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  1. I think she could've talked to him directly too since after saying that Yuzu is doing WTT I hear her say "... and I was like WHAT?? and he's like 'I am!'"
  2. It sounds clear to me though? I hear her say "Yuzu is doing team trophy..."
  3. The vlog's coming sometimes this week as well! tonight maybe?
  4. Yuhana Yokoi's free this season is POTO with a very similar costume
  5. I think Jun was supposed to leave for Korea today?
  6. Ohh the first week of March is my reading week, I'm in!
  7. And there are no crappy seats honestly since it's a small venue
  8. I mean he also always never won his first gp before this season
  9. Imo he was on his way to doing it perfectly, maybe even at COR had he not been injured, so I wouldn't call it ''problematic''..
  10. Welcome! Depending on where you live and what kind of competitions he goes to, prices vary. For example challenger series are the cheapest (he usually does Autumn Classic in Canada and all event tickets are usually around 80CAD) since they aren't as important as Grand Prix series or other ISU championships. GP tickets vary from country to country also, as well as from arena to arena, but good tickets (cmiiw) are usually from 200-300CAD. Worlds tickets are obviously the most expensive and vary from place to place, but decent all event tickets usually range from around 500-600CAD to
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