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  1. Ashley Wagner has been incredibly brave. And so have all sexual assault victims who have come forward at great risk to themselves, to report what happened. There are episodes in my life, fairly mundane, but looking back, were probably sexual assaults. What Ashley said about not knowing what consent is, wanting to keep it buried and moving on, is so true. I'm a mother in my 40s now and I still feel more comfortable not recalling too hard about what happened. But none of it was my fault. I was a child. I'm a mother now and I'm going to get my 17 year old daughter to watch Ashley's video so that she knows, absolutely, what constitutes crossed lines. No ifs and buts about it.
  2. Personally speaking, I would rather Origin not be recycled. One, because as some have mentioned it’s part of a pair of tribute programs that had its time and place in a post-Olympic triumphant year, and seeing only (?) Origin this season would feel out of context, somehow. Two, and this is irrational, I’ve come to associate Origin with painful struggle. I remember wincing and hurting along with Yuzu’s skating in CoR, and then knowing the enormous pressure he must have been under during the FP at Saitama. I hoped he would be able to wipe the slate clean and move forward with new skates and new layouts packed with never seen before jumps. But this is Yuzu’s decision to make. At the end of the day, I want him to be happy and healthy and if going with Origin makes it easier to deliver a mind-blowing programme that will blow everyone and their grandmothers out of the water, I’m all in.
  3. Oh man, that’s bizarre. She did really well, considering. The only true giveaway was the abrupt ending.
  4. Thanks Fay. Too dumb to work out the time changes on my side; hope I get to watch the men's at a sane convenient time
  5. If the first reveal of music, layouts (and costumes of course) is gonna be at ACI, can you imagine the collective chaos and on PH then? I wonder if we’ll be or
  6. You people going to ACI are so lucky; not just Yuzu but Rika too i agree that it looks like he means business this season. Saitama kicked him up several gears and I think he’s making full use of all his time, resources, and yes, exploiting the mystery and anticipation surrounding his moves to the fullest. I hope bet he’s working on including at least one of Nessie/Lutzifer/Phantom Flip in his programs and like what others have said, don’t want to get distracted by having to prep for Media Day. And it’s a pretty smart move; not letting your competitors know what you’re coming out with means they can’t plan their layouts to beat you and prevents judges from making preconceived judgements on how to score you. I don’t think we’ll get recycled programs? If only because that encore in FAOI seemed like a goodbye to Origin. But honestly as long as he keeps skating, I don’t care what he comes up with. Just hope he stays healthy and happy and continues to love what he does 💕
  7. One day away from the thread, and it has exploded by five pages. Something happened, didn’t it?
  8. Oh my, GLORIOUS Han Yan. And again, if I have to listen to this music, I’d want him to skate to it. He does contemporary SO WELL. That skating on deep edges, and his jumps just out of nowhere. The first 3F was so nonchalant and sexy. Welcome back! Seeing Boyang and Han Yan back to back, I really much prefer watching Han Yan. Not to knock Boyang, he’s so lovable off ice, but you really see the gap in skating skills. I’m also glad that one of Zu’s contemporaries is still skating and keeping him company as one of the elder statesmen in this new quad. Hope Zu doesn’t feel so lonely with people like Jason and Han Yan around.
  9. Matrix! Loving Kaori’s programmes 😍😍 The upbeat and contemporary music really suits her
  10. I admire Shoma for taking matters in his own hands and charting his own destiny. How many times have people lamented that he’s just skating (beautifully) to programmes choreographed for him without his own input? And I think he also stated in the past his willingness to do whatever his coaches instructed. Whether it was last season’s Worlds results that triggered a mindset change, or something else altogether, it must not be easy to take this step. So I wish him well and hope he is able to progress and produce results with this new arrangement. He seems pretty clear though in his mind about what’s needed to take his skating to the next level. Wonder if he made feelers to RAF and Orser. At his level, there are only so many top-level male skaters to train with...
  11. HAN YAN And dammit if I have to listen to angsty male ballads, I’d rather it be accompanied by a skater like Han Yan
  12. Chin up!! Come to the Planet when you need a break; we’ll be here 😊
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