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  1. I thought Nathan's recent interview is nice. Especially about mask wearing. "Like have some empathy". Read the thread for the call interview.
  2. Last white wall of 2020! Happy New Year to all satellites!
  3. You all can spam one whole page and I am happy to see the same pic. I hope there's a good HD video soon.
  4. I read the Chinese translation of the press con where he talked about this too and that he really picked up his spirit only at end of Oct. It a long time of down period for him... Glad he's fine now but 3A... you can co-exist with 4A. Dun ditch your best friend please.
  5. Aww.. his talking voice to Yuzu Pooh. This is too cute. Though he can't resist long cos he pulled Pooh over soon after. It's ok. You two are in the same bubble. No need social distancing.
  6. I was trying not to LOL as I was doing screen recording but Yuzu finding the source of cool air is damn funny. (very poor quality of the YT stream though) I think he's quite hot which probably explained why he didn't wear his jacket for the 6 min warmup and have a costume early reveal.
  7. He was like talking about skating alone and eyes became wet. I didn’t catch everything though...
  8. Later S-Park at JST 00:50 on Fuji TV (ch 5) will show some bits on the FS. Maybe they will show part of VC too.
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