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  1. Ok so it’s not just me with no sound. why am I even panicking when it’s not a competition smh
  2. I’ll be happy if he wears any of these outfits from the pamphlet
  3. @micaelis sending you my best wishes and wishing you a safe and healthy return. Take care!
  4. I feel so down...and Yuzu’s not even skating strangely, the only skater I like from team USA (and I mean personality wise) is Nathan...
  5. She needs epic dramatic music. Cos when she tries to emote to lyrical pieces, it’s...not natural
  6. Mariah’s supple and graceful opp to Bradie But I can’t warm up to her skating dunno why
  7. Awww. What a great way to end the season Sofia! Now rest and fight for your place next season
  8. Yikes the tape on Rika’s boots at least the colors match her costume
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