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  1. As someone commented on this tweet, "realistically maybe" is such a Yuzuru turn of phrase, so typical of him and his wonderful use of language to tell us....well, nothing really!! (I do think he is probably getting closer in reality...whatever he means by his "realistically maybe", I think he is generally sounding more positive about landing this thing!??)
  2. IMO Yuzu's ISU bio should have 2 tables or an extended table - I think it's really odd that the governing body of the sport hasn't the wherewithal to make sure that an athlete's complete competitive history is recorded - it's really shabby that Yuzu's record before 2014/15 season has disappeared - maybe this is why ISU keep inaccurately stating his Olympic achievements in any literature (ie only mentioning he is an Olympic champ, omitting the TWO TIME bit - if it's an administrator who isn't an FS fan and just checks the bio prior to writing any promotional literature, then they will make a mi
  3. Hi, I used the English word "embed" which means the link just stayed as a link only, and didn't open into the article before posting - so you can only see the link on my post, rather than the article itself - does that make sense Yuzuwinnie? (I hope I have understood your post! )
  4. This article is in response to a link @Henni147 posted earlier (by Andrew McNicol) https://thedigestweb.com/topics_detail13/id=47721 apols, link wont embed
  5. Yes it's tempting to think so, but in reality I guess it's difficult isn't it, most countries spend years preparing for the Olympic Games to be hosted in their country - did you have somewhere in mind, maybe somewhere that had recently held the OWG and have the resources to go ahead with them at such short notice, and that would allow an international audience? and ensure athletes safety too, to the best of their ability? Sounds a big ask to me in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and continuing changes and uncertainty to travel restrictions globally. Maybe they could have postponed for a year
  6. Great performance from Loena too, she's so consistent
  7. Well done Karen, always beautiful to watch
  8. Oh they are gorgeous cats, just imagine the photos of the 2 of them together
  9. Thanks so much for spending the time writing these out! The only one I knew was Romi-Juri! I like Bara Ichi I might start using it myself!
  10. Oh I see thank you! so is the correct translation Pathetic, or maybe Pathos? which means evoking sadness or sorrow? Do Japanese fans have different names for Yuzuru's other programmes, I'd love to know!
  11. People with asthma/allergies do become less allergic (desensitised) to their own non-hypoallergenic cat too (my teen for example, who has asthma and allergies, but is not an elite athlete admittedly so maybe its not such a great issue!) I hope Yuzuru knows - he really should have a cat!
  12. Thanks for asking for this translation - it is so interesting how much thought and work Yuzuru and his music editor put into getting just the right sound to match Yuzuru's wishes about how and what he wants to express. Its another thing I wish the wider FS audience knew - the effort he puts into everything not only for his own satisfaction but to please his audience too.
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