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  1. I think this must be photoshopped/cgi? Someone put his face on some kind of not pleasant to look at bodybuilders torso?? This is not him... Me, too, would like to unsee! 😂
  2. ...I just only now realized I will not be able to watch Yuzuru skate on the 25. and the 26.! 😳 I promised to help my nephew move into his first room of his own... Ah. Well. As he is the best nephew in the world and he thinks I am the best aunt in the world I will help him move alright and read here with cold sweat of anxiety later.. ( I will have to drive a van wich I am not really able to do some several hundred kilometers... so there are two reasons for sweating: driving this van and thinking about Canada...😂) edit: but I will be up and awake at the ungodly hour for the gala.
  3. ...I find the discussion about cheering etc very interesting, so many insightful thoughts..! While reading just now, my doorbell rang: the bluray has arrived!! So quickly!! edit: looks very classy!
  4. I think I have to buy the blue ray...I intended to be very careful with money this year!!.. But I have to do it... I should not have gone to amazon jp..and take a look..😂
  5. no stream for me...will be reading the last comments and hoping for a video tomorrow. Greetings to all!!
  6. He looked nervous in the beginning to me as well, but then it completely caught me up..
  7. I read butterfly emperor and vampire lord...all true! This Is some costume.
  8. I am happy Chaplin is gone! A good change for me...might have killed myself if Chaplin once again..😊
  9. .. I did not see him last night, but now I understand the comments here..
  10. ..well this costume now is not nice I think., but it has colour..not all the men in black this year..it is something..
  11. ..and Jun in white lace..I went crazy having to see this waiting for the Origin costume
  12. he looks regal, sexy and smashing in dark purple..I have no words.
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