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  1. I don't know why they don't answer all questions. This happened to me too. I asked if practices tickets be sold separately on a later date and I'm scratching my head over their answers. No, it's either the day of your single ticket or all-event to see the practice I interpret this to me that single ticket will be by day and not by event (same as Saitama Worlds). So if you get a single day ticket, you can only watch practices assigned on that day? However don't we have men's practices on other non competition days too? Is there a separate practice rink? As of yesterday, I was leaning towards waiting for single ticket but my mind changes everyday. Does anyone know if all-event ticket means you will sit at same seat for practices too? I asked but they seem to misunderstood my question and just answered that i can choose seat on the seat map when purchasing tickets...
  2. I'm not sure how 300 level seats in Bell Center are compared to Cat B at Saitama. Cat B was at second level in Saitama but I thought the view was good. Subject viewed through naked eyes will appear bigger than through camera lenses so all those photos about view on higher up seat will be slightly different. And it's a good view to see the full layout from top. So something different I guess. Then again to fly across the globe for a far up seat, is it worthwhile? We are already spending tons on airflight. Why not top up a 'little more'? Honestly, if I can go for other GP events or ACI, I will probably skip Montreal given the cost. Since I cannot go.... my brain is frying up from overthinking.
  3. That's me alright. And in Saitama, I have to waste some money and skip some morning events because whole day attendance is just too long and tiring for me. For Montreal, IF i am going, I'm pretty sure I cannot attend every events and the money wasted will be MORE. Why can't they sell event tickets individually? And yesterday, my kitchen's ceiling fell apart. That will be another $$ for renovation. My dad's broke his phone yesterday. $$ again. So many money suckers around me this month. Seeing that my money is on outward flow trend this month, I might as well go big and end May with a bang right?
  4. Well, surely there is always re-sale option in NHK so ticket couldn't be that hard to get except that that will mean similar pricing to Worlds. So the final decision is again, which event has the higher probability of him attending. Did I just assume he will break another leg? Is it because Skate Canada has less sponsorship compared to Japan which leads to higher cost? How can ticket price be so much higher?
  5. This is really a gamble... for someone with bad track record . Well just one withdrawal in the past is enough to make this investment risky. I'm pretty sure I'm not flying over if he's out. I wonder if i can sell the ticket cheaply just to cover some loss. But at least you have NHK! Though that is still a will he will he not attend question?
  6. Day 1: Prices are RIDICULOUS! Day 2: But I can only go Worlds for 2019/2020 season! Day 3: Actually... there are 'affordable' price categories.... Day 4: They are out to squeeze fans' money. Do i want to fall into this trap? Day 5: No confirmation that Yuzu will be there (no thanks to ankle) Day 6: He will attend if everyone prays enough for his ankle! Day 7: There may be single event sales at later date! Day 8: Good seats may be sold out! Do not underestimate Hanyuconomy Day 9: Repeat above all over How many more days to May 31? Also, i was just googling for information like "What to do in Montreal", "How many days needed in Montreal", "Day trip from Montreal"....
  7. Have not stepped into this thread after Worlds over and dropped by today. The Japanese lady sitting besides me at Worlds Saitama also gave me a big hug after FS is over. She was hugging her friend and then turned to hug me as well. She even thanked me for reciprocating her hug as I hugged back too . Then again, I think she's a very vocal Japanese lady. A few time she was shouting out cheers to various skaters.
  8. Hm... that means 6pm here... So it's 'working' overtime in office or rushing back home on time. Hope someone can rabbit it.
  9. sakura fairy! I envy all of you who will be able to go for the show this year! I'm looking forward to see what he has prepared for his ex.
  10. FAOI is part of his rehab program. He should know what he can or cannot do on ice. At least something to look forward to soon. Tell me there is live streaming available!!!!
  11. I'm watching it and loving it! This drama reminds me of the good old fangirling experiences I had when I was younger . But that's where the relevancy stop. WHEREISMYGOODLOOKINGBOSS? I do think some of the writing and execution are a bit cliche though. Always like Kim Jae Wook but I simply can't watch all his darker dramas so happy to see him in a romcom Oh, I never heard of Drama Milk. Now I know where else I can go to when taking a break from work.
  12. Why am I looking through hairstyle magazine with suggestion that doesn’t suit me.... https://おしゃれ髪型.xyz/archives/14362 ^yuzu’s style for u to try on your Husband/Boyfriend/Son/Nephew.... (Not sure you can click on the link. Probably must copy and paste to browser)
  13. Unfortunately for the new season, I cannot go to any event except for Worlds. I cannot even go to any ice shows. My brain and heart is having a big debate right now. Be rational or be emotional. Is the cheapest seats worth a shot? Will the view be very bad? I thought Saitama seats isn’t that bad even for the “hill-top” seats but I never did go up to see (I was in cat B). However do I want to fly across half the globe to see ants? Then I always have the thought that events at the later part of the season is a gamble to see Yuzu cos, *touchwood* injury. And I was hoping to make use of this opportunity to visit Canada. Brain: use those money to buy many TV Screens to have a good view!
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