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  1. It looks like LGC/Origin hairdo is now the official go to hairdo for Yuzuru, for ads at least!! (and why not? Most of us adore this look!) Um... the costume...not so much
  2. The posts on this thread regarding fan behaviour have been really interesting to read. The joy Yuzuru brings to us starts with the buzz and sense of excitement in the stadium where he is about to appear, it's tangible! I have been at events with and without Yuzu (eg. Milan 2018 for the latter) and there is a big difference! He really is the current megastar of mens figure skating, and by a mile. Even when you love other skaters, and are excited to see them, it is not quite the same as the feeling of awe and anticipation that Yuzuru elicits. I'd hate that "buzz" to change, it's electric!! This is a really positive thing for fans and for Yuzuru too I am sure, and doesnt affect the other skaters adversely I wouldnt think. Some of them probably feel a bit startstruck to be on the same ice as him! With regard to appropriate cheering/screaming/shouting his name, I think about how Yuzuru is as a person - he is so very courteous, and so concerned with others' wellbeing and comfort. He always impresses me with the way he treats other skaters - watch him on any podium, he gives such attention to his fellow medallists, always watching them being presented with their awards and clapping just for them, I feel he treats others with real dignity. He models this to us all. If we really see ourselves as part of his team, Team Hanyu, we will also behave in a similar manner I believe. That is what happens in teams! We admire him for more than his skating, he is inspirational on many levels, and behaviour is a biggy for him so I am positive he is acutely aware of how his fans behave and will have expectations (or at least a strong point of view!) on how we conduct ourselves. He'd hate us to feel bad though, so would rarely be openly critical of us. The thing is, as well as being fun, exciting, amazing, beautiful, and emotional, the figure skating we are talking about is a competitive sport - all the athletes have trained hard through many challenges maybe including, pain, injury, money worries, loneliness if away from home when very young, difficult relationships with coaches or other training mates, and each competition, each element they perform, is really really important to them. (the youtube video posted yesterday on this thread with PJKwong and Elvis Stojko is an excellent interview - just listen to what Elvis says about the Warrior and Performer, skaters need to be able to mentally get into the correct zone to skate at their best, we dont want to hinder them in that pursuit!). We are all different to each other, but thinking of others, being respectful and thoughtful, are always positive things, and if we do that we wont go far wrong when we attend figure skating competitions, or anything else we do in life too! To all those going to watch Yuzuru and all the other brilliant and hardworking skaters live in competitions this season, have a wonderful experience!! If you are at home watching on livestream, shout and scream as much as you like, whenever you like, throw Poohs at the screen, cry, laugh, hug the cat, curse even!! As long as noone in your household minds too much, it's cool
  3. This young skater from TCC told us recently she had a new mascot (Pooh) given to her by a unique skater .... and that she had also received some “secret” advice about her 2A 😊 - now she’s posted this drawing on her IG account - かわいい!kawaii!
  4. Re: Noisy fans: The thing that annoys me most is loud screaming before Yuzuru has fully completed an element eg combination jump, or whilst he is still mid-air in a quad! Clapping spontaneously because of feeling excited I can understand, but screaming during an important and difficult element in a competitive performance could be so off putting for an athlete. Sensitivity is needed towards all the athletes during a competition, but given we are Yuzu fans we should especially behave in a way that aids his performance, rather than hinders it. Noise can of course be very supportive though during a performance if it's at the right time eg. the roar before Yuzuru's step seq in Otonal! That must surely spur him on!
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