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8 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

I recall reading an interview of his where he mentioned that right before he competes, the adrenaline and nerves affect his stomach and cause him digestive troubles, so he's probably learned over time to eat lightly and simply for competition days.

Yes that is so true. I have similar experience...when I go through tense study, my body cannot hold too much energy and the meat is both unnecessary and hard for my stomach to digest...

so I just trun to a vege that makes my life easy and bright lol 

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3 hours ago, Tee said:


This interview is super insightful!


Yuzu- first Olympic practice- Does single Toe, single Sal, single loop, 3A, bows and off the ice.  <leaves everyone wide-eyed and in shock>


Later in an interview find out that he knew everyone was watching him.  Pretty brilliant.:gla:

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36 minutes ago, SuperMin said:

In the John Wilson Blades interview, Brian mentioned a practice where Yuzu and Javi skated together during practice.  Does anyone have a link?  I can’t seem to find it on YT- probably deleted. :yznotimpressed:


It happens @ 12:45

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I think we had a conversation on the technique of measuring figure skater's jumps in Japan. I just watched JNats found they apply this technique in the slow motion part after each performance. The statistics of the jump's height, distance and the landing speed are displayed.


I deadly want to see Yuzu's jumps are measured in such way which looks super cool! But who knows whether ISU would ever apply this technology 🙄



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