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  1. Wait, if we're all Japanese in disguise, does that mean we can order all that Yuzu merch then???
  2. Ha. Ha. Ha. ISU conveniently not mentioning PC gold and calling Yuzu a "4-time GPF medalist" in his bio for the awards. Anyone surprised at this point?
  3. Not from the Stockholm organizers. (They seemed as clueless as any of us.) I want to say it was from Ari or ISU. The tweet below is all I could find so if anyone has a better memory than me... My understanding is that it *will* happen again (sigh), the only question is where/when. (I'd love to be wrong though) If the next season is shortened though, it will be even less credible than this year.
  4. Yeah, right, no chance I'll buy an all-event ticket 10 months in advance with no refund guarantee in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Who knows if we'll be even able to travel by then... Edit: didn't they already announce that there would be awards again next year?
  5. Happy Hakama Day everyone (also known as the day Yuzu received the People's Honor Award and blessed us with one of his best looks )
  6. Camden SCI vs Kevin GPF. Who had the best reaction?
  7. According to P. Hersh Jason is now back in Canada, though he teased that there is a story behind. Curious to see how that happened (but not enough to give him clicks on his upcoming article). I guess Yuzuru's location is even more anyone's guess from now on...
  8. There is something strangely poetic about fanyus crashing the JSF website just to see his updated profile page
  9. They have some really nice stuff (I love the towels) but they don't ship overseas. I guess we need a proxy to order
  10. Canada just extended the closure of the borders to the end of July. So if Yuzu is (as most of us believe) in Japan, it will be a while before he can go back to TCC. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5632625?cmp=rss&__twitter_impression=true
  11. I have seen some speculations about whether the new restrictions on US visas might have played a role, one way or another. Granted, it's purely speculative talk. Not sure about athletes, but in academia where a lot of workers are on J1 or H1 visas, it has caused quite the uproar Either way, I wish them both the best.
  12. Not sure which thread is more appropriate so I'll put it here I guess.
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