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  1. One week away from the Planet and.... Wonder how Sasha feels. She probably thought she’d get top dog status and all the attention and ice time at Plushy’s and now one of her biggest rivals comes over.
  2. A bit late to the party but wow. Just wow. What a beautifully shot series of photos. Can’t wait to see the TVC that inspired this. if my profile pic looks familiar, it’s probably cos it came from the same shoot.
  3. This whole awards thing leaves me with a bad taste in the mouth. I don’t want to support it. But if Nathan wins Most Valuable Player over Yuzu, I’ll be beyond mad. I’ll go ballistic. And I don’t think I’ll be the only one.
  4. Twoset and Yuzu in a video is something I did NOT expect. They picked a great pic of Yuzu too.
  5. Sounds more and more like Challengers will be cancelled. Given the timing, maybe GP series might proceed, perhaps with no audience? Might negatively affect programs or skaters that feed off the crowd. Can’t imagine what will happen if GP is cancelled altogether. Then all we hv are nationals and Worlds, if at all. I’m conscious of how little time we have left before Yuzu calls time and this pandemic is robbing us of wonderful skates we might have
  6. Has this been posted? Thoughts from Nathan, RAF and ISU officials on tech changes, as reported by Hersh. https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2020/05/20/figure-skating-judging-changes-nathan-chen/ “These changes being ‘new’ to 2020-21 have to be interpreted as a reaction to the Russian ladies’ dominance and that of Nathan Chen, too,” said Tom Zakrajsek, a top U.S. coach, in an email. Chen said this week by telephone that he finds the new values fair but wishes there would be a bonus for skaters like him, Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno of Japan, Vincent Zhouof the U.S., Daniel Grassl of Italy and Alexander Samarin of Russia if they land more than one of the three hardest quads in a program. According to skatingscores.com, Chen and Grassl are the only ones who have landed all three at least once in their career. Among men in major international competitions beginning in 2010-11, including Junior Grand Prix and Challenger Series events, 13 different skaters have landed a clean quad Lutz, six a clean quad flip, five a clean quad loop. By comparison, 93 have landed a clean quad toe loop and 42 a clean quad Salchow. “It makes sense they are similarly valued, but there should be some extra incentive to do all the three hardest ones because it is difficult for some skaters to do some,” Chen said. “The loop is a very difficult jump for me; for others, it is quite easy. “There are pros and cons to these changes for each athlete. I have a Lutz, and because they are reducing its value, that does negatively impact me. At the same time, I can work to get my loop consistent (he has tried just one, in 2017) and to improve the grade of execution on my jumps.”
  7. I don't expect that ISU will reward loop accordingly. I'm surprised as it is that they've decided it's on par with Lutz/Flip, given there didn't seem to be much obvious pressure to change its value unlike RusFed & co's push on q and rotations for the benefit of its skaters. Or perhaps I'm not giving Jpn Fed credit? Cos the only skater of note that benefits from this is Yuzu (sorry Grassl!). What I'm mad about is that careers are finite. You lose a season or two and the chance to make your imprint with record scores and that's it. Bodies age, throw in a curve ball like Covid and the window of opportunity is gone. Like @memae said, Nathan's records under this scoring system are suspect with the devaluation of 4Lz and the acknowledgement that 4Lo is just as hard if not harder to achieve. What would the preceding two seasons have looked like with this change in values?
  8. I’m still catching up but dammit this makes me so so angry. Now they decide 4lo is the hardest? Where were all these pronouncements last season? dammit.
  9. Wow. I didn’t expect all this when I opened PH after an absence. And I was insulted by Mishin bc he moved to Canada
  10. It’s so disheartening for countries like Singapore, Taiwan and HK who are experiencing a new wave of infections from our citizens and PRs returning from abroad. We took measures early on and were largely successful in containing the spread. Now there’s a surge of new cases primarily from U.K. and US. All it takes now is for one of them to break quarantine and spread it. I feel for our team of contact tracers who race against time to call every single positive case to trace and investigate and isolate contacts. They have a two hour deadline from the time a case is identified to trace and alert contacts. It’s a mammoth undertaking. And we are hospitalising every single positive case to prevent community spread. My daily prayer is for our healthcare system to withstand the surge 🙏🏼 Stay safe and healthy, everyone.
  11. At times like these, I really wish our boy had some form of social media. Not to share his private life, but to state how he feels about important skating developments. Wonder if Jpn media is reaching out to their skaters for their thoughts on the cancellation.
  12. Awesome. Only bit of good news from this whole fiasco. Still trying to get refunds from my airline
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