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  1. This might be same as the Number interview but there is stuff from Brian about Yuzuru too - I just used google translate and it was OK(ish).
  2. Some speculation here in comments about some of Team USA maybe having Covid
  3. Has anyone noticed on twitter when you click on the gif icon when tweeting, and input Yuzuru Hanyu in the search bar, another male figure skating Olympic Gold Medalist now miraculously appears (a LOT), in the gifs you can chose from?
  4. So pleased for you SuzyQ!!!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Yuzuru landed some in practice according to Ghislain - he sent the videos to Ghislain - I am not sure he managed to land on one foot, or if he managed to fully rotate, but he did land them (ie. didnt fall)
  6. Zack Donohue’s message to Yuzuru on his IG Miss You Yuzu We miss him too Zach!
  7. Who can work out my cryptic puzzle below??? @Anni We all loved a sport, figure skating, but for many this turned into hating, Cos the cruel ISU Dissed our fave, Yuzuru, But his fandom continues inflating! Answer under spoiler
  8. Same as @Mor2904's post above, I just wanted to see it in BIG format!!
  9. Hi ! There are quite a few translators in the "fandom" (Japanese to English) so I imagine we will see a translation in the near future that will get posted on here (usually from twitter). Like you, I am waiting to see what he says at Fantasy on Ice (surely an interviewer will ask what his plans are, and he'll have to say soonish as GP assignments are out in June usually) and trying to keep calm about it all - I really want Yuzuru to make a decision based on what he truly wants - he is a very determined individual so I believe he will do just that (some fans are worried he will continue for the sake of his fans, but I don't think so, he will consider us of course but we wont be the main factor in determining his competitive career. After all, we will still have opportunity to see him skate after his competitive career ends - and he may have some innovative ideas around that and how he will make it accessible to us all! Yuzuru this is my expectation of you! When you do finish competing please think about all of us, there are so many of us international fans who want to see you...even if touring isn't going to be likely or frequent there is always the virtual world, and also making tickets for Japanese ice shows more easily accessible - tho I am unsure if this is governed by legislation or if Yuzu would have some say in his own ice show sale of tickets - CWW was still lottery wasn't it...) Anyway I am getting ahead of myself!! Can't wait to see him in FaOI soooooon !!!
  10. Max is convinced Yuzuru is gonna save Figure Skating!
  11. This isn't exactly about Yuzu, but it really reminded me of him, how he encourages others, especially his younger countrymen and women....I saw Tim writing something the other day how Yuzuru had helped him deal with abuse on SMS too - anyways this is lovely
  12. I think there SHOULD be many Yuzuru look-alikes because we would all appreciate bumping into one lol!!!......but alas, I think he may be the only one (which is sad, but only right after all - one Yuzuru Hanyu, on his own Planet!)
  13. @turquoiseblue Well Charles is only 24 now so when you look at early 20s Javi, they are both quite cute imo!! I know now I will always be reminded of Javi when I see Charles though. Cant imagine Javi as an F1 driver, and can't see Charles as a figure skater!!
  14. Just reading the posts above from Sara....such compassionate words, and clearly expressing the horror of war and total lack of justification for it. But I came here for trivial reasons - I just have to ask if anybody other than me thinks Charles Leclerc looks so like Javi???!! I can't get over it in some photos...the clip in this tweet when it's frozen at the beginning it really looks like Lewis is giving Javi a congratulatory pat on the back lol!
  15. Have I understood this correctly? FaOI and CWW to be rebroadcast over coming weeks? https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/ch/contents/sports/0460/ Fabulous!!
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