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  1. I am only paraphrasing the words of the commentator in the first video and a portion of Yuzu’s comments in the second video, and is not a proper translation. In the first video, the commentator is saying that the cameraman caught the moment of Yuzu injuring his right ankle during the practice before his free skate. Despite this injury, Yuzu was determined to compete in the free with the use of painkillers. In the second video, Yuzu is asked about his feelings after competing in these Olympics and he says please wait, turns his back to the camera and becomes emotional. When he faced the interviewer again, he said that honestly speaking he was kuyashi. He said he put in a lot of effort and suffered a lot. He honestly wondered whether he accomplished anything in these Olympics, but if people watching thought that there was something good in his skating, perhaps that was enough to justify his efforts.
  2. It was when @Hydroblade saw Yuzu in his formal kimono, haori and hakama that all resistance to Yuzu fell away and she found herself going down the Yuzu rabbit hole. The history of our Planet may have been different if @Hydroblade had not watched the Kohaku Uta Gassen that year…
  3. This was Ghislain yesterday morning in the Air Canada Lounge excitedly waiting for his flight to Tokyo. He will be working with Mie Hamada at the Kinoshita Academy in Kyoto until May 29. This is the link to the Kinoshita Academy. https://kinoshitaacademy.com/
  4. The two arms above the head is called the Rippon variation (for Adam Rippon) and when you see others do the one arm above the head, it is called the Tano variation (for Brian Boitano).
  5. Most famously in his short program Chopin's Ballade No. 1 at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics – quad toeloop-triple toeloop with Rippon variation (both arms extended above head).
  6. Yuzu has always loved gyoza ever since he was a kid as evidenced when he was interviewed for the local Sendai TV program after winning the Junior World Championships. When asked what he enjoyed eating, he replied, “Tonkatsu and gyoza” (pork cutlets and dumplings) which was misinterpreted as “beef cutlets and dumplings” in the English subtitles. When asked what kind of gyoza he liked, he said that he liked the homemade ones which were vegetable gyoza. Yuzu said that he liked fried foods. (Now we know that Yuzu enjoys eating gyoza, tonkatsu and TKG (tamago kake gohan – raw egg on rice. I noticed that he had tonkatsu in the teishoku meal he ordered when he was eating the TKG at the cafeteria-restaurant.)
  7. This is nothing like a complete translation, but I can tell you in general terms what the video is about. Kurihara-san of Ajinomoto has been providing Yuzu with support and advice regarding his athletic dietary needs for 10 years. Yuzu’s basic problem was that he did not really enjoy eating. (I will accept this statement for the purposes of this discussion, but I find this a little contradictory when I think about the video about him shoveling back huge mouthfuls of TKG – tamago kake gohan – raw egg on rice – with a full tray of other goodies at the cafeteria-style restaurant.) Anyway, back to the video. When Kurihara-san heard this – that Yuzu did not enjoy eating – he made it his mission to provide him with food that is not only good for him, but that he would enjoy eating. The one turning point was when Yuzu told Kurihara-san that he enjoyed gyoza and that he could eat gyoza with every meal. From that point, it wasn’t just a case of trying to make a healthy, good tasting gyoza for Yuzu, it was a case of “it will be done” for Kurihara-san. In order to develop this gyoza for Yuzu, Kurihara-san did a survey of 100 athletes to find out whether they enjoyed eating gyoza and discovered that over 90 did. The problem was that they enjoyed eating gyoza, but it did not fit into their athletic preparations. So Kurihara-san started experimenting with gyoza to make it healthy and when he thought that he had the proper formula, he had some athletes taste them. When he asked them how it tasted, they politely said that it was “tasty”, but without much conviction. Kurihara-san went to a professional chef and asked him to taste the gyoza and the chef said that it did not taste like gyoza at all. He suggested making changes that would make it tasty. As a result, they finally came out with a gyoza that they tried on Yuzu and they show a picture that was taken after he tasted it and he had a big genuine smile. This was proof to Kurihara-san that they had found the perfect formula for healthy and tasty gyoza. They included gyoza in every meal for Yuzu. They started producing two types of gyoza. Ultimately, Kurihara-san suggested including these gyoza in the diet for Japanese athletes competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and later for Japanese athletes competing in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Therefore, as a result of Yuzuru Hanyu, Ajinomoto developed a gyoza that was not only healthy, but tasty, and this was an important part of the diet for many Japanese Olympians in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 Beijing Olympics. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  8. Yes, it was Rod Black and Tracy Wilson commentating for TSN and they were seated directly below us at Prospera Place, above and beside where Yuzu, Brian and Ghislain hung out. The Japanese TV crew with Nobu, Shuzo and Shizuka were located directly to our right. And the two videos that you posted are my favourites of 2019 SCI. I completely agree with you that all of the sports commentators and people in the know knew that it was all about Yuzu, but I’m also convinced that Tourism Kelowna had absolutely no clue that the success of the event was really due to just one man. I think they may have gotten the wrong impression that simply hosting an international skating competition would guarantee a similar commercial success. We know that this is not the case because events without Yuzu simply do not attract the same numbers of spectators. It is even more evident where Yuzu is initially included as a competitor and then has to withdraw due to injury in which case hundreds or even thousands of people who had bought tickets and reserved accommodations bail out (escape from a situation that they do not want to be involved in any more).
  9. I know that this is a little off-topic, but it does have to do with Yuzu and this might be of interest to new fans. We were at 2019 Skate Canada International with many satellites and it was a dream competition for both Yuzu and his fans. Yuzu not only skated clean in competition, but he went extra special for his fans in the gala exhibition by performing the full iconic competition-level Parisienne Walkways. I have mentioned this before, but I will say it again. Kelowna had never seen such an influx of international visitors on one weekend before. WestJet flight attendants were heard saying that it was the busiest weekend they had ever seen at Kelowna airport. And of course, it was all due to Yuzu. This is an official Tourism Kelowna publication of the effect of Hanyuconomy during 2019 Skate Canada International. https://www.tourismkelowna.com/industry/industry-news-centre/post/strong-international-visitation-and-economic-impact-from-2019-skate-canada-international-in-kelowna/ "Kelowna attracted thousands of international visitors and millions in new spending when it hosted 2019 Skate Canada International from October 25-27, 2019. A report commissioned by Tourism Kelowna and compiled by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA), found that the event generated total economic activity of $5.3 million in British Columbia, with $4.5 million of that directly in the Kelowna area resulting from $3.3 million in total combined spending by out-of-town participants and event organizers. "Ticketing information showed over 3,500 out-of-town visitors attended the international competition, including 45% who were first-time visitors to Kelowna. Total ticket sales were over 23,000 with 59% of buyers from Canada, 16% from Japan, 13% from USA, and 12% from other international countries, including Australia, China, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, and Taiwan." Tourism Kelowna never realized that it had nothing to do with its efforts or Skate Canada. It had all to do with Yuzuru Hanyu just being there.
  10. I can understand why. Thomas Bergersen’s dramatic music makes this video into an inspirational mini-movie or a trailer for a full-length one. I love it!
  11. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Five years have gone by so quickly! Especially the last two with the pandemic! In just over four months it will be five years since I had the pleasure of meeting a number of satellites for the first time at the 2017 Autumn Classic International in Montréal. Since then, I have met more satellites at the 2018 and 2019 ACIs and 2019 Skate Canada International. I have never been a fan of anyone or anything until I serendipitously happened upon Yuzuru Hanyu during the 2014 Sochi Olympics while channel surfing and now I have been following him for over eight years. Thanks again to those who created this friendly family-like community and who tirelessly continue to maintain and improve it.
  12. @Yuzuwinnie the nickname, “The Silver Fox” is one that I just made up because it suits him better than “Coach White Bear” now that he has lost weight. “Coach White Bear” and “Shirokuma” were perfect for him when he was roly-poly and wearing the white jacket.
  13. Has this video be posted before? It is a Spanish language video entitled, “El Chico Japones Mas Querido En China” – “The Most Loved Japanese Boy in China”. It has a lot of good things to say about Yuzu that all of the Fanyus already knew about. Of course, it’s always nice to hear it again and again and again! Remember to turn on the closed-caption button for the English subtitles.
  14. I just happened on this the other day. It is a Chinese fan-vid about Yuzuru Hanyu and Ghislain Briand known as “Coach White Bear” (in Japanese “Shirokumi” – “Shiro” = “White” + “Kuma” = “Bear”) because of his former rotund bear-like appearance and signature white puffer jacket. Now, with his weight loss, I think Ghislain would prefer to be called “The Silver Fox”. LOL! Remember to turn on the closed caption button in order to see the English subtitles. If you right-click on the Chinese characters below the video you will be given the option of translating the page to English.
  15. This is the link to the instructions on how to get the English translation of Aoi Honoo II. https://shiki-k.tumblr.com/post/171982866569/aoi-hono-ii-english-translations/amp Basically, you have to take a photograph of the cover of your book and send it to this website.
  16. These two videos are epic! I have always been a fan of Abby Zhang’s “Empire of Angels” by Thomas Bergersen ever since it first came out in June, 2016. It’s hard to believe that Yuzu was still only 21 years old when that video was made! Ever since I saw this video, one of my fantasies has been Yuzu skating to “Empire of Angels”.
  17. I’m addicted to these videos! I need at least one daily dose of each! “Walking Killer” has almost 1.34 million views since January 4, 2022. It is just a video of less than 2 minutes showing Yuzu walking to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and yet so addictive! “Unstoppable” has almost 5.25 million views since February 1, 2022. I wonder whether this video has been responsible for creating new Fanyus?
  18. Welcome to the Planet! Don’t worry too much about what or where you post. If you have any questions, the General Yuzuru Chat is a good place to start. If there is a better place for the subject of your post, someone will direct you there. Just have fun!
  19. I have already posted this in Team Canada, but thought it would not be entirely out of place here since Yuzu and Nam were Cricket Brothers. Nam Nguyen takes down his shingle https://www.ifsmagazine.com/nam-nguyen-takes-down-his-shingle/ Nam is only 23 years old. (24 years old on May 20). [NEWS]
  20. Nam Nguyen will be retiring. Nam Nguyen takes down his shingle https://www.ifsmagazine.com/nam-nguyen-takes-down-his-shingle/ Nam is only 23 years old. (24 years old on May 20). [NEWS]
  21. Ghislain sent Happy Easter greetings from Switzerland where he has been working with Stephane Lambiel. Here in Switzerland everything is going well. The weather is totally fantastic… Happy Easter Here’s my oldest son Anthony and me we went for cheese cake… We are going back home on Friday… Hope that you are well…keeping in touch…
  22. Yuzu's role in "The Magnificent Nine" ("Tono, Risoku De Gozaru" – "Lord, The Interest If You Please") was not a "cameo" appearance. A cameo appearance is an uncredited small role, often done for humour. One example is Ryan Reynolds as the nameless and hapless saloon patron who is singled out by the Liam Neeson character and shot dead when he is unable to provide a satisfactory answer in the film, "A Million Ways to Die in the West." Yuzu's role was credited and the fact that he was in the film was a main point of advertising and reason for its success. Again, Yuzu being in the movie brought into play "Hanyuconomy". This is the video of the making of the film as well as interviews with Yuzu. I am sure that most of the satellites have seen this, but I post it here in case some of the newer fans have not. In the interview before makeup, Yuzu told the interviewer that he was going to try to show a change in his character as the Lord from when he first appears on the scene and at the end when he helps out the businessman. The reason why Yuzu appears to be barging into the room and taking the place of honour is because the director wanted it this way. The other cast members had not been told who would be playing the Lord of Sendai, Date Shigemura, and this was the director's dramatic way of allowing the cast members to discover for themselves that the famous Yuzuru Hanyu was playing this part. At one point, the director was asked what he thought of Yuzu's acting and he replied that he was impressed with how much better he was than he had anticipated. He said that he did not think that Yuzu would get this deep into his character. One of the actors said that he was impressed with Yuzu's acting. He said that he was very Tono-like (Lord-like). He said he was beautiful. He said that being an elite athlete, he has the motivation to do the best he can. The young male actor said that he was impressed since Yuzu told him that this was his first time acting. He said that Yuzu is the sort of person that anyone would be happy being with. He said that as he was standing next to him, he was overcome with the urge to ask Yuzu for a picture together. This actor started laughing as he said this as he was embarrassed. It’s hard to believe that it has been six years since this film was made. I bought a Blu-ray disc of this film.
  23. Yes it is baby Yuzu with his mushroom haircut!
  24. Welcome to the Planet! Don't be shy! Post often!
  25. The fellow with the Scottish accent would be Mark Hanretty, former ice dancer.
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