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  1. For SC 2019 I also got the email late. I saw the news on the Planet after a few hours, bought my tickets, then got the email
  2. The Raptors are in the NBA finals and Toronto is going wild right now
  3. Can we keep both ex programs, please ? What little we saw looks so interesting... The smoldering intensity of Masquerade is so compelling and took us by surprise yesterday, but this one despite its more "classic Yuzu feel" has some really unique moves too (especially for men).That new leap after 1axel, the Y-spiral, the layback... Me is greedy I hope he can keep some as new signature moves... I love ice show season My very first one as a FS fan and it delivers (and we haven't even seen the full thing yet)
  4. At the beginning of the interview.
  5. The 2nd half of the video is just... Did he forget he was filming altogether?
  6. OK, I see the sparkles now.
  7. Sounds like a good experience! Good to hear that the seism wasn't too intense in the arena. Thanks for the report. I want to see the Y spiral ! and a better view of the lay-back! (still no biellman?) and Shi-Chan! She looks so good on the few shared pictures - both her condition and the costumes. Seriously. Wow. I can't wait for real footage.
  8. I love how Yuzu and Kohei Uchimura respect each other and appreciate the quality of their respective work. Two worthy kings
  9. I won't be able to follow the tread live this time but I hope to see many more gorgeous pictures of the show by tomorrow morning And another 50 pages to catch up to....
  10. I was thinking just the same Even Twitter knows.... The boy is definitely all grown up.
  11. No ruffle but form fitting... Who would ever complain
  12. The wait is killing us too.........
  13. Shi-Chan wins best costume so far for me
  14. "And then you lift me like this..."
  15. I can't stop laughing at the costume. The combination floral + fishnet is really awful, but Yuzu is smiling and having fun so I couldn't care less. Nice sight upon waking up Oh, this is going to be fun.
  16. SC & NHK. Me? Voting for what would fit my agenda? I'd never... Please, Zuzu, come to Skate Canada NHK because I have a feeling that Japan might want him back, given how long it had been before Saitama, and Shoma not being top3 this time. The main down side is that it's the last GP, thus close to the final... I guess Rostelecom would be my alternative choice otherwise. Time to break the injury curses.
  17. He's funny (not). An adequate response would be to improve the training of the tech panel and the technology assistance (number/angles of replays & possibly new technologies like many other sports have developed, at least for the big competitions). But no. Instead, let's just erase the marks of poor technique. Problem solved. ISU logic 101. I can't decide if it's because of certain known male skaters or because they want to create a big hype for the women "quad" era coming
  18. I won't go in details, but reading all the messages for the fan book is a big eye-opener. Yuzu means so much to so many people. Most messages are cute and positive, but some are also very emotionally charged. If he gets such messages from fans on a regular basis, no wonder he puts so much weight on his shoulders... Give the boy all the love in the world.... (FYI I keep all messages but occasionally trim a little bit to keep things light and positive, since it's meant as a cheer project)
  19. Japan would fit soooo well in the competition. They can totally do theatrical and over the top. I vote for. (but can we spare Yuzu of that Plushy moment, please ? It was... uhm... interesting but one was enough, shall we say.) Also, Sweden should host every year. They're the best.
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