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  1. Yuzu and his mother returned to Japan shortly after the closure of the Cricket Club. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otm4RusESNU
  2. Yuzu would be with his family in Sendai. Ice Rink Sendai is going to be closed to the public for two weeks from April 4 to April 19. Whether it opens again for the public on April 20 will be reconsidered at that time depending on the circumstances. Ice skating classes will not be affected by the public closure from April 4 to April 19. Given his stature and what he has done for Ice Rink Sendai, I would think that private arrangements would be made for Yuzu to practice on his own. Yuzu will make sure that Ice Rink Sendai remains financially viable.
  3. Not nearly as good as an English subtitled video, but these are the English words that I transcribed from the subtitled video that I downloaded. I made some minor edits to the original subtitled English. The English title for the video is: 50 WAYS TO FAN YUZURU HANYU Here comes October again and I become a (new) fan of Hanyu I try to catch up with old fans (regarding information about Yuzu) How to fan Yuzuru Hanyu correctly? By lying down or standing up? Finally we should all kneel down and worship his highness Then it's time to join a fan group for resources Firstly watch all his competitions and news There are live shows, interviews and documentaries OH GOD! OH GOD! My face bursting into flames (nosebleed) I blame the sexy Yuzu from FaOI Searching around for FaOI brochure And buy all the magazines, photo books and Blue Flame OH GOD! OH GOD! Then scan all pics to my computer Those super fans release their photos again! There are no lyrics here – make something up yourself – so sorry! (Actual subtitles!) Translate news and articles Make your own (Yuzu) goods and paint Angel Yuzu Buy the same necklace as Yuzu So you can meet other Yuzu fans occasionally Group together and go crazy for Yuzu Bring photos and have dinner together Then kneel down together and worship his performance together (in front of TV) Exchange different experiences as Yuzu fans Those super fans have made him a song Or made him videos OH GOD! OH GOD! Let’s play the music he performed in the competition Listen to them on Yuzu earphones And when time flies You will find yourself sitting in the venues or watching the competitions sitting in front of your TV OH GOD! OH GOD! (I was) too focused watching Yuzu and my mobile dropped on my face! Calculating the score results NO LYRICS – how can this music be that long? (Actual subtitles!) IT'S YOU AGAIN! J5! JUDGE! Go to Sendai to change my mood Take as many photos as I can (I) want to meet coach Nanami and Mr. Yoshida Then (go to) pray for Yuzu at Yuzuru-Ha shrine Collect all music from the competitions Collect all the videos Its time to buy a new mobile with a larger drive Tons of NEWS! Thumbs up for GIF! Manage Photoshop Sign up for twi, weibo and Yuzuru Planet OH GOD! OH GOD! Mastered all kinds of skills Use self-made poster to promote him Hold up banner wishing he would see it OH GOD! OH GOD! Does he see it? (He does and he winks in the picture) Speechless for the excitement! With a crazy big laugh on my face (I) become crazy every time I think of him! OH GOD! OH GOD! In the greatest time of my life! I become a fan of Yuzuru Hanyu Today is another Happy Yuzu Day
  4. I can’t believe how frigging stupid the authorities are in Japan. 52,000 people gathered, shoulder to shoulder, at Sendai Station to look at the Olympic torch! To further compound this problem, they are planning to continue a viewing of the torch – albeit with some distancing recommendations, etc. I imagine that every city and/or Prefecture will be greeting the Olympic torch this way with thousands or tens of thousands gathering to witness the progression of the torch relay. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200323/p2a/00m/0na/015000c
  5. I believe that Yuzu and his mother are back in Japan. If this is true, I would fully understand Yuzu’s reasons for doing so. Not only are his father and sister there, but also his elderly grandparents and other relatives as well. I am sure that he would rather be with them at this critical time. This pandemic is going to be with us for quite a while, months if not longer, and Yuzu knows it. Furthermore, he is better off in Sendai than he is in Toronto. The only reason why he was in Toronto was to practice at the Cricket Club. The Cricket Club is closed indefinitely. They have no close friends or relatives in Toronto. They really are isolated in that sense. Ontario currently has the largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Canada at 489 with British Columbia running neck and neck at 472. As I said earlier, Tohoku has no confirmed cases of the virus yet. (Knock on wood!) Yuzu and his mother have a greater chance of contracting the virus in Toronto than they do in Sendai, even if they are just going out to get groceries. If by chance one or both of them were to contract the virus in Toronto, they would really be in trouble. In Sendai, they are not emotionally isolated. They are surrounded by family, relatives and friends, all speaking Japanese and sharing a common culture. They have plenty of people to help them if the necessity arises. If I am right, I think that Yuzu is where he can be happy, healthy and best able to weather this storm. Although I am certainly not suggesting that Yuzu should or would go skating, I note that Ice Rink Sendai still appears to be open.
  6. They’ve been brainwashed by Trump’s claims of “fake news”. Yes, we live in a pretty fucked up society where a lot of people are more apt to believe wild unfounded rumors started by halfwits on social media than they are unbiased professional experts and responsible accredited journalists.
  7. I absolutely agree. Too many people in our city are totally oblivious to the dangers of the coronavirus and are ignoring instructions to limit gatherings and to social distance. The news has been showing scenes of people gathering on the beach or in the parks on sunny days intermingling as if nothing is wrong. The news has shown people hosting huge parties and gatherings in their backyard. Unless everyone cooperates and stays at home unless absolutely necessary, we are not going to be able to flatten the curve and get some control on the spread of this virus. Prime Minister Trudeau shifted from asking people to telling people to not gather in groups and to social distance. Unless everyone cooperates, we may have to go to total lockdown backed by the invocation of the "Emergencies Act" which gives the federal government sweeping powers. It was previously called the "War Measures Act" and last invoked during the Québec FLQ crisis in 1970 when Canada's Prime Minister was Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the current prime minister's father.
  8. As of 8 PM on Sunday, March 22, Japan had a total of 1,091 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections. Including the 712 cases from the Diamond Princess cruiseship, the total number is 1,803. The total number of deaths stand at 49. By prefecture, Hokkaido has 162, Aichi 143, Tokyo 138, Osaka 131, Hyogo 111, Kanagawa 75, Saitama 51 and Chiba 44. There are no reported cases in Tohoku.
  9. You’re right, @Fay. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve added it to my collection. Thanks!
  10. I don’t think we want Yuzu popping the 4A or any other jumps! LOL! I am pretty confident that Yuzu will have two sparkling new mind-blowing programs next season. Praying, hoping, wishing and crossing fingers that the coronavirus will be gone, under control or on the wane and not interfere with next season’s competitions.
  11. That’s the HATE-NAVI video in March 2014 showing Yuzu’s popularity and, amongst other things, visiting an animation school to demonstrate how Yuzu has the same proportions as anime characters, right? One of my favourite videos! Is it still around?
  12. Québec has only 4 confirmed cases of Covid-19, the novo-coronavirus and no deaths. Canada as a whole has 74 confirmed cases and one death which occurred today in British Columbia – a man in his 80s. Therefore, it is unlikely that cases will increase exponentially in Canada and, particularly, in Québec over the next week or so. The risk in attending Worlds is the same risk that you run when you attend any event involving thousands of people in a concentrated area, especially since people are coming from all over the world – from countries that have a higher incidence of the coronavirus than Canada does. As far as I know, Canada does not restrict the entry of foreign nationals. The United States has close to 600 or more confirmed cases of the coronavirus with at least 21 deaths. At last count, 34 states have confirmed cases of the virus.
  13. I know, OT and wrong thread, but what a great picture! I've never seen it before.
  14. Thanks for the translation, @Fay!
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