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  1. I read ToshI stood with open arms to hug Yuzu - but this also suggests Yuzu went to him with open arms we need to see this hug!!
  2. I'm going to THAT show, come hell or highwater!!! (keep the prices down again please Yuzu, we're all gonna be poor after this coming season.....)
  3. whilst ever Yuzu is competing, they could use larger venues; it's Canada, it cant be that hard surely.... Edit: in fact TCC has so many big names who will probably be competing there - Jun, Evgenia, Jason - it's not just Yuzu who pulls in the fans..... and Poje/Weaver, Gilles/Poirier also will probably compete....
  4. Great pic! (not sure if Kobe or Sendai though ...... someone will know I am sure!!)
  5. That would be good but......Even in Canada, most of Yuzu's talking/listening/reading/writing is done in Japanese I suspect. I much prefer Yuzuru being interviewed in Japanese - he is so thoughtful, and funny! we'd never know this if he spoke in English. He's such a perfectionist, it must make speaking another language even tougher! Edit: However, I seem to remember him saying after the Olympics that he has a goal of improving his English, and I hope he keeps trying!
  6. THIS!! Imagine having an argument with Yuzuru about something .... I think Shuzo may just have a valid point!!
  7. I think he has a sensitive stomach and only trusts his mum’s cooking! - Yuzu with the world as his oyster, yet he’s such a homebird at heart 💓
  8. Yuzuru gives great interviews doesn’t he (in Japanese lol!) - despite being a private person he does give of himself especially to Shuzo-san. He shows such genuiness, warmth, care, truthfulness too. (His secrecy about skating stuff is probably because he so likes to surprise everyone!!) So, a new SP, that leaves me thinking we might see Origin next season! I for one would be delighted, I love it and haven’t seen nearly enough of it!! 🖤💛
  9. It surprises me, how my heart still stops whenever he comes on the screen .....
  10. I have watched the free skate repeatedly - it's the best Origin we have, and he truly delivered under great pressure and again returning from injury. He was pleased with himself (though it was short lived) and it was sooooo exciting to watch on livestream! I cant watch Nathan's free again though.........
  11. Re: Scott's emotional response to clean 4Lz Of course, Yuzuru (despite his reported tendency to avoid socialising in Canada because he is at work!) is an honorary Canadian, a team mate in spirit of all the Canadian skaters.
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