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  1. He did say he likes a good cry to vent his emotions so perhaps that's why he's listening to sad song and getting into the character hard to let out his stress.
  2. I was quite vexed these few days over work but his voice is so soothing that I felt instantly healed... even if I have no idea what he was saying. And the next voice message will be on 27 Sep. Why so late??
  3. Do we know how long is this 'documentary'? Trying to know if i should plan anything later... edit: ok, found schedule. about 1.5hr.
  4. It's stated in a separate Annex for guidelines for ISU events during the pandemic so it should be applicable only for the duration of the pandemic. I don't get why some people are upset.
  5. Expect to see more BTS choreo movement. What is the possibility of someone streaming this live next Sat?
  6. Model Yuzu Momentarily forgotten he’s an athlete and thought he’s an idol
  7. And then right after replay, TBS gave us Wonderful World with a calming lake view to calm us down followed by desert view. Back to cactus world.
  8. That's the final one. Now to wait for replay only.
  9. Did he do another BTS before leaving stage?
  10. I didn't expect throwing up glove to be equally satisfying as throwing it down.
  11. omgomgomgomg Yuzu in top form today! I have my hand over my mouth at the end to prevent me from screaming.
  12. LOL. Took me sometime to figure out what 1001, 1013 etc. Yes. 1001 is the fastest one now. When 1001 is up and running correctly, I find it the most stable one with better quality. He was on wrong channel earlier on. 1013 did have some glitch today, eh? But it's faster than 1009 which is a good backup.
  13. if anyone didn't realise, the fastest stream now seems to be Hua Hua's QQ (he finally switched to correct channel) https://live.qq.com/10012776?fbclid=IwAR2wc0dL2JEgMpZjcc343-IyhdSgPkTa29-eRJs6e8taSA7QqOGNGUtoZLA So another back up option if other qq link got stuck.
  14. Ok, looks like no commentary during individual performance. Thank goodness.
  15. Smooth, Yuzu. Very good flow from 3A through 3E, hydroblade and kneeslide.
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