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  1. ...my special greetings to the sleep deprived: I look forward to the time when we will be tired in March😊 (I love sleep, only a few things and figure skaters can keep me awake this long😄) Bye for now
  2. Ok. So now I can go to bed😊 Congrats to the winners— and greetings to all!
  3. ..someome on rabbit wrote she/he felt like she/he was watching zamboni
  4. You know, I admire those sportsmen and the people who do good, but I really hate the kitsch— presentation there... one good thing: I learned about athletes I did not know before.
  5. ...and you are still strong: you did not suffer through over an hour of boredom!😄
  6. I have a plan: I will drink ONE shot of vodka and then I will quit and go to bed😄
  7. Ganbatte. It will be March soon....😊
  8. ..I have to go and bake something, will be back later. I got to thinking: after CoR, isnt he coming back again for worlds? I took vacation to be able to watch worlds live on a stream, but I dread it. I am already nervous. Isnt it the Olympic situation all over again? Coming back from injury? Or perhaps it is not so bad this time?? Ok, to the kitchen I go...
  9. ...I really dont think he will come and that this is not his cup of tea, but I have a phantasy: if he came, he would not walk on the red carpet, but he would ninja his way in!!😅😅😅 I am sitting here, laughing, and loving him😅
  10. ..just spent some time on youtube: I donˋt think this is Yuzurus kind of event ? I cannot express it properly in English, but I just dont see him there — and am quite happy about it😊 ( if he turns up, ok, I bow my head in shame😅😅)