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  1. This isn鈥檛 in answer to the last post btw!! 馃槀 but I thought it was funny and might make you laugh
  2. it鈥檚 cheaper from HMV folks - too late for me, but maybe not for you! (See links, one for blue ray, one for DVDs)
  3. I think so too - numbers are important and have meaning to Yuzuru (and also to many of us, me included!) an example: after the Olympics I discovered an interesting fact about Yuzu's birthdate: 07 + 12 = 19 1+9+9+4= 23 the ages he won his Olympic Gold Medals - always written in the stars 猸
  4. Interesting 馃 Yuzu does like numbers ... or is it just coincidence??
  5. I read in some interview or other that he said he is not an idol and everyone will forget about him once he retires anyway.... but I am not so sure! Maybe that's what he hopes for, bless him.... (but then..... how is he going to get used to NOT being the centre of attention, after all these years of striving to be such??......oh I suppose I also worry about him too much @faeline!!!!) Whatever, I'm sure he'll face the challenge, and try his very best.
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