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  1. I just realised there’s FS when the live stream popped up on my recommendations when I was surfing YT...
  2. What is happening with Eunsoo this season? Is it the challenges associated with the coaching changes? Or with a developing/growing body? I really liked her skating - minus the toe hammer - much more than Young You. Would be a shame to see her fade away
  3. Happy New Year everyone! May 2020 bring our favourite wonder boy all he desires. To all satellites, may you enjoy a year of good health and happiness
  4. Just tuned in for a horrendous series of music cuts. Why was Mozalev skating to music anyway, he was totally disengaged from it
  5. I had time to only watch on and off and just my luck, caught B/K, then P/K after them and serendipitously TM came on the next time I logged on. Great performances especially from T/M whom I thought never skated better this season. When their elements are on, they are a class above the rest in their polish and finish. First time I enjoyed their Bolero. Well done Caught only Makar, thought he did great, pity on the step out on the toe. Missed ice dance, will catch up later.
  6. I wanted Yuzu to rest and not do 4CC. My consolation is that he can’t be carrying a serious injury if he’s going to 4CC. I’m also mighty relieved there’s no announcement of the dreaded r word...my mind’s still in all sorts of knots...
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