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  1. Quick question: will Yuzu go to the show in Toyama or not? cuz I vaguely remember the news said he will attend all shows.
  2. in 6 days? I can even wait for one more day... I need any footage or news of that 4 luz please...
  3. As Yuzu bringing back 4Lz, we probably need to be mentally prepared and so don't be freaked out too much next season.
  4. Quick question: is the new POTO program for ice show or for next season competition???
  5. So after one month since I began using Sekkisei, my skin has some significant improvements. I haven't had any breakout and it shines even I stay at night. This is just my experience, the outcome is positive. Thanks to Yuzu, otherwise I will never try this brand.
  6. Sorry can't help myself to be salty, and Congrats to Nathan to win the gold, but the underscore on Yuzu is too obvious. Judges gave Nathan jumps 4-5 goe and gave Yuzu's 2-4. This is a joke. Yuzu's 4lo was given 1 by J2, 4s doesn't deserve -3 goe. 4t3a only 2-3, seriously? This robbing is too obvious!
  7. Someone please compare the score panels of Yuzu and Nathan, and see how many score Yuzu was robbed off?
  8. Can someone compare yuzu and Nathan's score panel please? we need analyze how many score Yuzu was robbed off
  9. I have many questions about this issue, but first, why there is no record, report or witness whatsoever on Bell stop her skating or after her run through to LOOK AFTER the people she might unintentionally hurt? So she just kept it going or ignore it? I am waiting for her own accounts. This issue is bizzard in many levels. I was really surprised when first heard about it. I am not a fan of either skater, so these just my thoughts as an outsider.
  10. Every small fall is the start to rise up. Yuzu is still a growing athlete. Just thinking about he will continually elevate himself to a higher standard would make me feel so grateful and content.
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