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  1. Money might be nice, but the truth is in the student´s vote, in my opinion😊. Congratulations! 😊
  2. ...I looked up a scam test homepage about tritickets: even if they are selling legitimate tickets the homepage seems not to be too safe. So I would rather not send credit card information there...
  3. https://tritickets.org/figure-skating-en/grand-prix-en/31538/ I had googled for tickets and found this. I dont know anything about this organisation...I am in doubt, but...well.
  4. ...there is this tritickets homepage where one can place an order...I dont know..
  5. ..I have to work on July 19th...have to try and go online during work. This is nerve- wrecking..
  6. ..I do not see the prices...somehow I get always back to the seating map...where did you find the prices?
  7. ...I have been away on holiday, but I am now joining team hair definitely, passionately and in awe of the HAIR !!!
  8. I came home from work just now: it was a long day and I was waiting to get home to watch Masquerade and CM again...:-) And now I watched it with subtitles on, and I find it even more haunting.. omg, omg, omg...
  9. Thank you all so much! I have to leave and go on working...trying to concentrate on my work....yes, well.... until next time!
  10. I did not know it was possible, but I love his Ina Bauer even more this year..❤️
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