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    A feminist, a student of Women's, Gender and Sexuality studies, non-violent and 90% vegetarianism; a satellite of Planet Hanyu
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  1. Anzi

    Random Thought Theater

    I am also in diet, I mean most of my life is in diet. But I am thinking to buy some alcohol drinks during Worlds, and hope it could relax myself a little bit (probably not)
  2. At the point of institutional support, no one would do worse than ISU.
  3. If this is the price for skating gods blessing Yuzu a healthy body and a gold medal in Worlds 2019, then I can accept it.
  4. I like your profile image, that's my current expression
  5. How could people be SO blind to the ever-seen phenomenons Yuzu has created?
  6. I am gona re-translate that Chinese grandpa's speech, cuz I am bored. He said, he lost his legs 43 yrs ago when he climbed the Mount Everest with his team. He lent his sleeping bag to one of his team members, and unfortunately, his legs were frozen off which led to necrosis and amputation. During the past 43 yrs, he conquered different mounts in most horrific situations, including storm, avalanche and earthquake, but he persisted and survived. During this period, he was also diagnosed with cancer and thrombus. Last year, he climbed the Mount Everest again. It was in his age of 69, and he finally reached to the summit. This is the time the Everest finally accepted him.
  8. OMG that Chinese grandpa is so amazing, but the translator is ughhhh.....