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  1. Team China

    Cmiiw Borser is not Gabby's main coach though
  2. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    I think there was a turn
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    You can just paste the link here and it'll embed
  4. [TV Broadcast] LG ThinQ Ice Fantasia

    Um I think it changed program?
  5. Team Korea

    I didn't expect her to skate when I heard she'd be a special guest, but now that sounds like good news
  6. Team Korea

    Is it for ats?
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    He does have the P&G stuff around the same time
  8. They're just non-transferable if you plan on selling them
  9. It's definitely not as bad, though they do sell out pretty fast. The all-events sold out in a few hours and the other tickets sold out in a few days
  10. 30$ Thursday 35$ Friday/Saturday 85$ for all-events They say the sale date is not yet determined in the summer, but last year they started selling in July
  11. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Was this posted already?