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  1. This tweet from Jack today translates on google as "This week is skating illustrator @nigaoe877 will have an exclusive interview with. Hanyu Yuzuru" Not sure if the translation gives the correct meaning - there is a full stop after the "with" then hashtag Hanyu Yuzuru. Any ideas? I think it must mean the interview is with the illustrator?
  2. That was sooooo good and Yuzuru was positively glowing! Winning definitely suits him! Thanks everyone, and especially Fay and SallyCinnamon
  3. I remember Max tweeting something like Transitions 10 Skating Skills 10 Performance 10 Composition 10 Interpretation 10 For us, but unfortunately not for the judges
  4. Gorgeous from Jason it was beautiful to watch in the stadium - he has great presence and ice coverage too, and the audience just loved this performance me included!
  5. OMG three skaters to go!!! I am starting to feel nervous lol!! I cant concentrate on the skaters competing now - this is what happens to me at live events too!!
  6. Julian yay another good performance! Great at connecting with the audience.
  7. I wondered if he was a builder first lol before I saw it was Pink Floyd
  8. I'm weeping - the free at Worlds was the first live competition event I had been to, I remember this moment for Michael so well and ending with that lovely Biellmann - I wept then as now.....he did so well! Edit actually that song makes me weep, I always cried when I saw Mai skate it too!
  9. Good morning all! A new profile pic for me to mark this wonderful event!!
  10. Jason is so beautiful to watch, it’s amazing he wasn’t at the Olympics
  11. Love Tracy’s 104 and Javi and Brian’s reaction 😂
  12. Wow huge applause for Misha his skating is so appreciated
  13. It’s gonna be crazy on the chat when he’s actually skating...or maybe just after!! They (we) will all be glued to our screens lol
  14. Wow this is such a happy event I feel positively giddy - goose pimples at introductions of group 2 skaters...obviously skating deprived!!
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