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  1. I followed her junior career and fell in love with her skating. She’s the most complete skater. And can sell any choreography. Well done baby!
  2. He’s such a beautiful and graceful skater, always a pleasure to watch. He’s second? Yay!!!!
  3. 1. A picture of Otonal or Origin 2.0 would be best IMO (I’m partial to Origin.. love at first sight) 2. I like the shape of the heart you chose but maybe a deeper shade of pink or a red one?
  4. I love this one, it’s gorgeous and probably like @LadyLou said more practical. Thank you for not giving up on the idea
  5. How to unsee???? Is this a competition for worst costume ever with Dory and white Xylitol? I hope at least Yuzu got loads of money out of this CM I wouldn’t want to be seen in that even dead
  6. Poor Andrew, I love his skating but he kinda died tonight
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