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  1. Well, either way Yuzu looks damn fine in those pictures. Can we always have that hair style, please? I can settle for the soft-Yuzu hair, but, please, no more of the old-fashioned one he often wears for sponsor events
  2. Hello, fellow satellites! I have a small service to ask for our fan project (for those who don't follow the other thread, the book is printed and ready to sent ). @Henni147 has prepared a nice letter to explain what we did and why, that I'll slip in the package before shipping it. The only problem is that we don't know what to sign at the end Using "Planet Hanyu" doesn't seem quite right because there are fans who joined this project but do not regularly use this forum (and vice versa). But "your fans" is too generic and bland. Would anyone have a better suggestion? I can't find a good alternative right now, so if anybody has more inspiration it would be greatly appreciated. I know it probably seems silly, but I really can't come up with anything good right now
  3. Veveco

    Fan project

    Very short update, but apparently the tracking number I had for the Pooh usb is meant to be used with Canada post - not USPS ! (stupid Amazon misleading me...) Anyway, the package is actually in Canada already so it should arrive in the next few days I think. It looks like everything is aligning to send the package soon And @Henni147 volunteered to write a nice little letter to put with the book
  4. Veveco

    Fan project

    Part 2 of my report 1) The book: I don't have much to add. I can take a few more pictures later if people want, but as you can see it essentially looks just like the pdf I shared before. For those who are curious, it is A4 format, soft cover , matte paper (well, except the cover which is glossy). 2) The USB stick: Not sure if people remember, but it was planned to include a pdf version of the book in the package as well, so I ordered a Pooh usb stick a while ago. And... it's been back-ordered Officially, it is on its way but the delivery date is now scheduled between 26 Aug and 17 Sept (seriously ??). The tracking number is really not helpful (I get "Label Created, not yet in system" from USPS, and it switched to "Arrival scan" 2 days ago on Amazon tracking...) so I don't know where it is... I obviously do not want to wait until mid-September to ship the package. Even end of August is pushing it a bit. In fact, I was planning to ship it this weekend... So I can see in the next few days if I get another update from Amazon, and decide by then if it worth waiting a few more days or not. I can just get a regular usb stick instead. It's less fun than Pooh but it's the only back-up plan I can come up with so I'll get over it I suppose What do people think? Should I ship the book asap (this weekend) or wait a bit longer? 3) Letter (?): I was thinking that we should probably include a short letter to explain a bit the idea behind the fanbook. There is a brief introduction/explanation page before each section in the book, but I think it'd be nice to explain a bit more what we did, the number of fans were involved, that we wanted to give Yuzu more encouragement & support, etc. Would anybody feel like writing such a letter? I can print it and add it to the package before shipping it. And, that's it for now. As always, I appreciate feedback and reading anyone's opinion Yes, please Edit: update about the usb stick, see post below
  5. Veveco

    Fan project

    I just received the fanbook (that was faster than I expected). The quality seems pretty good and all is as it should be. I'm so happy Here are a few pictures I took quickly for now (I can't do more right now as I'm busy tonight but I'll give a more detailed report tomorrow)
  6. Ah, that seems more reasonable. I was also confused with the idea of a 3-yr break after only 1 yr
  7. Another Yuzu sighting? Can we send sweets to the TCC kids? What would we do without them?
  8. Veveco

    Fan project

    Alright, after a last set of little updates, I submitted the book for printing. Fingers crossed that everything will be nice and proper It should take ~ 2 weeks to arrive
  9. T*L would be a lot more believable if they hadn't been all "you know that hanyu fans *actually* believe that the 4A will happen?" just a few months ago. Now we are supposed to buy that they have info about quints? They do sometimes have insight from their contacts - e.g. the Gogolev case - but when it comes to Yuzu I'm sure they're basically extrapolating from rumors. Quints aside, everything else has been part of the rumor mill for a while. Anyway, new program or not, 4A or not, 4Lz/4F or not, I'm just grateful that Yuzu is still skating and that we get a chance to see him live this season
  10. Apparently it is what he answered to a question from the MC during the Ice. There is still a little bit of doubt as whether it is a misunderstanding or not (background noise, etc.), but if it is true... It's quite unexpected
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