he explains it, but tucking in the elbows is probably part of the equation and that is why his arms appear to be tighter in the comparison between 4CC and
  13. Yes, Yuzu has been using "ore" to refer to himself ever since he was a child as evidenced at approximately 3:25 of this video. This was shown to him when he was being interviewed at the age of 15 immediately following his return from the Netherlands after winning the Junior World Championships. At approximately 3:25 of the video, "ore" rolls off primary school aged Yuzu's tongue when he says, "I can't find time to play since the age of kindergarten. But I think that skating is the most fun. So, I don't care even if there is no time to play." I believe that Yuzu gre
  14. “Watakushi” or “Watashi” is the standard Japanese form of “I” and not gender specific, but always used by females. “Boku” is a form of “I” commonly used by males. “Ore” is a colloquial or slang form of “I” used by males. Notice that Yuzu used “omae” when he asked Pooh if he was hurt when he fell off the bench in the Kiss and Cry after “Heaven and Earth”? That is a colloquial or slang form of “you” in place of “anata” or “kimi”.
  15. WISHING EVERYONE A MUCH HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER NEW YEAR THAN THE ONE WE ARE JUST LEAVING OR ALREADY LEFT, DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD. I am hoping that we will be able to have a relatively normal competitive figure skating season in 2021 leading up to Beijing 2022 and that we will be able to see a fit and healthy Yuzu competing, especially at ACI and SCI (in my hometown of Vancouver)! I want to meet up with you satellites again!
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