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  1. I finally finished mine I hope it's not too much in pastel tones... the blue and the purple just mix a lot better like this than in darker tones... And I was thinking of using Ori-san as the default avatar (because it was a nightmare pleasure to draw)
  2. Right. Fun fact: in several languages (French, Italian, Spanish ...) figure skating is called "artistic skating". So, yeah... let's call it, uhum, a cultural difference of opinion.
  3. Is that a challenge? Because I'm salty enough to give it a shot (maybe not for a banner though). I kinda wanted to draw to a banner (like fanart) but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate since the site banners are all photo manipulations?
  4. By the way, the interview was translated in English
  5. Obviously they need better ID to have a chance at the team event, but if they really think they can get at the level of the top teams by then... (And what about pairs, JSF ???)
  6. Is it this one? Looks like he was indeed with Kikuchi-san. It was still nice of Nobu to ask to include Yuzu more. He's always so kind. I really hope things get better for him soon.
  7. Thank you for the explanation. I hadn't realized it happened every 1st day of the month. Interesting.
  8. Anybody knows why there is a new wave of "rabbit rabbit white rabbit" for Yuzu on Twitter? Is it linked to smth in particular? (What did I miss? )
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