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  1. Veveco

    The Great Fanyu Network

    I currently live in downtown Toronto. So if anything happens around, I'd be happy to help with what meager means I have (minuscule condo and no car so not sure how much help I can be to anyone, but, hey, who knows...) ACI in Oakville or Mississauga would work quite well for me still frustrated that I was traveling abroad for work last year during ACI
  2. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh, I'm not worried about them. I just thought it was a bit strange of JSF to say that when footage of him on ice has already leaked. Yes, "rehab" vs "training" is what I meant to say but you and @makebelieveup said it better than me
  3. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Do you think saying this could be a way to be diplomatic about the fact that he missed nationals? To avoid trouble with a certain category of people? Or maybe he doesn't consider it "training" if it doesn't reach a certain level of difficulty? Anyway, sending all positive thoughts to him for a good recovery
  4. Same. I don't mind any of them beating Yuzu because they were all great athletes with incredible stories each, but Woods? Really?
  5. The ceremony is boring (as expected), but they have pretty good montages for the athletes at least.
  6. Oh, it is certainly way too bling bling for him, but it is also a good opportunity to promote figure skating, so I think for that alone it is good that Yuzu was nominated.
  7. Watching the chat is almost more entertaining than the actual feed.
  8. Lol, half the chat is now Japanese. I'm hoping that some of them are cheering for Naomi too
  9. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It'd be pretty similar to this shot basically (sorry, found it on Google and couldn't track the original source)
  10. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm fairly sure that Yuzuru won't be present at the ceremony (but please, prove me wrong, Yuzu, and show up in a gorgeous hakama ), but maybe we'll get a message by video if he wins? One can dream that yesterday's video was a teaser that was filmed on the same day... (if not, at least we got one video out of it ) It cracks me up to see how Laureus jumped on the fanyu bandwagon on Twitter. Pretty sure they did not expect such a response when they nominated our overlord. Olympic Channel has some competition now Meanwhile ISU is still clueless
  11. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Lol, and Olympic Channel answering to the Laureus tweet too. Whoever manages the channel really is a die-hard fanyu (or a smart planner)
  12. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, I imagine that Laureus asked for it (at least that is my personal interpretation of their tweet though I could be wrong) and it surely didn't come from Yuzuru himself, aka the social media black-out master. But maybe somebody else convinced him indeed? Regardless, I'm happy to see it.
  13. Veveco

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's interesting that Laureus apparently got Yuzu to do the video because of the massive Twitter reaction to his nomination. The fan power is impressive, as always. Don't know if it will influence the voting, but it's always nice to see such strong support. Aaah, how happy Yuzuru makes us today. In this cactus season, a message to his fans is a welcome oasis He gives us strength before worlds. Heal well, Yuzu