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  1. The supposed criteria (since they are not officially known) :
  2. Or, crazy idea, they could have just used any of the current world champions, even if not Canadian, for the promotion. It's not like Chen and Zagitova - or even P/C for that matter - are unknown entities, even to semi-casual watchers
  3. On top of everything, the Yuzu pic is flipped horizontally. Did they think no one would notice? No respect whatsoever. I'm obviously kidding, I don't care at all about the stupid editing... But I am angry with the organizers for those prices so I'll nitpick at anything.
  4. This comment made me laugh. Seriously though, what a disappointment. If they can't even offer one category with reasonable-ish prices, they should not organize the event. I was so happy to go to Montreal, now I don't even know if I can afford (and if I can, do I want to play a part in this farce?)
  5. All I know is that nationals play a big part, hence why Dai is in and not Marin for instance. But surely there are other criteria. Maybe worlds/gp?
  6. These prices are outrageous!!! Even the cheapest ones are just insane! I'm pretty much local and I don't even know if I can afford it And of course they use Yuzu's picture to promote it
  7. I can directly contact Playground for Hope (since they speak English) and explain our project. They might have a preference for a certain crowdfunding system? We could do the same for the ice rink of course... but we probably need a Japanese speaker.
  8. @Salior Thanks for the feedback! I considered that at first. My main issue is having data in a format that is easy to analyse at the end of the day, which is why I went for preselected options. With an open text box, I'll have to manually re-enter everything (if people spell the name of a program differently for instance, or shorten it, it will mess up everything so I would need to check each text box answer). Although, admittedly, it will probably be a rather small percentage of answers since I covered the most popular programs already so maybe it won't add that much work in reality? Hmm.... Having 1-2-3 choices, however, is a very easy change. Well, it's a bit of a conundrum for me because on one hand this idea seems pretty popular (and I agree that they are amazing artists!), on the other hand everybody who gave feedback on my original "strategy" said that they wanted the project to be "planet-centric". For me that means not inviting other artists. It'd be a bit strange if everything is PH only, and then "random" other artists appear on another page? It's still open to debate though. I'll make a few changes on the form and we can start advertising it. Should I start a new topic to promote the fan poll? So people don't have to dig into this thread to find the final instructions? Meanwhile we can continue to discuss details of the content of the fan book on this one.
  9. Even with crowdfunding sites, we have to check that, after collecting the funds, the fees when transferring to the charities, which are both in Japan, would be minimal. Maybe going for a Japanese crowdfunding system could prevent the double fee? I know language can be an issue but hopefully we can find one in English? I'd need to do some research though, because I have no idea right now. Edit: At this point, I think we can agree on a tie and let people choose individually which one they want. One or two more votes won't change the general result.
  10. All of that from the warm-up crash? Ouch, poor girl! I hope she takes a good rest. Concussions are not something to laugh about, and broken ribs are so painful...
  11. Already the subbed video? So fast. Fanyus are efficient and dedicated! Yuzuru always offers such inspiring and encouraging words to both his hometown and his supporters
  12. Notice also how he was careful to walk behind the two officials (?) who were already on stage when he made his entrance?
  13. And just like that, we need more emotional support already Zuzu, come back.... Show-off! Yuzu versus shy! Yuzu. Which one is more adorable?
  14. That scrunchy smile. Get all the love and happiness you deserve, golden boy. That passed too fast
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