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  1. Deniss gets my brownie point for being a hard working lad. Yuzu gets tons of sweets from me for letting me sleep in this morning.
  2. You know, if this applies to OP, I will have to get you out of arena to bring me in on Tues... i’m guessing it’s only for all events though. Or just standard language which they will give up implementing after seeing the crowd.
  3. I didn’t see the logo clearly when I read the email on my small phone but now seeing the logo on ipad, so cute!
  4. yumeaki

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Kose, please follow up with a cm of Yuzu patting sekkisei lotion on his clear face. TIA.
  5. yumeaki

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Which VPN are you using and are you using android/iphone? I have no issue with VPN. I can go thru the steps with you via PM (not sure posting here is alright) but I only familiar with android phone.
  6. For e-ticket, the EMTG website did say there may be ID check. http://emtg.jp/feature/skateworld2019/attention.html It's to prevent resale but ID check is random, i believe. Only if you look suspicious, i guess. As for the displaying of ticket on app without data or wifi connection, somehow my app will close if there is no connection
  7. Interesting. I tried without wifi and data and indeed, cannot display ticket. There is no wifi there so we definitely have to get our own data connection.
  8. How about the number to organiser? https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/schedule/
  9. The easiest workaround is really the change phone part described in their FAQ since they allowed change of phone number twice yearly. Best is to email EMTG to confirm the procedure. Tell them you have to change phone device as well as phone number (the phone number is really the restriction as it's one change per year. Change of device is twice monthly). I never tried before but I'm pretty sure you have to use the same login details. So you probably have to give your log in username and password to the buyer.
  10. yumeaki

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, if there is any scientist here, I gladly volunteer to be guinea pig to experiment with kidney self-regeneration. Kidney can never be enough for a fanyu ....
  11. I see Monday 7.30am I want to faint.... Anyway, please add me to the group chat too although i’m still unsure of my schedule for that week. I may have to skip some events for other non fs related schedules or just to rest my old bones.
  12. There are plenty of pocket wifi for rent in Japan. There's rental booth at Narita airport but sometimes i worry about them being 'sold out'. Or just search online. I used Japan Wireless (https://www.japan-wireless.com/en) long long ago. They mail to your hotel directly. I tend to use data sim card nowadays because pocket wifi battery don't last for full day so you have to have a spare battery around to charge it. I really don't understand their sales technique...
  13. yumeaki

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Fierce. I like the PC expression best. That smug look...
  14. The EMTG site for practice tickets stated 6 March (tentative). Not so sure about the tournament tickets. Should be the same date? "Receiving the ticket(s):E-ticket displays will be available from March 6, 2019 (tentative schedule)."