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  1. Oh geez - I've been lucky so far...no e-mail about this (fingers crossed). That's pretty awful - how can they just do that? Side note: Still trying to find a place to stay >< Starting to really lose hope - the prices are crazy for hotels nearby/are sold out If anyone would be interested in booking a hotel together or an Airbnb, please pm me! And if you're also planning to drive, if open, I'd be happy to split gas/rental costs as well if I can pop along. Edit; As a just in case, I ended up booking a suite at Recreation Inn & Suits (about a 20 min bus ride from the venue ^^) if anyone's still looking for a place, it has two queen beds + a twin I'm travelling alone (female) and feeling quite uneasy as it's my first time going to an event/travelling completely solo ahah. . Any tips for a first time solo goer?
  2. Would anyone be interested in booking an Airbnb together? ^_^ id be down to chill for dinners and what not too (I’m a mid twenty female - happy to link my IG and what not if you’re worried!)
  3. I’m interested! I’ll pm! :) by the way, is there only one open practice? (The Thursday)?
  4. I'm so sad T_T I didn't think there wouldn't be an e-mail or anything...*sigh* I really hope there's still tickets available come Friday
  5. I jumped the gun too and bought mine! I’m in 102 row m I hope Yuzu decides on Skate Canada ahah
  6. I'm so sad for him - he looked so disappointed Really hoping the FS goes well ! I thought he looked super tense throughout the entire SP/beginning prep
  7. LOOOL OMG NOOO im dying I do love his costumes though - and I’m havign a terrible day too - just cooped up watching Yuzu videos to cheer myself up. Why is Otonal so beautiful ? I can’t stop watching the Rostelecom cup performance 😍
  8. But, at the same time, does that mean as long as the video is geoblocked for Korea, than its good to go? Or does SBS still have the right to have them removed anyway ?
  9. Yeah ! I use youtube-dl.exe (its a script but it's pretty easy to use ... I kind of just googled everything. Just under the spoiler as I don't want to spam up the thread with a long post: I'm so sad they've been deleting his videos on yt - I became a fan after getting curious from the Olympics because of Chopin and the Pooh Bears. Wouldn't have been able to learn so much without those videos
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