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  1. Aw, it's ok. Thanks for responding. I might actually take you up on that if I can get another day. Else it doesn't make sense to spend $$$ on flights and hotels for one practice
  2. So frustrating. Aargh! Help a poor satellite out - anyone with spare tickets for men's?? EDIT: I've become first pancake agonising over tickets. How apt
  3. AHHH saw this too late I tried getting men's on 21 and 23 all sold out. Do you have extras to sell? I'm an introvert too, so no prob
  4. Sukigirl

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I can see my future time slipping away... But I'm so glad there's a place we can go to for videos, and especially one that loves Yuzuru. What an awesome job. Congrats to everyone who made this happen
  5. Sukigirl

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Mentally prepared for new WR
  6. Sukigirl

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Go go go shrooms!!!
  7. Sukigirl

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Every time I see Brian I miss Yuzu
  8. Sukigirl

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    What is this mellow Grease!?! (hi everyone!)
  9. Hi everyone! will be in and out, cos, real life stuff. But rooting for everyone to have their best skates!
  10. Oh man another mark on Ivan’s neck. He keeps getting those Laura Dern giving out the flowers
  11. Someone should compile a video of her Kiss and Cry reactions - bet they’d look the same regardless of the scores
  12. They aren’t as technically proficient as P/C but S/B just sizzle with sex appeal and raw chemistry. She’s got attitude in spades while he’s so sunny. They don’t give you the same security when u watch them, and that’s fun