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  1. Happy 2021 to all satellites!! While 2020 has been a turbulent year for so many, I’m glad that we were able to celebrate Yuzu’s triumphant and glorious comeback and thankful that the Planet gave us a safe and fun place to follow and marvel over his exploits. Here’s wishing Yuzu and all of you a better, healthier 2021.
  2. Agree. I don’t think the Ina Bauer added much to the program. The last spin too didn’t seem to match the music with the exception of the raising of hands to the sky to the last note of music. I wonder if he could end with a jump ie 3A similar to Beautiful storm. Just to add what I love about the program: The middle portions including the step sequence are beautiful and languid. And the dramatic pause in the middle where he covers his face and then raises his hand? Absolutely gorgeous
  3. I love love love LMEY. It could be cos the song brings back fond memories and the rock genre is up my alley. But I also feel the program works structurally and the choreo brings out the music accents well especially from 3A onwards. H&E is a potential masterpiece and I love it too but in a different way. I’m glad he’s not winded skating H&E. He was well within the limits of his endurance and stamina. BV considerations aside, the jumps matched the musical ebbs and flows, especially the seamless fluid 4S - 3A2T - 3Lo series of jumps. I do see however some stretches
  4. He mentions he wasn’t able to jump presumably quad loop and sal for a while, thereby necessitating front-loading the program. I think there was a separate interview that mentioned he was in a not so good state in October. Does anyone have further information on what happened then? Did the media provide clarification on what exactly happened to him during that time?
  5. Thank you so much for the much needed context; it gives his comments added significance. He is clearly aware of his own role and influence and how he wants to channel it for the greater good. What a wonderful person. His parents must be so proud
  6. Just got back from dinner and caught Kaori and Rika’s skates. Congrats to Kaori for skating Matrix clean - i don’t think I’ve seen that before. She looked a little tentative, could have been more aggressive but I guess the cautious approach worked in that all the jumps were landed. Rika - wow. Congrats. The 4S looked ur to me, but good job nonetheless. This program isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s a bit generic and reminds me of her senior debut SP program where she was also packaged similarly. But her consistency and determination to up her technical skills is so inspiring. I was ch
  7. Hello everyone! Lovely skating but pity about the falls. Japanese skaters have lovely deep knees and deep edges.
  8. I think part of the reasons were the recycled programs. Origin especially did not showcase Yuzu at his best. The choreo itself was not very memorable imo and he never seemed totally at ease skating it, and it didn’t help that it stayed for almost 2 seasons. This new set of programs however is immediately compelling and fresh. First for how different they are when presented at a comp, and how they showcase Yuzu’s versatility and range (O&O were rather samey in that respect). Second, H&E has the potential to be an iconic and representative program in the same vein of Seimei, wi
  9. I want to believe this. Please 🙏🏼 has this been posted? JPTV’s coverage
  10. To the Japanese speakers: Did he say he was injured? I don't want to take Iron Klaus word for it
  11. Skating does not deserve him. The sport will rue the day they didn't give him his due credit
  12. Now he looks like he could be one of my students. Duality of Hanyu
  13. Ok I don't think I'm getting the VPN, so can satellites kindly update when the press conference starts plzz, arigato
  14. I thought about that, but think 3loop suits this program. All the edge jumps suit the contemplative music beautiful. And the loop, coming just after the 3A, almost like a transition or choreographic elements, works well.
  15. That was an utter privilege to watch. He must have been in the zone. Quietly confident, sure of what he needed to do and with the ease of a champion, pulled it off, well within his limits and power. Does anyone know if there's a link to watch the press conference?
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