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  1. Everyone ready for tomorrow? I'm organizing my own little giveaway over on twitter. There are still a couple days to enter if any of you wants to join the fun
  2. We can post our b-day wishes in this thread, right? I wanted to send this fanart I made recently, with a short message. Thanks for organizing everything once again
  3. Hahaha, Zuzu's fire is still burning strong Have fun and may your dreams come true.
  4. Since the mood is on SCI19 nostalgia, allow me to plug in my own video from *that* run through
  5. Realistically, Satoko isn't a threat to any of the judges darlings (on BV and UR calls alone), so her low PCS is all the more outrageous. It's just a petty power play at this point.
  6. * happy sounds * (sorry but that's the most articulate I can be at the moment)
  7. Sochi RJ2 just reached 5M views on YouTube
  8. Yuzu is going viral again on tiktok, this time for the flag moment with Keegan at ACI 👀 nearly 2M views... (sb sent me the video unprompted lol) Meanwhile Seimei will likely reach 20M views tomorrow. The huge boost in views in the past ~10 days is... interesting
  9. Meanwhile Yuzu's little "oh-no-I-am-stuck-in-the-back-who-could-save-me" act is randomly going viral over the Thai side of Twitter. Over 500k views in less than a day The fact that he so often goes viral out of the blue never fails to crack me up
  10. The original tweet calling him out had over 500K views. So there's definitely interest.
  11. He.... doesn't actually say "I'm sorry" once. Acknowledging an "ignorant answer" is a first step but doesn't come even close to addressing the underlying issue. I doubt they'll change their "let's make skating straight again" PR strategy when it worked so well with judges so far. (Because there's a lot to unpack in how the media has pushed the "athleticism" angle in that regard)
  12. Important information This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  13. The timing is particularly poor considering the recent controversy with navka's comments. What a week
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