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  1. Heads up to anyone in that area, but someone from Evenko called my sister who bought our tickets saying that our section (314) will be closed so our tickets got relocated to 329
  2. I don't know about all of the city, but as someone living just on the South Shore of Montreal and goes to university in downtown Montreal, I have yet to be victim/witness any racism towards Asians. Also Montreal is an already pretty diverse city so any racism at all is pretty rare here, I don't think you should worry
  3. In Quebec we have the Charter of the French language (Bill 101) which states that French is the official language of the province and promotes the use of French over English
  4. Hi, decided to buy last minute tickets for the free Could I also be added to the group
  5. But men also had FP practice in the main rink on the FP day even though they were last as well, so they'll probably also have practice in the main rink next year? And ice dance also started earlier than they start next year http://www.isuresults.com/schedules/WC2019_ColouredTimeSchedule.pdf
  6. You know, it's right behind the sports complex so I might go visit the gym during my 4-hour break on that Monday
  7. I don't think so as it is a University arena and even as a McGill student I don't think I have access...? It's a smaller arena as well so I don't think they'd allow audience in
  8. Just found that the practice rink will be McConnell arena near McGill university in the first information file here https://isu.org/events/eventdetail/11534/-/isu-world-figure-skating-championships?templateParam=11 So they would be able to practice more than competition days yes
  9. If there's any group chat for meetups and whatnot please add me in I've decided to only go to practice on Tuesday and applied to volunteer so I hope I can still meet some of you
  10. That is also what I'm hoping for but I remember seeing the cheapest tickets being 80-something $ not 129$?
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