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  1. Ok, so I got a reply from Skate Canada last week, 3 business days after I wrote in to ask why practice tickets for Mon and Tues are sold separately when I was told previously we can only watch practices on the day of single ticket or all days for all event ticket. Anyway... i am too tired and busy with work to argue back.
  2. There's never a bad time to do self-studying. Go choose a spot outside the arena and study quietly.
  3. But we wouldn't be able to view the practice there right? I thinking if i want to plan something on days without men practices since I don't intend to see practices for other disciplines. 1 week in montreal but there seems to be not enough time to explore montreal with the daily commute to Bell Centre
  4. Question. If there is no side rink, that means all viewable practices are on the main rink. So I can expect men to practise only on Thursday (SP) and Saturday (FS) morning? It's unlikely they will practice on Friday (ID and Ladies FS day) right?
  5. Ok, I checked my email. My questions is just "Will competition practice tickets be sold separately on a later date?". Skate Canada's answer is "No, it's either the day of your single ticket or all-event to see the practice". I naturally interpret it as if i buy single day ticket for one day, I will see only practice for that day. If i buy all-event, i can see practice for the whole week. Make sense? In any case, I wrote in to [email protected] to express my displeasure. I did not ask for anything except an explanation. I wait to see if they will reply. @SparkleSalad I can forward you the email if you want. Just DM me your email address.
  6. I said I will do detective work but I have not had a chance as I was quite busy with work . Let me go check my emails later after my lunch. I should still have them in my inbox.
  7. Ha! If they announce earlier that they kept some quota for single day sales, some may just wait till now to buy day ticket. People are worried they can’t grab P1 so they aim for all event. And when all event P1 are “sold out”, it’s natural that people will go for next lower category. Had they know there are some seats left for day sale, they might just wait instead of holding tickets now for days they are not interested in. I was never eyeing P1 so I am not so hurt but I can imagine others’ feelings. Well I don’t need to know their profit margin but some transparency will be good.
  8. My all event is row M which is bad compared to what I can get 1 hr after the initial pre-sale. I just have to stick with it as I think the probability of selling it is too low. Also I don’t really dislike my seat after my Saitama experience. I just dislike the price. I was at 2nd floor 1st row at Saitama Worlds and frankly, I am happy with it. It was a different view from top down and I get a good view of the layout. Of course winning the seat by lottery means I don’t feel cheated so the experience was good. I just have to console myself that different seat will give a different view. If I can’t see his expression clearly, I will just look at the whole layout. Live watching atmosphere will still be good. In any case, even if I can afford another ticket, I don’t want to. Not gonna give more money to Skate Canada and ISU (though I did succumb to buying an additional tues practise ticket at row DD...)
  9. I totally ignored my email notification about pre-sale of single day tickets... I see that it starts selling today... So practice ticket is on sale too. Okaaayyyy....
  10. I just saw this thread and i’m loving this! I will put my name down but I am only going to Worlds which feels a long time from now. I just worried something crops up last minute to stop my trip but I will still contribute to the cost if I end up can’t go *touchwood*
  11. That’s exactly how I read it too! He didn’t and, I bet, never will show an unsightly version of himself. It is others who forcely paint a bad image on him. “I’m not thinking too much on it” yeah. No use wasting my brain cells on ridiculous call. Sometimes I want to ask the judges and tech panel don’t they feel an ounce of embarrassment that “non professional” fans can call out their judging and show evidence to support? For goodness sake, people are questioning your capabilities!
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