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  1. In today's episode of "ToshI, the fanyu"
  2. He is also mentioned in the French version (well, it's almost word for word the same thing in fact so I guess they had a script or bullet points for everything, with his name mentioned)
  3. Lae is working on it. I can't wait!
  4. Allowing to choose that you "hate" (dislike I guess?) a certain skater is... a choice...
  5. I always see it like a classroom where seating is not assigned: most people prefer the middle/back rows, but Yuzu, being the model student that he is, always sits in the front row
  6. On a side note: RIP Stephane's beautiful hair
  7. I have almost the same issue but in my case it's not muscle that's in the way
  8. If I understand correctly, TV Asahi will broadcast some old JGP on Saturday. Hi, baby mushroom.
  9. Depends on how the "bulking for 4A" is going
  10. It was 4CC. People commented that the translator wasn't the best.
  11. The Beijing organizers are really desperate to have Yuzu, aren't they? They're not subtle at all but I kind of love it...
  12. Another one: I love the fact that fanyus are not letting anyone forget. It's all I see on Twitter right now. Poor Yuzu, his fans are savage
  13. Yeah, where are the swanyu shenanigans???? WE RIOT!!!!!!
  14. Yuzuru killing any possible attempt of conversation in the live chat I always close the chat because it's distracting but I must say that it is amusing to see afterwards.
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