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  1. I just caught up on the news. I feel immense sadness for Medo. She’s not my fave, not after her shenanigans in Japan this year, but to have to uproot yourself twice all in the face of fierce criticism while fighting physical pain to keep in top form must take a huge mental and psychological toll. If even Eteri is feeling sympathetic and sorry for her, I can’t even imagine what she must be suffering right now. I take no pleasure in the Russian drama this time. Just wish her all the best. The fuss and drama reminded me that test skates were happening and I went to YT to watch some sk
  2. From your mouth to the ears of someone in Japan. I’ve been low key living with this fear since Olys. im sad cactus
  3. I totally support his decision. It’s the wise, responsible and right thing to do overall. But I mourn the loss of his skating. He’s the most sublime skater in fs and will be sorely missed. I really really hope this isn’t him preparing to take a step back - Yuzu, don’t get too comfy off the ice, m’kay? I’m not sure if we’ll see him at Nats either. If the Covid situation remains as it is, with no vaccine yet, it’s unlikely Brian will be able to come to Japan then.
  4. Ballade Everytime a program came up, I’d be like, hope that’s me. Cos there were so many great ones - LGC, Seimei, H&L. But Chopin is great too.
  5. Well done Yuzu!!! Another milestone achieved in your life, one no less significant than all your skating achievements. And it's so like him to research into an area that benefits his beloved sport and seeks to improve it. I hope the fanyus get cracking on translating his thesis as it'll be a fascinating read, although as a humanities major, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't understand half of it.
  6. I wonder if he could tell us any less than the crumbs he has deigned to drop so far. by the way, I suspect he’s gained a ton of new fans recently from TikTok. I’m not on it (my daughter’s plenty addicted and I’d rather not encourage her by example) but I’m seeing YT comments of his videos from folks who proclaim they’ve recently started stanning. Given the lack of comps and fresh appearances, I’m thinking it must hv been TikTok.
  7. Something was prompting me to check in on the Planet....turns out my antenna was right after all. What wonderful wonderful news. He looks healthy and strong. Hope this enforced rest is put to good use by letting his old injuries heal totally. Though “thinking about what I can do everyday” sounds a little ominous....
  8. One week away from the Planet and.... Wonder how Sasha feels. She probably thought she’d get top dog status and all the attention and ice time at Plushy’s and now one of her biggest rivals comes over.
  9. A bit late to the party but wow. Just wow. What a beautifully shot series of photos. Can’t wait to see the TVC that inspired this. if my profile pic looks familiar, it’s probably cos it came from the same shoot.
  10. This whole awards thing leaves me with a bad taste in the mouth. I don’t want to support it. But if Nathan wins Most Valuable Player over Yuzu, I’ll be beyond mad. I’ll go ballistic. And I don’t think I’ll be the only one.
  11. Twoset and Yuzu in a video is something I did NOT expect. They picked a great pic of Yuzu too.
  12. Sounds more and more like Challengers will be cancelled. Given the timing, maybe GP series might proceed, perhaps with no audience? Might negatively affect programs or skaters that feed off the crowd. Can’t imagine what will happen if GP is cancelled altogether. Then all we hv are nationals and Worlds, if at all. I’m conscious of how little time we have left before Yuzu calls time and this pandemic is robbing us of wonderful skates we might have
  13. Has this been posted? Thoughts from Nathan, RAF and ISU officials on tech changes, as reported by Hersh. https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2020/05/20/figure-skating-judging-changes-nathan-chen/ “These changes being ‘new’ to 2020-21 have to be interpreted as a reaction to the Russian ladies’ dominance and that of Nathan Chen, too,” said Tom Zakrajsek, a top U.S. coach, in an email. Chen said this week by telephone that he finds the new values fair but wishes there would be a bonus for skaters like him, Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno of Japan, Vincent Zhouof the
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