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  1. Yes!!! And I will fight anyone hating on The Hair
  2. Yay because at first I was it’s so wild what did he do? And then mmm it’s not that bad, suits him. Am I smitten or am I smitten?
  3. That was beautiful! Thank you Yay!!! What is he going to talk about now he has enlightened us about kittens, sleep, music and games
  4. I know I am still in denial. We still have broadcast to keep us alive but the summer drought after everything we got during FaoI will be harsh. As usual my favorite highlight is the comic duo Nobu/Zuzu. With a huge mention to ToshI becoming fanyu number one.
  5. I am both very happy for you and very envious And now we wait anxiously for the footage
  6. This day is blessed...I’m not crying
  7. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to have a fellow satellite giving us such great reports So Yuzu is really out for our hair, heart condition, I will have to replenish my cellar and invest in a defibrillator for the upcoming season But boy, does he keep that sport so thrilling despite the ISU best efforts to drive us away. Never loved him more
  8. I could watch their antics for hours... and I’ll never get tired of giggly Yuzu
  9. I just can’t believe they skipped Stephane and gave us Carmen...
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