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  1. 🖤✨🖤✨🖤 edit: oops @amylance1215 we posted this at the same time!! 😂
  2. .....and Javi's too (EDIT: well, Javi's presence helped him to progress further, according to Yuzu, and Javi too has said this, they helped each other, and Brian recognised and encouraged their training friendship - I just dont want to leave Javi out of it because Yuzu emphasises how important he was in that training environment, and I get sad when I realise Javi erasure is rife!)
  3. Yuzuru did say he benefitted from time alone on the ice in Sendai, free to choose what to focus on, and also free of the frustration of having to wait for other skaters to do their run throughs. He stated a benefit of Toronto in that he has access to physical therapy, and after his free in JNats he made a point of thanking coaches and choreographers stating "I can feel you with me" (or something like that!) He has not indicated that he feels unsupported by his coaching team that I am aware of (although sometimes we have been a bit frustrated at Brian's tendency to put his foot in his mouth on
  4. OMG!! Yonkaiten Pixel has uploaded this today on YT in 4K HD, such great quality!! I think it's Sendai FaOI. Such a great performance, and that 3A!
  5. 4A is the subject of this video posted today on YT
  6. My view about Carol and Kurt (whose commentary I usually really like, the worse thing I remember about it is Kurt's criticism of Yuzuru's Requiem costume - I'm confident he would never had said that if he'd known what the costume represented) is that they very obviously adore Yuzuru's skating, they see his unique talent in all its layers. Sometimes I think their humour or how they word their admiration just doesn't cross cultural or nation boundaries that well, and that if we all had the same sense of humour or language then these misunderstandings wouldn't happen ..... but then what kind of w
  7. Yay maybe another 5 years of Yuzu in competition then!!?! 31 yr old Yuzuru OMG I cant wait to see him...where are the 2026 Olympics again??
  8. Awww Isnt Mishin the coach who said "you can beat Hanyu but you can never surpass him"? It seems to me he has had a consistently high regard for Yuzuru (edit: at least in more recent years?) - "mesmerising" is the word Roman used to describe Yuzuru too .......... and it's true, he IS mesmerising, it's like he casts a spell! I love that Mishin says its not only because of his heavenly skating but also because of his personality, he really does captivate people's hearts
  9. Oh I'll try too! 1. SEI ... oh wait Ten .... oh maybe H& Oh I give up!!!
  10. Thank you! I like Kurt and Carol's commentary of Yuzuru's skating, they always seem to convey the beauty of it, how amazingly talented he is, and obviously respect him highly as the legend that he is.
  11. Oh I’d love to know too! There is a photo in sunao noto’s photo book of Yuzu in this costume! I love Owl City too, I hope we get a link to this video 🙏🏽🖤✨
  12. I am 100% sure Yuzuru will be contracted to attend SOI. It seems some people (twitter) think he can (and SHOULD) get out of this somehow. Yuzuru is not the type of person to renege on a contract imo. They are binding in more ways than legally..... Also some people (twitter) think he might be skating because he might struggle to pay a fine if he did refuse to skate - I doubt this, plus money is not the only thing that influences our decisions!! Yuzuru has high moral standards, a sense of duty, and integrity, these are the factors that will have influenced his "decision" imo. The other th
  13. This thread explains the sale of tickets - it seems the deadline for refunds was 31.3.21 so many people applied for refunds - all the skaters had been announced after worlds, except Yuzuru, announced today. It seems the plan to do this was based on getting the crowd to reduce in size given the pandemic (the tickets were sold early last year), so Yuzuru fans are cross as they were singled out and also that this is a dishonest ploy. Japanese fans are not blaming Yuzuru for this at all. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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