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  1. SP Modern and contemporary. Something strong and “kakkoii”. Modern jazz or Woodkid-type of music. FP Classical, romantic and sweeping. Something Japanese like Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence or Spartacus by Khatchaturian or Rach2 EX Kurimemo - he’ll reuse it so that he can concentrate his energies on the new competitive programs (RIP Masquerade. You’ll be missed)
  2. Yes, all signs are there that he’ll be fine - modest lifestyle, not particularly interested in extravagant nonsense (earphones are nothing, really) Kose has other skaters too right? Marin and Rika too if I’m not wrong. But think Yuzu is the only male celebrity? Imagine Yuzu’s face when the offer was first mooted “you want me to blog about my beauty routine?”
  3. I’ve always been curious about his endorsements. Word was that he has a self imposed limit of 5 sponsors as he didn’t want to be distracted with too many commitments. Also, he apparently chooses endorsements he believes in/could use? Not sure if this is just fan fuelled rumours or something he personally confirmed. About the end of Yuzu Days, does this mean the end of just the publication, or the end of the sponsorship by P&G altogether? I’m also wondering if Kose is the start of a longer multi-year sponsorship or just a once-off thing. curious how he / his brand is perceived and his commercial value now that there’s a possibility of r*****ment in the near future....hoping he never ever has to worry about his financial future once he hangs up his skating boots
  4. The opening costume is only slightly better than Dory and that’s a really low bar. The bowling shirt, on the other hand, doesn’t look bad at all on Yuzu, especially coupled with skintight jeans and slicked back hair.
  5. thank you. Felt like I was there. Glad you had such an amazing experience
  6. Welcome!!! Post often!! As @LadyLou mentioned, this meeting was called midway between SC and NHK cos of frustrations on both sides at Yuzu’s progress then. Iirc, Yuzu had started preparing for the season later than usual cos of his injury the previous season. He was also determined to master 4lo. So SC was major kuyashii when he didn’t skate clean and came in 2nd to Patrick. Brian felt he was emphasizing on jumps at the expense of the program, while Yuzu had already predicted that he needed to up his tech (although Nathan was not yet a threat, he could see what was coming, pls Shoma and Boyang were newly emerging as quadsters). Brian either couldn’t understand this or Yuzu didn’t make it clear that he needed 4 Lo as a weapon. So the meeting was to thrash out these issues. And both sides emerged w a better understanding of each other’s intentions
  7. Which means you know Chinese as well cos it’s the same character 😁
  8. Thanks @faeline Is this the first time Yuzu’s been seen working out? Not with balancing equipment like the huge ball thingy and the swivel stool, but something that appears to strengthen his muscles. edit: nvm, looks like it’s for improving his snap movement when he begins his rotations. Fascinating still
  9. Yup. but then again, we don’t know, do we, without the footage
  10. I find it really strange that NOT A SINGLE news snippet has reported or mentioned it (correct me if I’m wrong) It’s so surreal. This is the jump Brian said Yuzu would never jump and the fact that he did, why is this not headline news everywhere? Did he even jump it? It’s so aggravating knowing that something awesome is almost certainly happening but you can’t see it
  11. You know, this would be a good time to drop that 4F footage.
  12. He’s drawn more attention with the unnecessary explanation than the original deletion did. 😕
  13. Loling at the edge calls. who says fanyus are deluded and blind about their idol’s skating flaws?
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