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  1. ACI was free seating so naturally people queued early to get good seats. Worlds has designated seat. You just need to be early enough to ensure you won’t miss the event after security check (which I expect to be the cause of the long queue). They may have designated time for door opening and we will only know nearer to the date.
  2. I was thinking but I have yet to book anything. However, I may end up taking flight for Montreal - Toronto just to save time. Will the train cancellation affect route from Montreal to QC? Looks like I have to check the bus now.
  3. Part 2 of 3. There's one more hidden treasure to look forward to.
  4. I dont even want to turn round to see how the fans fight it out for the koala but the person who got it was nice enough to allow people to take photo and touch it. I rushed over to pat it too
  5. So i was chatting with @katonice on the train from the stadium and then i continue to check twitter and forum after she left and before i know it, i am 11 stations away from my destination. It's past midnight now and i am on my way back.... Watching Yuzu's Chopin live is not good for my brain... still in a trance. He is so good!
  6. Oh so that's why the photos of him carrying that bunch of stuff. I thought it was his own 😅
  7. So i stopped in the middle of a shop in myeongdong and blocking people's way, smiling like a fool.
  8. That's a month +... his success rate at practise must be high enough for him to set such a goal....
  9. So news said Ghislain arrived first. That means Yuzu will arrive only tomorrow evening?
  10. Am also waiting for my 1 Tuesday practice ticket. Maybe they focus to rush out all the all-event ticket first but how hard is it to release e-ticket?
  11. So now we wait for Monday to hear how his brain works?
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