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  1. Shuzo Matsuoka asked one of the guests to comment and the guest replied that it is the same thing that Miyamoto Musashi said. I think I have posted about Miyamoto Musashi before in comparison to Yuzu, but he is a legendary Japanese swordsman who dedicated his entire life to being the best, forsaking love and personal comforts in order to achieve it, constantly practicing and honing his art. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyamoto_Musashi
  2. Now Yuzu probably has nightmares of all the females who fantasize about him being in their bedrooms!
  3. Actually, the flirtatious 16-year-old Yuzu was wearing a black sweater with sparkles and a bit of red on the left chest over a T-shirt (that you could barely see at the bottom of the sweater) and black jeans. It's the one in the lower left corner in the video showing the three versions.
  4. I love the January 2011 Nagoya Festival version with young Yuzu but the video appears to be deleted by YouTube.
  5. I did it again. Erin at the Cricket Club is probably tired of hearing from me. I sent the following email to her: Hi Erin, I had to send you this link to an interview of Kelly Moran, a Brooklyn-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, whose new "Origin" EP was inspired by Yuzuru Hanyu. She says that she is passionate about figure skating – outside of music it is the one activity she is most involved in as a fan and as a skater herself. She says, "Anyone who knows about figure skating knows that Yuzuru Hanyu is simply the greatest skater of all time, and following his career has been immensely inspiring for me – especially in his most recent, post-Olympic season." She has wonderful words about Yuzuru's athleticism and artistry and I thought that he should be made aware of the inspiration he is providing not only other skaters and athletes, but also ballerinas and musical artists. https://toneshift.net/2019/05/16/interview-with-kelly-moran/?fbclid=IwAR29f-CXLPaEGGUpV1z_BW9z9H_Z45nhCX4NoyJelEEb_L_abEMoCytE7mw I know that you are busy. There's no need to reply to my email. I would appreciate it, however, if you would pass this email along to Yuzu's team. Regards, George
  6. Thank you for the link to the original article and your information about the circumstances surrounding it. It puts everything into perspective.
  7. In this dry season, I was randomly going through my 2 TB of Yuzuru Hanyu material when I came upon a translation of an interview published on May 10, 2012 where Yuzu talked about his sprained ankle at Worlds 2012, the earthquake in 2011 and how it changed him, and briefly on the change of coach from Nanami Abe to Brian Orser. I know that this properly belongs in the Translations thread and that it may have already been posted, but I thought that it might be of interest to newer fans or fans who were not aware of this interesting interview before. I will leave it for the administrators to transfer this to the appropriate thread later. The title of the Japanese article is "Journey of Giving Back Continues" and is written by Takaomi Matsubara. The translation is by a fan with the tag "yoko71". I do not have the link to the original article.
  8. How do I place large amounts of text in a hidden mode when posting?
  9. On May 6, I sent an email to Erin d'Eon at The Cricket Club with the link to "Notte Stellata – A Ballet Tribute to Yuzuru Hanyu". I had communicated with her before. I said that I was providing her with the link to a video of a ballet group rehearsing to do a performance in June as a tribute to Yuzuru Hanyu. I said that Yuzuru may have already seen the video, but if he had not, I said that he should be made aware of the impact he has had on the world, even outside of figure skating. I said that his heartfelt performances had moved and inspired these young ballet dancers to pay tribute to him. I received an immediate response from Erin on the morning of May 7: "Hello George, Thank you for your email and your kind thoughts for our skater and coaches. I have passed this email along to Yuzu's team. All the best, Erin" In my reply to Erin thanking her, I referred to The Japan Times interview of Christina Valdes and article by Jack Gallagher and provided her with the link to the article and asked her to pass it on to Yuzu and his team. Christina, I hope I see you at the ACI this year! (I'm the grumpy looking Japanese-Canadian guy in a wheelchair.)
  10. To continue with this OT, I have no idea about whether Stephen Gogolev has gone to Raf, but somehow it has the ring of truth to me. Nathan Chen's strong suit is jumping. Stephen's strong suit is also jumping. Michal Brezina was a guaranteed splat-fest whenever he jumped before he went to Rafael Arutunian. Since going to Raf, he rarely falls and has podiumed. Something he had not done for a long time. It makes sense to me if Stephen and/or his parents thought that going to Raf would make him an even stronger and more consistent jumper like Nathan. And Raf is Georgian-Armenian and has coached in Russia before, if this is of any importance to Stephen's parents.
  11. Hi Vadrouille! I'm only kidding of course. It's probably a very expensive designer label article of clothing and intended to be a long cardigan, but it still looks like an old blue bathrobe to me. And I'm pretty sure that Yuzuru does not have much say in what he wears for these photo shoots. I think that the people in charge dress him up in whatever they think is fashionable and then let him be naturally photogenic.
  12. Yuzu looks good in anything... Even if it's an old blue bathrobe over T-shirt and jeans. Now if you ladies would just imagine him in just the old blue bathrobe....
  13. I have it on very good authority that the ACI tickets will go on sale sometime in June – exact date to be decided.
  14. Our little Japanese Dorian Gray. His soul is so pure that even his picture doesn't age.
  15. That was my very first thought when I saw the picture. It's probably the very worst angle for shooting his face. Makes it appear that he has no chin. I don't think I've ever seen this picture before. I wonder where they dug it up. The picture of Weaver and Poje isn't particularly flattering either. How long did they have to design this?
  16. I paid $1200 (Canadian) for four tickets in the wheelchair accessible seating area for the GPF in Vancouver last year. The GPF was held at the Thunderbird Arena at the University of British Columbia which would have kept the cost down. If it had been held at a premier venue like Rogers Arena where the NHL hockey games are played, the tickets would have been more expensive. Since I live in the Vancouver area, I didn't have to worry about airfare or accommodations. Still, it was kuyashi when Yuzu had to withdraw. Although we had all event tickets, we only attended on two partial days. I had planned to purchase four all event tickets for the 2020 World Championships, but I am going to have to rethink this. With the cost of the tickets and the airfare and accommodations for the four of us and the van rental, it will be very expensive. I hate to say this, but Yuzu has been injuring himself through practice the last couple of years. With him trying to up his technical arsenal and likely practicing the 4A, the risk of re-injury is quite high. Imagine the hyper level of kuyashi if, God forbid, Yuzu had to withdraw from the WC and I had to watch Nathan and Vincent high-fiving each other.
  17. Skate Canada's announcement regarding 2020 World Championships. Yuzuru is prominently displayed (but no Nathan). https://montreal2020.com/tickets/
  18. I know that the topic of looks and beauty has been flogged to death, but I had one other anecdote that I wanted to share with everyone. A number of years ago, a woman I know was in Japan working as an English teacher in a privately run school. She is a third-generation Japanese-Canadian born and raised in British Columbia. She was riding a bus in Kobe sitting across from two nerdy-looking white American guys and they were loudly talking about how easy it was to pick up good-looking Japanese girls and how much they seem to love white guys. They didn't realize that this lady understood English. After listening for a while, she stood up and said, "The only reason they go out with you is because they can't tell the difference between a good-looking white guy and an ugly one. I am Canadian and I can tell you that you are two of the ugliest white guys I've seen!" Then she turned to the rest of the people on the bus and explained in Japanese what the white guys were bragging about and what she said to them. Needless to say the two guys got off at the next stop with their tails between their legs Maybe it's the reverse of @Old Cat Lady's experience and "All Caucasians look the same." PS For those who don't know, I am one of the very few guys in this forum and I had to laugh and applaud the action of this woman.
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