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  1. I follow her on Twitter already but I didn't know about the "sea of flags from Japan... " mention in her book. Great choice
  2. Whether it's true or not, speculating publicly about it is really shady.... what a dirty way to get attention.
  3. Philippe Candeloro was interviewed in "le Parisien", a French newspaper (he usually comments figure skating events for the French national TV). The article can be found here (but you need a subscription for access). I'm translating here some of his comments about recent notable events if anyone is interested. Nothing really new or surprising, but it's worth noting that it was at least mentioned in the news this week. It's a quick translation, so I apologize for any awkward wording. After that, he predicts a victory for P&C, hopes for a podium for Kevin and wishes the best to Maé but expects the Russians to dominate.
  4. I thought they would give the WC spot to the national champion for sure... It's not exactly a stamp of confidence from the fed for whoever will be selected in the end though. And all the more pressure for the 3 of them at 4CC... Keegan apparently said that he felt the pressure of the single spot during his free. Hopefully it won't burden them at 4CC...
  5. First, they had a GIGANTIC Canadian flag that Roman got to wave during the victory lap. I mean huuuge. I guess someone got inspired by ACI? Whoever was in the loop (sb standing at the skaters' entrance gave it to Keegan who passed it to Roman) - thank you. It was so fun. Roman took some really funny poses with it. Chitsuki might have some good pictures to share later. Then when the skaters were asked to leave the ice, Keegan and Nam went - nope! One more fan service to drop. The ceremony girls had even started to walk on the ice to get ready for the pairs' VC and had to stop. They just stood there and watched those dorks go for their trick instead and be so happy with themselves It was the best kind of chaos.
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