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  1. Right, that's Sunday afternoon and evening taken care of! What a fabulous way to spend it Thanks for alerting us all @monchan
  2. This make up is spectacular! To think I was proud of having bought a green (SEIMEI) woolly hat with 2 bobbles which look a bit like Pooh ears to wear on SEIMEI day ......
  3. I cried during the interview of Yuzuru, then all of you made me cry catching up on this thread!! I've watched it maybe 20 times now (is that ALL???? I hear you scream!) and I have to say everything about Yuzuru here is lovely, endearing, captivating.....and that's just in an interview, never mind his skating!! He looks so beautiful sat there in his seat in front of the open fire, cozy and comfortable. Scott does a great job of making him feel relaxed. But still, he looks special doesn't he? A very special sportsman, and that how Scott treats him. I love Yuzuru's reaction to praise - slightly embarrassed but pleased, Teary eyed but covered with a smile and giggle. His eyes are so .... true, you can feel his genuineness throughout the whole interview. (I'd trust Yuzuru with my life, it feels!) His love of skating is tangible, gosh we are so lucky to be here at this time, to know of this person, and to follow him and his performances. This sense of how RARE he is, what a beautiful diamond of an athlete and artist he is, and what personal integrity he has ... you can't escape feeling it (well, I cant!). His love of TCC and the people there (good friends and experienced coaches), his time spent in Canada, the importance of his fans, the importance of the Japanese people to him and him to them, and of course the importance of coach Pooh with his lovely comforting face is all there, openly expressed. And Yuzuru's cute joke about the forest (it's like his art, we dont mind experiencing it again and again!), the clips of his skating and the gushing comments made by commentators - it's everything he deserves. If Worlds had gone ahead, I feel Canadian media and maybe Skate Canada too would have treated him like the precious treasure that he is. I'm now thinking it's a shame really we didn't get to see how Canada used this big opportunity to show love for this beautiful, talented, magical adopted son of theirs. So in summary - I loved it! even though it made me (Oh I know, too gushy/sappy, but that's how I feel in this moment, post CBC interview!)
  4. Of COURSE it made me happy!! Thank you
  5. I understand there are approx 43,000 nursing vacancies in the NHS (England) currently.....and recruitment of student nurses (and teachers, and social workers, in fact across the public sector) is down. Not surprising when we hear about and see the level of underfunding and the stress faced by those who work in these services.
  6. Thank you, and everyone, for your concern. I actually feel a bit better having told people outside of these borders...it's confirmed to me that it's not just me who is agog at this dangerous "experiment". No other country at all is taking this approach.
  7. Surely it's illegal?? Some people here are calling it murder … of course the govt says it has things in place to make sure ill people are cared for, but we all know our National Health Service has been starved of resources for 10 years through the Govt's austerity policies, it's been pared down to the bone, it cant cope even with normal demand... EU and other nationalities health care workers have left as they do not feel welcome here due to Brexit and xenophobia and the re-emergence of overt racism, so yes, I am scared for all of our most vulnerable people - I know many! My 87 yr old mum, my mentally ill brother, my daughter with asthma (though she's young, which seems to be a protective factor against COVID-19) to name but a few.
  8. The WHO is now questioning the UK Govt's "strategy" - hopefully if enough external pressure is put on the Govt it may change it's view - pleeeease!
  9. Unfortunately, I live here, as do nearly all my family and friends. The government is currently following a policy of "herd immunity" - the plan is for at least 60% of the population to get the virus (regardless of numbers of death - our vulnerable people are just numbers to the Conservative government - "the economically inactive" they call them, obviously they are dispensable as a result) and then we will acquire "herd immunity" (we are cattle you see) and then the virus will leave us alone - of course this plan has a major flaw in that herd immunity is acquired through vaccination, not through exposing 70 million people to a new virus that we still don't have full knowledge of, and no vaccine for..... can you even believe a government (all of whom are very wealthy with private medical insurance undoubtedly) would do this to its people? It's like a mass culling of older people, people with disabilities, people who have mental and physical illnesses, people who are homeless etc... Twitter has a hashtag today that's trending here #herd_immunity if you don't believe me! I truly weep for this country - where is the uproar?? EDIT: saw an estimate today that there's probably around 10000 infected people in the UK - little testing going on, schools open, still going to work, still have big sporting events eg. Cheltenham Gold Cup horse racing meet with 1000s of attendees, Atletico Madrid and Liverpool football club with travellers from stricken Spain attending.... unbelievable.
  10. What tiny medals!! The medals are so much bigger now for the juniors, Yuzu must be furious that Yuma's is bigger than his! (even if Yuzu's is a better colour!) I love this skate too, his style is just so …… Yuzuish, and Hanyuish. My favourite style ever. (technical terms are my strength, as you can see). I also have started to love this blue costume - so appropriate for his developing style, and his tender years.
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