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  1. I hope he continue to comment this year too. Every word from him was so encouraging.
  2. No media day.... Okaaaay.... But how about an advance announcement of the music before ACI? My heart can't take the excitement waiting to see the reveal of music, program, costume, hair, all at the same time. Thankfully ACI is slightly less than 2 months away. I will be on a long holidays in August and won't have time to check SNS often. I won't be as dried up as most of you
  3. Who needs makeup when you have good genes. Just Need To Tame That Antenna. Hairspraaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  4. Some people will just stand idly at one corner when nervous but Yuzu (also claiming he was nervous) helped with changing the backdrop to ease his nervousness. What a heart And I don't know why I'm under the impression that his Pooh bear tissue cover was a gift from one of his coaches but it is apparently a gift thrown onto the ice by a fan during his junior competition days.
  5. The pant is not to be worn when standing. When seated, it really accentuate his thigh muscle. And here I am starring at my fat thigh... I should start signing up for gym. and why so many campaign goodies for China market? Kose, you need to target worldwide!
  6. Ah, I would have aim Skate Canada if I have leaves but.... oh well.
  7. Just came home.... deciding between waiting here or go shower
  8. What?! Then what is that tour's purpose? Who cannot buy own flight ticket and hotel for a venue smack in city centre. That is a rip-off alright.
  9. Did they mention what price category? I can't seem to find it on the website. In anycase, I thought the price is comparable to what you will pay if they provide P2 seats. P1 and above will of course be more worthwhile. The hotels they provide are Candlewood Suits and Travelodge Montreal Centre. Both about 20+ min walk to Bell Centre. In fact, I have booked Travelodged for now as it is the more affordable one for me in the area (I personally prefer hotel to hostel for solo travel). So 348000 yen doesn't sound that bad if you consider a week stay in that hotel + P2 pricing + flight from Japan. The 8 days tour will exclude Mon practices but he may not be there on Monday (again). However, you will then have to pay extra money for separate flight to Japan to join the group.
  10. I am so amazed that they have announcement in English. And will he finally talk about his beauty routine or will he just talk about skating...
  11. Nobu and Yuzu should put on a show as comedy duo. I can watch whole day
  12. Oh, so you were able to select a particular section? I couldn't and most of the posts i read here said they couldn't too (i must have missed out your post then). So i thought it's just the way they design. If you can then yeah, probably a software issue then. Count my luck
  13. That is exactly my facial expression now! Without the clenched fist cos colleagues nearby... must not be too obvious... Too cute! Too cute! Also, someone make a gif please!
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