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  1. I expected Evgenia to go again this year given the proximity to her training base, but if she's doing Nebelhorn 2 weeks later, I guess not.
  2. So, no ACI for Evgenia this year if this is accurate. (or any other Russian lady)
  3. Veveco

    Fan project

    I did. They're my little fanyu minions Long story short, I figured it would be a cute way to introduce the different sections and have a sort of common theme throughout the book. (Also so the "If it wasn't for Yuzu" and "Quotes" sections aren't pure walls of text, which can appear a bit off-putting). Though I need to fix a few details later.
  4. Veveco

    Fan project

    I kinda wish I could share the full version. Some of the messages are really, really touching.... (but, you know, privacy...) Btw, I just updated the version with a few corrections Glad to have some feedback, I guess after a while I can't see anything anymore
  5. A quick word here too for more visibility: I have just posted the full (public) version of the fanbook !! It's available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17VHVGzQUGb3E6miwXPWdoQ0U4QlYHCR6 And you can find more details or give me some feedback in the related thread : We're almost there Edit: link updated
  6. Veveco

    Fan project

    I have finally finished the public version of the fanbook !!!!! An 80-page long baby A few words about the book: First, thank you to all the people who participated, and special thank you to those who allowed me to share their messages And sorry for the delay... I still consider this a draft version in the sense that I am open to comments/corrections and willing to change some things. For instance, I wasn't super inspired for the little "introduction" to the last section, so if anybody is in a writing mood... be my guest. However I am not planning to change the general layout - redoing everything would just kill me for good For the cover image, the program I used only only accepted basic latin alphabet, so I apologize for the characters that have been modified and/or romanized. I tried to stay as similar as possible to the original language, or at least their roman version (and in case you cannot tell, it says "thank you" in as many "fanyu-spoken" languages as I could insert). In the end I left the words "fanyu" and "infanyuation" in the stat section since it seems that the general consensus was to keep it like that (and, several people in the messages self-identify as fanyus as well so I think it is OK). As previously mentioned, all fan messages & their names/aliases have been blurred for privacy reasons, except for the messages that I was told I could share. Likewise, while I left all pictures/fanarts/creations visible, I censored faces/names/aliases on them. If I missed anything, please tell me and I'll change it for the public version. It might not be obvious in a pdf version, but I tried to keep in mind the future printed version. For instance, all sections start on the right page and have a specific background. In the "If it wasn't fo Yuzuru" section, the color theme changes every 2 pages (otherwise it looked very, very repetitive) so that pages facing each other are of the same color. That sort of things. This is in fact why I am reluctant to change the layout now So hopefully people are happy with it... With all that said, here is the link to the pdf: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17VHVGzQUGb3E6miwXPWdoQ0U4QlYHCR6 I'll leave it online for a little while so people can have a look, and meanwhile I'll look into printing options... Also, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to also include a pdf copy on a usb flash-drive for ease or reading? I can easily get a Pooh one, for instance like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Winnie-Shaped-Cartoon-Drives-Storage/dp/B00DI8QFI2/ref=sr_1_18?crid=35CVJMPNKBA78&keywords=winnie+the+pooh+usb&qid=1563736486&s=gateway&sprefix=usb+winnie%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-18 Anyway, just a thought but it would be very easy to add to the package. ___________________________ edit: link updated after a few corrections
  7. It is pretty telling that we don't need any jump to be entertained by Yuzu
  8. Indeed! (sorry it's taking so long...) I'll post the full (blurred) version this weekend. I'm just waiting a few more days to see who agrees to have their message readable to everyone. Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, I shared the survey results a couple weeks ago in the other thread: Or quoting myself so you don't have to go through the entire thread:
  9. I agree. For all that I can objectively recognize (and appreciate) his physical appeal, it is his obvious passion and dedication that made me a fan. Since I was a newbie to FS, I don't even mean how he goes after the hard physical & technical content (though there is that as well) as I was clueless at the time. But the way he puts his heart on the ice translates in his programs and it is very touching. At least for me.
  10. Writing this message here to have more visibility: I am in the process of making a "public" version of our fanbook to share with fans the result of our work before we print it and give me feedback/corrections (the first draft is essentially ready)! Since we did not warn that there would be a public version beforehand, most messages will be blurred in order to respect fans' privacy (some of these messages were quite private in nature, particularly in the "If it wasn't for Yuzuru" section, and for Yuzu's eyes only). I will only show messages for which I receive permission to do so. So, I'm asking those who participated whether you are OK with your message(s) being shown to everyone? The aliases will remain blurred anyway. I directly contacted those whose name I think I recognized. If I haven't contacted you already (either you used a different alias or there were several people with similar names and I don't know who is who), and you agree to your message being public, please contact me by PM! The more visible messages, the better !! I'll wait a few days for answers. By the way, I think I'll leave all the fanarts, fan creations & pictures visible since there isn't any sensitive material, though I'll blur people's faces when needed for obvious reasons. Thank you again for your participation and sorry for the wait....
  11. Officially now the longest finale ever for Wimbledon...
  12. Roger and Novak are having another epic match 11-11 in the 5th and counting...
  13. Pointless opinion under spoiler because probably boring to most: I 100% agree on that. I have a bit the same issues with spirals (positions are often not great by ballet standards, but it is also an unfair comparison given that skaters have different constrains, so I personally avoid it). I mean in general, not Yuzu specifically. Seriously, put me in skates and see how well I can jump (hint: not well. not even close. ) Bottom line: 1) Obviously if we judge by ballet standards, professional dancers will be better. It'd be shame for them otherwise. It's their turf. 2) I still love Yuzu's jump. It's so unique, and goes well with the flow of the sequence.
  14. To be fair, you're not starting from a standstill in the pas de basque (you can kind of guess the dancer's preparation turn before the actual jump) and the weight of the skates is a big factor (I remember finding it sooo disturbing myself doing a simple arabesque). But, yeah, ballet dancers are jumping beasts...
  15. So... no music about Cleopatra? Or even the right time period? I'm imagining an Egyptian cliché overload - but I really hope I'm wrong. After the POTO cuts, Alina deserves a good music this time. Hopefully it is just me being pessimistic, because done well it has potential.
  16. Not quite as impressive as Konstantinova but still funny
  17. Sorry if this was posted before. Cute bloopers from the FaOI Toyama promotion (I think?)
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