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  1. This photo ...... it's my laptop lock screen now, I need to see this every day .....
  2. @misshanyu on twitter saying Fuji tv to show highlights at midnight
  3. We probably missed an Otonal step sequence as an encore .... and Yuzu's antics as the last one off the ice .... it really should not be allowed that Yuzu isn't the champion!! Still, gorgeous HYK and a smiley silly Yuzu has made my day
  4. yours, or his? (or both....or all of our hearts...) I heard his break in that clip....
  5. I'd like to know who are the senior people in the sport speaking out about these issues? The only person I ever see speaking out in a public and direct way is Max - surely there are others who can bring pressure to bear which would lead to debate and refinement of the scoring system/better training for judges on the fairest way to apply the system. Yuzuru's so precious - it's an awful thought that his confidence and self belief (and his body!) could be crushed by this.
  6. I cannot bear to see him distraught like this, he is like a tortured soul. He really can only feel the disappointment of losing, not the greatness that is him and the way he performs that we all see and love. The tech stuff is nothing compared to the beauty and emotional depth of his skating and artistry. I can't bear him trying 4Lz 4F etc, that ankle is not going to withstand such constant impact for much longer - he needs saving from himself, Brian, Tracy, Javi, someone, help him!
  7. I hope Yuzuru has had a good nights sleep It's 8am in Japan now, only 8 hours to the start of the men's short (that's me hyperventilating!!) Yuzu's practice is at 12.20pm Japantime right? I need to sleep but I need to see how his practice goes too, stupid time zones
  8. Oh well, sleep time here! Let's hope we see Yuzu at next scheduled practice (9.50am tomorrow for me....) Hes such a tease!
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