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  1. Throwback to Shingo using the wrong one
  2. The video is blocked for me, but I think it's the same as this clip with English subtitles. [NEWS]
  3. And that's all the encouragement fanyus needed to start a new pudding hashtag on Twitter #羽生結弦さんとりあえずプリンをどうぞ
  4. Another translation if that helps: Eta: This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. PuddingZu, king Kohei, and Yuzu refusing to pick a favorite child (program). I'm loving it
  6. Aaaaand, it's in the newspapers already [NEWS]
  7. All the discussions about Ten to Chi to made me want to go back to painting. It's hard to do the costume justice but I tried
  8. We may or may not have collectively lost our minds a little bit in the audience on that day
  9. Oh, I'm staying far away from it. It just shines a new light on it all, that's all I meant.
  10. IMG agent now getting involved in the JW mess leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth
  11. Please don't engage with him. It's the usual, playing the victim after being called out for racists comments. Don't give him clout.
  12. Not to mention that OC is a for-profit organization that generates revenues from the trafic on their website. Using someone else's translation without permission is, at best, unethical. It's worth saying also that several of those translators have clearly expressed in the past that they did not want their work used in the press because they were not professional and could not take the responsibility of having made a mistake that might misrepresent the original meaning.
  13. I know kaley on Twt spent a lot of time discussing the spin at JNats vs the rule book and she's usually pretty knowledgeable about the technical aspect, so maybe she'd be a good person to ask if it's related to that? (She's also been pretty vocal lately about the double standards in how rules are applied)
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