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  1. I can see our ninja boy is on his off season witchcraft when he gets to look like a teen again or even less
  2. This is amazing and gorgeous!!!
  3. Yuzu’s power: giving us proof of life just when we’re starting to think he is a figment of our imagination. Thank God he can’t resist small kids
  4. So, it’s this time of the year we all go crazy speculating and we won’t have media day to bring us back to Earth I wonder how far we’ll get before ACI
  5. Yuzu has reached another level, after being a two time Olympic gold medalist, he is now becoming a Olympic medal
  6. If he really does recycle Origin I’d be thrilled tbh, that program was never skated to its full potential and I loved it from the first second during media day last year. But please Yuzu do a rock/sassy SP
  7. Thank you again @faeline for the stream and helping us through the drought, especially now we won’t have media day
  8. Is there a sound more satisfying than Yuzu’s blades on the ice. We need those streaming parties not to forget he is real
  9. I miss him so much. That was wonderful. There is really no one like him.
  10. Rolling Yuzu is a wonderful way to start the day... Carmen... not so much
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