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  1. raebia

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Whoever created this photograph is a genius...
  2. raebia

    [2018] Japan Open (06.10)

    I want to take the opportunity and thank everyone for the streaming links!!! You are livesavers!!
  3. raebia

    [2018] Japan Open (06.10)

    omg, what a save..
  4. raebia

    [2018] Japan Open (06.10)

    This was so great to watch!!
  5. raebia

    Favorite Yuzuru moments

    ...and his cooldown movements after practice touched my heart. I have never seen someone so elegant...have to stop thinking about his movements and get to work.....this is difficult
  6. raebia

    Favorite Yuzuru moments

    I have many favourite moments, I love this thread. I suddenly remember the first time I saw him live, at his first practice in Helsinki, worlds. I was a fanyu since Nice 2012, so I new — in theory — about his murderface and how fast he is. But on this day I was almost shocked and my first thoughts were: omg he looks so angry..OMG, he is so fast!! I will never forget this day. And then, before the free, when his group was anounced for the warm— up, he did not stand in line, quietly, but skated off, moving, doing his own thing...there I saw how extra, extra special he is...😉
  7. raebia

    Deutschsprachige Ecke

    Worlds in Saitama, ein Traum!! Drücke Dir alle Daumen für Tickets!
  8. raebia

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    This music frightens me a little...
  9. raebia

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    can somebody tell me what happened to Paul Fentz? Did he withdraw? I cannot find anything on google..
  10. raebia

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    ...a little bit related to this competition: I had my first ever figure skating-related dream these days: I dreamt I had woken up to tons of messages in the planet because A. Dmitriev hat stood a quad axel in competition.. some nightmare! I was happy to find I had only been dreaming edit: in reality it would not be a nightmare, I dont have the feeling of some kind of race...but at first it felt like this early in the morning
  11. raebia

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    I feel you:-) Gilles/Poirier... But I will be back tomorrow, I think, not tonight.