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  1. This is how I feel too - I'd hate Yuzuru to be repeatedly injured and be forced into retirement because of this - I think his R ankle is now always going to be so vulnerable. He really just needs to land this 4A then I think he might be making some choices about his future (professional?) career, and we will maybe see lots more Continues~with~Wings and Yuzu travelling round the world with Javi in ROI maybe??!! (dream dream!) I want him to skate forever and ever - and he loves skating so much I think HE will want to skate as long as possible (look at Kurt Browning in ROI and now SOI, so excellent at 50!!) .......... and he needs to look after himself to do so. All these years of quads and injuries will have taken their toll already . Yuzu we NEED you to be healthy so we can see your creative, artistic, musical genius develop even further in the years ahead !!!! He has the 2 OGMs that he has dreamed about since childhood - he can follow other dreams; the world really is his oyster (But in the end, Yuzu will do whatever he wants and if it's a 3rd OGM, I'll be there supporting him! )
  2. sorry if this is already posted! Interesting rescoring of Nathan’s USNats performances - what do you think?
  3. I just watched Nathan's FS from last year's US Nats again - he got overinflated scores, the commentators were hyping him and saying he'd beat Yuzu at PC no problem ...... they were wrong then, and they are wrong now. They really shouldn't write Yuzu off so readily - they need to learn from Yuzu about not repeating mistakes!! Of course Nathan might win Worlds ... but it's in Japan, the audience will go crazy for Yuzu who hasn't skated competitively in front of a home crowd for AGES, Yuzu is the reigning Olympic Champ, he's a more experienced competitor who delivers when it counts, and the judges will not be giving Nathan those kind of scores!! I think it does Nathan a disservice all this hype and score inflation - it just puts unnecessary and unrealistic pressure on him. The American public will expect him to be getting these crazy high scores and will likely trash him if/when he doesn't win.
  4. Javi puts his guards on and climbs up through the audience to reach his family and hug! How gorgeous is that?? Love you Javier Fernandez so glad you got numero 7 !!
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    Gosh. Yuzu inspires so many fabulous artists!!
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    wow this is so beautiful 😍 I look at it and feel the tenderness - it has been crafted with such sensitivity 💙✨