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  1. I'd like to thank my super luck that I used up here instead of for my finals
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Can we go back to ACI?
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    This is old news it's says he's 22! Please tell me this isn't true
  4. [2017] GPF - Pairs SP & FS

    He's only won 8 GP stages though, while the others won 22 (I think that's what he meant )
  5. [2017] GPF - Pairs SP & FS

    My CBC stream has no sound
  6. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Yeah iirc, -4 are only for falls on quads
  7. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Aren't falls on 3A only -3? Still I don't understand how it didn't get an automatic -3
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    oh wait what's his snapchat
  9. Japanese cameramen never fail to make me laugh
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    It's officially the 7th here in Canada! Happy Birthday Yuzu I wish you all the luck and health in this 23rd year. May all your wishes come true!
  11. We had maple-flavoured potato chips a couple of years ago
  12. Random Thought Theater

    That's where I'm thankful I have a twin sister who likes most of the things I like too
  13. Random Thought Theater

    I've also burned myself by spilling hot chocolate on my right leg if that helps his right ankle to heal fast
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't know how I'll be of any use, but I'd like to help