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  1. raebia

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Very nice flowers they got..the bouquets are often so ugly, but not these
  2. raebia

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I like his skating more and more every time
  3. raebia

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    http://telego99.com/match-arena.html this works for me
  4. I mean look at him!! He has a good skate, but he sings of blue skies, for heavens sake!! And he comes in funeral/office outfit. Ok, had a bad day..😄, but it is tragic😄😄 ..missed the fall about ranting, sorry...😅
  5. There is so much black in the costumes...where is colour? Where is bling? Where are ruffles and lace?? Ok, better not think about it..😕. Will stay for P Fentz, then sleep..greetings to all😊😊
  6. Ah, Kolyada, without the nerves..so great, so beautiful..
  7. raebia

    GPF Cheer Project

    to Yuzuru Hanyu: thank you with all my heart and may all your dreams and wishes come true. from Gernany
  8. raebia

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ..just woke up, and when I saw the thread moving my first thought was „ He has withdrawn“. Ouf, yes. I just hope he is not as deeply unhappy as last year. I will crawl to work now...
  9. raebia

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ...he has got style in every millimetre of his being and his outfit. Amazing! I love it so much! And being stylish and aware and being a nice human being who does not seem to be vain...I have no words.
  10. If this would be a gala with Yuzu and they would have talked through I would go there and personally kill them. I would find them...