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  1. Hmm... All the Eteri references I saw today were purely jokes... Nothing to be taken seriously.
  2. There was a tweet showing him teaching small kids yesterday night so people were already speculating that he wouldn't be there on time for the 1st practice.
  3. Sorry for being shallow... but he has such a healthy look and perfect skin in these pictures
  4. Ah, so that's why he shows off his SS a bit in practice. To provide Edea with good shots for promotion and ads. How thoughtful of him
  5. We keep saying that he doesn't age but now he even goes back in time ??
  6. I'll drop this here while waiting for the gpf thread to open.... Edit: updated to include practice time.
  7. They... didn't protect for multiple accounts in any way whatsoever? Oh boy... Also, I thought yesterday was the last day to register? I tried just out of curiosity and we can still register. I'm sure nobody is going to take advantage of the system... never, right? Well, anyway. I voted. I wish they would let us vote for more than 1 person/pair at a time. Say, top 3 per category for instance. I'd honestly love to give some support to other skaters, that would reflect more all that I learned to love about this sport, not just Yuzu. On one hand I feel silly for taking part in this farce, but on the other hand I want Yuzu to win awards for admittedly shallow reasons. Though it's in the hands of the jury in the end I suppose. While I don't believe in any big conspiracy theory in regards to the awards, if ISU have 2 brain cells they will take advantage of this to get some useful stats on the demography of their audience at least. There is a microscopic chance that they will rethink the "fans from Japan" narrative? Maybe? No? OK, nevermind... Edit: I'm among the Origin 2.0 costume lovers (as you can guess from my avatar) so I didn't even have to fake my vote
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