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  1. I have read somewhere that there was a plan originally for LGC to be his Olympic Short (not specifically from Yuzuru but from his team - maybe when music choice and choreo were being worked on) but that he never felt fully comfortable with the programme during the 16/17 season, whereas he loved (loves!) Chopin, felt it could be developed even further, and thus went with that for the Olympic season.
  2. When he spoke about using these programmes for this season, he said that Origin might take 3-4 years to perfect.......if he doesn't land 4A this or next season, these could be his Beijing programmes never mind just next season!!
  3. So much music to choose from, yet so many similar music choices are made....
  4. Is the audience sound muted on the broadcast? The cheers after skaters finish and take their bows seem quiet and short lived, skaters bowing to no applause.
  5. Young You definitely has "a touch of star quality"!!
  6. With white costume please and purple ice!!
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