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  1. With Yuzu’s asthma, the lyrics, “When you fight for every breath…” mean so much more.
  2. Yes, it has been posted before, but if it’s posted three more times, Yuzu would have his first QUINT. All kidding aside, I could watch this video, multiple times without getting bored of it. This video displays killer face bad boy Yuzu and angelic Yuzu to dramatic effect. The “gap” that Yuzu fans find so irresistibly appealing. I love the music, “Empire of Angels” by Thomas Bergersen. It’s so fitting for Yuzu . The first video of Yuzu entitled “Empire of Angels” was also good. One of my fantasies is imagining Yuzu perform a free skate to “Empire of Angels”.
  3. Yes, it was, but don’t worry, we are Fanyus and we love getting double, triple and best of all QUADRUPLE doses of Yuzu!
  4. I just placed my pre-order for the "Time of Evolution" Blu-ray disc set with Amazon Japan. The price for orders from outside of Japan is ¥10,000, but the total price after shipping and import fees to Canada is ¥12,500, which is over $157 Canadian. The estimated delivery date is September 28 – October 1. (Perfect for filling the void between ACI and SCI.) It's funny how we Yuzu fans are so eager to part with our money to buy Blu-ray discs containing programs that we have already seen many times on YouTube and/or Dailymotion and probably downloaded!
  5. 1. I discovered how to switch the language to English quite a while ago, which led to me opening an account and this has been a constant drain on my wallet. Also, you can right-click on any page where there are Japanese characters and click on "Translate to English." in the pop up box to change everything to English. 2. Thank you very much for the link. I searched "Yuzuru Hanyu Time of Evolution" and "Yuzuru Hanyu Shinka No Toki" in Amazon Japan, but I was unable to find it. I found that the prices quoted for items are less when I put them in the cart and I think this is because the prices quoted include tax for Japanese residents. If the item is ordered from outside of Japan, the tax is removed from the quoted price, hence the lower price when you put it in your cart and checkout. 3. I recently ordered about a dozen Blu-ray discs of the Japanese band "Arashi" for my wife who is a big fan of theirs and they average between ¥4200-¥4900, but I've seen some Blu-ray discs priced at over ¥10,000. So, Yuzu's Blu-ray disc set is probably on the higher end of the price scale.
  6. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Does anyone have the link to the Blu-ray/DVD of Yuzuru Hanyu's Shinka No Toki at Amazon Japan (English)? I have an account there and want to check out the prices. Is it even listed there now?
  7. In the product description in Amazon Japan, Blu-ray discs should be clearly marked "All Regions". If so, they will play in all Blu-ray players. This link will provide you with details of the Region Codes for Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs. https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=174752 Blu-Ray Region Code. Region A: Americas, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan Region B: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceana. Region C: Central/South Asia, China, Russia, Mongolia DVDs are only playable in the regions marked. DVD Region Code Region 1: USA, Canada Region 2: Japan, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Egypt Region 3: East Asia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong Region 4: Oceana, Middle East, Caribbean, South America Region 5: Russia, North Korea, Mongolia, South Asia, African Countries. Reason 6: China Note: Some software may be region-free and can be played in all regions. Region-free import DVDs may not be played on DVD players manufactured in Japan (including PlayStation 2, PLAYSTATION3, and PC built-in DVD.) Also, as @Dreamer has stated, it is possible to get your DVD player tweaked so that it can play all regions.
  8. But, which do you vote for? "The Most Beautiful 100 Faces" or "The Most Handsome 100 Faces" or both?
  9. The Japanese economy would collapse because no one would want to part with the bills....
  10. Thanks, Hydroblade! I hadn't realized that there had been another earthquake in Southern California until I read your post. 7.1 – that's getting up there! It's scary because we had a number of earthquakes north of Vancouver Island over the last two days. I think the first one was over 6.0, but the following three were under 6.0. Seems like Mother Earth is getting really pissed off with what we humans are doing to her.
  11. @rockstaryuzu Please include me in the sightseeing discussion. There are three of us. We would be interested depending upon what you have planned and the schedule.
  12. This is what I posted earlier regarding the Coquihalla Highway which is the route that you would take to Kelowna. I am told by a friend who regularly drives to Kelowna from Vancouver that late October is just on the cusp of there being a chance of snow on the Coquihalla Highway. On the other hand, he says that there is a good chance that we could get really nice fall weather for the drive. In any event, I get the impression that even if there is some snow, it should not be a problem if you are using M+S rated all weather tires. People often confuse "all season" tires for "all weather" tires. "All season" tires are the tires on that most cars come equipped with when they are sold at the car dealership. They are generally good for all seasons, including light snow, but not really for true winter conditions. British Columbia law requires that cars using the coquihalla highway after October 1 be equipped with at least M+S rated all weather tires or true winter snow tires. During certain conditions, you may also be required to carry chains in your vehicle. I am planning to carry chains in the vehicle in case it's a requirement. As I indicated in my earlier post, we have never driven to Kelowna during the fall or winter, but plan to do so for Skate Canada. We are not anticipating any problems. My vehicle is a Toyota Sienna van. It is not equipped with four-wheel-drive. Having your own vehicle in Kelowna would be most convenient obviously. If you are driving your own vehicle and it does not have winter tires or tires that are rated M+S and you normally get through winter in your location with regular "all season" tires, the cost of purchasing winter tires will have to be taken into account when deciding what makes economic sense for you. If you are staying at AirBnB or motel/hotel in Kelowna, you might want to call and ask the host what the weather conditions are in Kelowna in the latter part of October and the condition of the Coquihalla Highway. I think they would know best. Hope this helps. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in Kelowna whichever way you decide to get there!
  13. I have received only the confirmation. I chose the option to receive the tickets by email and print the tickets at home. Although the confirmation notice states that if you choose the print at home option, the tickets will arrive shortly, the person I spoke to on the phone when I ordered these tickets advised me that they would be sent closer to the event. I would not worry about it right now.
  14. I feel for you. I hate it when things like that happen. Makes me long for the old days when you could actually phone and speak to a live person to book a flight, sort out a problem, etc., without having to be on hold forever.
  15. The legal maxim is: "Nemo dat quod non habet" which means that a person who does not own the property cannot confer it on another except with the authority of the true owner. In other words, Skate Canada/Select Your Tickets no longer owns the ticket since they sold it to the original ticketholder and cannot pass the good title to another without the consent of the original ticketholder. I wonder if the tickets that they handed out have some sort of clause permitting them to arbitrarily change seats on people who have purchased the tickets. In any case, it's disgusting. I never thought that Skate Canada would stoop so low. It may be Select Your Tickets that decided to do this, but Skate Canada should ultimately be in control and be able to override the ticket agency. What is the value of a presale ticket when they can arbitrarily do this to you?
  16. I am very late to this discussion so I don't know what luck people have had a contacting H.I.S. Travel Agency. My understanding is that they are a very big travel company with local offices all over the world. The local office in Vancouver would have English-speaking staff. It would make sense if this travel agency reserved a block of tickets in anticipation of selling them to Japanese tourists. I would think that the easiest way would be to simply call the telephone number at the Vancouver office. This agency would have nothing to do with reports of Skate Canada releasing extra tickets close to the event. This agency would be catering to Japanese tourists. Of course, if they have tickets, I am sure they do not care who they sell their tickets to. Did anyone have any success in contacting this agency?
  17. As others have already indicated, there is a small coffee stand in the lobby which sells coffee, hot chocolate, tea and snacks and a pub that I never tried to get into. For a while, there was a stand in the rink area that was selling beer in those flimsy plastic cups. Although we never bought it, I assumed that if they are selling in there, you can drink it in your seat while the competition is going on. They are not going to let you bring your own alcohol into the venue. As others have also alluded to, the supermarket across street appears to be the best choice for food. Since I'm in a wheelchair, I never went there, but my friend who was assisting us always ran across to get food for us. He said that there are a lot of choice in the type of food that you can get. You can also sit and eat there if you prefer, or bring it back and eat it in the venue. It was a person I know at Skate Canada that told us about the supermarket which is called "Fortino's". It sounds as though the Skate Canada staff go to Fortino's to get their lunches and dinners.
  18. We are also in section 113, but the wheelchair section is way up in row V which is the second from last row! I don't think we have anything to worry about. If they moved us any further back, we'd be in the concourse or outside the building. I do feel really sorry for those people who fought for their tickets in the presale only to be treated so badly by Skate Canada/Select Your Tickets. It sounds like Skate Canada/Select Your Tickets are accommodating a tour group – probably from Japan? Unthinkable!
  19. Has this been already posted? Nintendo excited about Yuzu waiting to get his hands on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and wanting to play baseball on Switch. https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/338477-olympic-figure-skater-yuzuru-hanyu-is-getting-excited-about-fire
  20. We should think about getting together for dinner and/or drinks after the Gala on Sunday.
  21. That's another reason we love him – his incredible intelligence and cognitive powers!
  22. That's why we love him – for his inner beauty! Although I (a heterosexual, married guy) also appreciate his outer beauty.
  23. I don't use makeup or a beauty routine either. Just a weekly clipping of my nose hairs.
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