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  1. This bracket is genius- thank you so much 😊!
  2. I am so sorry:-( I got the Blue Flame book, the latest video, and preordered the book about costumes. My other orders from Japan amazon were not Yuzu-related. As for for good and many pictures...probably the magazines? But I loved the Blue Flame book. For what you are looking for, especially good photos, there will be better tips from satellites here, I am sure. Greetings! edit: I got the „memorial 2019“ photobook. It is not only Yuzuru and is from Saitama, well, but it has many great photos of him nonethele
  3. On what to get — there is so much I could not advise anyone:—). But I can say that ordering and shipping via amazon jp. never was a problem. The only thing here in Germany is, that one may get a phone call from the customs office if it is merchandise over 20 Euros. They once wanted a screenshot of the merch.
  4. I could not help myself - just pre-ordered it:-).
  5. I am thinking about his words after he did Seimei at the gala recently, how it was difficult for him because he did not want to change the good memories people have with this important programme if he made a mistake. If this change is really true, he must feel much more confident now!
  6. I just watched the videos with him standing alone at this blue curtain that was mentioned and the interview. And I had a crazy thought/ flash of an image: I do not like the music of Johnny Cash and do not know much about him, but a friend of mine has this iconic photo of him as a poster. It is this black and white picture of Cash against some wild clouds with his guitar in front of him, resting on the ground. It is, to me, a picture of a man and artist standing alone, like a rock, having lived through much, very quiet and strong. And
  7. ...I am still sick/ill lying on the couch most of the time since before Turin, and therefore I have all the time in the world to watch fs:-). I watched every minute of the European Championships, and during this time I often felt the impulse to watch some of Yuzurus programmes...watching others skate seems to get me the need to watch his skating. All day long today I wanted to watch Nice 2012 Romeo and Juliet after the ladies free, and I just did, with Italian commentary. It was the performance that hooked me back then, and it was as fascinating as ever: the
  8. And my first thought and most fascinating to me is the fact that this waist is all muscles! This is a part of the wonder about Yuzuru Hanyu to me, as it is reflected in the art/kanji/movements comments: muscles yet ethereal, strong yet fragile...on so many levels, not only bodily...as so often I have no words.
  9. Thank you SO much for the text and the video: these are my thoughts and feelings as well. I am sitting here waiting for the New Year to come: Happy New Year to you and all satellites!!
  10. Hello, Merry Christmas and thank you for this post! There is a MAD of Yuzuru to this song, I always wanted to read the lyrics:-). I can try and find it and a link, if you like and if you dont know it, not today but this week? Thank you again!
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