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  1. Ok. Just watched it again. I’m convinced... a classical short...a Japanese FS...quad axel...perfect 19-20 season!!!!
  2. So on the topic of why everyone loves Yuzu. I happened on this vid of Yuzu when he arrived back to Japan. He’s only 19....but he takes the time to pose for pictures, shake hands and bow as much as he can, handling the attention from media and fans with poise.
  3. Anime like proportions-makes him so interesting to watch. I wonder what the other skaters proportions are like?
  4. Sports includes competition where there are winners and losers. If the standards by which you win or lose can be arbitrary then the expectation that " if you work hard you could win" is dissolved. Unlike soccer or any other team sport, you score a point and you get a point. FS tried this, but with the subjectiveness of GOEs and PCS, it's turning out to be a popularity contest amongst the judges based on nationality and biases. I know to some degree this always existed, but I actually watched Yuzu because I enjoyed his skating and the wins were a huge bonus and it fit with the rules. But now......I don't know which rules are leading to those inflated GOEs and PCS scores so the competition aspect is dissolving.
  5. Agreed, GOAT!! I'm a little bummed about what’s going on with the crazy PCS inflation for US skaters. It’s leaving an “icky” feeling I can’t shake. It’s hard to see FS as a sport when there are no standards for judging. I think I’ll just wait for Yuzu to skate again in shows and then next season, otherwise I’m losing all interest in non-Yuzu competitions and FS in general.
  6. I hate ISU. I support you Yuzu, so take care of yourself. Don’t let their agenda rule you.
  7. Sometimes I don’t know how these videos fall into my YouTube preferences, but I this. I don’t understand a word of what he is saying but what I do see is his excitement of being at the Olympics. I see his excitement when watching his idol succeed. And I watch his excitement of being able to win. I see a person wanting to achieve his goals while wishing the best for others. So many emotions.
  8. Ok , here’s some highlights, from my limited Korean. During performance just mentioning what jumps he’s doing. After the performance -from the heavens, the Winnie the Pooh’s are pouring down -talking about Plu being his idol and tribute -yuzu is popular - (performance)is incredible -2 time gold medalist During slo-mo -describing which jumps -his jumps are best with good GOEs, then explaining scoring system and negative points when someone falls -rare? And amazing ina bauer -he is the best men’s single figure skater of course, I agree with that last statement
  9. I didnt realize how much I need this forum for my sanity! Thank you PH. Withdrawal over.
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