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  1. LOOOOL this is gold 😂😂😂 The day when yuzu snaps heh
  2. LMFAO that's so silly ... I honestly think the deep knee bends make the jumps look nicer anyway....Nathan's landings always look so stiff and unnatural (not just Nathan of course, any stiff landers look that way to me)
  3. Agreed - Whenever they have close ups on his face, I find his expressions are always very entrancing/intune with the music E.g. that one shot of Yuzuru's face during H&L https://youtu.be/BLnWD7i99-w?t=405
  4. I think I’d die of happiness if he chose masquerade 😻
  5. I'm surprised - so seems like Yuzuru is ambassador only for Citizen China? Think it's a bit odd he's not ambassador for the Japan branch as well Thank you everyone for sharing the updates - his skin looks so perfect!
  6. I'm so sad for him - he looked so disappointed Really hoping the FS goes well ! I thought he looked super tense throughout the entire SP/beginning prep
  7. LOOOL OMG NOOO im dying I do love his costumes though - and I’m havign a terrible day too - just cooped up watching Yuzu videos to cheer myself up. Why is Otonal so beautiful ? I can’t stop watching the Rostelecom cup performance 😍
  8. But, at the same time, does that mean as long as the video is geoblocked for Korea, than its good to go? Or does SBS still have the right to have them removed anyway ?
  9. Yeah ! I use youtube-dl.exe (its a script but it's pretty easy to use ... I kind of just googled everything. Just under the spoiler as I don't want to spam up the thread with a long post: I'm so sad they've been deleting his videos on yt - I became a fan after getting curious from the Olympics because of Chopin and the Pooh Bears. Wouldn't have been able to learn so much without those videos
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