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  1. I just saw Trump's twitter account has been suspended and I didnt think my day could get any better!! then I saw this by Coo
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR YUZURU, AND ALL THE SATELLITES OF THE PLANET HANYU! Wishing health, happiness, and hope to all, and I especially hope that the affluent world works to ensure that all people in less affluent countries get the vaccine in a timely way. We have made it through this very difficult year - WELL DONE! Spring IS coming!
  3. I actually looked it up and listened to it all!!! It seemed a long video...and I thought if he skates to this I'll be bawling my eyes out! Glad he chose Haru - so appropriate for the current situation, he is so thoughtful about how his skating makes others feel and what is best for each situation.
  4. OH GOOD GOD I missed half of it cos I was laughing so hard I was crying - I actually feel sick with laughing!! Thank you Fay!
  5. I think that's very true, though from Worlds 2019 to GPF 2019 I think there might have been a bit of a wobble? Maybe not everyone will agree but I felt he seemed to be moving in the direction to trying to match Nathan's number of quads for example, and saying how cool Nathan is (and seeming to forget how cool HE himself is), but after GPF, undoubtedly with his coaches support, had a reawakening to the fact that his own style is unique and beautiful and powerful - and cool! - and made a return to Chopin and SEMEI which really worked for his confidence I think, and is maybe how we have arrived a
  6. Ahhh I love everything about your idea, you put so much thought and work into it too! I watched the video and thought if Yuzuru skated to that I might actually die lol!!! Yuzuru could definitely pull it off too, but I know we have talked on here previously about how some seem to long for a return in the men's to more "masculine" skating (whatever that might mean!! thinking of Kaori's throat slashing of judges move lol) and that view has maybe gained traction with the seemingly high scoring of certain skaters etc etc... Anyway, Yuzuru doesn't seem worried about it if his gorgeous H&am
  7. Wow thanks so much - I love your interpretation of the music! Personally, I didn't need any explanation to feel its beauty, magic, and complexity, the piece appealed to me from the very start, but this is so interesting!! I love how you use the jumps as players in the story, as of course they should be, and Yuzuru, and Shae Lynn, are masters of weaving the jumps into the choreography/story so that they are a seamless part of it. I love this music and programme so much...some have said it needs this and that polishing up but to me, in that moment watching in awe on the 26th December, it was pe
  8. Well I didn’t think I’d be seeing LMEY in Haru when I woke up this morn!!
  9. I love the bits where he seems to get lost in the music as he watches himself - his face and expression is so lovely
  10. I have never fallen so instantly in love with everything about a performance/programme as I did on my first viewing of H&E on Saturday. Yuzuru, so beautiful in his costume before the music even started, and the music - to me it was beauty itself - magical, and became more so as Yuzuru weaved his story in that flawless performance and portrayal of Lord Uesugi/himself. I suppose for those with no ear for music nor eye for expression of music through dance might feel "bored", but I think it's due to ignorance, or maybe just some distorted enjoyment gained from the demeaning of somebody who
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