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  1. with this gold medal out of ribbon...I love him:—). To be able to find his gold, even if not on the podium... And I remember how he draped himself in gold ribbons in Moscow.. Wish him all the gold in the world:—). edit: and it makes me a liiittle bit hopeful that he knows his true worth.
  2. (. Chris is saying „ spectacular“ so often I came to think he is super bored and does not like fs in reality.
  3. Oh wow, what an outfit😃. Makes me forget Criss comments, thank god.
  4. Cameraman aside I think this was the Notte Stellata I like the most. No words.
  5. I like them😊, always look forward to watching them.
  6. For me, the other skaters skate „to“ the music, while Yuzuru does something different there wich I caught on watching him on tv in 2012. I was instantly gripped. For other skaters it took seeing them train and perform live. I have come to like others and follow them with interest, but only after watching them live.
  7. Film music to „Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence“
  8. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence: love it and have always wished Yuzuru would skate to it someday😊
  9. On the topic of boycotts: I do not think the goal would be to boycott any scater but to boycott isu representatives. At the beginning of competition I am each and every time astonished that the judges stand up, wave and smile when they are introduced and think: do they not know how hated they are?😂. If boycotting must be during.a running competition ( am not in favour of it) I would rather boycott the judges introduction: wait in the lobby, so that they see the empty seats, and sit down when warm up begins. edit: boycott or protest I meant.
  10. she is way, way better than B.Tennell, loved it😊
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