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  1. Guys, seriously all I want is for Yuzu and I to survive NHK. Yuzu with his ankles intact and me with my sanity. I’m with @Frenchkiss70
  2. Watch him step out, all casual like, on the practice rink tomorrow and that’ll be the first glimpse we get of him
  3. It’s Tuesday night Japan time now. First practice is Thursday afternoon. He’s likely to arrive Wednesday local time, right? Does he have habit of arriving two days earlier?
  4. Hehe I’m on a roll. Not that my predictions owe any basis to science or careful analysis... edit: I believe I was 3rd last round. So it’s 3+1, which means I’m through to the GPF
  5. Shoma was so close. If only he went for a triple at the end instead of going for broke
  6. So this is the start of the all-Russian sweep of golds? well then. Time for US fed to start whining too
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