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  1. Cant believe a coach being so ignorant to his student skater....
  2. Have we already seen this fr US Nats? The score ......
  3. Well done Dima, I for one am really pleased to see you win this championship! (it's fitting for another Yuzuru fan to be European Mens Champ!!) Gosh they don't even know who he is!!!
  4. Did I hear Deniss saying he was hurting very badly just then? He did really well
  5. He's there at every competition though, it seems, in one way or another!
  6. Brilliant!! (I'll always have a soft spot for her after that IG post with Yuzuru…..)
  7. Do we know this already? I was hoping it would be live streamed...
  8. Ahhh so they are gonna wait and see how everyone performs at 4CC - wow pressure!!
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