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  1. Could someone kindly point me to the video of Yuzu lip syncing to the entire anime song at 2019 Helsinki?
  2. I really hope there is no more unnecessary drama from anyone. I hope everyone understands “the management” (LOL sounds like the mafia) and we have a happy FaOI finale in Toyama. I just scrolled through pages and pages of my beloved PH for a video of the 4F, hoping it was true but not true, only to find Johnny drama discussions. I agree we don’t know other people’s intentions and I trust Yuzu and his management will do what is right for him. I’ve been enjoying everyone’s comments, cringing with every 4Lutz, that his ankle is healthy. He is so kuyashii right now, I’m scared he will overdo it and hurt himself again. I know he told us to take this journey with him and I’m trying. BUT 4F, really YuZu?!?! You really are trying to push us to .
  3. Yuzu’s quad lutz is a thing of beauty. If I can’t see the Kobe version yet...
  4. Pretty accurate.
  5. I'd like to celebrate my 500th post with a Happy Friday Planet Hanyu Community! I couldn't have made it through the droughts without you!
  6. I think we discussed earlier that Masquerade is a whole minute too long for a SP. So if he can do it with so much passion now, a minute shorter may be a breeze? Masquerade is definitely one of my favorites, but not sure how it would work as a short- hard to fit so much drama in such a short period of time.
  7. I think "love hating it" is technically loving it. Defense squad to the rescue!
  8. Assignment accepted!
  9. I want to join this squad. I think they look great too. I mean... i wouldn't wear them on the street, but I'll take interesting and eyecatching over boring anyday.
  10. I know this is the wrong city but....so cute. See this Instagram video by @rui_yuki
  11. It’s beyond skating. He’s an inspiration to so many. Fanyus know it, will the ISU? I doubt it.
  12. The atmosphere seems amazing. The setup and crowd size is impressive.
  13. Let me be a bit shallow...his complexion is flawless!
  14. For those who missed it. It never ceases to amaze me how permanent the internet is.
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