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16 minutes ago, TallyT said:

Has this been posted yet? 

... as we head to the next step in evolution.... :LOL:

Love this.  Shows just how he developed the jump.  Spin is amazingly fast in the last shot.  Wow .....  carn't wait to see him live. 

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7 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:

At a post office in Tokyo! Yuzu post cards and stamps exhibition! :img_20:


This is actually a commemorative postcard&stamp set you can order from the JP Post website (or with the paper form). I stopped by my local post office a couple of hours ago to pick up a package and saw the flyer there with all the details:
Sales just started today (Sept 18th) and run until December 14th. The first round of orders will close on October 14th and be shipped by the 31st (Halloween!), the second round closes on November 18th and will be shipped by December 17th, and the third(final) round will close on December 14th and be shipped by January 15th.
I remember the first commemorative set back in 2014 and it was deliverable in Japan only, but I'm sure you can use your usual means (whiterabbitexpress, blackship, CDJapan, etc)to buy this.

I've been waiting for this because I actually bought the first set back when it was released. It's very well made and the pictures are beautiful. This one comes with even more stuff than the original, although it looks like there's no handprint this time around. I think the postcard book makes up for it, though.

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1 hour ago, SparkleSalad said:


I was so surprised when I saw the three application periods and how easy they would be to get. Of course it was his doing! This angel!

He really is such a sweetheart :tumblr_inline_n2pje2TPZt1qdlkyg: apparently it’s all hush hush 


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Howdy y'all, i haven't been around here for months but now that ACI is upon us i had to make an appearance :>


The men's short is on friday right? I'm so excited!! :winky: 


5 hours ago, TallyT said:

Has this been posted yet? 

... as we head to the next step in evolution.... :LOL:


It's always been so gorgeous v-v

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