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  1. I had somehow missed this (sorry if posted already), but wow... It looks great. The intensity and drama. But he looks so drained at the end
  2. Is the animated version better or worse? I mean... you can appreciate the full 3D complexity of this... hum, hair structure, so....?
  3. I really want to say nay because it is such a bad hair fail but at the same time he looks adorable with his cutsie smile so it's hard to remain objective
  4. Why? He jumped it at Saitama. I know he was struggling with it at the time, but I think he proved that he was going to continue jumping the 4Lo.
  5. WE WANT FOOTAGE Of Masquerade. Of 4F (???). Of Origin encore. Of the lift. Everything!
  6. This banner deserves a shout out
  7. I'll be travelling at that time I hope to be able to watch Yuzu's performances later. Knowing the dedication of fanyus, I'm almost certain that a kind soul will record and upload the footage soon
  8. "Show season is peaceful and fluffy" they said
  9. ToshI is asserting his place at the top of the fanyu pantheon
  10. Quite true (not just ladies I would say)
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