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  1. The ISU keeps amazing me at how tone-deaf they can be on SNS. (Not aimed at those particular skaters.)
  2. Who cares that Nevada has the 2nd highest rate of contamination in the country, right? It's not like this event is using testing resources that would be useful to the local community instead, right? Or putting others at risks by encouraging non-essential travels. Show must go on and all of that. Getting those totally-legitimate WR is worth putting (other) lives at risk, of course.
  3. Oh, that could be nice. I saw a couple tweets from people sad that the schedule wouldn't work for them. Thank you again for your hard work everyone
  4. So he's flying from Montreal to Vegas (a known hub for contamination), then to New Jersey in the span of 1 week. Quarantine who, what? Don't know her. Then probably back to Montreal. Anyone believes that he'll observe the 14d quarantine required upon entry if they let him back in? I'm disgusted. In fact a number of skaters were seen traveling today. Hawayek and Baker, notably, also from Montreal. Competition starts on Friday, assuming practice on Wednesday or Thursday, that means barely a few days after traveling. They're not even pretending to quarantine at all. I hat
  5. Any chance Russia will drop their cup of Russia requirement for Nationals? Between injuries and positive cases, it's starting to look like they're shooting themselves in the foot with this rule
  6. Javi is waiting for the monthly white wall video, just like us... he, Yuzu...
  7. For instance, I'm not getting any notifications for the General Yuzuru Chat for new messages (unless it's a reaction to my posts, for that I get notified). The last notification I got was 17h ago (so I thought it was fixed then). Obviously there have been a lot of new messages since yesterday. (Eta: I just checked and I'm still following the thread for new messages in theory) But I got notifications for Team Russia less than 1h ago. (I guess not even a bug will spare us from the drama....). So it's not all threads... Thank you for taking the time to look at the i
  8. Nevermind, notifications are still glitchy... I get some but not all
  9. The notifications seem to be back and in order!
  10. I'm not getting notifications for threads I'm following. Not the end of the world but I thought I should mention it in case it's a general issue. (I know you have all been working hard to fix the recent bugs so thank you for all the hard work!! )
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