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  1. I got more work done today at least, a result of (partial) acceptance that there is no way around these obstacles - the wall is just to high for me/us. Yuzuru would be disgusted! (Challenge the unknown!!! Become even stronger!!! Go beyond your limits!!)
  2. Excellent commentary by Max!! (though it isn't the very young skater's fault imo, but adults around him and those in powerful positions in ISU and big feds....)
  3. No guide book either - that will come before the show but wont be shipped until after, Yuzuru likes giving us surprises!
  4. Yes that's the correct code but I think you have to be in Japan to receive the SMS (I'm sure someone will put me right if that is not the case, but I think it is, sadly - we need Mr galaxy brain to sort it out!!!)
  5. Please let us know if this is successful, I have not seen anyone talking about this system so maybe you could trial it! EDIT I just watched the video - it seems the number still requires an 81 dialling code - this will make registration with Lawson impossible won't it? Unless its recognised as an 070/080/090 number?
  6. No theorising on the yet satellites?? I think it's Yuzu in the middle, the shooting star, and his fans around him as the twinkling stars in the night sky....what do you think??
  7. Off topic folks but what do you make of the ?????? My theory - Yuzu is the star in the middle (of course ) and we are the twinkling stars around him. Has there been any discussion on main about it?
  8. I just went to the apple app store on my iphone and searched for lawson tickets in english and the (japanese) app came up immediately and downloaded no probs. Its strange how inconsistent it is
  9. yes i tried to log in on mobile, but I completed registration on laptop no issues, with e mails confirming registration [email protected] 12:54 PM (7 hours ago) to me Japanese English Translate message Turn off for: Japanese [Lawson Ticket] Notice of completion of registration ============================== Thank you for your registration. Lawson WEB member registration is complete. The following services are available. ▼Lawson Ticket For ticket information search and ticket reservation, use Lawson Ticket. If you are a member , you can apply for carefully selected tickets earlier than general sales . https://l-tike.com/?ltksap&cid = lwebtop ▼ Catch the latest entertainment information with the HMV & BOOKS online favorite registration function . =oth er&cid=mhmvlawweb001 ▼morecos+ Online store specializing in cosmetics I want to be more beautiful! I want to be more stylish! We will deliver his plus alpha products and information to everyone every day https://morecos.hmv.co.jp/?utm _source=mea000007qq&utm_medium ===================================================================================================================== So why won't it let me login to my acc now?? Who knows!
  10. Hi @Anabel I have registered with Lawson successfully using my Japanese sim (which is in my spare iphone 5s) from mobal.com. My number given by mobal starts 818 because I am in the UK and 81 is the international dialling code for Japan, so for the Japanese number you take off the 81 and add an 0 (just the same as UK and I assume many other countries?? all countries??) So the number I put into Lawson was 080etc which is an accepted number. I used Kanji and Katakana converters for my name (I love my surname has 羽 as the first kanji anyway I also used my booked hotel address in Tokyo from booking.com. You need to make sure its the right half width alphanumeric size for your name in kanji and katakana your e mail and password, I think. (just google it) I downloaded the app to my japan sim phone - it would not send for SMS authentication - I want to change the lawson registration details to the 818 number now and see if it will it accept it now I am registered but there has been a system error all afternoon. I havent checked e mail to see if I have heard back from ticketsgalorejapan - if I have I imagine the response will be just the same as yours. I'' try get onto lawson again now and change my number. Tried multiple times - even used an old e mail I had registered with in the past and reset the password - repeatedly says system error, if only we knew if there really is a system error or if it just wont accept my attempts to login for some reason (even though I have e mails to confirm registration is accepted - again, soooo hard! Checked e mail - no response from [email protected] not in spam did you contact them via a contact form? that's what i did
  11. thank you for the reminder - I am catching up on this now
  12. WHAT??? Rafa isn't number 1 ?? I am amazed.... Yuzu of course would be number 1 if FS was an internationally popular sport as tennis is. The mens FS Oly champ 2022 not in there then?
  13. Oh my goodness Yuzuru is really stunning isn't he (yes I know we all know that already, but it still gets me everytime)
  14. so good wow he did a fabulous job, I like his humour too! Thanks for posting. I cannot even IMAGINE getting to a level of competence/skill like that (piano OR figure skating lol)
  15. Ohhhh....Do you think this first lottery might only be open to Japanese residents? Maybe they have things set up for another lottery date for international fans...and the phone service will become operational then? We can only guess.
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