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  1. He doesn’t admit his internalised views, just says “ignorant comments” - ignorant thoughts more like! And we know how long it takes people to change them! reading the sycophantic comments under the apology just made me fuming again!! It doesn’t just end with a sorry, the issue is much bigger and more ingrained than he acknowledges, and he doesn’t show much remorse for the hurt people felt at what he said. Also, he copied Yuzuru with his individual expression comment - given he had heard Yuzuru answer a similar question in an inclusive way, to come out with what he said in the interview s
  2. I thought this was a good thread about the history of this "debate"
  3. Ah you saw it damn!! Well I saw an objection to the photoshop on twitter and I didn't want to offend anyone. I didn't realise that some of Yuzuru's fans find BTS fans so annoying!! It did look weird, but it made me laugh a little, however others feel it is disrespectful to Yuzuru which I had no intention at all of being! We just find different things funny I guess!
  4. OMG Yuzuru knows the words!!! (sorry, rubbish joke!) Yuzuru praised Jimin (BTS) and his dancing whilst speaking at DOI. Yuzu has such good taste!! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Interesting article in the NY Times about black women in the Olympics and the lack of support given, for those interested - Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Gwen Berry are 3 women named in the article. Link under spoiler
  6. I only saw it on one tweet where it was a response to the original tweet (the response said " lol Naomi?? so undeserved"), but it was deleted later - I haven't seen anything else like that so no thank goodness it isn't common! I thought the president of IOC and Seiko Hashimoto both spelt out the theme of this Olympics as inclusion, equality, solidarity, the world coming together - and that's why I thought Naomi a good choice for the reasons I listed in a previous post on here. The theme had previously been the disaster and reconstruction, but I think that theme c
  7. That may well have some validity, but I just want to see some good in the decision, I like Naomi, and I believe her when she says the lighting of the cauldron is her greatest achievement.
  8. I am disappointed to see some of Yuzu's fans on twitter saying Naomi didn't deserve to light the cauldron, it should have been Yuzu or Shohei and they must have both refused - please, Naomi is a megastar, I would imagine she was first choice, not third choice! Tennis is a more global sport and there are successful elite tennis players from all over the world - it has a high international sporting profile, unlike figure skating and baseball (despite both of these sports being very popular in Japan- I think Japan were thinking bigger than themselves for these Olympics, and that's to be commende
  9. Oh I totally agree - I cant wait to see what he does in shows, and I'm so hoping he might do another Continues, he certainly hasn't ruled it out! And Javi better go to that one lol!! AND I have a little hope that Javi invites him to ROI, whenever that gets on the road again once Covid restrictions are lifted/cases remain low etc...artistically he is constantly improving - Masquerade and Hana wa Saku this season were so amazing - and Spain is near for travel purposes - see you there @Henni147 !!! (we can hope and dream...) (Hope you and everyone stays safe in the flooding, I feel for thos
  10. Imagine how WE will feel!! Probably we will feel great joy and excitement at his achievement after all the ups and downs and worries, but also I think we will realise that our time following Yuzuru as a competitive figure skater may well be drawing to a close and that will make many of us sad.....though I think I will also feel happy for Yuzuru, that he can start to adapt to living in a different way, facing different challenges and hopefully many different joys too.
  11. Just watched this analysis of the PTD video - sorry if already posted! I found it interesting (even if the music video editor bloke might be a bit annoying for some lol!)
  12. You know I have been thinking about this and wondering if he might use it as his ex this season: 1. It would bring 2 Olympic cycles full circle - his FS after Sochi was POTO, so rounding his 3rd Olympic season off with POTO=inspired Masquerade feels organic! Yuzu likes this sort of thing! 2. Unmasking himself at the end of this season (if it proves to be his last competitive season) seems poignant to me - taking his mask off and throwing it to the ground, or in the air, such a dramatic and symbolic gesture - he has been an excellent ambassador for the sport, but maybe once he finishe
  13. Oh no wonder I love Mai and Rika's programmes!! Their skating styles both really suit David's choreography (or the other way around!), just so lovely, goosepimples watching both of these programmes!
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