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41 minutes ago, Anzi said:

Q: what if you can wear a high-tech speeding skating suit to facilitate your rotation and....






He is the overlord. I am fully convinced he would find a new, unthought of, creative way to mix high tech suit and shining sparkles and the world will be filled with awe...I would love to see it!:darklordyuzu:


edit: one can dream..he made so many dreams come true...:)

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25 minutes ago, Paskud said:

Like this?

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I do love his costumes though - and I’m havign a terrible day too - just cooped up watching Yuzu videos to cheer myself up. Why is Otonal so beautiful ? I can’t stop watching the Rostelecom cup performance 😍

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6 hours ago, rockstaryuzu said:

Imagine getting to watch Yuzu perform in a speed skating unitard...:13877886:




I kept thinking when I saw him in his black underarmour, and then Nathan in the probably far pricier Vera Wang.... there's no contest.  Yuzuru could wear the speedskater material in black (can't be tighter fitting than the PPOS!) and no one would even look at the other skaters...


But could they add his beloved sparkles?

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