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  1. No graduation, but a connection under the same sky to our lovely Yuzuru, thanks to ANA! Happy skyday!
  2. It was at Japan Nationals Dec 2019 - dont know link though sorry!
  3. Shoma called him "that terrifying presence"....and Yuzuru's NICE to him lol
  4. He's still practising for that 4A dream so no R word yet
  5. I am so enjoying Kikuchi san's book - Yuzu talking non stop to Kikuchi san about the Olympics, the Olympics, the Olympics as a youngster, Kikuchi telling him he was so noisy lol, Yuzu wanting Kikuchi san with him for important competitions (and sending his dad to ask!), Kikuchi san not minding people calling him a wizard and such because he really is a strange older man - all just lovely. Thanks for posting these translation links @Anni
  6. The schedule of events is out for Worlds....yay we can see just the gala mentioned on the Sunday, no awards - that's if Worlds goes ahead at all... and will Yuzuru (and fans) travel even if it does??
  7. Waaahhhh tears seem to come so easily to me these days ! My daughter and I saw Jeff skate to For Forever at CiONTU (the first one on the 13th) - she had been sulking before Jeff came on and she magically cheered up on hearing this song (and tbh who wouldn't cheer up watching Jeff skate with his beautiful smiles and positivity??) so the music does something to me, the nostalgia I suppose, and then seeing them skating together like this, and Yuzuru's beautiful skating that we are missing so much.....I hope Jeff is choreographing Yuzuru's next short, together they have genius level plus some - thanks for posting!
  8. I'm sure they were meeting about it today, but whether we will hear an outcome today I am unsure.....
  9. As we have said before on here, Yuzuru has excellent timing and an amazing strategic brain - he is also a trailblazer - courageous, thorough, thoughtful - a leader in his sport on so many levels. Really, governing body should be making these types of statements re health of athletes, coaches, audiences, spreading of infection, long term health risks associated with contracting Covid... (maybe they will now??) Wonder if/how this news will affect Worlds (all event) tickets cost and sales....
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