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  1. Re: Noisy fans: The thing that annoys me most is loud screaming before Yuzuru has fully completed an element eg combination jump, or whilst he is still mid-air in a quad! Clapping spontaneously because of feeling excited I can understand, but screaming during an important and difficult element in a competitive performance could be so off putting for an athlete. Sensitivity is needed towards all the athletes during a competition, but given we are Yuzu fans we should especially behave in a way that aids his performance, rather than hinders it. Noise can of course be very supportive though during a performance if it's at the right time eg. the roar before Yuzuru's step seq in Otonal! That must surely spur him on!
  2. It gets better everytime I watch it - I see more beautiful detail each time - AND THE QUAD TOES ARE TO DIE FOR JUDGES!!! Lo and Sal landings will be back soon and the second to last spin is AMAZING!! ....anyway it's a blooming masterpiece! (pun re gorgeous costume intended!)
  3. Thanks, I didnt know how judges were selected - in this scenario then, this is what needs some reform, maybe a quality assurance body of some sort to ensure best practice in judge selection (and then monitoring of their practice) is being observed? EDIT: an INDEPENDENT quality assurance body
  4. I'm just thinking about this, and am certainly no expert at all on the matter (just a bit wary of conspiracy theories ....although of course conspiricies do happen!), but this relies on all judges being corrupt, doesn't it? and all Tech controllers? - is this really what we believe is happening? If this was really the case I would expect someone with principles and a love of the sport to whistleblow, knowing that such an approach was being promoted by those in powerful positions. Also, figure skating is a really small world - the judges probably have links with many others in figure skating I imagine? I can't see how so many could be swayed to behave in such an immoral manner. However, I suppose there is an argument that the new scoring system seems to benefit some more than others - when it was talked about before its introduction I seem to remember discussions where some felt it might benefit Yuzuru given the quality of his skating - this is not proving to be the case sadly. As I said, I am no expert, but tend to believe that most people start from a point of wanting to do a good job and to be fair. (lol you will probably say I am naive, and maybe that's true!) Edit: by the way I am NOT arguing here that Yuzu was scored properly at ACI - he was scored very unfairly and inaccurately IMO
  5. Yay I agree! We know we can’t go wrong with joy and love and support! ( I love how Yuzuru has dealt with this - quiet, calm, determined, and I thought he seemed to be having fun at the VC, and looked relaxed (though tired) in his interviews and still spoke about his future plans with optimism I thought). He doesn’t really need us to “protect” him from this issue around unfair scoring, he’s the powerful one with links and contacts in the skating world, not us, and he is much loved by practically everyone including rivals and their coaches! It’s really upsetting when we feel things are unfairly set against him, but I saw Boyang fans complaining about his Lombardia scores too! I suppose we are all having to get used to this scoring system, and there is definitely a need to modernise scoring and work to consistency, and it does seem that judges need help on understanding PCS and need good training and oversight on this issue. So, yes, let’s carry on showing him our excitement, joy, support and love - he has told us he really needs and appreciates it.
  6. Awww look what Christopher Caluza posted on his IG And on his story: Other skaters know he is the God of FS even if the judges and American media don’t!!
  7. Ah I love this idea so much! Yuzu'd love it too! and it would bring a smile to many people's faces, whoever they support, cos it's cute, and everyone would know it was meant for Yuzu, and imagine the Olympic Channel reporting on it!! Just the issue of flags/countries to think about....Maybe we could have BOTH "We Heart Yuzu~with flags~", and Hunny Pot 6.0s!!
  8. My preference is We heart Yuzu with the flag in the heart - simplicity is often the most effective IMO. And I think Yuzu rather than Yuzuru, because it's shorter and because that what we call him mostly (I imagine!) Plus it implies that closer relationship between fan and athlete. Thanks for coming up with some different ideas too folks, it concentrates the mind when there are choices to be made!
  9. He has a very calming effect I think. If we know he can find good from it, then we too can feel OK!
  10. Well...........I think I want my money back for GPF and Worlds tickets, I can't bear the thought of............well I am not even going to say it. A constant I see in comments made by Yuzuru's fans is our wish for him to be happy, above all else. His words above indicate he isn't happy, and I really dont like the thought that that could be his dominant feeling in these precious months before he exits the sport at some point in the future. If this is going to be the attitude of judges going forward, I would like Yuzu to land that 4A at the very earliest opportunity please!
  11. It's maddening that this is spoiling the joy for all of us around the world of seeing Yuzuru (and the other skaters!) skating again at the start of the new season, seeing that absolutely (IMO) gorgeous new Origin costume in which he looks truly beautiful and majestic, having a pretty good performance in both SP (another gorgeous costume - the neckline especially suits Yuzu I think) and FS, being as healthy and strong as he can be again, winning Gold (yaaaaay!! Congrats Yuzuru), having some fun at the VC, having lovely huggy times with his coaches, seeing Javi again..........there were lots of great moments over the last 3 days that we have all revelled in. I want to remember those, rather than the injustice of seeing this talented, hardworking, polite, funny, kind, and beautiful ambassador of figure skating, a 2 time Oly champ no less, being treated as if he is of no real importance to the sport or us, his adoring public. So, lets remember the good stuff, and lets keep letting him know just how much we admire and love him, how much joy (OK, and anxiety!!) he gives us, and lets keep supporting him as he asks us to no matter what the risks and obstacles are - he really is worth it. We will not see his like again in this sport in our lifetime, or our children's lifetime, or our children's children's lifetime even!! Yuzuru, we love you and we will continue to have unshaken belief in your technical and artistic genius and to support you whilst ever you participate in competitive figure skating.
  12. I swore ... loudly ...and a lot! Including being a bit horrid about the cameraperson, like, name calling ... in front of my (teen) daughter ... sorry love
  13. True! But in the K&C there was a moment of acceptance where he sort of shrugged and smiled ... he knows he’s gonna be (quite a big bit??) ahead of the rest....
  14. Just some first comp nerves I think (his 4Ss were great in practice of course) - he’ll be frustrated ... but it was still beautiful! Thank you Yuzuuuu!!
  15. This says Javi is in Canada to train for the Japan Open 🇯🇵 (Sorry If already posted!)
  16. Why is Javi there?? Why is Sota there?? Do you think that they have come maybe to watch the first 4A to ever be landed in competition maybe??!!!
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