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  1. Bump! And ops correction...I fat fingered my section lol. Its section 101 ...but originally posted as 110.
  2. Selling all event ticket 110 row P seat 7 Asking 1100 CAD Centre right across from judges, long side
  3. Looking for: Men's Free OR all event for long sides row D or closer. Prefer to purchase from members who are more involved with PH (sorry, just a little hesitant to buy a $$$ ticket from just anyone either). I have a ticket actually but want to be closer now that there's Seimei
  4. LOOOOL this is gold 😂😂😂 The day when yuzu snaps heh
  5. LMFAO that's so silly ... I honestly think the deep knee bends make the jumps look nicer anyway....Nathan's landings always look so stiff and unnatural (not just Nathan of course, any stiff landers look that way to me)
  6. Wow....that's so ridiculous. Is there anything we can do ? Pretty ridiculous considering no one in JSF can even compare lol.....
  7. Oh I think I was on the same flight! I got to see her too (she's so pretty). Were you the girl with the Pooh key chain?
  8. Can we somehow complain to ISU? This is so ridiculous and unfair...what in the ... how can an official sport have such incorrect calls?
  9. Jealous of you all - I have an exam until 2 EST (and it takes a bloody whole hour for them to dismiss us...). Depending on you all to rave on about what goes on If it wasn't for this stupid exam, I'd have gone to ACI
  10. Everytime I read your posts, it's like you're reading my mind I'm hoping he brings out the 4A ...I'm just imagining how it would go with the gong and it's just perfect.
  11. Agreed - Whenever they have close ups on his face, I find his expressions are always very entrancing/intune with the music E.g. that one shot of Yuzuru's face during H&L https://youtu.be/BLnWD7i99-w?t=405
  12. That's true - I was so surprised to see us getting both Masquerade and Crystal LOL haha - for some reason, I'm half expecting Yuzuru to just troll hard here and do only up to the Loop for ACI I'd be so happy if it was LGC ... I loved that SP so much . Ahahah - we haven't even seen him practice yet and it's at the 22nd page....
  13. That's true ...I really wish he'd have made Masquerade his SP, of course with some modifications to make it competition suitable. I personally loved it so much. I'm so sad I'll never get to see it in person
  14. Maybe! - Trying to picture how they could outdo the origin costume though (the costume itself I think is so lovely) I have a feeling it's the same....maybe with slight tweaks
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